I Did Not Bash Our President.
I Do Not Discuss Politics On-Air.
Sorry For Provoking An Angry Dialog.

First of all, I never “bashed” our President.  I was astonished to just read an angry string on HSN’s Bulletin Boards accusing me, over and over again, of personally “bashing” our President. However, I do appreciate those of you who came to my defense.  Although I had spent significant time with the President many years … Continue Reading ››

Protecting Our Vision with Ultimate Eye
The Latest Science and Research on Eye Health
ChocoNuvo Not Available Again Until October

Summer is right around the corner and with it comes warmer days and more time spent outside in the sunshine. That is why each year I have made our Ultimate Eye Support our pre-summer Today’s Special, since that lovely sunshine can also be the principal cause of the lifetime of damage our eyes and vision experience …

The Benefits of Omega-3s Expand –
Our Capsule Size Shrinks
Sunday’s Today’s Special.
Best Pricing Ever.

Who would have thought, 35 years ago, when we struggled with our first Omega-3 formula that it would go on to become among our most popular and positively reviewed products?  Certainly not me!  I have to admit that our first attempts at creating an Omega-3 formula were anything but perfect.  Fish oils are … Continue Reading ››

The World’s Finest Multivitamin:
Essential 1 Today’s Special.
Plus, The Indisputable Power of Diet:
My Recent Personal Experience.

With all the influences around us, it is very easy to forget, or to simply overlook, the unrivaled power that diet possesses to either enhance or harm our health.  Nothing comes close.  Other than our genes, which we are born with and cannot change, how we eat is our most powerful weapon against disease … Continue Reading ››