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Andrew Discusses ChocoNuvo
Last Chance to Order until October

  1. Choco-Nuvo. Andrew, You are a genius. From 259 total cholestrol and
    159 ldl to 201 total chol. and 115 ldl in just a few months. My Dr. knows
    about you and all the vit. that we take from you and he said keep on doing what you’re doing and my husband’s A1C came down from 7.3 to 6.5 and
    he also takes berberine and turmeric w/ginger root. Thanks for making it
    easier to stay healthier. I would give you a 10 star rating not only for your
    products but for caring and sharing your wonderful knowledge so that
    others can enjoy a better life. God bless you and your work.

  2. I have been allergic to chocolate since 20 years old. Tried the 74% and had no problem. (I am now 82]. I always read that dark chocolate is healthy! I am now suddenly getting hit with painful knees. Torn miniscus from arthritis. Feel like the other knee is going to join! Got shot of steroids and now gel. On my way to P T. Any ideas.? Have always been very active, did not recognize age til now! Barbara Fernandez.

    1. ive had superb results with the Marine Collagen.. and fish oil from Andrew, i take vit C with them.. perhaps its worth a try

  3. I’m a newby to the Choconova. I am Type 2 Diabetic, I’m in the middle of a horrible
    Fibromyalgia flare, have arthritis and osteopenia in my left hip. I’m 63 and i need some information on the Choconova, if it would benefit me. Thank you!

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