4 thoughts on “Juice-Plus – “Juice” and “Food” supplements discussed. – 1:26”

  1. Hello Andrew– I viewed your response to Juice Plus and am very interested in which or your products you would recommend to get what I feel I’m getting from Juice Plus. Also, which of your products would you recommend that I should take daily if I’ve had a hystorectomy and gall bladder removed. I am actually in good health now and in my forties. I already take you Women’s Wellness, but need something to aid in digestion (tend to bloat) and to replace Juice PLus. Please help with with the top 4-5 Products you’d recommend for me. I am a uterine cancer survivor of six years and just want to be healthy in the long run. I am confused by the many products you offer and want to get the most bang for my bucks. PLEASE HELP…

  2. In addition to Janet G above message, I too take about 25-30 of Andrew’s pills a day. I too and a 2 time cancer survivor, Uterine cancer 35 years ago and brease cancer 9 years ago. I have just cancelled my repeat order of Juice Plus. I need to see what I need to take and what I do not need to be taking. PLEASE HELP!

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