Are We Really Discussing My Political Affiliation?!

Frankly, I am astounded that someone would actually consider my political views, which are so mainstream anyhow, as being relevant to the decision to buy my vitamins.  How can my political beliefs be even the slightest bit relevant?  Anyhow, it is not as if my beliefs are extreme, but it seems there are some folks who love our constitutional rights only when those who exercise them look like us, think like us, act like us, talk like us, worship like us and believe like us.  I am sorry, but that was not what our Founding Fathers had in mind and the strength and beauty of our great country is the freedom that permits our incredible diversity of thought, opinion, belief, etc.

Anyhow, not that my political views are relevant, but just to clear the air; I had been a life-long Republican, until I had the “pleasure” of meeting our former President George W. Bush at a Republican fundraiser.  Thereafter, I felt that the Republican Party had become too “political” and it no longer had the best interests of this great country at heart and I chose to change my party affiliation.  It was a difficult decision, but I love my country more than any party affiliation and anyhow, I have always voted for candidates and their positions and never just for parties.  In any event, it was as a direct result of the policies of our then President Bush that I chose to change my party affiliation and I became an Independent.  In short, I am neither Republican nor Democrat, but I find my positions in both or either camp depending on the issue and the candidate.

As far as my support of Senator Harry Reid, I have known Senator Reid for more than a decade and he was instrumental in facilitating the support of my large solar energy project in Nevada when Republicans would not listen and our former president thought it was “interesting, but not practical.”  Interestingly enough, when I met Harry Reid I was a Republican and we still became friends nonetheless.  Recently, I was glad to provide him some support in his reelection efforts, since he was one of the few who supported my efforts to install solar power, which was not an easy process.  He was one of the only individuals who felt my decision to rely on solar energy was “visionary” and not just “eccentric” or “interesting.”  He agreed with me that we must end our dependence on foreign oil from countries who hate us and he wholeheartedly supported my decision to install our first solar panels and eventually our enormous solar array.  He received some support from me in his campaign, since without him, the solar panels we all think are so wonderful might not have come to pass.  For once, I think that constitutes some admirable work by a politician.

In the end, my political positions are what I would call fiscally conservative, but more moderate on the rights of individuals, since government is at its best when it does not invade the private, personal world of our families and when it just leaves us alone to build businesses, create jobs, raise our families and happily and peacefully pursue our lives.  I hope this will be the last time my political views are relevant to the decision to buy my vitamins.  Interestingly enough, if we look at this from the other perspective, I would never think to deprive someone of my products because they did not agree with me on some political topic.  I think that you would agree that no matter what someone’s personal beliefs might be, they should have the right to buy the best vitamins in the world.  By the way, imagine if the only medical specialist who could save your life refused to treat you because of your political views…or even better, would you refuse to be treated and have your life saved because of their political views?  Just food for thought.

Thanks for listening and we should all give thanks that we live in this great land that allows us so many wonderful freedoms.

Best of health.

48 thoughts on “Are We Really Discussing My Political Affiliation?!”

  1. Once in a while I notice you seem somewhat political when you speak on HSN, getting off foreign oil, but that has not bothered me. Your point of view is received and with the amount of research you do, I have never been offended. In fact, I have been enlighted. With respect to politics and purchasing you vitamins – hands down, you manufacture the best and I see no reason to discontinue purchasing from your company.

  2. Your political beliefs are yours and you have a right to them. We have freedoms in this country and you have every right to exercise them. Do not be bothered by comments made by some on the forums. They in no way represent the majority of your customers. I for one appreciate your integrity and knowledge. Love your vitmains and will continue to purchase them.

  3. Bravo Andrew! As I wrote in a post, I won’t sacrifice my health over someone’s political views. I don’t care! I take many of your vitamins and feel great. That’s what’s important to me… how I feel! 🙂

  4. Andrew, why are you even responding to this political garbage? It will not sell anymore product, and you are just validating American Patriots narrowmindedness and ignorance. You do not have to explain your personal political views to anyone. This is America, you are free to say whatever you want to say and believe whatever you want to believe. I can not believe you are wasting your valuable time with this stuff. How ridiculous that individual would even post what she posted.

  5. Andrew, it is a shame that we have come to this in our wonderful country. I was shocked to see that anyone would post anything dealing with political affliation on a vitamin supplement website!! Thank you for the wonderful products you make..they have truly changed my life for the better. I learn so much every time I watch you and I very much enjoy what I learn on this website. I love the internet for the wide variety of things I can purchase and to learn about..but hate the fact that there are so many inappropriate postings by so many socially inappropriate people.

