9 thoughts on “Resveratrol. Doctor Oz’s Broadcast regarding Higher Doses and Oxygen-Free Production.”

  1. I watched that Dr. Oz show and I don’t remember him recommending any particular brands. In fact, he specifically said he does NOT speak on behalf of any brand. He spoke to those who use his name and likeness and said NOT to believe them.
    He said HE personally takes 500 mg of Resveratrol a day, but I don’t recall him telling or recommending anyone else do the same. In fact, he said the jury was still out on it.

  2. Andrew,
    In one of your blogs you mentioned that you take 500 mg of resveratrol daily. Now you are stating that 100-200 mg is sufficient. Has this new research come to light since your June blog? Have you adjusted your intake of resveratrol?

  3. Have you come across any information in your studies on Resveratrol from Japanese Knotweed that it produces nitric oxide in the blood vessels to protect the heart from a heart attack and to keep the blood flowing? If so, please comment on this. There has been information on L-arginine and citruline also producing nitric oxide in the blood vessels. Please comment on this also. Thank you

  4. In watching Serious Skin Care Jennifer Stalone stated that there is no proof that if you take Resveratrol internally your body knows what to do with it like helping the condition of our skin. She said it more than once. I e-mailed HSN to let them know that what she was saying wasn’t true & got a reply the same day saying they would look into it & the person answering my e-mail mentioned taking your Resveratrol capsules helps to reduce effects of aging of our bodies in geneeral. HSN did correct what they were saying because in their last broadcast Shannon said she takes Resveratrol every day & later Jennifer said even if you take Resveratrol you should also try her cream. The other thing that was said about the Resveratrol by an a.m. show host was that no one else sells it (cream) & SSC was the first to bring it on the mkt. I also mentioned to HSN that all they had to do was type in Resveratrol cream on the internet & one could see that there are many many Resveratrol creams out there. SSC has just recently come out with theirs. I too take Resveratrol every day – Andrew’s. My opinion is that it’s better to take it internally than putting a small amount on the skin.

  5. hi, i deal in clinical level nutrition and liked your resveratrol-100 as the specs were quite fine. this was a first order.
    question: with soo much attention to details and quality of ingrediants and solid information, WHY would capsules be gelatin and not veggie caps???
    given the state of industrial animals bodies in this country i am surprised u would use this poor quality capsule.
    i am really put off by this "detail" as it has negative health consequences…and there are other options.
    thank u!

  6. Thanks for your diligence and shame on QVC. Hope you keep up the good work. What is the best way to let them know feelings about what they have done.

  7. Andrew, I have your Calcium with D3,Boron,SOS. I heard on Dr. Oz that we need 400mg of magnesium if we take calcium supplements. I see you have Calcium with magnesium, but now I have 1000 capsules without magnesium and no capsule from you to ADD the needed magnesium – while I complete these 1000 capsules???? I do not want to take these capsules as it may harm my health. I called your phone line and they say your supplements are water soluble, but if I take it every day, then I HAVE it EVERYDAY at the incorrect dosage.HELP!!

  8. HELP!!! Please!!
    I Cannot for the life of me find this video about resveratrol. Where is it? How do I get to it? I can’t find one of these videos of Andrew’s except for one on HSN where he is doing a “chat”, and there is just one of those. Are there more than one chat video? What happened to all of the videos? They are not on this page with the comments referring to this video. Comments but no video. Where in the world is it? I have tried 3 different browsers.

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