The Truth about Vegetarian Capsules. Natural Gelatin versus Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose.

Hi Everyone.

I am preparing for our July shows, which happen to coincide with HSN’s Birthday, so my apologies for being absent from my Blog the past few weeks, since I have been very busy putting together some HSN Birthday Specials.  Once my July visit is over, this summer will hopefully be a little quieter and I will catch up on numerous blog topics.

In the meantime, I noticed a number of inquiries and posts relating to our gelatin capsules and I just thought I would provide a little information.  First of all, if there was a truly natural, vegetable-based capsule available, then I would have been the first person using it long ago; but sadly, nothing exists.  I have been exploring the use of a vegetable-based capsule for almost 30 years, but there is no true, vegetable-based product that I would put in my body on a daily basis.  The “vegetarian” capsules you see on the market are NOT made from vegetables and the more you know, the more you would be concerned about them and avoid them as well.  They are not vegetable-based at all, but are merely not made from animals.  They actually have a closer relationship to the paper in your daily newspaper or a building under construction than to anything you would ever contemplate eating or putting in your body.  Although approved for and commonly used in foods, I believe the even more common use for Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose is as part of numerous construction materials.

My desire for a vegetarian capsule goes back almost 30 years, since for several years, I was a very strict vegan eating no animal or dairy products at all.  Like many of you, I was forced to remove my vitamins from my capsules to take them and when you are taking almost 100 capsules per day that was quite an effort.  As many of you know, I am no longer a vegan, but I would still estimate that almost two-thirds of my meals are vegetarian (vegan).  As a result, I do not cavalierly or carelessly consume animal products, including my capsules, but the same goes for my consumption of vegetable products, including “vegetarian” capsules.  I choose to consume vegetarian-based foods in a healthy fashion and a “vegetarian” capsule has nothing to do with vegetables and even less to do with health. As I have said before, these capsules are made of a compound that I and other health-oriented individuals would choose never to consume – Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose.  Unfortunately, the image we all have of vegetable capsules being made from wonderfully healthy vegetables is patently false and the more accurate image would be of the wood-pulping factory or of the paper manufacturing industry, since that is the closest image you will have to the source of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose.

I wish there were more options, but sadly, the only healthy option, although not vegetarian, is the highest quality gelatin, which we use.  As far as I am concerned, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose is not healthy at all and although it is not derived from animals that still does not change the fact that it is not a healthy chemical substance.  Again, the healthy vegetarian option, which is what I did when I was a vegan, is to open the capsules.  I have also contemplated making certain products available as powders only, thus eliminating the need to use or open capsules.  The formulas would be identical to those in capsules, since our products alone are 100% pure and no encapsulation additives are used.  If this is interesting to some of you, please let me know, since virtually all of our most popular products have little or no taste when mixed with food, such as smoothies, puréed fruit, yogurt, etc.

I hope this helped to clarify the situation and my apologies to the vegans out there, since I formerly was a vegan and even today, if it were possible, I would love a vegetarian capsule, but a healthy option does not exist.  Gelatin is the safest material that is guaranteed to predictably and reliably deliver your supplement’s benefits. Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose-based “vegetarian” capsules are just a synthetic compound not derived from animals, but not considered healthy by any stretch of the imagination.  Moreover, we control the source, quality and purity of all the gelatin in our capsules and I am not sure the same can be said for the source of the Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose found in the typical “vegetarian” capsule.

Thanks.  Andrew

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  1. I have been a satisfied customer for at least four years. Lately, I have been receiving email solicitations about CoQ10. On your July show, please address the terms ubiquinone vs. ubiquinol and how these relate to TruQ10 and you CoQ10 product, in general.

  2. I haqce been trying to get an answer from you regarding folic acid caps. The only products I use and trust are pro caps but I do need to go to Whole Foods to get 800 units of folic acid. Why do you not make this…I would surely buy it from you. I have been using this product in separate capsale form for at least 10 years.

  3. "I have also contemplated making certain products available as powders only, thus eliminating the need to use or open capsules…. If this is interesting to some of you, please let me know, since virtually all of our most popular products have little…"
    Yes, in fact, several months ago, when you ate at the Marmalade Cafe in Westlake Village, my daughter mentioned to you that her mother wished that your vitamins came in packets as well as the capsules. I am willing to bet that many of us would love this option. 🙂

  4. Hi Andrew…….I find it interesting… I was just talking to my friend the other day about your supplements. She sells Iso-tonix through her Market America business. I think there is Nutri-physical as well. Not sure about that name. Anyway I mostly take your supplements , however there are a couple I take of hers and they are in powder form. They are great. The anti oxident has a grape flavor (of course.;-) ) and the digestive enzymes has a lemony flavor. So both are easy, easy to take. The cap they come with has a level line that you fill with water and then add the product. Boom…’re done. I like those a lot. However I have been taking your supplements for so long and I enjoy watching you and how knowledgeable you are that I wont change to the Iso-Tonix brand. But I think it would be great for you to try some form of powder. Everything is absorbed so much faster and also, as I said, taste good. I suppose you could mix them but with these two flavors it isn’t necessary. So , please… give powder form a "thought". Thanks for all you do Andrew!

