Live Remote Today’s Special Revealed at Your Request.

I have to get ready for my shows, but I have seen your questions and rest assured, ALL my products have Special Pricing (even Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails) during this visit and due to popular request, the Today’s Special during my live broadcast from my facilities in Nevada will be Resveratrol-100 with Pomegranate 40:40.  Tonight will be Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy Legs, along with Energy and Fat Metabolism Factors and Sunday is my Secure Complete Meal Replacement with Special Pricing on ALL my other products on TV and on 

See you tonight! 


58 thoughts on “Live Remote Today’s Special Revealed at Your Request.”

  1. Andrew,
    Love your products, but I have a tiny marketing complaint. I get the postcards & emails announcing your upcoming shows. However, this is the third time I have ordered "special pricing" products b/c of those emails, only to find out some of the products I ordered are Today’s Specials….& therefore, have better pricing than the price/quantity listed in the email. So, for the third time I have to cancel an order or return a product just to get the better price option of the TS. Please give us a hint in the emails & postcards, especially since we are regular customers. Don’t create these needless hassles.
    Thank you, Reno

    1. What has been done to remedy this? I’m a customer for the last year and a half & I too would like the best deal like Reno. PS: I really do love your products, and so does my GI doc !

  2. Thanks very much for letting us know the TSV for the live remote. I need Resveratrol and was hoping it would be this month. I think I’ve got just enough left. I LOVE your products.

  3. Thanks Andrew….so glad you read our comments and told us the TS for later in January. I still wish you would mix up TS’s and put a different one up once in awhile but appreciate you telling us!!

  4. Thanks!
    I actually like the TS being the same every year. That way I can count on it and stock up accordingly. If you didn’t do it, I would be upset. Thanks.

  5. I like them being consistent. Regular customers orders to harmonize with TS. We order a years supply, please stay with that format.

  6. Andrew has some sale vitamins that are as good as a TS and I think he should do that sometimes to give us a new TS. Then, we get a great deal on a new TS vitamin and those that rely on the same TS each time each year also get a good value.
    I remember when Gluco1500 and Fibermucil’s were TS’s and now they never are!


  8. I got an HSN gift card for Christmas and know just what I’m using it on, your vitamins! Thank you for the heads up on the TS; it does help the decision-making process!

  9. Andrew,
    Thank you so much for producing these wonderful vitamins!
    I use many of your products including Essential 1, Calcium
    Intensive Care, PC Granules, and others – they make me feel great.
    I have a question for you about your calcium products. A nutritionist once told me that calcium and magnesium compete for the same pathways in the body and therefore we should take them separately, at different times of the day, in order for the body to absorb them. Do you agree with this idea?
    Thanks again for your commitment to creating such magnificent vitamins.
    Best Regards,

  10. People, he can’t make all of you happy! He has to make money too. You are all are acting like he should just give this stuff away! What is wrong with you? He brings you GREAT deals, and you STILL want more! The man is in this to make a living. If you don’t want to purchase his items, go to the grocery store for the buy 1 get 1 free deals! STOP complaining. Gees. And to the woman that sends things back to HSN to save a buck, what a waste of time, energy and resources! You have to pay return shipping…..was it worth it?

  11. I would like to see some different TSVs, too. What about one with Glucosamine/Chondroitin? I have tons of Soy Secure and Hair, Skin, and Nails.

  12. It’s nice to find out the TS’s before the shows so we can plan our shopping so thanks for that Andrew. But…it’s exciting to wonder what the TS’s will be but now it seems like it’s the same TS’s each month. January is Circ/Vein, energy/fat, Secure drinks and resveratrol. And April’s will probably be the same as last April’s and so forth. You have so many vitamins and TS’s should change. If we happen to not take most of the TS vitamins, we don’t get a great deal on any of our vitamins.
    I’m only writing all this cuz I know you listen, Andrew so surprise us in April or July or Oct with something different….Thanks!

