6 thoughts on “Fish-free Omega-3 Options (Krill Oil) – 1:45”

  1. Andrew:
    Is it necessary to take a supplement that delivers the 3-6-9 ratios? One of these numbers, either 6 or 9, I thought is bad for a person – increases inflammation, especially for people with osteoarthritis joint issues.

  2. Andrew: This site is not working again. The tv screen is not off. I love my omega vitamins, aside from my multi-vitamins, I take addition two to three capsules a day, since, I tried to baked, steam, grilled salmon, founders, tilapia, my body in not accommodating it. Essential Omega vitamins has quality roles, benefits and DHA values to our heath. It is supplementary vitamins for my health. Andrew, how to do extract fish oil and standardized. Good questions. Best of Health. Lilia

  3. Andrew: My question is? How do you extract and standardized fish to become a herbal vitamins supplement. What are the healthy fishes you use. Salmon, mackarel, Tilapia, Founders. By the way, this website you tv is off.
    I will review other subjects one at a time. Gooday. Lilia

  4. We love the Omega-3s! No fishy taste! amazing!
    And I now love the other supplements that my fiance buys every month from your website!
    Mr. Lessmann, your vitamins are truly the BEST QUALITY, but I had never heard of you, until my fiance went to a diabetes workshop and the lecturer talked about nutrition, and why supplements didn’t work. But the lecturer mentioned your vitamins as a top quality supplement. He is hesitant to credit the vitamins for his recovery, but he’s an engineer and biochemist (like you?). He almost died from a diabetic coma.
    He ended up writing a book called "Death to Diabetes", which is a top-seller on Amazon.com.
    We realize that you cannot acknowledge the power of your Omega-3s and other supplements to defeat diabetes, but you inspire many people to tell the truth about the synthetic vitamins that people are wasting their money on. If it wasn’t for this engineer, I would still be wasting my money on the drugstore vitamins.
    Thank you for your products, and your insights. And, thanks to the engineer.
    p.s The engineer’s name is Dewayne Mcculley. My fiance discovered him first on YouTube, then went to one of his diabetes workshops.
    p.s. I don’t have a website, so I listed the engineer’s website http://www.deathtodiabetes.com in the Website field above.

  5. Andrew, Well, I love taking my omega vitamins included in my multi-vitamins and I am taking another capsules intake day by day. So, we have to check the high omega and epa ingredient as essential good source and procaps delivered the essential RDA value for human health.

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