  5. I was wondering which vitamin you would recommend for osteopina? I can’t take Boniva and all those others.
    Thank you

  6. when are you going to be on HSN again and will you have the Energy & Fat Metabolism Factors?? I don’t see them on the HSN website any longer.
    Thank you

  7. I was told that Andrew is not selling secure any longer on HSN as they intoduced another diet product that Andrew is opposed to. Those people on Auto ship will have it available until December. You can however, order it direct from ProCaps Labs. I personally, upped my auto ship order to get it more frequently as the price is secured at the original pricing. The product will store…Good luck


  9. Why are the Secure products, Energy & Fat Metabolism capsules and liquid carnitine no longer available? It seems like the Lessman products are being phased out. That would be unfortunate.

  10. Andrew,
    Thanks for the clarification. Actually I’ve never seen ‘vegetarian" capsules but I have a health dose of skepticism when it comes to ‘organic’ or ‘vegetarian’ because there are just too many manufacturers who have jumped on those bandwagons. Thank you for always being on the cutting edge and knowing your stuff. May the Universe always look kindly upon you.

  11. The wonderful thing about taking your supplements Andrew is I never have to worry about what I am putting in my body. Thank you so much for making such pure wonderful products and for caring about what your manufacture. If it comes from you I know I am OK. Thanks for making my vitamin consumption one less thing for me to have to worry about..
    God bless you and your employees always.

  12. Very interesting info, Andrew. I’ve seen some bottles
    labled vegetarian capsules. I will definitely stay away from them. I’m not interested in mixing more powders. Gelatin is
    fine for me.
    Keep up the good work!!
    Judy Walter

  13. have fibromyalgia for 20yrs. now i would like to know if magnesium would help me and how much mg. bless you and your staff.

  14. Hello Andrew, I am a vegetarian and I still take your capsules many of them every day, I don’t want to consume anything that is not healthy. I trust you and the products you make and will continue to purchase them. Looking forward to seeing you on HSN and learning more from your vast knowledge. THANKS FOR SHARING.
    God bless.

  15. A friend of mine is trying to talk me into taking "Preservation" which is for the eyes since I have lots of trouble with watering and burning in my eyes. I have just started taking your Eye Support product because I trust your products but I have checked your ingredients of both and the Preservation seems to have much more beta carotene. Is that product more beneficial or does yours provide just as good protection and should I be taking it more than once a day maybe???? Thanks

  16. Hello Andrew, If you decide to make some products available in powder form, I hope you will still make them in the capsule form also. I think it would be inconvenient to use the powder form.

  17. During your explanation of the "gelatin" capsules, you mentioned that you were a vegan for 30 years, but now you are no longer vegan. Could you explain what changed your mind, or why did you go from vegan to non-vegan after 30 years? Thanks.

  18. Andrew, I read your reasons for not offering children’s supplements and I do understand. However, please keep workng at it because some children absolutely need at least a daily vitamin and until something else is available—they will have to make do with using other products–sweetened or not.
    Now you could consider a powder supplement for this that parents could stir into a liquid that the kids would accept! I have a granddaughter and a foster grandson among those who would greatly benefit from this. Thank You.

  19. I still haven’t heard how you test your resveratrol potency, I would be interested in knowing since much of the resveratrol on the market is not as advertised.

  20. Andrew, I just read your blog and I have to say, "it’s way over my head". I know your an intelligant man and must keep up the required statis but "what". I don’t understand using animal anything. I do understand the vegitarian part and you have chosen to use safest ingredient. I choose your vitamins and must say prayer guides me to yours instead of launching out to unsure product. I just wish I could understand readings about your vitamins but most of the time it’s a guess and a trust on your sincerity and the fact that you chose to do what’s best from conviction. Conviction is good, we all live happier lives with it.

  21. Do you have an opinion about the folic acid vs. L-methylfolate controversy? My doctor prescribed Cerafolin but it is very expensive for just a combination of vitamins and I’m wondering if it is worth it.

  22. I had my ‘stomach stapled’ 23yrs ago and need supplements in powder or liquid form since I have difficulty in digesting them as a capsule with the passage to my stomach being so small,and opening all them is such a chore;that is why I like the Secure so much and could add what is lacking to the shake.Thanks for all you do.

  23. Dear Andrew,
    I’ve been taking your products for years. My husband and I regularly watch HSN, when you are on, because we learn so much from your talks!
    I do have a question, that I think you should address on-air…You offer so many different products. Can they all be taken together? I have your new multi-vitamin(I know you were reluctant, but it’s nice to have ONE pill)…I take the immune support, the phyenosystine (I know I just mutilated that word) serine and the occasional urgent energy(which is the BEST)…
    I honestly have a cabinet filled of many other vitamins of yours…but, I am afraid to take them together.
    Can you address this? Is it safe?

