Healthy New Year!
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Again, Healthy New Year!  I hope you enjoyed your holidays.  I suspect I am not alone when I say it was with a great sigh of relief that I celebrated the start of 2017.  At least for me, the angry political climate seemed to make 2016 a very challenging year and it is my nature to always find the silver-linings in the clouds, so it is with great optimism that I begin 2017.  During my entire life, I never felt as overwhelmed by the constant onslaught of angry or bad news.  To me it seemed to center around a highly mean-spirited presidential campaign, which no matter what side of political spectrum you find yourself in, it was clearly challenging.  Thank goodness, it is all over and we can start afresh with a renewed sense of optimism.  As I have mentioned before, I always try to remain non-political and frankly, over the course of my lifetime, I have probably voted for an equal number of Republicans as Democrats.  I voted for human beings and not for political parties.  For me, it is not so much a matter of who is in office, but whether they create an environment that will support the wellbeing and good health of our country and its citizens.  Clearly, the nature of the campaign and its anger and venom, did not do wonders for the health of our country.  It once again taught me something very important.  That we can only focus on the world around us and we do not want to find ourselves drowning in the toxicity of that distant political world.  When it comes to the natural environment, we always hear the slogan “think globally, but act locally,” since locally is where we can have our impact.  When it comes to politics, we must remember that other than by our vote, we do not have great influence over what happens on a national or global level, so once again, we must do our best act locally, which is where we have a real tangible and meaningful impact.  In other words, to focus our energies to change the world by focusing on the local world, the one we can influence – our sphere of direct influence, as I like to call it, which begins with our own bodies, minds and spirits and our own health.  It extends to the health of those around us and those we love.  The New Year is always viewed as a time and opportunity for change and renewal and there is no more important place to focus that energy than on our health, which if you look at the opening line of this post, I said Healthy New Year rather than the standard Happy New Year.  I always say that, since it is hard to imagine a Happy New Year without it being a Healthy New Year for ourselves, as well as for those we love.  It is that concept of change around this time of year that I am also reminded of the Serenity Prayer, which is something often repeated by those who have participated in Alcoholics Anonymous.  One does not have to be an alcoholic to appreciate its powerfully simple but profound wisdom.  It follows below:


Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the Courage to change the things I can
and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Speaking of change, there is no more important and more impactful healthy change that we can make as individuals or as an entire society (other than stopping smoking if you smoke) than to lose weight and to achieve our ideal body weight.  It is estimated that overweight and obesity costs our society hundreds of billions of dollars each year and I believe that is a gross underestimate.  More than the cost in dollars is the cost in quality of life and length of life.  There is no single change that can do more to improve the health, quality and length of our lives than to lose weight or to move through our lives at our ideal weight.  Sadly, it is frightening to think, but only a bit over 20% of Americans actually do that.  Our overweight and obesity epidemic is a windfall to the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, doctors, agribusiness, fast food, etc., but it is diminishing the quality and length of our lives and those we love.  We might not be happy with many things in our world that we cannot change, but we know that our bodyweight is one of those things we can change.  It is directly within our sphere of influence, but if and only if, we have the courage to make those changes.  Yes, it is among the most difficult challenges we can face, but the benefits are priceless.  A longer, richer, better life!  We might focus on our President or the Russians or the Chinese, but there is no greater threat to our country than our deteriorating health.  We can think about those other global issues, but we cannot directly change and of them; however, we can change what is undoubtedly the greatest thief and killer in our society:  Overweight and Obesity.  Given the degree of that threat, each year, I follow the strongest science on weight loss, which is Meal Replacement Science.  I also devote my shows to a sensible, logical, science-based approach to weight loss.  One time per year, I do a Today’s Special featuring my Secure Complete Meal Replacement…the world’s best tasting, lowest calorie and most nutritious meal replacement you can find.  It is the result of decades of science and hard work, but it still can be nothing more than a tool that you can utilize as your partner in a sensible, healthy process to achieve your weight loss goals.  It is based upon hard science, which I will discuss in detail on television tonight and tomorrow.  Of course, it is not magic, but it will work; however, in order to work, it will also require your commitment to make an intelligent effort.  This year’s Today’s Special will be the best value ever with the 100, 200 and 300 meal supplies also coming with ChocoNuvo, Ultimate Oatmeal, Ultimate Oat Bran and Green Teas, since all of these can be incorporated into a healthy and successful weight loss plan.  The cost is well under $1 per meal and that does not even consider that, for instance on the 300 meal supply, you will also receive 20 servings of ChocoNuvo, 30 servings of oatmeal, 30 servings of oat bran, 30 servings of tea and more.  Literally, ends up costing about 30 cents or so per serving or meal!  I look forward to talking about the Science and products tonight and all day tomorrow.

