2 thoughts on “Using Type-II collagen (and Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM) – 5:48”

  1. Try using BioCell’s Type II collagen and hyaluronic acid. These are hydrolyzed forms, but they are very expensive to use.
    Also, Chondroiton is a large molecular weight and difficult to absorb in the stomach. You may want to look at BioCell’s chondroiton as your raw material source.

  2. Andrew, you have obviously changed your mind on collagen since this video in 2009 since you are now producing a collagen product. Would love to see a blog post or video concerning why the decision to produce the product, that is, what research has changed your mind. I missed your March 2016 appearance on HSN when the marine collagen was on sale, though I did buy the marine collagen peptides at that time as I’d heard others talking about the benefits of collagen. Please provide more info here for us on collagen usage in one of your next blog posts. I have used the marine collagen peptides now each day, one scoop in my morning coffee, for nearly a month. Prior to this, I was having major lack of healing issues for about a year which no doctor could explain. I am not diabetic. My skin has cleared up and begun to heal quicker in these last weeks. I started doing dry brushing about the same time plus being more purposed each day to get in my Essential-1 with 3000 IUs of D, your Omega and CoQ10, and to limit my sugar intake. Not sure which of these, if all of these, have helped. I noticed scratches healing in a day or so, when before they were taking weeks to heal. Last year’s laparoscopic hysterectomy took 11 weeks to heal, when normal is 1 to 4 weeks. It appears to me the terrible scars from slow healing from that surgery are looking better now. Also, some randon joint pain has diminished, and is all but gone. Taking on occasion your glucosomine-condroitin and healthy skin, hair, nails product as well. Probably need to be more faithful to take thes. One area not yet improved is my nails which continue to break, and that started a few months back. Will continue to take the collagen and/or more regularly take the healthy hair, skin, nails product. A word on collagen would be appreciated!

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