2011 is Here with Three Amazing Today’s Specials!

A great deal of work has gone into creating all three of this year’s Today’s Specials and most importantly, we have managed to make them available at what are likely their best prices ever!  I hope everyone understands how difficult it is to continue to offer improved versions of your favorite products at better values year after year after year, but this year I think we have truly outdone ourselves.  Just to give you an idea, the Economy Size Secure Complete Meal Replacement on Sunday will be less than 50 cents per Meal.  That’s right!  Less than 50 cents per Meal for 7+ grams of Heart, Bone, Brain Healthy Soy Protein, which has proven to be the best protein for weight-loss.  It also includes 26 vitamins and minerals and it is also low in fat, low in sodium and contains zero cholesterol, zero saturated fat and zero trans fat.  It also contains less than 8 grams of carbohydrate per meal for those watching carbs and just over 70 calories per serving.  I am not aware of any meal replacement that even comes close in terms of offering the lowest calories, best taste and highest quality – yet ours is a fraction of their cost!  I can go on and on, but I hope the fact that my Meal Replacement is so affordable is not considered a compromise, since there truly is also nothing like it in terms of quality, taste and most importantly – affordability!  By the way, even the smallest Try-Me Size of Secure will still be less than one dollar per meal!

On Friday, you will have a choice of Today’s Specials:

Either a new and improved version of everyone’s favorite Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy Legs or another New Year’s Favorite – Energy and Fat Metabolism Factors.  We have added an exciting new ingredient to Circulation and Vein Support – of course keeping everything you love, but just making it an even more powerful and effective formula.  Best of all, despite the new addition, the product can be purchased at its best pricing ever!  Speaking of best pricing ever, that is what you will also find with our Energy and Fat Metabolism Factors, which provides all the instant energy of my Urgent Energy with all the ingredients from my original Fat Burning Factors to support the most difficult and important form of energy metabolism we seek – Fat Metabolism.  We all work hard at weight-loss this time of year and the most important thing we can do is manage what we eat and my Secure Complete Meal Replacement makes that easy and enjoyable while Energy and Fat Metabolism Factors helps sustain the energy necessary to make those sound decisions on diet and exercise.

The good news only continues, since ALL my products will have Special Pricing whether on TV or at HSN.com and ALL my products will come with FREE Shipping and Handling.  It will be the perfect time to reorder or try something new since everything is at Special Pricing and with Free Shipping and Handling.  It will be a great way to celebrate making this the Happiest and Healthiest of New Years!

I will see you tomorrow!

Healthy New Year!


34 thoughts on “2011 is Here with Three Amazing Today’s Specials!”

  1. i’ve been out of hair skin and nails vitamins with my daughter and me both taking them..since i ran out i have noticed a big difference dry evrythying…will you be offering any specials

  2. Thank you Andrew!:)
    I was so hoping C&VS would be the TS on Friday, as I ran out back in December.My legs and feet feel the difference.I need it badly!
    Looking forward to the Secure too!

  3. Just ordered the Hair Skin and Nails on HSN at the weekend visit price. We ran out before the holidays and have just noticed that our nails have begun to chip! It has to be the Hair Skin and Nails since it is happening to both of us. Also, my hair is starting to become brittle. Can’t wait to get back on this product because now I really see the proof of not using it!

  4. Gosh, mix it up a bit, Andrew! Same ole TS’s every time …. what about something new and exciting that hasn’t been a TS in awhile.
    Disappointed but I will save lots of money this visit!

  5. BINGO! My dad will be very happy with the circulation TS as my mom just loaned him some of her Circulation because he is out. Perfect timing. We always tell him to order extra when it is a TS. Thanks for the wonderful products

  6. Love the Secure Replacement Meals!! Vanilla is my favorite. Mix it with orange juice, a little water, and you have a creamsicle flavored drink that is actually good for you. Perfect way to start the day. Would love to see this available on auto delivery!!