  24. i think a powder option would be great, andrew. i had requested that, several years ago. i am not the greatest at swallowing pills so rather than spend several minutes convincing myself to swallow them all down i have to pick which ones i feel are the most beneficial for me. a powder would give me more options. i believe in you and your products and would not give myself or my son any other. thanks for doing all that you do and doing it sooooooooo well.

  25. Andrew,
    I love all your products and would be very interested in powder form to replace capsules. Sometimes the thought of swallowing all of those capsules seems to be a challenge. I to have problems with Actonel and Boniva because of side effects. With advanced osteporosis my doctor advised me to take the chemical along with the Calcium and Vitamin D but I need something more from you so need help in that area. Thank you Andrew for all you do for us who trust you with our health.

  26. Andrew… Hi, I am also concerned about taking too many vitamins (all your different kinds… and I have plenty)Any chance you could let us know the safety factor on mixing so many? Thanks Jackie

  27. Andrew, I too would like to know if it is ok to take all of the vitamins together, and, if it is safe to take all at once or if they should be broken down to 2 or 3 times a day. We take about 11 different vitamins a day and don’t want to over work our liver. It would be a great topic to discuss on HSN and reach so many people.

  28. Andrew,
    Please made all of your vitamins in powder form.
    I am so tired of taking capsules. To put powder in a smoothie
    would be great.
    Thank you

  29. Hi Andrew,
    I too would like an indepth explantion of the difference in your Resveretrol supplement and most on the market. I am using yours but at an increased dose. I find it gives me energy for a few hours. There are so many websites and obvious manipulation of what has been presented on television by Dr. Oz, 60 Minutes, etc. People are using basic research finds and blowing them up to be a cure all. Since Resveretrol sold on the market can be very expensive it would be a kindness to help us all out and talk about what exactly we should watch out for.
    Thanks again.

  30. Andrew, your vitamins are the best! I am taking them for arthritis, and have found several other benefits, such as being able to breathe through my nose for the first time in years. I do have a question about the gelatin capsules. Are the vegetable capsules the same as the Kosher gelatin? I am allergic to gelatin in large doses, but am able to take vegetable capsules. I would probably use the powder vitamins since it would be easier to put it in food and not have to take so many capsules. I took your vitamins years ago when you were on QVC then lost track of you. It’s good to find you again since I trust you to provide only the best!

  31. Andrew,…..Offer one of your Anti-Oxidents in July for a special….& your "soy Secure"….I’ve read ALT about how soy is bad for estrogen holding…to hurting fat loss…Any comment on that?…Also, Serrapeptase: Ever going to offer your own formula on this fantastic supplement?

  32. Powder would be great for me as I open the capsule cause I can’t swollow them (have a problem)

  33. i would love to have your vitamins in powder form. i can’t swallow capsules and with arthritis, it is a royal pain to open the capsules. i don’t take the vitamins like i should because of having to open the capsules.

  34. My neighbor was selling the Market America Products and tried to get me to purchase them. She gave me some to try, and I did not like the idea of having to do all the mixing. I love the convenience of capsules and hope that you do not convert your formulas to capsules only. When I am traveling, it is so easy to count out my supplements and put a week’s supply into the little plastic cases designed for prescription medications. If I were using something like the Market America supplements, I would have to carry all those bottles around with me! Can’t even imagine that!

  35. I made a mistake in my post!! I meant to say that I hope that you do not convert your formulas to powder only. Please, please keep the capsule forms.

  36. I like your products, Andrew, but your advertising, this way, is a bit cheesy, don’t you think?
    And I make a challenge to you; If you want to help people and really care about them, then lower the prices of your supplements, so people can better afford them, or afford them at all.
    It is worse, according to the late Linus Pauling, to take a high dosage of a vitamin, such as C, and then stop taking it,
    than to never have taken it at all. That is my concern in regard to your supplements. Please give this consideration.
    I use a large number of your supplements. However, the prices for the group are simply too high.

  37. Good Evening Andrew, I would definitely like to have a choice of powdered vitamins and probably would take more since I do not swallow pills. Now I usually take them in apple sauce, but to be able to place them in a smoothie, would be wonderful.
    Thank You in advance.

  38. PLEASE do make a super complete vitamin-mineral etc. powder.
    I am so weary of opening dozens of little bottles every day and counting out capsules. My kitchen counter is an eye sore- cluttered with vitamin bottles.
    I know other people like me- who also are desperate to find a top quality- safe vitamin powder to simplify their lives.
    We know that we can always trust Andrew’s products.
    Many thank yous!

  39. Blessings, Andrew. I left a message about this, and will now use this method to ask you to sell a very large supplement box. Tonight I found one on, otherwise I cannot find a store that sells the very large, 7 day supplement box. I have 7, but they are getting tired. I don’t know where else to replace them. Your company would be a great place to promote them…you could even advertise on it. Consider it. It makes it so much easier to take a day every two months, fill my pill boxes, then I am set for 7 weeks. I just take the pre-organized supplements. If I travel, it is so much easier to take a box instead of 30 bottles. Thanks, Cathy

  40. Thanks for asking, yes please! I am a vegetarian and would truly appreciate being guilt free when purchasing your vitamins; {no poor animal suffering for my benefit}. As always, I appreciate your concern and offering of options! God bless! How are the puppies? They are so, cute! 🙂

  41. I too, am taking almost all of your supplements and am wondering if I am taking too many (too numerous to mention them all, however I am interested in your eye supplement, please explain, when you can, if this benefits after your eyes have started detoriating.