  6. Dear Andrew-
    Speaking as a "lifelong Republican", I seriously have no issue with your decision to switch parties…nor would the subject of your political views ever even cross my mind. I think most people feel that way – they don’t care about your political views…they care about the quality of your products and your integrity.
    I read several of those posts on HSN’s forum and didn’t even finish the thread…it was so ridiculous. You don’t owe your customers an explanation when it comes to anything in your personal life because it doesn’t affect them. Quite frankly, it’s no one’s business.
    Thank you for the wonderful service that you provide to all of us….and please don’t take some of the idiotic opinions of others personally (or think that they reflect the majority of us). Republican, Democrat, or Independent…you are a wonderful teacher and have undoubtedly helped countless people with the quality products that you manufacture.

  7. Andrew,
    Don’t waste your time speaking to the ignorant. It never ceases to amaze me that those who wrap themselves in the flag and the Bible have the most hate in their hearts.

  8. Andrew,
    When are you going to blog on Healthy Code offered by QVC. Would like your thoughts on not only the vitamins but the new energy boost drink and chews. Thank you.

  9. Andrew, I think it was just a trouble maker 3 time poster over there.
    Andrew, I think the tread starter was try to spark trouble. First and only post was on that hread.
    I posted twice on the HSN board to the "American Patriot"
    Post 1 –
    As an American Patriot do you not respect that the people have spoken? Whether it was your choice or not, the people have spoken. That is the way a democracy works! And aren’t you proud of that?
    BTW…. Andrew’s products are the best on the market.
    Post 2
    I am not a Democrat,however I do respect the earth, our environment and life.
    I do not have much respect for people who think that the party they support(be it Republican or Democratic) are the only ones that are "good" Americans.
    As for my views on politics , I am a little left of the right and a little more right of the left.
    I am concerned about individual liberties, depending on foreign oil, unemployment,the environment,
    North Korea and Iran , health care, building a car in the USA that is competitive with foreign cars.
    It is wrong IMO to think all Democrats or all Republicans are right or that all Democrats are wrong or all Republicans are wrong.
    Many Republicans lost their offices this past election . Many were much more qualified than the elected
    The thing about SOME in the Republican party that rakes my nerves -the "moral pious" as if only they are "good moral people"
    The thing about SOME in the Democrat party that rakes my nerves – some think they are the only ones concerned about the underprivileged, health care for everybody, and the environment.
    That said, Andrew is to be commended for producing (in an earth friendly way) and selling a great product made in the USA.

  10. Andrew, The manner you express your political views is wise, ethical, courteous, politically friendly,thougtful and caring citizen and the true passion for the love of healthy natures procapsvitamins solar environement. Andrew’s,bless-work of manufacturing procaps vitamins in USA is divinely- bless with healthy-good citizens to live with divine blessings of wholestic health, educational wisdom, unity, democracy, brotherhood,peace and order, justice, truth and love of God…….

  11. Andrew,
    Thank you for your response, however you should not concern yourself with a troublemaker on the forums. Some people are just not happy unless they are stirring the pot. Troublemakers come and go. Your Vitamins are here to stay!!!

  12. Your political are yours and your right. You didn’t even have to respond to this poster that had the never to put this on the boards. Some people have nothing better to do.

  13. I would like to hear what you think of the Herbalife product line. Have you ever reviewed it before?

  14. Andrew,it does not matter if you are republican,democrat or independent. You make the best vitamins, so therefore we will always buy them….. 🙂

  15. Andrew,
    You’re right!! I really don’t care what your political views are!
    What I do care about is Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. And part of that pursuit is feeling good and feeling healthy and knowing that you are living the best that you can.
    Enter Andrew Lessman, someone who isn’t a snake oil salesman but a man with a deep desire to help his fellow man and woman buy not just making the best possible supplement product out there, but also educating us about the products and helping us to understand what they will do for us thus helping us all in our daily pursuit of Happiness!! Thanks Andrew!!!