  7. Andrew! Happy New Year!
    Thank you for your wonderful quality products. Your Essential 1 along with Healthy Hair Skin and Nails and Friendly Flora keeps me with faster growing hair, stronger hair and nails and a healthy immune system and digestive tract. Your products are the best and if HSN is out I just call your ProCaps Labs, which I have and order from Henderson, Nv.
    I look forward to all your visits and your dedicated knowledge on all your products.

  8. Andrew, My husband and I take your Resveratrol 100. Would you educate us on the product. Cover issues like does it activate the sirtuin gene, what type of grapes are used, are the grapes grown under stressed conditions, is the product manufactured in a way to reduce oxidation,and what tupe of grapes are used to make your Resveratrol. We need a great TS on Resveratrol!!!!
    Thanks for what you do to improve our health.

  9. What will the Today’s special be for your January 23rd HSN show from Henderson, Nevada? I need to plan ALL my purchases now. Thanks.

  10. Andrew, I have a question on the energy and fat metabolism. Does this help on a daily basis when you are and are not exercising? Sould I take this everyday,i guess is my question? Love all your products and wish you were on HSN more often. I tape you everytime your on and go back and watch you often. My sisters commented I must be working for you. I am always a cheerleader for your supplements,even at work. As always you are my superman. Thanks for educating!

  11. Could you please feature your N-Acetyl-Cysteine product on HSN? I tape all your programs for educational purposes for myself. I have been reading that this product is good to take for obsessive compulsive behavior such as nail biting, hair pulling, etc. and would like to know your take on this. Also I would like to know safe dosage levels and side effects, if any. They suggest more than your label, from 1200 to 2400 mg per day. Thanks.

  12. I love the Secure meals very much but would really love to have another alternate choice of whey protein besides the soy proteins. Had heard you were in the works on that? I also was hoping for Omega fish oil as a TS this weekend. I am stocked up on the healthy hair, skin and nails. Love all your products. Someday, I wish you would do the Night Time in a large bottle as a TS. Thanks Andrew!

  13. I also was hoping for the fish oil. I will have to do half dosage for awhile until the next TS. Cannot afford to buy anything unless it is a special. For low-income people and jobs nonexistent, maintaining health and sustaining a plant-based no added oil diet, and not dropping into the cheap food crevasse, is really hard to do.

  14. Please consider offering your prenatal vitamins to consumers of your other products. For women who are fans of your supplements, it’s frustrating to have to turn to another brand at a critical time. All babies deserve the very best nutrition they can receive.

  15. The Omega Three’s are normally in April.That is when I get mine once a year. I guess if you are a newer customer you would not know that. It has been years for me…Thanks Andrew!

  16. Thanks, Kathleen, for the April date. I’ve been using AL products for about 4 years–don’t have TV and just by sheer chance was at a neighbor’s house when his show was on. Andrew’s intelligence and knowledge and low-key persona absolutely stopped me cold on my way to the kitchen!

  17. Hello, Andrew…just wanted to tell you how much I love Secure Soy. I get it on auto delivery…the pina colada. Every morning I brew a big mug of hot tea…1 bag of black chai and 1 bag of green chai…sometimes white chai. I love creamy chai tea but it is so fattening. I mix your secure soy pina colada into my hot tea and it becomes wonderful, good for you chai with few calories. Great breakfast!

  18. It would be nice to know what the today’s specials will be on
    Sunday night and 1/23. I need a lot of products but I can’t order anything until I know what the specials are going to be
    which means I will probably have to wait until Sunday to place all of my orders.

  19. I agree with Carmen. I too wait to see what the today specials will be before ordering. Thanks so much for putting out a blog on the subject. These are products I love and use the most. What a way to start the new year!!
    Also, I LOVE your vitamins in general. I don’t necessarily feel the difference when using them (continuing reading) but notice a BIG difference when I stop. I especially notice when using C&VS, my legs get so tired. I have lymphadema (sp?) in my left leg and I believe it really, really helps.
    Thanks so much for your great products! And being made in the USA is a plus.