  42. Andrew, my husband and I have been taking your products for several years and really trust the values you tell us we are recieving from them. I have ordered some of them from HSN but mostly direct from your factory. My concern is I feel that I am duplicating many of them because of ordering what I feel is a specific supplement that would benefit us. How can we solve this issue and also cut down the money we are spending for the duplication?

  43. I am also wandering just how many products of yours is safe to take in one day. I also have several, and am afraid I am getting too much of certain things. Also, your Bone and Body packets, do I need to take 2 packets of those a day to get the calcium I need at 54 years old? Or is their calcium in all the other products I take? I would try the powder form, but the capsules are too easy to travel with…. and the cost would be too high to have both.

  44. Would love to have powder form of vitamins. My husband takes many prescription pills a day along with yours. It would be a big help. We will continue to take the pills but powder would be easier, If we could have a multivitamin this way it might be cheaper for us as we take so many different kinds from you and are senior on a fixed income. Thanks so much Andrew for always thinking of better ways. Hope there are some good buys on HSN for some combined pills.


  46. Yes, Please make multi-vits./minerals in powder or liquid. I am also tired of trying to swallow so many capsules and sometimes choke on them. I noticed that Costco sells liquid in vegetable, berry mixes and total vits./min. You only need to take about 1 oz. once a day. That would be so neat with your products. Go for it!!!

  47. Please—if h.s.n. stops the sale of your supplements such as secure, keep it available at your company.

  48. Hello Andrew,
    I am saddened that Secure is being phased out at HSN. Thanks for the today’s special you had in January. I love the powder form and I just mix it with milk and fruit and it taste very good. I also enjoy youtr Women’s complete with the fish oil supplements.
    Thanks again.

  49. Amdrew, Way back many years I went to an estate sale where the middle aged woman failed to cancer. Her children with grief and pain in their eyes were selling Mom’s stuff. Upon walking into the kitchen there was a box full of your supplements; "I bought the whole box!" What I realized that day was that many of us wait till disease sets in and takes hold instead of changing our lifestyle and honor our bodies which we were given. When reality sets in about the abuse and negligence of years of abuse many gulp supplements hoping they help. I want to thank you for helping all of us realize that it’s a lifestyle change that leads to total well being.

  50. Thank you for taking into consideration the possibility of powder vitamins for those of us who are strictly vegetarian. I already open and discard the gelatin capsules, and add the vitamins to my food or juice (which is by the way, not at all inconvenient for those of you who are concerned). I’d even be willing to recycle the gelatin capsules if it were possible 🙂
    Best regards from Chicago…

  51. Hi Andrew. I think your idea to introduce vitamins in a loose powder form would be very beneficial to those of us who have difficulty swallowing numerous pills. I open up the capsules and mix the powder with natural applesauce and it tends to get messy sometimes, the taste isn’t that great as well. Thanks for considering this option.

  52. Hi Andrew !
    I also have purchased your products .My daughter cannot have pill form Vitamins . Do you have a Liguid form of Vitamins ? I got emails from Dr Sears . He has vitamins with Omega 3"s , My Daughter has learning Disablity and behavioral Problems. at times she is ok but at times she is hiper. Do you have a safe product that I may give her ? I was almost going to purchase Dr Sears Vitamins for her . But I purchased several of your products on HSN or your web site can you give me advice .
    Thank you
    PS I purchased secure all 3-4 flavors taste Great < But a bit to sweet for Diabetics.
    Thanks Again

  53. Andrew – Thank you for all the knowledge you share with us during your HSN shows.I do learn a lot from you. I have switched all my supplements to your them.I too want to know if I am "mixing" too many pills at once. Also, is it true that in order for the different supplements to work you should take a multi vitamin?? Your labels all read that way. Please advise.I look forward to your show in July….hope you have many SALES! as your prices are high!

  54. I also take about 30-40 capsules per day of many of your vitamins and am very concerned about overdosing on vitamins. I know everything I’m taking is healthy but is mixing everything together safe? Are all the vitamins hard on the liver? Am I creating a chemical mixture inside my body that can be toxic or lethal? I eat fairly healthy and drink plenty of fluids but I do have an extremely metallic taste in my mouth and I was told it was caused by taking too many vitamins. Your teachings on HSN are very compelling but am I potentially harming myself by taking too many different vitamins everyday even at your recommended dosage? I really think you need to address this on your show because so many of us are taking so many of your supplements not knowing if we’re overdosing on vitamins. I love your products but need to be sure I’m taking everything together safely.

  55. I understand that andrew does not make
    COQ10 w/true Q10 133 any more, and I cannot order it anymore.

  56. thanks for such a detailed explanation of your capsules.
    I take alot of your vitamins, and am looking forward to your July visit to HSN. I would love to see the cholestacare as the TSV.

