One thought on “Vitamin D dosage – 1:38”

  1. Andrew, The health value of vitamin D is for absorption and utilization of foods as well as our natural vitamins too and acts as fat metabolism too. As far as your educational sharings with us. Do Vit. D and Carni Slim has synonymous role/identical functions to fat metabolism health role. Once human being ingest foods this is undergoing digestion processing, once you weight yourself and you gain weight take your Vit. D or Carni Slim. How about when you maintain the desirable weight, do you think you need to take additional fat metabolism vitamins Or it is better to take Carni Slim vitamins and Vitamin D because it is for human energy fueling role. We released energy and we need to take back good energy sources coming from natural food as well with our procapsvitamins supplements. And at night, I truly Iam happy taking my PM relaxation vitamins, as I am wake up in the morning take greet God with praise and thanksgiving with happy heart and mind. You mentioned about Co-enzyme Q10 it acts as multi-vitamins, and skin and hair vitamins is like multi-vitamins, how about vit. D can it be multi-vitamins as well as fat metabolism too together with the right nutritions and balanced diet as well as exercised.

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