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Protecting Our Vision with Ultimate Eye
The Latest Science and Research on Eye Health
ChocoNuvo Not Available Again Until October

Summer is right around the corner and with it comes warmer days and more time spent outside in the sunshine. That is why each year I have made our Ultimate Eye Support our pre-summer Today’s Special, since that lovely sunshine can also be the principal cause of the lifetime of damage our eyes and vision experience …

The Evolution of our
Ultimate Eye Support.
About GMO
(Genetically Modified Organisms)

Before I discuss our upcoming Ultimate Eye Support Today’s Special and some exciting aspects of the formula and the science, I wanted to first briefly discuss a very important, unrelated subject about which I am constantly receiving questions.  I am referring to those three ominous letters – G.M.O. also known as Genetically Modified Organisms. … Continue Reading ››

This Weekend, The Eyes Have It! Protecting The Most Precious of Our Five Senses.

It only makes sense that our annual Today’s Special for our unique Omega-3s should be followed by our best opportunity to enjoy its perfect partner - our Ultimate Eye Support formula.  I will explain the relationship between these two formulas in the following paragraph, but first of all, I wanted to let everyone know … Continue Reading ››