The Evolution of our
Ultimate Eye Support.
About GMO
(Genetically Modified Organisms)

Before I discuss our upcoming Ultimate Eye Support Today’s Special and some exciting aspects of the formula and the science, I wanted to first briefly discuss a very important, unrelated subject about which I am constantly receiving questions.  I am referring to those three ominous letters – G.M.O. also known as Genetically Modified Organisms.  I am just going to cover the basics of the most frequent questions I am asked.  Of course, I will be happy to spend more time on such an important topic during a future online web event.

What is GMO?  It is when a living organism, which of course includes plants, that had its genetic material (DNA) modified through some form of artificial genetic engineering.  Despite companies spinning it otherwise, this modification of cellular DNA could not be any more foreign or different than the normal, natural way plants (and animals) have inherited their genetic material for millions of years, which is through the normal reproductive process.

Does ProCaps use GMO ingredients?  ProCaps products where GMO becomes relevant would be our Secure Meal Replacement and our Women’s Wellness, which both contain Soy and despite 90% of the Soy in America being GMO, ours is non-GMO Soy. Similarly, our Whey Protein, ChocoNuvo Chocolate, Ultimate Oat Bran, Ultimate Oatmeal, as well as our Green, Mint and Chamomile Teas are also non-GMO. As a consumer, GMO is most important with foods, since they represent more than 99% of what we put in our body and they are most likely to be made from the most common GMO crops (corn and soy). Moreover, most processed, packaged and fast foods, even those appearing healthy, can contain hidden GMO ingredients. Sadly, at the present time, there is no legal requirement that the maker of a food disclose if there are any GMO ingredients in their product, but hopefully that will change in the future.

Personally, do I eat GMO foods?  NO.  I avoid them and, given the absence of processed foods from my diet, it is relatively easy to do so.  Also, by choosing organic packaged foods, one can avoid GMO ingredients, since the very definition of organic precludes the use of GMO ingredients.

Why do I view GMO foods so negatively?  This is a longer and more complex discussion, but briefly, I do this for not just my health, but the health of our planet and the future of our food supply.  Most folks might think that I avoid GMO because of what those genetic modifications might do inside my body, but that is the lesser concern.  My real issue is more straightforward, since most GMO crops give rise to an even greater abuse of toxic herbicides.  I eat organic, not just to avoid my exposure to toxic herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals, but to reduce the billions of pounds of poisonous chemicals used each year. That’s each year! We are literally drowning in these poisons and since most GMO crops are designed to be herbicide resistant, farmers use even more of these toxic chemicals.  In other words, GMO crops increase your exposure to herbicides and other chemicals while also accelerating the poisoning of our planet (and us). Finally, the DNA from the GMO crops can contaminate the non-GMO gene pool, thereby irrevocably modifying normal, non-GMO crops and transforming natural plant genetics.  Again, this is a complex issue and I just wanted to touch on some of the most common considerations.

How can you tell if your food contains GMO ingredients?  Sadly, it is not easy, since agribusiness, food makers and even grocers have opposed informing consumers.  In other words, the major players in the food industry oppose food labeling that informs you of the presence of GMO ingredients that you and your family consume.   Unfortunately, as I have said before, agribusiness works hard to keep us ignorant, overweight and unhealthy.  In this case, ignorance is not bliss and we cannot make healthy decisions unless we are informed, but powerful economic interests have been lobbying against more informative labeling. Clearly, the major food companies know that if consumers had a choice, they would choose to avoid GMO ingredients, which I suppose is why they prefer to keep us ignorant.

Again, this is not meant to be an exhaustive discussion of GMO, but some brief responses to frequent questions about this very important topic.  Our health, and that of our children and this planet, depends on our being permitted to be informed consumers.  Currently, we are condemned to remain ignorant because powerful economic influences prefer we remain ill-informed and without a choice.  As I always say, the more you know, the healthier you can be but in this case, they do not want us to know.  Again, please understand that we have only scratched the surface here, so this discussion will continue.

