2009 Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails Today’s Special – Best Value Ever.

I believe there has been some discussion about the recent Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails Today’s Special being not as good a value as in years past.  First of all, I want to assure you that it was the best value ever offered…by far.  Frankly, I am not sure if I will always be able to continue to improve the Today’s Special savings year after year after year, but I will always try and at worst, I will always offer exceptional savings with every single Today’s Special.  In this case, the value was indeed better than ever…much better.  The cost of production of last week’s Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails Today’s Special far exceeds that of any prior year as I will elaborate below.  Of course, even at its HSN price, Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails is an incredible value, since today’s formula is far more potent and far less expensive than it was a decade ago and to this day, there is still nowhere else you can find all these costly ingredients at such a great price with equivalent purity, potency and activity…along with its guaranteed benefits.

This year’s Today’s Special of our Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails contained an additional 250 mgs of our very costly Pomegranate 40:40 Extract.  Last year’s Today’s Special (2008) contained an additional 20 mgs of Resveratrol and 40 mgs of EGCG.  This year’s largest size Today’s Special was 600 capsules while last years was 700 capsules.  This year’s largest size cost $89.90 while last year’s was $10 more at $99.90.  A reduction from 700 capsules to 600 capsules is a 14% reduction and the price went down 10%, so we are talking about an effective price increase of just 4% and that 4% difference delivers an enormous increase in ingredients.  This year’s contained 250 mgs of Pomegranate 40:40 versus 20 mgs of Resveratrol and 40 mgs of EGCG last year.  In short, this year you received more than twelve times as much Pomegranate Extract as there was Resveratrol or six times as much Pomegranate Extract as there was EGCG.  Not surprisingly, 250 mgs of Pomegranate Extract costs many times more than 20 mgs of Resveratrol and 40 mgs of EGCG combined.  By the way, I reduced the largest size from 700 to 600 capsules to comply with many requests after the 2008 Today’s Special because I was told that 700 capsules was too large, lasted too long and it would be preferable to have a better value on a smaller size that would run out closer to the next Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails Today’s Special the following year.  So, I reduced it from 700 to 600 capsules and I added a full 250 mgs of our most popular new ingredient (Pomegranate) because one of its many benefits is skin protection.  I am sorry I could not add some of the ancillary ingredients from Pomegranate to this Today’s Special, such as the Bioflavonoids and Quercetin, but there was only enough room in the capsule for its key ingredient – Pomegranate 40:40 Extract…but at its full separate potency.

Summarizing, this year’s formula was more costly to produce than any prior Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails Today’s Special and when we reduced the number of capsules by 14% in the largest size, we also reduced the price by 10% and we then added 12 or 6 times more Pomegranate than either Resveratrol or EGCG.  By the way, 2007’s Today’s Special was also a 600 capsule largest size and it contained 100 mgs EGCG versus this year’s 250 mgs of much more costly Pomegranate 40:40 Extract.  It was priced at $99.90 or $10 more than this year’s for the same number of capsules.  If we go back to 2006, it contained 20 mgs of CoQ10, which is less than one-twelfth the quantity we delivered of Pomegranate this year and it also cost $10 more back in 2006.  Clearly, this year’s largest size was the best value ever, but the next to largest size was also its best ever value.  In 2006, 2007 and 2008, the next to largest size was 300 capsules and cost $59.90.  This year it was 400 capsules, but at only $10 more.  In other words, we added 100 capsules (33% more) for only $10 (16%) more.  Another best value ever!  In all respects, this July’s Today’s Special was a much better value than in any prior year and I am sorry if I did not adequately communicate that fact on-air.  I will try to be more clear with future Today’s Specials and of course, I always appreciate your input and feedback, since it allows me to clarify any issues such as this.

Thanks and best of health.  Andrew

35 thoughts on “2009 Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails Today’s Special – Best Value Ever.”