  57. My entire family uses COQ10. My last purchase was COQ10 w/true Q10 133, is it true that this is no longer available? I am up for re-order and do not know which one to purchase. Thank you, Vera Giorgio

  58. I am a vegetarian, and I appreciate this blog very much. I do have a question … do you recommend anything for a person with MS?
    Thanks, Iris

  59. I have been taking your products for almost tweny years since they first appeared on QVC. I would be very disappointed if you were to only offer them in powder form. Would not be able to take them anymore. Please keep the capsules. Thank you.

  60. I am taking 8 different medications for blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. Also taking many of your supplements. Can these interact with my medications?

  61. Glad I found the Secure Soy on the website.
    Also would love lower prices for seniors on fixed income.I would buy more from you that way.


  63. Is your bone and body ok for an older female with a complete hysterectomy to take……..beneficial? I also take many of your other supplements as well. I also take your eye support but have had cataract surgery and lenses replaced with Restor lenses. Can your eye support help or hurt me by taking them? I can’t seem to get any of my doctors to talk about these issues. They just ask me why I think I need to take all of these vitamins and won’t discuss my concerns. Please help me. Thank you so much. Sandy

  64. I’m so glad I came across this blog post because I have written to you requesting vegetarian capsules in the past. It would be great if you made some of your vitamins in powder-only form, because opening them up really is a pain! Plus, I share some vitamins with my pets (Green Foods Complex, for one) and having it in powder form would make it much easier to do so.
    I also admire your commitment to nutrition, but as a vegan I have to say nutrition takes a back seat to my moral values of trying to live a life that doesn’t include animal exploitation, so even if ‘vegetarian’ capsules are closer to wood pulp I’ll still take them. BUT I’d rather take yours, and again having them in powder form would make it easier to do so.

    1. Yes!! You share in my heart! Too many humans are so innately self-serving and don’t even give a care about the helpless and innocent beings that are exploited for their gain.

  65. andrew, thank you for making your supplements in caps , so easy to take. look forward to your july visits.

  66. Hi Andrew,
    Thank you so much for the blog post on vegetarian capsules. I am a very big fan of your supplements, but I recently became vegan and am having a bit of a moral dilemma about consuming gelatin. I appreciate the fact that you put the healthiest ingredients available in your products, though. I have been opening the capsules to take, but that is not always that easy. Also, I love the Urgent Energy pills, and they do not mix that well with liquid, not to mention they are hard to choke down when you open the capsules & try to mix. It would be wonderful if you came out with an option of powdered forms – especially if you were able to add some sort of flavoring to them. I would be very interested.

  67. Hello Andrew Just wanted to say i know its impossible to answer all the ? that come your way, my advice to anyone who does not take your supplements should give them a try i was a skeptic but i listened to you talk on HSN and thats the key listen: you have to be a perfectionist as i because what my hands and my mind find to do i do it with all my heart, and nothing else will do. Your products are exceptional, really i’ve tried them all with know results: i currently take some of your supplements and they do exactly what you tell people they will do. You do not talk just to hear your own self talk, i just wish people who really need help would listen. May the vitimin angels smile on your and may you always have the sun on your back. Betty

  68. Yes! I very much prefer the powder form since I don’t like to swallow capsules. I, too, was a vegan for several years, beginning in high school. But in the last year I’ve been eating lean meat a couple of times a month when I feel feminine discomfort and less energetic. Wish I didn’t have to. 🙁
    A naturopathic doctor suggested I start making protein smoothies with powder forms of calcium, magnesium, the green foods formula, fresh berries, and other vitamins mixed in. Now I look forward to taking my supplements. And I feel nourished and revived within a few short minutes.
    So I highly recommend opening the capsules and adding the powder to a drink or food. I’m hoping there is high demand for powder products; it makes perfect sense to me.
    Andrew – I am so looking forward to your annual Hair, Skin, and Nails special next month. The one from last summer was fabulous!

  69. Andrew,I will take everything and anything you make.In this world of lies,greed,and Lord help us all the false advertising about supplements.You are the only person I can trust.Everyone need to watch you on HSN and really listen.Yes,your vitamins cost,but they are worth every penny and then some.People need to know that all other vitamins are worthless.There is one other line of vitamins/supplements out there that are true,trustworthy and valuable to our health.You probably know the line I’am talking about.Your company and the other one stand alone when it comes to true natural products.I don’t mean to sound like I’am trying to make you out like a God,but listen God made you and I think I know why.So who ever read this please pass the word.Doctors don’t care anymore.They will not see you unless you have insurance.The insurance companies no longer want to pay the doctors what they charge and you/we are still stuck with a large bill,even with insurance.So Andrew you just keep doing what you do,because you are for sure A God sent gift.