Now, let’s talk briefly about our eyes and how diet, lifestyle and supplementation directly impacts vision and eye health:

When I was writing about Omega-3s last week, I was fascinated at how much the conversation has changed over the last 3+ decades.  The science and research back in the 1980s focused on heart health and today, it has evolved into a discussion of their essential role in so many body systems, but particularly for a healthy brain and eyes where Omega-3s are a primary structural molecule.  Interestingly, as much as the science and discussion on Omega-3s have changed over the past 3 decades, it has changed even more dramatically when it comes to our Ultimate Eye formula. In fact, if we look back at our first vision formula more than 30 years ago, today’s key ingredients were absent – Lutein and Zeaxanthin.  About a decade later, some 20 years ago, we were among the first to include Lutein and Zeaxanthin in our products.  Not that long ago, a typical store-bought eye formula was nothing more than vitamins A, C and E and generally in their improper chemical forms.  Although these have now become secondary ingredients in an eye formula, we have always delivered them in their proper forms; ie, natural carotenoid vitamin A (no preformed vitamin A), non-acidic vitamin C and gamma tocopherol vitamin E.  If you only consider those basic ingredients, there is no other eye formula that delivers them in their proper and most beneficial forms.  But that is only the start of our Ultimate Eye formula.

If we look at the science for a vision formula three decades ago, you would learn about antioxidants helping to protect fragile eye tissues from light-induced oxidative damage. That is still a vital benefit today, but only the beginning of what an exceptional eye formula can deliver. Even decades ago, we included Bilberry Extract, because of the traditional research regarding its role in night vision.  In fact, British Royal Air Force pilots used Bilberry jam during WWII for its night vision benefits.  Science has since informed us that the anthocyanins that provide Bilberry’s deep purple color, promote the regeneration of the visual purple portion of the human retina, and thus its role in night vision. Since that time, we have also added several other ingredients to our Ultimate Eye, most importantly, Lutein and Zeaxanthin.  The science regarding the benefits of these two ingredients only continues to expand rapidly.  The simple fact that the highest concentrations of Lutein and Zeaxanthin in the human body are present in the retina and macula of the eye would be compelling without even considering their role in healthy vision. When we first included Lutein a couple of decades ago, and Zeaxanthin a few years thereafter, we focused on their long-term benefits protecting fragile eye tissues, since they act as an optical filter against damaging high energy light. That was an exciting opportunity, but the news is even better today, since we have now learned that Lutein and Zeaxanthin are not just protecting our eyes, but part of the actual visual system of our eyes.

Our vision begins to changes even in childhood and the optical pigments Lutein and Zeaxanthin can improve our visual accommodation (the ability to change focus from near to far), our tolerance to glare and bright light, as well as our ability to adjust from dark to light (and light to dark). Lutein and Zeaxanthin enhance the quality of our vision and our ability to adapt to these age-related changes in both the short-and long-term. As clear as the latest science speaks about these ingredients, the reviews speak even more clearly with over 1,200 5-Star Reviews and a 4.6 Star Average. These reviews are the ultimate proof for our Ultimate Eye. Like all our products, we have continued to improve it over the years and tomorrow’s once-per-year Today’s Special will be at our best pricing. Also, one should always remember that as essential as our Ultimate Eye is for your eyes, the healthiest lifetime vision requires a healthy diet and lifestyle, which means no smoking, always wearing sun protection, eating a diet rich in green leafy vegetables, colorful fruits and frequent cold water fish. Of course, one should always be sure to go to the doctor to have the health of our eyes and vision checked regularly.

It all starts tomorrow, Saturday with a brief sneak peek at the Today’s Special at 8 PM Eastern Time followed by a one hour variety show at 11PM Eastern Time and the Today’s Special at midnight on Sunday.  We will then be back at noon and 8 PM Eastern Time on Sunday.  Also, we will have a special bundle with the Today’s Special that includes Astaxanthin – the perfect addition for those of us spending too much time in front of our computers, smart phones and other devices.

See you tomorrow.

Best of health


29 thoughts on “
The Evolution of our
Ultimate Eye Support.
About GMO
(Genetically Modified Organisms)

  1. I would like to ask if you could please cover cataracts in your teachings on air @ HSN?

    also, does your eye product any benefits, if any towards already developing cataracts? it seems most people I’ve known approaching their 50s and 60s are having surgery, very shortly after “beginning to develop cataracts”.
    thank you.