There will also be a second Today’s Special (or as we call it, a TS2).  It is a product that more than a decade ago was always our featured Today’s Special this time of year.  It is also one of our most popular reorder products throughout the year.  It is our Energy and Fat Metabolism Factors and it is at our best pricing by far.  Like our Secure Today’s Special above, you will be saving more than you are spending.  The original inspiration for this product was our Fat Burning Factors formula and our Urgent Energy.  This is essentially a blend of those two products that today is at its best price ever in almost 20 years of being available.  I will discuss its formula and its benefits in detail, but again, it is not a magic weight loss product, but if you plan on making an effort then it is intended to ensure the best results from those efforts and to support the energy required to engage and sustain those efforts.

Of course, for the Healthy New Year we will have extra special pricing across the board and free shipping on everything!  I look forward to seeing you later.  By the way, we will also have a brief pre-view of the Today’s Specials at 7:45 PM Eastern Time for those of you who will not be up at midnight.

Best of health.


38 thoughts on “
Healthy New Year!
Our Best New Year Today’s Specials! Plus, Event Pricing
and Free Shipping on Everything!


    1. Andrew’s Ultimate Friendly Flora helped me. I started taking it daily approximately 3 years ago along with Andrew’s Turmeric and Ginger Root. I think the combination of these supplements cured my IBC. No problems since.

    2. I agree with Ann on the Ultimate Friendly Flora but also try Digest Assure and the Aloe Vera. All 3 are being sold as a digestion kit. I take all of these and it has done wonders for my digestive system. I am now free to travel without any worries.

    3. Hi Arliss,
      I consume many of Andrew’s supplements.
      I have IBS and a hiatel hernia. I discovered a few years ago that two of the Green Tea will calm an irritated gastro system, specifically diarrhea. I do have to eat something when I take them or I get to feeling sick about an hour later.
      I also find that the Green Tea gives me a smooth flow of energy throughout the day.
      I hope this helps.
      Thanks, Linda von Harten

      1. I must agree with you. I had to put the bottle out in the refrigerator in the garage and still I make to many trips out there. They are so yummy ? tasting.

    4. Dear Andrew,
      Long blog this time. I love the Serenity Prayer.
      I am glad we are starting a new year, with a new President, much to look foward too.
      Thank you for all your wonderful products, I use many. Always look foward to your visits.

    1. It’s on sale at hsn this visit of Andrews’s – I just bought it around 40 days ago and can’t get the price guarantee credit! 🙁

  2. Love your products…

    Omega’s – Vitamin C – B Complex – Magnesium – Night Time… etc. – All of them.

    Would love to see you bring in Essential Minerals.
    Thank you for considering.

  3. Thank you for the inspiration.
    I am a bit of a Political Junkie and am pretty stressed out. I know I shouldn’t be.
    I need to stay off Facebook and turn the tv off. I am hoping that we get an early Spring here in Michigan so I can get out in the garden.
    I’m out of Secure and I am looking forward to placing my order.
    I love your Sencha Tea. I enjoy drinking it, it’s so mild.. My favorite.
    Healthy New Year to you also.

