Notes on the Coenzyme Q-10 with TruQ10 150 mg Today’s Special.

Perhaps the request I hear most often is for a healthy source of energy and a natural means to combat fatigue, which is likely why CoQ10 is our most popular product.  Accordingly, there is no other product that could possibly be more important and more appropriate as my Anniversary Today’s Special than Coenzyme Q10 and this year is truly the best ever.  When I introduced CoQ10 originally in America almost 25 years ago, it became an instant favorite and it has remained consistently our most popular product ever since then.  And amazingly enough, after 25 years, today’s CoQ10 formula represents my highest potency ever at HSN and also by far the best value in more than 25 years.  I originally introduced CoQ10 at HSN more than a decade ago and, it’s hard to believe but the price of 30 mg was higher back then than 150 mg costs today!  Each year I have endeavored to increase the potency while preserving and, if possible, even improving the value.  Most importantly, unlike other companies, I have never changed the quality of my CoQ10 and I have never used anything but the world’s finest and most natural CoQ10.  So while other companies have been willing to compromise quality with synthetic CoQ10 and then with CoQ10 from other lower quality sources and countries, I have always remained loyal to the world’s finest CoQ10, which is the world’s only CoQ10 made right here in the USA.  In fact, the value presented here today is only a result of the support of Kaneka, the maker of the world’s finest and most reliably tested CoQ10.  So while most companies today have abandoned the world’s finest CoQ10 for cheaper CoQ10, I have steadfastly refused to compromise quality.  For over a decade you have watched our unique Today’s Special CoQ10 offering go gradually from 30 mg to 60 mg to 100 mg and eventually today to 150 mg.  Best of all, you have only seen cost reductions and we have also introduced the additional benefits of our exclusive protected TruQ10 beadlets making this without question a one-of-a-kind CoQ10 formula.  Plus, each capsule also provides the full complement of B-Complex vitamins, including the equivalent of a separate Vitamin B12 formula in each capsule. Of course, we exclusively use our special Vitamin B12 that is protected from damage in the GI tract. That damage is what prevents all ordinary Vitamin B12 from delivering any benefits.  The B12 and B-complex are an essential component of this formula, since even the finest CoQ10, delivering the most exceptional benefits for energy production, requires the presence of all essential components of energy production.  Additionally, each capsule provides 250 mg of our non-acidic Vitamin C, making each capsule the equivalent of a mini-multivitamin.  It is hard to believe that a 360 capsule bottle of the Today’s Special provides more CoQ10 benefits than more than 2,000 capsules of the original 30 mg formula and at an even lower price per capsule than when it was introduced both 25 years ago and on TV at HSN more than a decade ago.  The incredible benefits of CoQ10 are firmly established by the science, but I am also very proud of the fact that I introduced CoQ10 as an ingredient long before anyone else and I introduced it simply based upon the abundant science, before it became fashionable.  Moreover, we have only offered the highest quality CoQ10 without compromise for more than a quarter century and we have only continued to improve its value.  If there is only one investment you make in your good health and your ability to produce energy, then there is none better than this Today’s Special.

Cholesterol Lowering (Statin) Drugs and Osteoporosis (Bisphosphonate) Drugs.

As a special note, if you have health issues relating to your liver or engage in certain activities that affect your liver (consistent consumption of alcohol or medications), then these are things that can obviously also affect your body’s ability to produce CoQ10, since your body’s “factory” for CoQ10 is the liver.  Also, if you are taking medications such as cholesterol lowering Statin drugs or bone-building drugs to support the skeleton due to osteoporosis or osteopenia called Bisphosphonates, then these drugs directly affect your body’s ability to produce CoQ10 and you should have a serious discussion with your doctor about your need for a CoQ10 supplement.

Have a healthy day!  Andrew

10 thoughts on “Notes on the Coenzyme Q-10 with TruQ10 150 mg Today’s Special.”

  1. Hi Andrew,
    I would just like to tell you that I enjoyed watching you all weekend on HSN. When I wasn’t able to watch, I recorded the shows on our dvr. I find you extremly interesting and so very informative. I am 48 yrs. young and believe it or not, this is the first time that I have ordered from you. I have not been able to take vitamins because I have such a sensitve stomach. Thank God, I am very healthy and hope to stay that way. I am looking so forward to start taking my new vitamins. I purchased the TS on Friday – the 4pk bundle along with your Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails, and also the Urgent Energy. Today I purchased the TS as well. I went with the largest size so my husband and I can both take it. I’m not really sure if I’ll need the Urgent Energy since I’ll be taking the CoQ10 – time will tell. I also informed my mom about the shows. She ordered Sunday’s TS as well as other vitamins. I have the utmost faith and confidence in your products and am so thrilled to get started with your vitamins. Thank you for all of your dedicated, hard work Andrew. God bless and peace:)

  2. Your quality and integrity are unsurpassed. Can you please address an issue that continues to intrigue me? There is a company that offers 100mg of Kaneka "QH" Ubiquinol in a softgel capsule @ $21.89 for a bottle of 60. Isn’t ubiquinol the same as your truq10 and the preferred source of coq10? If so, how can they sell it at such a low price and what exactly makes your product superior?

  3. Andrew, I truly believe the second today’s special is: Co-enzyme Q10. As soon it was presented I called immediately to order 500 plus capsules. Certainly with my multi-vitamins working hand with hand with other essential vitamins plus co-enzyme Q-10 150 mg. are divine blessing of health. Co-enzyme has wonderful health benefits it is superbly excellent vitamins. Learning the value of pure, natural, essential vitamins to our health is spiritually inspiration. Andrew, is well-rounded health educator. Happy Anniversary, I send card soon. Best of Health. Ilove taking my co-enzyme Q10 as my separate vitamins day by day………..

  4. I got this TS and love it.I want to thank you not only for the exceptional products you offer, but the education. That helps me, and others understand WHY we are taking them. If I can’t watch you live I will DVR you and watch it later. The information is as important as the highest quality product on the market. Thank you Andrew. I am all stocked up until next year.

  5. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this TSV. I’ve suffered from depression since my husband died about 15 years ago. (Can’t take antidepressants and have tried all except one of them.) I’m not saying this cures depression but it definitely raises my energy level to the point that my house is clean, there’s food in the fridge, I’m out of bed and smiling! Thank you.

  6. Scientific studies show that CoQ10 is three times more bioavailable when delivered in an oil-based softgel capsule.

  7. Love you, your company & your products, Andrew.
    Can I dare hope that one of the October 2010 Specials will be your CoQ 10?
    I’m running low and counting them hoping I have enough ’till October.
    Was never-ever able to take vitamins ’till I found YOU.
    God Bless and, of course, Best of Health!

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