13 thoughts on “Regarding our upcoming Pet Vitamins – 6:32”

  1. Hi Andrew,
    Thank you very much for sharing your web cast! I was upset; I signed on early and was ready to support your venture, but unfortunately I found my computer was not. I was unable to view, for a reason I still do not know, and then when I did not see you on HSN, later that day, I feared something had happened to you. I know, quite "The Worrier",:) but truly I am glad to see all appears well with you, and there are only technical difficulties, apparently. 🙂
    Now down to business; thank you for addressing the Acai requests. I was one of with questions concerning its reported uses, and I knew there had to be a reason you were not producing or announcing future possibilities with Acai Supplements. I have not purchased the berry, luckily I was wise enough to wait to hear from an honest professional. I truly appreciate your ethics, Andrew! Thank you for saving me money and time. I will continue my supplementation with your products, and shared knowledge! Hope the puppies are doing well, take care and God bless you and your family!

  2. I am surprised that it took you this long to finally come up with this much awaited pet’s vitamin. But I am glad you finally see the light! We (my dogs and I) can’t wait…
    p.s.: My overly sentsitive and sickly dogs can be one your test animals:)

  3. Bring on the pet vitamins, I can’t wait! I’m not sure what the final form will be, but I vote for having a loose powder form available, that you can sprinkle on your dog’s food – I sometimes find the capsules difficult to pull open. The canister could include directions for how much to sprinkle, based on the weight of your dog – this would also be good for tiny dogs like chihuahaus, for whom a whole capsule might be too much.

  4. WOW! I am sooo excited. See I was way ahead! I have a 7 yr. old German Shepherd and a 1yr. old one. I have been giving them your vitamins already! My older one takes two glucosomine a day (same ones I take daily) and my little one gets one a day. They also take your vitamin E as well as the todays special omega 3 vitamin you had recently on HSN as the todays special. They eat a raw meat diet along with their supplements. They are the two most beautiful dogs with the most amazing coats! No one would ever guess the age of my 7yr. old other than her muzzle recently getting gray! I will be so excited to get your new vitamin when it comes out! Thanks for caring about pets as much as you do us!!! All the best! Lori:)

  5. I use your vitamins as well as a wide array of your products daily….They are the best supplements I have ever seen…I can’t wait for these pet vitamins to appear!!!!I have 3 great danes, 3 mini LH dachshunds, 5 cats & a cockatoo!!!!
    Hope you make a very large powder size to sprinkle on their food!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Andrew, my cats only eat dried cat food. Is it possible to make the pet vitamins in a paste or liquid so I can feed the vitamins to them oraly? Can I use your vitamins, for humans, on the cats now? One adult cat weighs 8 lbs and the other adult cat weighs 16 lbs. Thank you, Woda.

  7. thanks i am glad you are looking into pet vitamins. i give
    my dog supplements mostly chinese herbs. but i would gladly give him anything you come up with since i trust all your vitamins i wanted to him your eye support but i wasnt sure if it would be good for him. until you come out with it do you think i can give him your eye and joint support vitamins???

  8. Finally, supplements that I will have absolute faith in giving my pets.
    I make all natural preservative free organic pet treats, and I use only the best ingredients. If I won’t eat it myself, then it’s not going in my product. I customize treat recipes for special dietary needs. I’ve been getting requests from clients that I add something to make my treats last longer. I’ve seen other products that contain a preservative and when side by side with mine the dog chooses mine over the other products. Which is good, except when I see someone buy the others just because they will last longer.
    I’m still debating and researching the issue.
    I have very high standards and it’s nice to know that I will have supplements that I can trust and know that I’m not giving my pet something that I wouldn’t take myself. I’m a long time customer and trust your products totally.
    Thanks for turning your attention to our pets.
    Special Blends Pet Treats

  9. Andrew, I don’t have plan to take care of dogs because I am praying to Loving God to bless, grace and fulfilled my long-range personal good goals. Our first dog name was Brownie, I think my aged at the time was nine years, I enjoyed playing with our dogs, cats, birds. Anyway, I play with my staff-dog now and happy to see people walking with thier lovable dogs. Say hi for me to your cheerful and healthy dog.

  10. We have 2 daschunds. A lh toy Dapple and a smooth hair mini mini. Ages 10yr and 9 yr. I cannot wait for your vitamins for them. One of the comments said they give their dog your glucosomine. Can we do this as we take it too and could easily open up a capsule for their food? Good for us—good for them!! Thanks so much Andrew.

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