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Live Remote Today’s Special
Essential 1 w/CoQ10 and Vitamin D3.
Plus a Discussion regarding fragrance.

  1. I have so many of your vitamins do I really need that many? I can’t afford to buy so many. What are the best ones you would recommend. I am 66 yrs old with diabetes, high cholesterol and no thyroid. The best three for me. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Mary,
      I would recommend you call Andrew’s company ProCap Labs. Just check one of your bottles for the phone number. Their representatives are wonderful at assessing what you already take and advising you how to get the most benefits for your situation. I know someone said you don’t get a response to a comment but here’s another way to get some help. Good Luck.

    2. Hi Mary: I am a retired physician’s assistant and ND. My advice would be not to do self-medication. You have some serious issues which should be addressed not only by your family doctor but by a person who is in the natural health field AND is willing to work with your family physician. That family physician can be an MD or DO or even a chiropractor who specializes in natural supplements. I would recommend one of the first two, based on your age.

      I have been a long time user of Andrew’s products and can attest to their effectiveness, BUT you do have to know what you are doing. Taking natural supplements for serious problems is not for someone who is not in a medical or natural health field.

      The basis of all natural supplements is a good daily vitamin and Andrew’s today’s special is Essential 1 with D3 (good for bones) and CoQ10 (heart function). These three products are a good way to start.

      CholestaCare and/or ChocoNuvo are great for high cholesterol. Berberine (also good for cholesterol) and Standardized Cinnamon are good for high blood sugar.

      All of the above products are on special. HOWEVER, you can see how quickly this can evolve into very complicated dosages, etc. and how can those be addressed to your problems??

      First, my advice would be to find a natural practitioner who is willing to work with you (if you do have an MD or DO family doctor) and your doctor. If your family doctor does not wish to work with you on these problems, then you can find an MD or DO through your county medical society. Just make sure that you write down all of your problems and questions before seeing any practitioner so that you do not forget something. If you can get copies of your medical records and tests before seeing a new practitioner this is also most beneficial.

      Another source for referrals is an internet site where you can inquire about natural practitioners for your area. Neighbors, friends, etc. may also be able to give you some good insights into all practitioners–MD, DO and natural health.

      Second, you can always get the Essential 1 and start on that and take the product with you when you see ANY practitioner. There is hopefully no rush.

      Third, you did not state how mild, moderate or severe your problems are, long-standing, recent, etc. and whether or not you are taking prescription medications.

      The above is the main reasons why you do need to see someone face to face.

      Good Luck to you.

    3. Hi Mary,
      the suggestions written for you above are good. I am also thinking about that you may already have treatments and strict diet to follow based on the diseases that you have prescribed by your doctors. If you do not have a food restriction at this point that is the first thing you should worry about. If you follow a healthy eating http://www.diabetes.org
      according to your diseases you should be able to feel good and avoid complications. It is better to get the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the natural sources or foods because some supplements have interactions with some medications.
      Have in mind, that you ALWAYS can be referred by your doctor as a diabetic to a professional registered dietitian or nutritionist to guide you through the process and everyday living.
      ALWAYS ASK everything to you doctor they have a lot of resources to refer you to. Do not be afraid to ask, do not go to the doctor’s visit just to know the numbers or to ask for the medication refills or prescriptions. The concern that you are expressing here should be addressed by your doctor and/or the professional nutritionist/dietitian.
      Another thing your doctor can do for you is testing. Yo can be tested for levels of all existing vitamins, minerals, enzymes etc in you body; for instance coQ10. Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Calcium, omegas 3,6,9 and so on everyone of them. Then you are going to know if you need to take supplements for sure.
      I wish you well

  2. I’m curious why it seems that you never promote the Complete line anymore. Specifically, “Mens Complete”. Seems like it’s been de-emphasized for your many other products. Additionally, I quit watching HSN, so I’ll depend on seeing you in VLOGS instead. It appears that HSN has changed to nearly 99% of women specific products. No longer see technology, gadgets, tools, or even……..Vitamins. Pretty sad actually. Maybe HSN should change their name to WSN rather than HSN. (Womens Shopping Network)

        1. Hi Liza: If you go to Andrew’s site, procaplabs.com, (or go to the top of this blog and click on VISIT PROCAPS–upper right side) you will find all of the same today specials as on HSN. Also, he has monthly specials, plus he gives you even more discounts if you order more than one of the same products. He always has free shipping, so you don’t have to wait for a today’s special to take advantage of that.