  13. So excited to see the secure soy as a TSV!!!!!!!!!!! I can always count on it in the month of January. I stock up for the year. It has been my breakfast of choice for many years. Keep up the great products, my cabinet is full of "my andrew" as it’s called in my house. God Bless and thank you.

  14. So glad that Secure is once again a TSV. I purchase several of the largest size to hold me over til the next Jan. This last year, I gave a bottle to my daughter so now I have to scrape the bottom til I receive my supply. Please do not stop making Secure the special for January. Thank you.

    1. Concordo, un vero profumo e` in grado di rievocare momenti lontani, di cui avevamo scordato l&sta17;esi#8enz2, come se fosse accaduto ieri. Personalmente voto eccellente per questo profumo che provvedero` a regolare per un compleanno!

  15. My 2 shekels: please continue the policy of consistency for TS’s. I have to budget for absolutely everything and that includes vitamins and supplements. If I couldn’t plan in advance, I would have to forgo many products.

  16. Please consider putting your Digest Assure on Auto-ship, or offering a larger size with many flex-pays. I use it every day and can’t always afford to order all I need for the year when you have your visits. Thanks.

  17. Andrew, thank you so much for your wonderful products. I take your Hair, Skin & Nails, ColestraCare, Glucosimine Chondrotion and your Carnislim. I have very bad knees and was told, 2 years ago, that I would need a knee replacement. I had two series of shots ( one a week for 6 weeks with a product called Synvics (sp).) December of 2010 was two years since the last shots; they are supposed to help for "up to 6 months." The only thing I do is take 5 of the pills and I do some knee exercises to strenghten the muscles around the knee.I walk all the time and without pain.
    Six months ago I went to my doctor for a physical. He said my colesteral was getting high. He did not put me on any medication. It scared me enough that I bought your Colestacare and started using it, daily and faithfully for the next 6 months. I didn’t know what to expect when I went in for my checkup. I did go in a day or two before the doctors appointment for blood work-I had been fasting. When my doctor came in with his laptop he said and I quote," WOW, your numbers are significatly down!" I obatined a copy of my numbers and they are: June of 2010. Total Colesteral 315, HDL 55,Triglycerides 392, and the LDL 181. In Dec. of 2010 the numbers were Total Colexteral 224, HDL 50, Triglycerides 252 and LDL 124!!! I could not believe it. He wanted to know what I had been doing and I did say that I had been watching my diet some and taking your supplements; that was all. The numbers are still a little high, but I am hoping when I go back in another 6 months that they will be right where they should be. Thank you so much for all your wonderful products.

  18. Yeah!!YEAH!! I am so excited about the TS being Resveratrol. I just hope Andrew will cover some of the important issues about Resveratrol such as What kind of grapes is used, are the grapes grown under stressed conditions, does it activate the sertiun gene??? I have read a lot about the product and I think everyone should be taking it. I know Andrew’s products are top quality but it would be nice to hear him address some of the issues.

  19. Dear Andrew–When my resveratrol runs out (in 7-8 months) I will not reorder because I have to prioritize which supplements I can afford. I pick mega-quarts of blackberries and blueberries all summer long–I have my secret spots!–and I freeze them. I also stock up on cranberries at the post-November sale every year. Into my freezer. So I eat buku berries–in smoothies, in oatmeal, in soy yogurt, one serving every day. OK, my question: given that my diet is in my opinion near perfect (vegan, only plants, beans, legumes, non-fractionated soy products, with no added fat) — what can I forgo? Can I quit cruciferous extracts? can I quit resveratrol? can I quit ultimate eye? By the way, on this diet (and jogging 4x/wk on a track) I have lost without suffering or feeling deprived 43 pounds in one year and my cholesterol has dropped from 177 to 134, my LDL from 114 to 88. I am thrilled with the numbers. I wonder if you will be able to answer this question in a general way on-air. For people like me–what products can we eliminate in order to save money. Thanks. ruby

