9 thoughts on “Acai Berry supplement (also Goji) – 4:32”

  1. Andrew,
    Thanks for the good information on Acai Berry and Pomegranate. These both sound like they would be wonderful additions to the Fruit-Full Antioxidants. If Acai could be added to the blend without increasing the cost, I would be happy to have it. Pomegranate would also be a good improvement and given it’s unique qualities might even substantiate a reasonable price adjustment. Just my thoughts, but I would rathar have them as part of a capsule that is already part of my routine than as separate supplements.

  2. Andrew, Thank you so much for the information on Acai Berry. I use your Fruit Full Anti-Oxidants which has Pomegranate and I know I can trust you to bring us the best. Thanks for your honesty and integrety you prove time after time that you have our best intrest at heart.
    God Bless You.

  3. Thank you, Thank you..you are the most awesome person I have ever come across and I make sure I tell everybody about you and your products. All this time I assumed that Acai Berry helped to boost the metabolism for weight loss. I will continue to do my exercise and drink your delicious shakes.

  4. Andrew, I am sooo pleased that you have addressed to new "fab for wgt loss, i.e. acai berry". I’ve tried it and you do not lose wgt using acai berry products. It may work as an antioxidant but not I repeat not for wgt. loss. It is a shame that it is being promoted as such and so costly.Doris

  5. Thank you Andrew for once again reminding us that its the food we put into our bodies that make us fat… and there is only one way to fix that. But I can always wish and dream of an easy fix.

  6. Thanks so much for the info on Acai berry. Very interesting…. It would be nice if it was the quick fix for weight loss. lol It is just like you said….You have to watch what you eat to lose weight.

  7. Andrew, Fresh fruit berries are powerful anti-oxidant for health-vision however speaking recommended daily allowances to maintain the good-health of our vision we need procaps natures vitamins supplementation. Can Berries act as vitamin C to as chemical synergy to human health. 12 Simple Things You You Can Do To Achieve Optimal Health authored by Sam Warne CSCS. The author shares sound advises the role of Healthy Nutrition, Exercises, Discipline, Rest, Quality Vitamins Supplementation, Thought and Spiritual Prayer. Another excellent health resource, is The Seven Pillars of Health by Don Colbert, MD. As a reader, I pray for the wisdom of health as truly divine gift of blessings to God. Andrew Lessman vitamins is divinely bless vitamins manufactured purely with natural herbal ingredients for healthy you.

  8. First of all, I’d like to say your products are wonderful! I’ve tried many brands over the years and they kill my stomach. I can take your products with no stomach pain or side effects. Thank you for all that you continue to do for your customers and various charities!
    After reading the posts, I saw where someone else had mentioned the possibility of adding Acai Berry to the Fruit-Full Anti-Oxidant. Any chance of this happening in the future?

  9. I’m surprised that you went ahead with an acai berry supplement instead of a mangosteen pericarp supplement.
    As you mentioned, acai is not that interesting in terms of content. It is unique in that it is one of the few fruits that contains omega 3, but the omega 3 and antioxidant content of acai berry is not that special when compared to something like pomegranate.
    You seem to speak disdainfully of mangosteen, yet mangosteen pericarp **is** special and unique in that it contains very unique xanthone-like antioxidants such as mangostin, ß-mangostin, gartanin, 8-disoxygartanin, and normangostin.
    I would have expected you to make a mangosteen supplement instead. For example, Paradise Herbs makes a mangosteen pericarp supplement that is standardized to 20% alpha mangostin and 40% flavonoids… I’m sure you could do better.

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