  1. Dear Andrew-
    It’s very nice of you to take the time to give a breakdown of the July Today’s Special on HSN and the breakdown for previous years…but I think that you should stop reading the HSN Forums. 🙂
    You have thousands of customers (probably tens of thousands) who believe in your integrity and in the value of your products. A handful over at HSN don’t know what they are talking about, quite frankly, and need to be ignored. I can appreciate the fact that you want to correct accusations and misinformation as it relates to you and your company – I would as well if I were in your position. But please know that the overwhelming majority of your customers believe in you and your integrity. Your passion is quite evident and it enables all of us to enjoy better health.
    Thanks for all you do!
    Best Wishes,

  2. I agree with the comment by Sherri and would like to add that most people have selective hearing and hear what they want to hear, not what is actually being said. Negative people always see the glass as half empty.
    I appreciate the great products and value that you continuously strive to deliver, Andrew, and hope that you will not let not let the complainers get you down.
    You are a class act!

  3. Hi Andrew, you are just so informative…Thank you!
    I think your TS was a great deal! I bought 2 of the large 600 caps supply. Make sure I(and hubby) have plenty on hand. 🙂
    We know you do your best on these todays specials…and it is MUCH APPRECIATED!!
    I look forward to your next one.

  4. Might I add….I think a women’s wellness and breast health combo would be a great Today’s Special…just my 2 cents. 🙂

  5. I think what got people thinking was when you said that the 600 caps was the biggest you had ever done. Whatever. Thanks for the clarification.

  6. I need help with "loose" weight-loss skin. I am 60 yrs old (f) I have been on WW and have lost 30#’s BUT I have been on a prescribed water pill due to manieres disease (ear). My skin is so VERY dry and I believe it has contributed to the "loose" image of my skin!! Hair is thining. I have a lot of hair but the folicles are extremely thin that patches "look" bald and yet the hair is there!
    Andrew, any suggestions!!! I feel so old and ugly

  7. Hi Andrew
    Just a short note to thank you for all you do for us. You have NO complaints from me. As for the Todays special in question– I still have one unopened last year special but saw what a value you had this time and HAD TO HAVE IT. I will take one capsule from each bottle daily and be ready for next year. No matter what it is it will be great because you made it!!!!
    Again THANKS

  8. This was my first purchase of HS&N and loved the fact that the 40:40 Pomagranate was included. No issues here.
    I must agree however that staying away from shopping channel message boards might be good advice in general maybe for many of us 🙂

  9. I love this product and no matter what extra bonus you put in the TSV Im happy to have it. I dont let myself get so low that if it was not for the TSV Id run out. I like having extra on hand so if its 700 count,600 whatever Im glad just to have it.

  10. Hi Andrew,
    As a literal-minded scientist, I’m of course forced to point out that knowing the true value depends on knowing the cost/weight of the different raw ingredients (which I’m sure is something you know, as both a scientist & a businessman).
    But, I really don’t know why I feel obligated to point that out, because I DON’T CARE, I love Healthy Hair, Skin, & Nails, and am always happy when it’s a Today’s Special. You could just offer the plain old version as a Today’s Special – it’s fun that you try to add something extra in every year, I enjoy trying to guess what it will be, etc.
    In addition to buying lots of the Today’s Special Healthy Hair, Skin, & Nails, I also bought lots of the glucosamine that was Friday’s Today’s Special, and have a whole cabinet shelf full of your products. So, please believe me, I have no problem with you or your company – I love having a source for vitamins that I believe has good quality control.
    Keep up the good work!
    P.S. I’ve been considering buying one of your multi-vitamin purple packs – any plans to switch the omega-3’s in the multi packs to the orange flavor? (Love the orange, but the mint doesn’t work for me.)