  16. You know, the beautiful thing about living here is the opportunity we have to pursue anything we want or dream about…as long as we don’t hurt anyone else. This includes the opportunity to do what we can to enjoy good health and to choose how to attain that health. I am glad that I have the blessing of making that choice…and I am thankful to Andrew Lessman’s vision and hard work to make my choice available in such a wonderful way. I hope that I will continue to have that choice…I don’t play politics. 🙂
    “In a free and republican government, you cannot restrain the voice of the multitude; every man will speak as he thinks, or more properly without thinking.” George Washington

  17. I’m sorry you felt it necessary to justify yourself regarding your political affiliations based on a nut on the HSN boards who started up a thread entitled "Not Buying Andrew Lessman Products Anymore".
    Do we even know if the poster ever bought your products before or if was simply a touble maker with 3 posts trying to start up a political thread and had his/her own agenda perhaps having nothing at all to do with you.
    Personally I would never voted for either Bush for exactly what you’re saying…i’m against what they stand for. Many of us less fortunate than you are paying for "the gold ole boy club" dearly.
    I would have thought due to your obvious distate for where we get our fuel sources and your state of the art solar paneled facility that you were perhaps more of a democrat or at the very least were strongly against what GWB stood for. Anyway, does it matter to me when it comes to buying your supplements? No, not at all. I’m not a fan of discussing politics or religion frankly anyway.
    I happened by the HSN forums and saw this topic was still going and saw that you had posted a blog about it. Had to see it with my own eyes. Not at all necessary IMHO, but if you felt clarification was needed, well then certainly thats your business.
    I for one think you gave this person a bit too much attention and would rather hear your thoughts on wellness than politics, but thats me. Having said that, i’d still like to know your thoughts/comparisons on the NC subject.
    BTW, i’m loving the Healthy Hair Skin & Nails (first time trying this product) and courtesy of your CS rep, I did get the Calcium product from your last visit at HSN. I’m always amazed that no matter what I take of yours, there is no side effects or stomach upset. I must give kudos to your incredible CS reps, and a shout out to ext. 3292. Hi 🙂 Seriously, however i’m running out of room here Andrew and I didn’t get the big sizes of everything I wanted last visit. My goal of stopping my prescription medications is quite possibly there. How about that?

  18. Politics are silly. Vitamins are good. :o)
    Seriously, unless you have some sort of crazy extremist views (which it doesn’t seem like you do), I don’t think you are under any obligation to clarify your political beliefs.
    Best wishes,

  19. Andrew,
    Thanks for speaking your mind. However the internet is full of trolls. That is not my definition. There have been many articles as of late referring to trolls. Here is one from the New York Times.
    Trolls are showing up all over the web. People with way too much time on their hands. People that basically write comments all over the web just to start something. In this case Andrews political affiliation. I am quite sure the person is a troll. You can tell just by the comments above. Nobody in their right mind would base purchasing vitamins on someone’s political affiliation, and those that do are clearly misguided.

  20. Dear Andrew:
    Bravo! You must have been reading the HSN forums!;~)
    I defended your rights, as an American Citizen to your own points of view. We all have them.
    I was offended by the poster that said those things about you and came to your defense. It seems you can handle it all on your own.
    You made me smile! :~)
    Have A Great Day!

  21. I just stopped by to try to find a place to thank you for your book contributions of Ayn Rand’s works to the schools. My son is reading a copy of "The Fountainhead" that you donated while he is at camp this summer. It’s wonderful that you are so thoughtful and generous.

  22. Hey Andrew,
    It is sad whether troll or not that you have to voice your political view. On the other hand I really enjoyed the post. I am glad for what Senator Reid did to help you. I am equally glad that you and he were friends and had different party affliations at that time not allowing the difference to be a factor in your friendship. That is true friendship to me. I think it very wise to vote on the individual and what he stands for not just his title of Republican or Democrat. I think you would make a outstanding President and you have my vote whatever party you would run on.
    God Bless You!

  23. Andrew just keep doing what you do, never stop!!! It’s no ones business your political views(although im glad your somewhat conservative). You have high quality products and a genuine need to help people through your products!!.. God has blessed you!!

  24. Andrew just keep doing what you do, never stop!!! It’s no ones business your political views(although im glad your somewhat conservative). You have high quality products and a genuine need to help people through your products!!.. God has blessed you!!

  25. Andrew just keep doing what you do, never stop!!! It’s no ones business your political views(although im glad your somewhat conservative). You have high quality products and a genuine need to help people through your products!!.. God has blessed you!!