  70. Andrew – love your products especially the CoQ10 and the Cholestercare. Do you think you could put together a similar vitamin product as TheraFlex? It’s for kidney stones (calcium oxylate) and that would be really great. The combination of those particular vitamins were recommeded by my husband’s urologist to prevent the stones from forming again.
    Thanks again

  71. Hello andrew. You have stated on this blog that there is no company that makes real vegetable capsules! Have you heard of Juice-plus garden blend capsules. Made by Nsa,Collierville,Tenn. I fine nothing on the label except vegetablepowder and pulp, whole food concentrate,enzymesand acidophiliusplusfiber and antioxidents. Will you check this product out for me so I am not being scammed. they make a fruit product jus the same way. Let me know if you have any any information about this. thanks Lavonne

  72. hi andrew! i have been taking your products for years and the resveratrol has made me look ten years younger!! i have a vitamin d deficiency and was told i need calcium as well. i started your bone and body packets, but was wondering if you have just vitamin d. also, my friend has hepatitus c and now has fibrosis of the liver. are your liver protectants good for him?

  73. I w thatould like to get your prokucts at a discount price due to the fact that I take care of meny people that is disable I like your stuff but cant aford it.
    LOVE YOU help me out

  74. Thanks, Andrew for all you do for health!
    As others, I have some difficulty, maybe even a mindset, with swallowing capsules/pills. I just open your capsules and add them to my Secure drinks. Usually whip everything up in the blender with some type of fresh fruit, juice, or water. I’ve done this for years. It definitely takes less time to open the capsules than it does to psyche myself up to swallow the capsules. Powdered forms? A nice gesture for faithful customers. See how it goes. You have a loyal following, Andrew, so best wishes! Karen

  75. Hey Andrew,
    I hope all is well with you and your family. I am fully confident that whatever you manufacture is extremely healthy and very safe to take. If you do go to powder I hope the capsules will still be available. I have the utmost confidence in you that you will make the right decisions in all that you do. Thank you for the pure quality products at such low prices. The specials you give at HSN are outstanding. On your website the auto ship and the one shipping rate is a fantastic way to save. When your pure products are compared with the scary ones in the stores with fillers and no telling what else is in there, yours always comes out at a lower cost. I will take your vitamins as long as they are for sale to the public.
    Thank you for keeping us all informed of the false products on the market. Your much study and research to better our country is greatly appreciated.
    May God richly continue to bless you and your family.
    Your Friend Chris

  76. Andrew thank you for your products I have been takeing them regularley. Hope you can share more often on the science and the information you recevie about the vitiams you make. It was the information and the way you presented it that sold me on your products, also you sincerity thanks again and GOD BLESS Lenny

  77. Hi Andrew! I don’t get enough protein. I cannot stand the powders Ive tried in the past (distant past) I can’t bring myself to even try yours and I love you as a person, you have taught me a lot and I appreciate your integrity.
    I am AGAINST powder form. Keep it the way it is or offer both.
    And it just so happens, the question in my mind now for several months, that i want to ask, is related to that:
    Why wouldn’t it work to put the protein powder in your gel caps? I’d rather swallow those, get it in there quick with no chalky or drink I have to put down Ive no appetite for. Seems to me it would work just the same. Your powders are so fine, it would breakdown in the stomach from a capsule just as well wouldn’t it? OH I HOPE YOU SAY YES, Becky and this is a great idea! lol I need more protein. And evidently Vitamin D..Just saw a specialist who checked my Vita D level and is was 4. (normal is 30-80)!
    So I had to run out and buy Caltrate Plus AND separate Vita D’s 1000 per unit, 3X/day or all at once. I couldnt help but think how I would rather have bought yours if you have that. I don’t recall ever seeing it.
    Thanks, Andrew, and keep up the good work! Ive had a hard year or so and not been able to buy what I would like from you; but I would if I could. I LOVE your products.

  78. I currently open your vitamins and put them into juice or sometimes vanilla soymilk.
    Today I put in Vitamin D3-2500, CoQ10-133, Ultimate Eye Support, Pomegranate, Cranberry Benefits, Friendly Flora and Pine Bark.
    I also open all caps in my Essential Life Rx and I bite the Vitamin E capsule and suck the contents & discard the capsule.
    The ones that smell like spices, like World Health & Ultimate Oxidants, I put into broth.
    Interesting idea about bulk powder. I’m open to it.
    LOVE YOU ANDREW. YOU ARE A NATIONAL TREASURE with brains and integrity.

  79. I would love a powdered form of your capsules. I too open them and add them to my secure drink with a banana – it’s very good. A day without Andrew’s vitamins is like a day without sunshine – keep up the good work.


  81. Hi Andrew,
    I am taking many of your supplements (have been for many years now) and don’t intend to stop. However, I am also taking Juice + veggie and fruit supplements. What are your thoughts about this product’s ingredients? I do value your opinion. Thanks for acknowledging my request.

  82. I am not a vegan,nor am I a big meat eater. Moderation is my motto.
    I do take lots of Lessman products everyday. The capsules suit be just fine. I never finished a bottle of vitamins or supplements in my life -UNTIL I started taking Andrews. The reason they tore my stomach in shreds (melodramatic).
    Omega -3 and calcium were the most beastly one!
    Now I swallow Omega-3 (luv the new orange) and it does not swallow me back!
    I take around 20 capsules a day, not one after shock.
    Please do not change them.
    Thanks so much.