  4. Hi Andrew:

    I have a few suggestions to your products to either amend the current formulations or sell a stand alone product:

    First pygeum should be added to the prostate formula. However, this ingredient is usually expensive to buy alone, so it would make a pricy product even more expensive. It is a great ingredient, and it has been used worldwide for prostate health.

    Secondly, dandelion (yes, the yellow weed/flower) should be added to the liver product. I’ve added it to the liver antioxidants product, and my liver enzymes have improved even more.

    You should do a time-released 5-HTP product. It naturally boosts serotonin levels without the side effects of prescription antidepressants. It certainly has helped both my mood (alleviated chronic depression) and also seems to suppress appetite greatly.

    Create a hawthorn berry supplement. It lowers blood pressure very well. I’ve been able to get off hypertension medications.

    And, lastly, this is more a compliment. I love the Choconuvo. My research has found this:
    Dark chocolate varieties contain flavanolds that make blood vessels more elastic and increase the chances of low blood pressure. In one study, 18% of patients who ate it every day saw blood pressure decrease. [The suggested amount is ] half an ounce daily, and make sure it contains at least 70% cocoa.

    Even your “mild” variety is close at 66%.

    Thanks for the wonderful products.


  5. I would be interested on your comments on the recent news about Prevagen and how your memory products might be effected.

  6. Thank you Andrew for being a beacon for wellness and optimism amidst a sea of negativity and over consumption of media. Looking forward to a healthy 2017!!

  7. Andrew,

    Thank you for focusing on our health and well-being.

    I, too, have voted several sides of the aisles with a focus on the person. I’m a huge political junkie.

    I greatly appreciate your sharing of your knowledge. I constantly refer people to you if only for the knowledge. Thank you.

  8. I have been using your products for over 20 years and deeply appreciate the care and integrity you have in providing a TRUSTED resource for the BEST health-self-care options. Keep up the great work!

  9. Andrew Happy New Year, I do not watch the news because it is not objective, this is because these are corporate owned and they put their slant and agenda’s rather than neutral reporting, as for the politicians I look at every good thing I have like health and a good income and savings and family and I conclude it was not from a Democrat or Republican, but rather a little hard work and the Grace Of God, thank you for giving us such a wonderful array of vitamins Andrew.

  10. Hi Andrew,
    I agree with putting 2016 behind us – even New Year’s Eve Hosts were saying, “2016 was a horrible year”. I wish every vote counted but the electoral system says otherwise. I don’t see a difference in recent 24/7 political turmoil just because we had a new year. We should focus on our personal health after all of this Stress and negativity.
    Question: What are your thoughts about Kombucha drinks? Would this interfere with taking so many of your supplements in any way or your digestive supplements in conjunction with the drink? I would like to hear your opinion. Also, please find time to talk about benefits of your NAC-500 and PPQ taken with COQ10.
    As always, Andrew Lessman Vitamins are the Best.

  11. I would love to see a TS on Grape Seed Extract or Pine Bark. It does not seem to ever go on sale. Could you at least give us a special price when you are on HSN?

  12. In the past year I had been neglecting taking some of my supplements.

    A few weeks ago my joint pain and muscle pain became so intense I ended up at the doctor’s office. He prescribed prednisone and 600 mg ibuprofen. I took them a few days and felt much better. I was feeling really bad about what I was doing to my liver and other organs taking these meds. Soon as I went off them the pains came back.

    After a couple days of despair I realized that I had not been taking my Joint Support, and I used to only take half a package each day but one day when my ankles hurt really bad I downed the whole pack. A few hours later I got up to walk and realized the pain was almost gone. I can’t believe I had forgotten what this product had done for me. I got back on the “whole pack” 3 days ago and all of my pain is virtually gone.

    I used this product years ago for chest pains, when a full heart survey ruled out any heart problems.

    If you have chronic pain in your joints and/or muscles, get on this product!!!

  13. Healthy New Year to you as well Andrew! Very well said. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS, I’ve never returned anything I’ve ever purchased. I’m on several of them and have turned several family members onto them. Thank you for everything you do for you customers. Love and Peace to you!