    1. I too (like that post from S.Ryan) would like to know if Ultimate Eye could possibly have any benefits when it comes to preventing — or at least delaying — the formation of cataracts ?

    2. I am 76 this past March. Have been utilizing Andrew less man s Procrustean for the pads 20 years. So far I hav not needed to have cataracts removed and may not add I am also diabetic.
      I take no other products but pro caps. Love them. Trust them. And recommend them to all the people I know

  2. Hi Andrew,
    This is a fantastic product!
    My eyes were very dry and I had to constantly use artificial tears. My optometrist was very concern about it, so he prescribed me a medication for it. I decided to go with a more healthy approach: using your supplements, Ultimate Eye Support and Astaxanthin. As I continued taking them regularly, I no longer experience dryness in my eyes and I no longer feel my eyes ‘tired’ so to speak, after spending hours reading through a computer or any electronic device. Yes, my health overall has improved dramatically due to your wonderful other supplements I also take along with a healthy diet and exercise. I can’t wait to order Today’s Special!!! This investment is worth every single penny. Please keep up with your fantastic work!

    1. Dry eyes!! My problem and I am allergic to Restasis so maybe this is my answer.
      I do have it but not real good at taking it every day. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Good Morning Andre! I had been told I was slowly losing my eye sight with Maccular Degeneration in both eyes, Aeriatus in the left eye and a blood clot under the pupil of the right eye. After continuing the use of your Ultimate Eye Support and receiving monthly injections in the pupil of my right eye and doctoring with a retina specialist…….I received “good news” from my last visit with the retina specialist…I only need to return on a yearly basis. The specialist asked my “secret” for such great progress and I finally mentioned your Ultimate Eye Support along with the treatments I received. Thanks again, Andrew!

  4. Please add this addition to my comment above…..I no longer need glasses and I am able to thread a needle when sewing by hand and also threading my sewing machine needle……this helps me in making prayer blankets for our Church Ministry. Thanks again Andrew!

    1. I was diagnosed about 3 1/2 years ago with AMD….I am now 83 years old.
      The specialist told me to use an over the counter eye supplement. I took it for about a few months when I noticed it contained high levels of Vitamin A. I have severe osteoporosis and according to an article in the Mayo Clinic newsletter one should not take high levels of Vit. A if you have osteoporosis. I ordered Eye Support from Andrew Lessman and sent the ingredients plus the Mayo article to my opthamalogist. He agreed it was a good product and to switch to that instead.
      Three years later my eyes have not deteriorated one bit and I have not needed to even get new glasses. To say I am thrilled is an understatement.

  5. Andrew,i am a little confused recently I have been keeping up with the latest info about eye care,and it seems that the 10mg of Lutein is not enough to help seniors 60+.It is now recommended 40mg of Lutein.can you tell me your take on this new change?

  6. Good morning,
    Do you have any products to help with eyes that constantly tear? My friend has this condition and even after surgery and implants they still water tremendously.
    Love your Omegas.

  7. Thank you for all that you information that you always Pro vied. I will be ordering more.
    Thank you for addressing GMO’s I am totally in agreement with you and also the value of eating organically.

  8. Dear Andrew Lessman…..I have been reading about Omega 7.
    I called Pro Caps and you do not produce it. It is made by
    Life Extension under the name of Provinal. What are your
    thoughts on this supplement?

  9. Hi Andrew, I just ordered, last time you were on HSN, a new bottle of Lutein for my eyes, I am legally blind in my right eye. Is your new today’s special something I would take along with my Lutein? thank you (I get injections of Advastin in my eye to stop further blindness)

  10. Andrew:
    I can tell you for certain that your Ultimate Eye product has made a world of difference for me. I take it 2X a day. I also take the Astaxanthin once a day. These are truly wonderful products that DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I have received an Infusion of Reclast (chemo drug), which can cause blurred vision or pain; during this time I have been taking your products, and the results are unbelievable and great for a person who has any form of Cataracts. Persistence pays off. No where on the market or major pharma is there a product that compares to yours!!! Thanks so much.
    Theresa A. Damiani

  11. Last year you had the bundle of Ultimate Eye with the Astaxanthin, and I tried both for the first time. I love them, and can tell a difference in my night driving. Why aren’t you bundling them this year?
    Also, last year, in the first quarter, you had a TS of Womens Health. Will you be doing one this year, as I am almost out!!!