  26. Andrew just keep doing what you do, never stop!!! It’s no ones business your political views(although im glad your somewhat conservative). You have high quality products and a genuine need to help people through your products!!.. God has blessed you!!

  27. Andrew just keep doing what you do, never stop!!! It’s no ones business your political views(although im glad your somewhat conservative). You have high quality products and a genuine need to help people through your products!!.. God has blessed you!!

  28. Andrew just keep doing what you do, never stop!!! It’s no ones business your political views(although im glad your somewhat conservative). You have high quality products and a genuine need to help people through your products!!.. God has blessed you!!

  29. Andrew just keep doing what you do, never stop!!! It’s no ones business your political views(although im glad your somewhat conservative). You have high quality products and a genuine need to help people through your products!!.. God has blessed you!!

  30. Andrew, I have enjoyed your vitamin presentations and your excellent products for many years. I even TIVO your shows. I am a registered nurse and I know that your vitamins are superior. Also, you should never feel you have to disclose or defend your political views. Integrity and quality should stand alone and no one should care whether you lean liberal or conservative or somewhere in between! But you are to be commended for responding to questions and emails others would ignore. Please keep up the good work and keep the products coming, being a night shift worker I especially love Sleep Benefits!

  31. Hello Andrew, I feel whatever you are doing is absolutely right and in the best interests of the public, so keep doing it. The quality of your products are absolutely brilliant and i genuinely admire the way you respond to people queries. Thanks for all the help. Keep up the good work.

  32. Bravo to you, Andrew, for responding in a non-confrontational manner. You are respected for what you have accomplished with your supplements . . . and now I respect you even more for an honest revelation of your thoughts on the "political" scene.
    I just used my August coupon and placed another order via HSN where I’ve been purchasing your vitamins since you started on QVC and then HSN . . . It was a bit confusing using the coupon codes as I thought it was 20% for TOTAL order over $50, rather than the percentage being applied to each item. Oh well, another $5 is worth it for your great products. Keep teaching us on HSN and we’ll keep buying.

  33. Andrew,
    I am glad you have made your quality supplements available to us. I take an assortment of them. I’ve spent many hours listening to your nutritional info on HSN. Thank you.
    My doctor today told me to NOT take multi-vitamins, but to get nutrition from food instead. I partially agree, but disagree with her, in that, I think it’s difficult to get all our nutrition from food. Anyway, I only take a multi a couple days a week. I do eat a good diet and I take various other supplements like CoQ10, Omega3, HHS&N, Pomegranite, Cranberry Benefits, Glucosonime, Liver antioxidants, etc, etc.
    My comment on the political thing is that it can divide people, but today I’m glad to see more people coming out to express they want to see a more common sense approach to handling our nation’s problems. I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon, but I still pray for our country and have hope.
    I don’t appreciate the derogitory comment about the flag and Bible made by Cynthia.
    I’m a Christian who appreciates the sacrifices of our military people and I whole-heartedly trust in God’s Word. I do not hate anyone with differing viewpoints than my own. I personally do not know anyone who is hateful, but instead, they are concerned about our country and fellow citizens. For that matter, they are concerned for people in general. I’m glad I don’t know any ‘hateful’ Christians. That seems like an oximoron. A true Christian does not hate others, but still stands on their beliefs without giving in to trends or whatever philosophy is blowing in the wind.
    By the way, I’ve been considering going Independent, as well. I’m still obtaining more info.
    Thanks for posting.

  34. Recent news reports concerning the current Govt Administration hopes to outlaw vitamin/mineral supplements are of a concern and I wonder if Andrew has any current information on this concern. Thank you.

  35. I’m disturbed that you discribed yourself as a long life republican. Regardless your vitamins are the best on the market your plant it green and I will continue to buy them.

  36. Any affiliation with Senator Harry Reid is indeed concerning. Need not worry, he’ll be ousted soon.
    State level support vs. national support for your solar initiative – Reid vs. Bush? It’s a no-brainer! You’re comparing Apples to Oranges. Reid would be out of his mind not to support you, it’s his role as a STATE Senator to support instate initiatives like yours. A President’s role is to remain focused on the big picture, like Obama is currently doing with Healthcare.
    That’s why our blessed country has state-level Senators and Congressman – to support people like you. I’m proud of what you’ve done, but do you really think solar power is a party-specific issue – no way! At the time, Harry Reid, a Democrat, was in office… the next 4 years it’ll probably be a Republican. Will you change you affiliation once again if the Republican Senator reaches out to you with support?
    Anyways, keep up your good work and remain focused – and don’t let political affiliation or big government influence your decisions.
    Alternative Energy is progressive – you’re probably about 10 years ahead of your time. The other day California just mandated that a certain percentage of the states energy must come from alternative energy sources… being Solar, Hydro, Wind, Ethanol, Biodiesel, Hydrogen, etc.