  14. I use many of your products and am a very healthy 75 year old. 2 years ago I was diagnosed w DCIS breast cancer. I threw out anything containing soy because there is some talk that soy mocks estrogen and can feed tumors. What is your opinion? I may be avoiding products that can be good for me. Since my scare and treatment, I have had clean mamas and show no evidence of disease.

  15. Love, love, love the Coffee-flavored Secure! I’ve lost 75 lbs. since April 1, 2016, by starting every day with a shake, and doing a low-carb diet. I also take several of your supplements. The Glucosamine/Chondroitin and the Circulation and Vein Support have been wonderful additions for me.
    I’m staying up for tonight’s TSV! Thanks for such great products!

  16. Over the past Januaries, the Energy and Fat Metabolism always came together with the Secure. What happen this year? We have to buy them separately. Well, I guess everything goes up. I like both products, this year we have to pay a bit more to get both.

  17. It would be great if u had options, I don’t like chocolate (not everyone does) and absolutely cannot stand tea. I know it’s good for you but I literally cannot even stand 1 sip, yuk!

  18. Take your CoQ10 as I feel you have quality products. My mom is a big fan and introduced me to you. She moved in with me two years ago and last month fell, fractured her hip at the groin area, broke two ribs and had a rod inserted in her thigh. At 88 she is doing as well as can be expected. Are there any of your products you would recommend? She was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis and it was recommended she take 1200 mg of Calcium 2x daily and 2000 IU of vitamin D. She has an appointment scheduled with a specialist for the osteoporosis.

    1. Dianne:
      Hope your mom is improving. I was a caregiver to my mom during her late 80’s/mid-90’s. If you don’t mind a bit of advice, have your mom’s Vit. D levels checked. It’s a simple blood test, either at her internist’s office or with an at-home Vit. D test kit that’s available on-line. Good site is the Vitamin D Council for good info on D. Also, you might want to read an excellent book, “Your Bones” by Lara Pizzorno and Dr. Jonathan Wright, and consider adding Strontium Citrate (not Strontium Ranelate), which is taken approximately 2 hours from consuming calcium (both compete & calcium will win out over the Strontium Citrate. 1200 mg. Calcium 2x daily? We can only absorb approximately 500 mg. at a time. Good health to you and your mother.

  19. I too have taken many of the supplements you offer. I want to take Zinc, but don’t see any offered. It must be in the 1-a-day vitamin category. Am I right?

  20. In the year that I’ve taken Andrew’s products, my cholesterol and triglycerides have improved to numbers that I’ve never achieved in the last 40 years. My HDL is up to 54 and my LDL is down to 107. I’m a believer in his vitamins and supplements.

  21. Hi Andrew,

    I wish you would include the Secure Whey in your special with the Secure. I take the Secure Whey because I don’t want the soy. You never seem to have a great special on the Secure Whey and I am sure many people buy the Secure Whey because they don’t want the soy! Also the Tru Co Q 10 comes with Vit B12, which I cannot take because I have to take Methyl B12. I wish you would give us the option of purchasing the Tru Co Q 10 without the B 12.

  22. Thank you for making Energy and Fat Metabolism Factors a separate TS and NOT bundled with the Secure meal replacement. Unfortunately, I can’t eat soy so was not able to take advantage of the TS pricing when these products were bundled together in previous years. Really appreciate the special value on Energy and Fat Metabolism Factors as a separate buy now. I’m stocking up!

  23. Thanks for continuing to make the best vitamins ever. I have been taking your vitamins for over 15 years. I would appreciate your focusing more on brain health. Lots of research out there for alzheimer’s/dementia and how the right supplements can help restore brain cell damage. As the aging populations is growing (not sure what the average age who shop on HSN), and considering Alzheimer’s can start earlier in life (60s), it would be good to hear more about the science and how antioxidant ingredients in your brain health formula helps (vs other products other there).

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