  12. This product works. I recommend it to all!! My husband and I both use this product. Vision has improved with both of us.

  13. I would like to know what products you have that would be recommended for use for my osteoarthritis?

  14. I ordered the Ultimate Eye Support during the recent daily special on HSN. Looking forward to using that product. I use several other ProCaps products.

    Is there anything I can do for red eyes? My eyes are not necessarily dry but most days when I wake up they are not “bright” and run from pink to red. It does not seem to make a different in my sleep patterns either. I hear you said on the HSN special that eye drops for getting the red out are not good! Thanks.

  15. Regarding GMOs. Are you saying that all your other products except those listed in the article are GMO free? Thank you

  16. Thank you Andrew for your much appreciated products! On the GMO issue, I raise chickens for their organic eggs. They scratch around outside for food, and I supplement them non-soy organic feed once per day. It’s SO EXPENSIVE!!! But alas, I can offer that beautiful box of eggs to my family, friends, and food banks with 100% good feelings and confidence. If we were neighbors you’d get my eggs for free! I’d have to charge $8 per dozen to break even for their feed, so I just give them away.

    I drive through farmland daily. One day, the fields are all green. The next day, those same fields are all brown. Two weeks later, all green. Sometimes, I see a cloud of white gaseous substance spewing from machinery on the fields, drifting with the wind across the road. You know what it is: herbicides followed by pesticides and more herbicides, throughout the growing process. I close my car vents and hold my breath, but the people on the nearby freeway are getting a full dose and don’t even know it. The coating on the seeds used in that field contain a poison that kills bees, as it becomes part of every part of every plant. Every cell, all the pollen, everything.

    The herbicide manufacturer (the big “M”) told us their product dissipated in 24 hours. Now we know it remains in the environment, in the soil, chelating minerals so they can’t be absorbed by the plants. In our water, our bodies, everywhere.

    I can go on and on but it’s your blog, not mine, and you are the educated one, not me! I do trust your organic soy, and also appreciate that, BTW. Thanks again, we use your products daily.

  17. Hello my dear Andrew I am diagnosed with macular degeneration is this vitamin going to help a little bit I take eye support and lots of your vitamins I am on auto ship

  18. Thanks for your conscious effort to make the best possible products for each of us and the planet ProCapsLabs! My question is about the gelatin capsules used with your supplements as I’ve recently learned that such nasties as sodium lauryl sulphate are used in the making of gal caps. Please put our minds to rest and reassure us that no such ingredients are ever used in the making of the capsules you put our exceedingly healthy supplements into and thanks kindly!

    Douglas Caswell

  19. Hi Andrew my wife & I been taking your vitamins for over 15 years I was wondering is it ok 2 take them al at once I do my wife takes them one at a time
    Please let me know Thank you John & Sonia Union City NJ

  20. I look forward to many more NON-GMO conversion products from you in the near future.

    HOWEVER, is “Positive Passage” (also supplies an ultra-high potency, standardized extract of Soy) one of your NON-GMO products? I’ll stop taking it today until I hear from you on this.


  21. My Hubby is a stroke survivor. May 12, 2012, our lives changed forever. We were a very active couple of 42 years when it happened. Hiking in the mountains, fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, going out and playing music. Greg was a picture of health, and he just had a complete physical work up two weeks prior to the stroke (10O%), clean bill if health. It was so severe, his nuro Dr. wanted to put him in the nursing home with no therapy. Long story short, the Dr had no idea our fight, and faith level. Greg had therapy, and amazed everyone. After battling horrible seizures, with a strict diet change, and the addition of Andrews vitiams, we have been seizure free for a long time. His mind is clearer, and we are still going out playing music. Avoiding processed foods, trying to consume as much organic as we can find, and consuming wild game, is paying off, along with Andrews supplements. Thank you Andrew, for having the courage, and using your God given wisdom to formulate healthy supplements that are helping to make the quality of our lives so much better. Keep it up young man‼️❤️

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