  83. Thanks for the information. I am a vegetarian and would prefer not to take gelatin capsules so I’m glad to know there is a valid reason you use them. I’m not terribly interested in powder forms because the capsules are so convenient to carry in my purse and take at work. However, I do like the powder form of phosphatidyl choline. There is a limit to how many gel caps I’m willing to take in one day and the omega 3s fill my quota.
    So if you were a vegan, why did return to being a flesheater? Looking forward to your visit in July and I hope the circulation & vein support (or whatever the correct name is) is a today’s special. I want to give that to my dad. He’s had amazing results after taking your pomegranate for 2 months (my b-day gift to him & I got a bottle for me too:).
    I would love a mobile version of your website. I only have access to the internet at home on my cell phone so this would be very helpful. Take care:)

  84. In my Vita-Mix blender, I mix low-cal fruit juice or milk and add Soy Secure. Then, I open up a bunch of fibermucil capsules and pour the fiber into the blender mix. Then, I had a lot of chipped ice to make a cool smoothie. Being able to buy fibermucil in powder as well as capsule form would be super.
    Please help with natural substitutes for the class of very dangerous drugs such as Boniva. I already take your Calcium and Vit. D. I have read elsewhere that Reservatrol and your eye vitamins have showed promise in preventing bone loss naturally in women who have gone through menopause. Please look into the research about bone-thinning as we age. The drug companies are pushing the class of drugs such as Boniva with a tremendous amount of fancy advertising and I don’t trust the pharmaceutical companies are putting our women’s health first. The pharmaceutical companies are most interested in making a ton of money at the expense of our bone health.

  85. For those wanting to know about bone products, Bone and Body Factors is something I strongly suggest. I take that, and Andrew’s Essential multivitamin. I also take extra D3, and strontium citrate. I long ago told the doctors what they could do with their Fosamax, and Actonel.

  86. Does taking prozac & tranxene negate your vitamins that I take? I know the meds put on weight but your Vit. B 12; Calcium/Magnesium; friendly flora; vitamin D-150 seem to help.
    Please address meds on your show. Especially prozac & tranxene, since I’ve been on them for a long time. THANK YOU AND PLEASE CONSIDER THIS LONG-AWAITED ANSWER, MIXING MEDS AND VITAMINS. These two meds seem to be off limits to talk about.

  87. Andrew, As we swollow your procaps vitamins what happened to the gelatin capsules will it i separate apart for vitamins aborsbtiona and assimilation in the form of powder and liquid form like the Omega vitamins, then what will happen to the gelatin capsule will the fibermucil wipe it away or it have its chemistry to dissolve itself? Andrew manufacture the accronyms (Bless) B stands for best; L stands for life’ E stands for excellent and S stands for satisfactory and another S stands for superb………

  88. Thank you Andrew for the update. I will continue to use your supplements , as I feel they are the best anywhere. I am a very satisfied customer.

  89. In what products do you have Vitamin K (menaquinone)?
    If in none of your products, why not?
    Also, Nattokinase is in current literature. Do you have it in any product? If not, why not and are you considering it?
    I’ve ordered your TSV on Saturday and your Liver and Brain granuals today. I’ve been on your womens’ Ultimate Complete for many years (since QVC days)…and your Bone and Body, and your Cholestacare w/Fibermucil….All WONDERFUL SUPPLEMENTS. tHANKS SO MUCH

  90. Andrew,
    I do not feel you have a "cheesy" bone in your body.
    Honesty and knowledge, is what I see shine thru when you are explaining your products. I purchase the liquid form of L-Carnitine 1250. If there were more products in powder packet or in liquid form, I would purchase these in a heartbeat. Thanks Andrew for making quality supplements. I intend to purchase more of your products as soon as my current supply is exhausted. Again, I know it takes more effort to bring quality over quantity. We appreciate you!

  91. Hi Andrew,
    I am 41 and just found out I have fibromyalgia. What do you recommend that I take in order to help me with the chronic body aches that I get after doing anything?
    I look forward to your answer, thank you so much.

  92. I'm a 100% vegetarian/vegan and a power lifter for a number of years and I'm this for life.I do gotta to be honest.There are vegansupplements and I only take them.I don't do anything animal in any way.And I get high protein from vegan/vegetarian/plant sources and I been doing good for years.


  94. Thanks for the information I did not even think about what capsules were made of before I read this… Make it a great day!

  95. Hi Andrew
    Big fan, and long time user of the pro caps
    I went vegan 1o months ago
    I would be interested in a vegan loose powder if its ever made
    but til then I will use the gel caps
    thanks for your info , as i trust you and know you speak the truth

  96. Words on wellness?

    " I was forced to remove my vitamins from my capsules to take them and when you are taking almost 100 capsules per day that was quite an effort. "

    How about this:
    Don't pop 100 pills a day and you'll be closer to achieving "wellness"
    …Oh, and you can save yourself the effort too! Go exercise, son.