          As others have said on this site, he has great customer service. I started to order from Andrew’s site directly a few years back, for all of my vitamins and I am glad I made the switch.

          1. I recently ordered from Procaps directly. Although the price was good, the free shipping is super slow! Almost 2 weeks from order to delivery.

    1. Over the past 6 months or so I bought a dash cam, humidifier, a mobile hot spot, an origami lap top desk, mascara (not your thing), and a few other things unisex for the home. I go on hsn.com and find stuff. If you prefer to watch get the program guide. It is true they have a lot of women’s clothing and cosmetics but we tend to “need” those things.

  3. Awesome blog very informative. My friend and I are going round and round about Essential 1 vs Peak Performance. Can you explain the difference? I love everything I get from Andrew Lessman. I am a true believe in your product. Thanks. If this is something you can’t talk about I understand.
    Thanks for all you do and say to help make this world a better place.

  4. Will be looking forward to reading transcripts as it’s faster to pinpoint the areas I’m interested in and bypass the ones I’m not. Vlogs take more time and it’s virtually impossible to skip what you don’t want to listen to.

  5. Thanks for the information. I knew a bit about not using most products especially those for cleaning. Recently switched to wool drying balls and Beekman’s natural soap for laundry and goat soap for skin. Would enjoy hearing more from you on chemical products. I agree that the build up of all these chemicals in most all products these days are absorbed through our skin and related to cancers. Please continue blogs on various topics for wellness.

  6. I don’t need anything this time around, but I will be busy with purchases from ProCaps Lab in April! I still love watching, listening, and learning. Thank you for your dedication Andrew!

  7. Thank you Andrew for your concise comments on Industrial Fragrance. I was totally unaware that the diffusers that scent our homes were that dangerous. I am extremely concerned about this topic as I am a lover of fragrance. Country Store smells intrigued me as child, and since then have always wanted my home to emulate that feeling I had as a child.
    I have contracted MdDs which happened on a cruise last February and I am wondering if the scents that I have had in my home for years have contributed to that. In any case, I am taking all of my diffusers out of my home, as I have tremendous trust in your expertise. Of course, I have been using your vitamin products for many many years and love how I feel when I take them.
    Could you tell me if your Maximum Eye Care is sufficient enough for Macular Degeneration, which I was just diagnosed to have. It is the dry version I was told. which apparently will not get worse.. Thank God… Thank you Andrew for all your wonderful products and for keeping us informed.

  8. How about selling essential 1 in a 750 size so it will carry a couple for a year on the today’s special ??

  9. Hi Andrew … I’ve been with you since 1995. I started off, back then, with just a few products and now, my counter top if full of them. I just turned 50 and am in great health. I owe that to not only your products, but what I’ve learned from you the past 23 years. THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge with us. I watch when I can, but always read your newsletters and watch your blogs. You’re amazing! I realize you’re one busy man, but I wish you would consider meet and greet sessions. It would be an honor to hear you speak and see you in person. God Bless you.

  10. Really enjoyed your blog especially your thoughts on fragrance. Kinda sad though because I like my laundry to smell fresh and my bath things to smell nice! You’re on HSN on Sunday with Perlier lol. We’re going to need natural alternatives because I love fragrance. Looking forward to seeing some alternatives on the market.

  11. Wow Andrew, just listened to you about fragrances and just to let you know this has been a topic here with some of my family members who cannot tolerate them.
    How true you are, I hope people follow your suggestions, I myself have been trying to move things I use to natural products, essential oils, whatever I can do. The things I have learned from you. I keep trying to tell people about you and your products, they are the best, and I know because I take many of them. I have also gotten some of my family members started on them. Please keep up the good work
    I know why God has put you here.

  12. I’m disappointed,
    the 2016 Essential-1 TS was 400 for $79.90
    the 2017 Essential-1 TS was 400 for $79.90
    2018 it is 400 for $89.90.

    1. Hi Judith: I am not an employee of Andrew, just a long time customer.

      I would believe the reason for the $10 price increase is due to the CoQ10 he added this time around. I take the stand-alone CoQ10 which is very expensive.

      I have been taking that for 20 years and the price of Andrew’s CoQ10 has actually come down. That is probably due to the popularity of the CoQ10, which means the more people who buy a product, the cheaper it becomes.

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