7 thoughts on “Levels of Vitamin B-12 (also over dosing Vitamin A) – 2:24”

  1. Andrew, What is caretonoid characterization? I read about caratenoid, it is vegetarian source in manufacturing it as herbal vitamins. How about caretenoid in raw nutritional food.
    Are bodily toxins created by the wrong food ingestion and the processed food with preservatives not good to one’s health.

  2. Andrew-Have been using Your Product lines, for 12 plus years.
    Take B12, COQ10, Resveratrol, Eye Support, D3,Healthy Hair Skin and Nails,Omega-3,Pomegranate,Circulation and Vein, Urgent Energy,Calcium,PC Liver & Brain Beneifits,Maxium Joint Effort,Mental Effort, Million Orac, Women’s Wellness, Prostate Support,EGCG-100, Cruciferous Extracts, Frienly Flora, Liver Anti-Oxidant, Aloe Vera-200-.
    Men’s Daily Multiple Vitamin. Sorry to be so long, question for You, My T-Levels are low, can You suggest a solution?
    Have a Wonderful Day! Thank You, for Your time.

  3. Andrew, The role of B12 has to do with the small intestine assimilation. What is the health reason of this? Is the only vitamin needed for the small intestine? How about digest assure, friendly flora don’t the small intestine needs to vital vitamins to support friendly flora in the small intestine?

  4. hello. I stopped taking you multivitamin due to financial reasons, and really noticed a difference. Needless to say, I have reordered your multivitamins. Thank you for your wonderful products!!!

  5. Why do you use “Cyanocobalamin” (From Cyanide) form of B12. Methylcolbalamin is the best absorbed and is “Natural”

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