  11. Hi, Andrew
    I’d like to say that the Today’s Special products and pricings are amazing!I admire your honesty and integrity it is greatly appreciated. When you were on HSN you mentioned making a digestive pack that included Aloe-Vera, Digest Assure, and Friendly Flora. I would LOVE that, being some one with digestive issues. Please Andrew make them available in a packet.I take a lot of your vitamins and love them all. Thank you so much for making such high quality vitamins.
    Keep up the good work Andrew!!
    Thanks again, Brenda

  12. Andrew, thanks for the info and for the helpfulness of your website! Let me recast a question I asked earlier: When I am curious about what dosage of a supplement you currently consider ideal, I typically look at the label of your Founder’s Multis–even though I don’t use that formula. Is this a reasonable practice?
    For instance, a resveratrol supplement was recommended to me, and there were a few things about it I didn’t like, but it did contain 400 mg/tablet and one tab/day was the suggested dosage. I take your resveratrol 100 mg (1/day) and it looks to me that that is the same dosage in your founder’s formula. Is more better–or is 100 mg the preferred dose?
    I also have a question about assembling my own regimen a la carte. If I take one of your lower priced multi formulas, and add the resveratrol, Healthy Hair Skin & Nails, extra CoQ10, glucosamine, calcium, etc, as recommended, will the "bonus" vitamins you include in the a la carte items combine to undesirable levels?

  13. This is a little off topic (didn’t want to post in the CoQ10 post from months ago and risk it not being read), but when you offer Ubiquinol in a softgel, will you PLEASE offer the option on the Life Rx vitamins? I currently take the Elite, but might go down to the Complete or Essential and buy the Ubiquinol softgel seperately to save money over the current micro-beadlet form. It would be great if I can get the savings all at once and have them in the single Life Rx packets. Thank you!

  14. Andrew, this is slightly off topic for this post, but related to your comments about the QVC vitamins. I will look forward to your take on those and other commercially available vitamins, including those which will be available on ShopNBC by Suzanne Somers. She certainly approaches supplements and health promotion using a very different paradigm from yours, and I doubt if you’ll have too much overlap in your customer base, but I am still extremely interested in your opinion.

  15. Andrew, sorry to be a pest on this comment thread with three entries, but while I am thinking of it, I wanted to comment about supplements as part of a good headache plan for migraine control. I mentioned this on the comments for the video you have posted, but it may be lost there, so I wanted to remind you that neurologists specializing in migraine treatment support taking additional calcium, magnesium, and coenzyme Q10 together with a generally healthy lifestyle, including exercise and drinking lots of water. Avoiding triggers (which you mentioned on the video) can be helpful–even though isolating them can be difficult, but it isn’t emphasized these days as much as a full headache plan–sometimes including prescribed meds.

  16. Dear Andrew:
    Thank you so much for the break down of the HSN TS. I got all the ones you mentioned,and I was one of the people who called HSN that day during the presentation,as the information was not being accurately portrayed. Your blog clears it all up for me. I told the Supervisor I spoke to at HSN that I think you are a man of integrity that truly believes in your products, an honest man that I admire. I told him I was dissapointed in the way the presntations were handled with misinformation. Normally I listen to you to pick your brain for all the information I can on Nutritonal Supplementation, as I think it fascinates me almost as it does you. It is my part-time hobby. ;~)
    Thank you for all the fine products you make, and all I have learned from listening to you, and in turn I do my own research. I did get your HSN TS this July, the 600 count and love it the most of the ones I have tried so far. Keep up the great work. I plan to use your supplements for life. Nothing else on the market even comes close.
    Have a Great Day! :~)

  17. Andrew,
    First, I want to thank you for all that you do for all of us. I appreciate the education you provide us each time you are at HSN. I always learn something new. I take many of your products, too many to name, however, I missed you in July because my daughter was getting married in FL and needless to say, I was very busy. I have ordered direct from your website but was wondering when you will be back at HSN. I’m running low on several things. I usually stretch my purchases out so I can keep everything stocked. I don’t think I could make it through the day without your supplements.
    Again, you are much appreciated for the years of hard work and research that provides such quality products for all who take them.
    Kindest Regards!