  37. Andrew,
    I could care less about your political affilation. I never gave it a thought until I read this blog.
    In my eyes you are a man of integrity and capable of making your own decisions.
    I am so proud of you and the manner in which you do business.
    I can’t begin to tell you what your vitamins have done for me and I never tire of listening to you speak and learning more about the vitamins and how they work in the body.
    Although I don’t know you personally, I still think of you as one of my friends!! Because of you I remain healthy and happy. My friends say I am lucky to be so healthy, but I say it is not luck, I work hard at it.
    PLEASE keep making the best vitamins in the world!!

  38. Andrew,
    I don’t care about your political affiliation either.
    What I care is that you have so much integrity, and that reflects on the products you make.
    Thank you for being the way you are,
    and for making the best vitamins in the world!

  39. Dear Andrew
    I am VERY proud to be an Andrew Lessman customer. I was suffering with systemic lupus when I discovered you more than 10 years ago. I am now 56, live a wonderful, active, full life, married 8 years ago after 15 years single, and I contribute a large part of my health success to your fabulous supplements. Be proud of who you are and the way you conduct your affairs. I so enjoy the way you articulate your positions and the way you teach and educate. My sister and I always wait for your next appearance on HSN. I too am passionate about health issues, from food to beauty products. I love it that your plant is solar and hope to visit it one day. It would be great to be able to work for a company like yours. You are truly inspirational Andrew, and I tell my friends about you, and your products at every opportunity. God Bless you brother.

  40. Frankly your political views are no ones business but yours! I have gotten fed up with both sides in recent years, so I admire your decision to become an Independent! Your vitamins are the best, and what you believe would never interfere with my desire to buy your wonderful products!!
    God bless you Andrew!

  41. Interesting…I just found this blog as the result of a Google search. I was shocked to find that you would have to address your political affiliation. Hmmm…don’t know what happened that you felt the need to address it publicly, but since you did I’ll just say that I wouldn’t let political affiliations keep me from purchasing from someone unless I knew that doing so would result in money being siphoned off to a cause I felt was morally wrong. That would not be the case her obviously.
    Andrew – I previously affiliated with the Republican Party as well and am still a member, but have been dissillusioned with the party over the past decade. I think a more accurate description of my political views would be conservative, which is something the Republican party used to be…I fear that it is no more. I am considering switching my affiliation to Independent as well.
    Having said that, I believe Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have done more to damage this country’s economy and security than any two other people in the country. I can not support the man and hope that he will not be re-elected. That will not keep me from purchasing your products should I want to, however.
    Actually, I was trying to find out what your view is of Quercetin and if you consider it to be beneficial.

  42. Andrew, if you run for President some day, I would love to vote for you! You are well educated, thoughtful, brilliant, and care about people. Your political views are your own for now and no one should give you a problem about it – we fortunately still have the freedom in this country to be able to make our own decisions and vote for the candidate/party we feel is best. Your seem to be very interested in keeping our own citizens working and taking care of the very planet we exist on. BRAVO ANDREW!

  43. Andrew,
    I have become a huge fan of yourself and your vitamins as you show so much integrity in both the product that you produce as well as your truth with words. I wish we had more citizens that approached irrelevant questioning straight on, truthful and unassuming. Although, you could have ignored the question about your political beliefs, you confidently stood up for your "own" rights to freedom of speech and the right to support any political party so choose which is the great freedom this great country affords us. My Hat is off to you. Keep up the good work and keep that endearing spirit.

  44. Andrew,
    If and when you read this…I just met you in Palm Springs at Koffi and happened on this particular blog. Already impressed by you from what I saw on TV, I am now even more impressed and look forward to being proud to have you as a new friend in Palm Springs.

