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Happy 4th of July!
Healthy Hair Skin and Nails
and More.

It’s HSN’s Birthday, so it’s time for our annual celebration with our Healthy Hair Skin & Nails Today’s Special and this year is our best value ever.  In case you were wondering why we celebrate HSN’s birthday with our Healthy Hair Skin & Nails, it’s as simple as their shared initials.  I have always referred to Healthy Hair Skin & Nails as … Continue Reading ››

Is It Really Almost Summer…Where Did the Month of May Go? And Our July HSN Birthday Today’s Specials

It seems like just a couple of weeks ago that we were doing our April shows, yet here we are in the middle of June, so it’s actually been a couple of months since our Maximum Omega-3 and Ultimate Eye Today’s Specials in April.  It just does not seem like two months.  Plus, it’s … Continue Reading ››