  18. Sir, your products speak for themselves. As you WELL know, there will always be those who want to challenge and question the best.
    Thanks to your operation, I’ve been able to provide my 81-year old mom with your products that have made a big difference to her and my observations of life.
    Yes, there will always be those who question value, as they should. Their obligation is to question it with knowledge, not speculation.
    OK, nay-sayers, now’s your chance. Some of you will say it’s all-in-your-mind. You might be right. But I learned long ago, what if…
    What I experience today is belief in Andrew’s message and his products.
    For those of us who are believers in your products, Andrew, I ask, don’t give up on believers!
    For those non-believers, let the teacher teach. As the brilliant Wayne Dyer says, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear"!
    Millions of thanks to Lessman and Dyer for their knowledge and wisdom!

  19. Andrew,
    Don’t worry so much about what "they" say. You offer really good products at reasonable prices. "They" can go try and find something similar somewhere else. The rest of us (and there are plenty of us) will be right here.

  20. Andrew, I stopped reading the HSN boards where you are concerned because I was tired of the negative comments. I too was raised with the old adage, "If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it." You provide us with the best vitamins in the world & your TS’s are something I look forward to 4 times a year now. I remember when you were on HSN every month. I loved it. Then people started complaining you were on too much. Then it was every other month and it was the same thing. Not long ago I read someone complaining that you were on too much again. I said that’s it, I don’t think you are on enough and these people are making these comments. I’m not reading this negativity any longer. I look forward to every HSN visit & I watch your shows constantly. You are a man of integrity & I don’t have to worry that there are any harmful ingredients in your products. I trust your word & vitamins implicitly. So many times you have talked about a product, i.e. vitamin d, gamma e, omega 3, etc., only to have everyone & their doctor talking about it a few months later. You are ahead of all the important vitamins trends, and many times I think other companies are watching you, then imitating your vitamins. Not the excellence mind you, just a cheaper version. As for me, there’s only one name when it comes to buying vitamins and it is yours!

  21. Andrew Can the Hair Nails & Skin be given to a pet? I feel it can but will not use it until I have your input. I am awaiting your pet products. Keep up the good work.

  22. I have fibromyalia. Can you please put together a supplement that will help with memory, energy and pain. I take your supplements and find that I feel better with your supplements than the ones you can buy at the retailers. I understand that fibromyalia body’s have a hard time absorbing nutrition. What do you think about a spray?
    Thank you for all you have done to improve people’s lives.

  23. Andrew, I tuly love my Skin, Hair, Nail procaps vitamins. It is very bless, excellent nutritional beauty vitamins inside and outside of healthy human personality. It’s wealth of natural ingredients and Andrew incorporated the power of promegranate ingredients standardized and extracted to our Skin, Hair and Nail vitamins. Andrew, can you include all the essential mental vitamins ingredients too… Smile……..

  24. Andrew I have been hooked on your products since I ordered my first one for my pets the glucosamine and chondrotin (which you now say the human one can be used on dogs) from there i ordered products for myself and take a number of your products. I credit them with my looking more than a good decade younger than my years and keeping my body in optimum working order and i believe we are similar in age…thanks for making such wonderful products and telling us all about them i would NEVER buy a supplement from anyone but you

  25. I have been taking Hair, Skin and Nails for a long time. I have recently noticed quite a difference in the color of the capsule (much lighter than before). Has the ingredients been changed or something different been added?

  26. Hi Andrew. I have been using your Hair, Skin & Nails product since 2003 and I would buy it even if you did not include the extra benefits you have included every year as a Today’s special on HSN. That proves the quality of your product is impeccable and that is why you have faithful users of HS&N. With that said, I would like to say I do appreicate you giving your customers extra added supplements to your product. It is nice to know that you are thinking of others and share how those extra ingredents can have added benefits to their overall health!!

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