  45. I know plenty of well-meaning people who are politically misguided, so your lapse in judgement hardly comes as a surprise. We understand, your vanity was wounded by George W., a man geared in the realities of energy and energy policy
    who was more or less correct in his assessment. However, the financial disaster solar energy has been in Spain, and the extreme anti-supplement stance of Demoncats like Henry Waxman do indicate that you’re rather uninformed in a number of areas. Anyway, of greater concern to your customers should be the out of date formulations of a number of your products, particularly your multivitamins which are generally unbalanced and lagging years behind a number of other more research based manufacturers. It seems like you stopped researching and reading the literature about 8 or 10 years ago. Maybe you should spend less time playing around with solar panels and more time hitting the journals. Good luck with that!

  46. For example, let’s look at the Founder’s Formula For Men:
    Levels of B vitamins are arbitrary, the body doesn’t need
    the same 50 mg. of B1 – B6. More than 10 mg of riboflavin
    may lead to eye damage. The superior form of B6 is P-5-P,
    the superior form of folate is folinic acid, and the superior
    form of B12 is methylcobalamin. Magnesium should be
    raised to at least 200 mg., and should be in the citrate
    form. Zinc should be lowered to 15 mg., and copper to
    0.5 mg. Selenium should be at least 50% SE- methylselenocysteine. At these prices, you can afford to put in the superior forms of these nutrients.

  47. Dear Mel Sherwood.
    Thank you for your post. Many folks expect that disparaging comments like yours will be automatically removed, but so long as they are not obscene, abusive or offensive, they can remain. I simply request that your blog comments remain respectful in the future.
    Given your technical recommendations, I would imagine you are a scientific or health professional. You raise good points – all of which have been the subject of our past analysis. I am sorry you think I lag behind the research, but 20+ years ago my multivitamins contained the forms you recommend, including Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin, Vitamin B5 as pyridoxyl-5’-phosphate, Vitamin B2 as riboflavin-5’-phosphate, along with other “supposedly” superior nutrient forms. I say “supposedly,” since when you make a vitamin for use in the real world, there are issues not considered in the laboratory. These issues can nullify the alleged “science” put forth by those promoting a novel nutrient form. In any event, my job is to create formulas with ingredients proven effective in extensive research and most importantly, unequivocally safe. As a result, I long ago removed those nutrient forms, including two you mention in your critique. The same logic would apply to folinic acid. These are not drugs to treat disease, but vitamins for daily use and their absolute safety and efficacy must be supported by extensive research. I’m sorry we read the research differently, but there is no reason for that disagreement to become hostile.
    By the way, I am not aware of research concluding that 10 mgs of Riboflavin causes eye damage. The RDI for Riboflavin is 1.7 mgs and as a rapidly excreted, water soluble vitamin, a 10 mg dose would not cause eye damage. I have seen no reports of any eye damage from the millions of daily doses of Riboflavin in excess of 10 mgs daily that are consumed by millions of people around the world for decades. Riboflavin is among the most rapidly metabolized of vitamins and as a result, it possesses an exceptionally low level of toxicity and an extremely high level of safety.
    There are clear reasons why I ceased using methylcobalamin and do not use folinic acid. Just because the “story” sounds compelling does not mean its activity and benefits are available in a finished product. I disagree with your recommendation on zinc and copper levels. As far as magnesium, we recently examined the research, since like you, I considered making a change to magnesium citrate or others, but in the end, Magnesium Oxide won out. You claim that the expense of these alternate vitamin forms discourages their use, but in the Founder’s it is the botanicals and phytochemicals that are the main cost.
    You recommend I “spend less time playing around with solar panels and more time hitting the journals,” but my Research Dept provides me with a weekly submission of more than 200 scientific studies. Again, you and I just reach different conclusions from the science and it is no reason to get angry about it.
    About those solar panels…I am sorry you feel they are a disaster in Spain, but in Nevada they are anything but a disaster. In fact, ever since I installed them, I still can’t figure what happened to my electric bill. Maybe it has been going to Spain. 🙂
    As far as Senator Waxman, he remains the greatest enemy of the vitamin industry and in my eyes, no friend to American citizens, since he does not serve their interests. Regarding former President Bush, he had some good policies and some not so good policies, but my issues were not with his energy policies.
    Best of Health.

  48. Politics are important to me in making purchases because I do not want to provide income to anyone who supports the current political regime. I am a life long democrat but I never tied my purchases to politics until now, until this toxic rhetoric and hate took hold of our country. Your views were alluded to on an HSN community thread which caused me to search the web and find this site. I have never been your customer, but that changes now. I’ll give your vitamins a try and hopefully will remain a customer for a long time to come.

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