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Circulation and Vein Support
Can Transform Your Legs,
Feet, Ankles and Calves.

Plus, Live Factory Remote –
See Where Your Vitamins are Made.

As requested for almost 20 years, I begin each year with our most popular New Year’s Today’s Specials:  The first weekend being Secure Complete Meal Replacement and the second weekend our Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy Legs.  We just spent last weekend discussing the reliable and consistent science on the use of a low-calorie, high-protein meal … Continue Reading ››

Circulation and Vein Support
For Healthy Legs.
No More Bible References for Me.

 Lots of great comments and questions following last week’s article. I will answer many of those questions this weekend and in an upcoming Live Online Event that will be dedicated to your questions. I will also heed that old saying about not discussing religion, since apparently, some folks had issues with some references in … Continue Reading ››