  97. Hi, I am looking to buy niacin 100 or 500 mg capsules without silica and without any cellulose in the ingredients. If the cellulose is part of the capsule that is ok as I can empty the contents and not consume the capsule.

    Do you know of any companies that can supply this that are also cruelty free.

    Your assistance would be appreciated.

  98. As a planet and animal loving vegan l would never buy a product, like supplements in gelatin capsules, that contains ingredients which required the death or suffering of an innocent sentient being.
    I would also appreciate it if you could eleborate on the dangers of consuming wood derivitives, as l and many vegans have been taking them daily for many years with zero associated health issues. Furthermore, l would love to know more about the health benefits of gelatin caps, because as far as we know they are made from scrapings off the slaughter-house floor.
    One thing l know for sure is that Vcaps are much more expensive than gelatin caps, and probably, l would guess, the main reason you have chosen not to use them.

  99. You would be advised to add an SSL certificate to your site as it comes up “not secure”. Need to be https:// not http://

  100. Hypromellose capsules (vegetable cellulose) have carrageenan in them from what I have read and many people have gastrointestinal distress with carrageenan. While carrageenan is being gradually removed from beverages, why is it being promoted in a capsule?

    1. Most veg caps do not contain carrageenan. Those who do have very small quantities – less than 5% by weight approx.

      What irritates the GI tract is the HPMC itself.

      These things are not made from lettuce leaves or other vegetables – as manufacturers make us believe…

  101. The problem isn’t particularly of the source, the doses you consume would only become dangerous if you were to have in excess of, for a typical healthy adult, 67 ordinary veg-caps. However, while not exactly everyone’s cup of tea a far greater problem lies in other applications of the veg caps amongst friends that have recently come to light. Another story for another post! Andrew, there aren’t really words that can describe what this work means to me. Don’t ever stop! THANK YOU ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Great words.

    I started suffering from IBS. Not by coincidence: one of the top diagnosis in America today.

    I healed by eliminating toxic items from my diet. Veggie capsules was one of those items.

    I believe supplements can be dangerous for reasons that are 100% unintended – like veggie caps

    we are simply not designed to eat wood mixed with chemicals.

  103. I have noticed that when I take sups in wood pulp capsules I have leg cramps at night. When I remove my sups from the wood pulp capsules I stop having leg cramps. It looks like there is a cause and effect relationship there. I agree that humans are not designed to digest wood.

  104. Yes, Mr. Lessman, I would welcome the choice to use my supplements in the powdered form. I appreciate your forthright explanation for using gelatin capsules. I choose not to use supplements using gelatin or other animal by-products.
    Kind regards,

  105. Sorry but your article is just pure scare mongering to get people to buy your products as their has been much research and testing with HPMC Capsules and they are now used in everyday medicines and supplements with all Food Standards Bodies approving of these capsules. Also saying it is closer to ” wood pulping and paper industry ” is wrong. Sell your products on merit and customer referral and not scare tactics

  106. I agree with you. I also use blate papes, which are really thin edible films in a cone shape, to take my powders. I can take 6+ grams in one and not feel or taste anything. You just dip them in water before swallowing and they mold to your throat. Literally unlike anything else.

  107. I figure anything commonly indicated as eaten in the words of the Bible is, in a sense, and, perhaps, guardedly to be accepted as food, except in the occasional case of things regarded as disgusting. I feel methylcellulose capsules taste gross and so, for me, falls outside the “good things to eat” which conflicts with the “satisfies the mouth” part of that “equation.” Likewise, I’ve never had any known aversion to swallowing things in gelatin capsules. Thanks for posting your article.

  108. Just wondering– is hydroxypropyl methylcellulose helpful for binding toxins?
    I was looking for info. on chitosan (supplement from crustacean shells) to recover from mold toxins, specifically ochratoxin A–
    HPMC seems to test more effective at toxin binding? I’d guess it adsorbs and carries toxins into the body as well as out?

    I’ll probably still use activated charcoal, but was curious.


  109. Thank you. I am also concerned about Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (“veggie capsules”). I heard about it from Shane Ellison ( But I’m trying to understand more about the dangers. In this article, you liken it to wood pulp and paper, but those things don’t worry me much. Maybe they should, I don’t know. I think of paper as indigestible, and consider that it would just pass through. I think of wood pulp as cellulose, and I think of cellulose as fiber, and not much different than psyllium husk, which I have taken as a supplement. Maybe I have that wrong too. But if there was an option for ingesting supplements in little paper packets, I wouldn’t be concerned about that at all. I am concerned that Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose might actually be more like modal, which is akin to rayon, which I think of as more like a plastic. Modal is marketted as “safe and natural” because it comes from trees, or bamboo or whatever source of cellulose they choose. But that’s ridiculous of course. Petroleum comes from cellulose too, and I wouldn’t drink that. On the other hand, I wouldn’t worry too much about eating a little ball of plastic either, because I know it (or almost all of it anyway) would just pass through. But a soluble plastic would be a different matter. My suspicion is that Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is like a soluble plastic. But it’s hard as a lay person to find much good information about it. Do you know?

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