8 thoughts on “CholestaCare and Plant Sterols. How To Naturally Lower Cholesterol.”

  1. Thank you Andrew for this video. I take your CholestaCare product, and your Fibermucil. I do take one with each meal, so I average about three per day. I was on statin medications, but the side effects were so severe, I decided to try this way, and change of diet and exercise. More natural approach. Doctors I have dealt with always want to give you precription meds with a multitude of side effects, and sometimes they are needed. I could not tolerate Lipitor or Zocor. So now it is your plant sterols in conjuction with fibermucil. My next physical is in September and looking forward to seeing my numbers!I do have one question. You mentioned plant sterols ester in a soft gel form? I never heard of this, and am wondering if you will ever offer this product? I also take your CoQ10. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for posting this very informative and helpful video. I am currently taking the Cholestacare with Fibermucil and hope to get a better report at my next cholesterol test.

  3. I saw a 42 point drop in my cholesterol. I take CholestaCare, use a powdered fiber mixed with water, garlic and high potency fish oil daily. Plus I drink apple cider vinegar. I am pleased.

  4. There are no known side effects other than lowering your cholesterol. Like most of Lessmans products there are zero to few side effects

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