  20. Me as well…..what’s the TS later in January? It would be sad if it’s a vitamin that we order this weekend and find out there’s a better deal in 2 weeks. I love Andrews’ vitamins but they are expensive so I need to get the best deal in order to afford them all.
    Please let us know what the next TS is!

  21. Cindy, thats for the tip about mixing secure vanilla with OJ:
    "Love the Secure Replacement Meals!! Vanilla is my favorite. Mix it with orange juice, a little water, and you have a creamsicle flavored drink that is actually good for you. Perfect way to start the day. Would love to see this available on auto delivery!!"
    I tried half OJ and half water and it was like a creamsicle! I think it would be great too with half soy milk and half OJ. Thanks.
    By the way, isn’t the large size of secure on auto-ship already?

  22. Great Special! I ve been out of the Circulation & Vein Support for just over a month. I ordered the 1000 bundle to give the Fat Metabolizim a try. When will the multi vitamin packets be on sale?
    Love you Andrew – continue to do what you do best.
    Happy & Healthy New Year.
    Come visit Bermuda

  23. Hi Andrew….I take so many of your vitamins. Was about to run out of Esssential 1 and COQ10 and what a surprise to see it on HSN with flex pay. Boought the large size of both. Is there any chance that you can increase the mg. dosage of the other B’s in Essential 1. 5 mg. is way too low. Another brand I took before taking yours had 37mg of each Vit.B. Also can you add potassium to it. The Omega 3 with Orange does repeat on me, ie; it has an orange after taste. :(. Any chance of having the mint flavored as a special next time. Love your products. Thank you so much for explaining everything and your dedication.

  24. Andrew I am a huge fan of your products as well as your knowledge. I currently use 14 of your products daily. I also very much appreciate you giving us notice on the specials in advance. I ordered 4 things I was running low on Friday morning, and will be ordering the Secure today. I do have a question regarding the soy used in the Secure. Is it non GMO? I’m hearing and reading a lot about non GMO vs GMO Soy and would love to have you address your thoughts on it. Thank you so much for everything you do! I know I’m a much healthier person because of your products.

  25. Please keep the Free SH available , as much as possible. Most times that makes, or breaks my decision to purchase.

  26. Andrew, I too enjoy your comments on HSN but wish they were even more informative as to nutritional ingredients/source, their effect, and the optimal time of the day they should be ingested. I understand that calcium can block the absorption of supplements. When should one take the cal/mag supplements? Also, I would love to know how many of your own supplements you take on any given day and which ones are most important to you.
    I tried the Secure Chocolate because I’m on the run so much, but it unfortunately it was way too sweet and I returned it. I took note that many people agree with me. Can you produce a product less sweet, with more beneficial fiber and without using artificial sweeteners?
    Your response is greatly appreciated.

  27. @ Gary
    I don’t want to speak for Andrew but he did address the issue of using Sucralose/Ace Potassium in one of his past web-only Andrew TV specials. If my memory serves me correctly, Andrew stated that the amounts used are very low and a lot of the research he has reviewed have supported the safety of these ingredients versus other alternatives. Also, he stated that stevia, just because it is natural, does not mean it is safe nor does it mean you should be consuming a lot of either. Andrew stated he would have concerns if someone was consuming a large amount of stevia daily.

  28. Presently I am encouraging my single guys, (early 40’s) to follow a vitamin/supplement regimen….so I have ordered these products: Essential 1; Complete Joint Effort; Vitamin D 3; CoQ10; Omega 3; Resveratrol 100 with Pomegranate; Friendly flora;
    On my own, those are the ones I think they need.
    They think I have gone overboard and I wish there were a way to combine some of these. Can you suggest a better combination with fewer pills to swallow???

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