5 thoughts on “CoQ10 & Omega-3 for dogs – 1:18”

  1. Dear Andrew,
    When available, I am interested to hear more about the products you are developing for aging animals. My own dog is a Golden mix who is now 10 years old and starting to have issues with his hips. Our Vet has suggested Synovi3 and there has been some improvement since he started taking these daily.
    He also prescribed something ‘stronger’ for his bad days, but that comes with possible liver/kidney issues with prolonged use. We will avoid using it until we have to.
    You are also a dog person, and you know that when your pup hurts you hurt too.
    I look forward to hearing from you as you develop these products.

  2. Dear Andrew,
    I was surprised to see that this is the only comment on your blog about dogs. I know how much you love your "guys", and there are a lot of us out here who do, too. We need your help in taking care of them. They are family. Thanks for any info you can give us.
    God Bless You,

  3. Just to add a note… I have written also about supplements for dogs. I have a 14year old cancer-surviving Siberian Husky… he needs liver protection… and am wondering if Andrew’s human liver protection is good for pets… knowing how much time and effort Andrew puts into his products to make them just that.. pure and true supplements. The ones they have for dogs now are controlled by another company.. and can only be purchased at 30 per bottle.with a monthly cost is $82… just for that… not to mention his other meds and such he takes… Would be nice if Andrew could make large size containers like he does with the human supplements.. and at such GREAT prices!.. We appreciate ALL the work that he and his company do… Thanks so much to you ALL !!

  4. I can’t wait for this product! My little guy is only 2, but he is a spaniel. Knowing that spaniels suffer from quite a few issues as they age makes me want to help protect him.

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