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The Benefits of Omega-3s Expand –
Our Capsule Size Shrinks
Sunday’s Today’s Special.
Best Pricing Ever.

Who would have thought, 35 years ago, when we struggled with our first Omega-3 formula that it would go on to become among our most popular and positively reviewed products?  Certainly not me!  I have to admit that our first attempts at creating an Omega-3 formula were anything but perfect.  Fish oils are … Continue Reading ››

The Latest Headlines and our Upcoming April Today’s Specials: Maximum Essential Omega-3 and Ultimate Eye Support…plus Astaxanthin.

First of all, I must apologize for the long delay between blog posts. I enjoy writing articles for my blog, but because I do it personally (no ghost writer), my recent increased workload at ProCaps Labs has left me with little or no time to write blog posts.  We are working on putting together … Continue Reading ››