3 thoughts on “New Essential 1. Unique One Capsule Multi-Vitamin-Mineral.”

  1. Thank You Andrew for airing this on HSN in a couple of weeks. My mom is interested and would love to see an airing and a demo of the products size. she has esaphageal scaring and can’t swallow most vitamins. I’ve told her about your products and she see’s how fit i am at 46 yrs. and she’s interested. btw, she just turned 70:)

  2. David,
    Sometimes I have trouble swallowing myself, I have acid reflux. You can open his capsules and add the fine powder to anything, like yogurt I use sometimes, or a smoothie. Easier to get it down when you have swallowing difficultes.There are ways around swallowing too many pills or capsules. 😉
    I am taking your Women’s Complete now, but this is a good product for anyone that just wants one pill(capsule) to swallow,not the same nutritional value though. I take many of your products. 🙂

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