  20. Dear Andrew, THANK YOU for my health! Your products are fabulous. I am proud to be a long-time customer. Even my endrocrinologist approves of the supplements (resveratrol, CO-Q10, ECGC) I take.
    Have you considered expanding your expertise to pets; cats and dogs? It’s nearly impossible to determine if the foods available (at big box stores, grocery or pet stores) are helping or hurting the long term health of my pets. Your products I could trust.
    Thank you for working as hard as you do – Keep Well. Sandy

  21. Hi Andrew.
    Watched HSN today and you are my inspiration for today. Not sure where you got me, if it was all interesting facts about your vitamins, your production with solar energy, or your awesome dogs watchin TV. How ever, being from Scandinavia living in US, its an inspiration seeing people with your thinking. And YEEEES, I ordered some of your vitamins 🙂
    Have a great day!
    –Tack för bra inspiration idag–

  22. My husband & I use many of your vitamins, have had very good results. The only product I have a problem with is the Secure Meal Replacement & the use of Sucralose & Acesulfame Potassium. They are way too sweet & I have read a lot of warnings about these sweetners. Would it be possible to make the product without any sweetner and then if we want one we could add it? Thanks.

  23. Well, I missed out on the fibermucil cuz HSN wouldn’t resolve a problem for me and by the time I decided to just order it, it’s on waitlist. HSN just lost a great customer in me. I’m done with them as soon as I use up all my gift cards and SK.

  24. Andrew, I love and appreciate your products. You are one of a kind and the "Master" of Safe and healthy Vitamins. I think of how deprived the next generation will be without someone of your caring and integrity. I was wondering, why don’t you ever have a "Price special" on your "Life Rx Multivitamins". The majority of us that order from Procaps would greatly appreciate the effort. I noticed you have added CoQ10, EGCG, Resveratrol,and Pomegranate to the LifeRX Elite,that was a very good and mindful strategy,which I was hoping for. Ironically, one day I flipped to your site and "whalla"!!! there it was. You have read my mind. Can you also consider adding the same to your "LifeRX Complete" as well, because to some of us who can’t always order the LifeRX Elite, do to financial reasons, or the array of your other vitamins we’re already taking and not wanting to overlap in the dosage, it would be a great help. Please give it some thought. If you can only do 1 thing, I would prefer the addition of the anti-oxidants! Thanks,
    PS. I don’t have to say keep up the good work, because it already comes with the territory.

  25. Andrew has been posting the TS’s in advance since last April here on his blog so I’m confused why anyone would be ordering in advance of his notifications. The cards that come in the mail are never indicative of the TS’s; we should all know that by now.
    Yes, he does regular TS’s: C&VS & Secure in January; Omega 3’s in January; HHS&N in July & CoQ10 in October. Resveratrol was a TS in mid January for the first time last year so it would make sense to make it a TS again this January. All of us who bought the 360 count bottle will be out very soon.
    What some of you aren’t considering is that Andrew DOES mix up the TS’s on the 2nd day of his visits in April, July & October, also keep in mind this past November he did an extra TS in November.
    One last thing; did we forget that in July he offered an incredible TS pricing on a bundle of Fibermucil and/or Cholestacare? So to say he hasn’t offered Fibermucil lately is incorrect. The 1200 count bottle he offered in July was a 2nd TS in value if not better.
    My only complaint would be that I would like to see 720 count bottles as TS’s for products such as C&VS & Omega 3’s. Taken 2 a day, a 720 count bottle would last 1 person a full year. Andrew, you said you read your comments. Please consider this. I couldn’t afford a 500 count bottle & a 250 count bottle of C&VS @ 160.00 to last a full year. Needless to say this is a product I would not want to be without & I’ll have to reorder in 8 months. Keep in mind most of us don’t just buy 1 item during your visits 🙂

  26. Dear Andrew,
    Thank you for all you do for womankind. Next year could you again include pina colada and mixed berry?
    With great respect,

  27. Dear Andrew,
    Shannon just made a claim on your program today, Sunday afternoon. She said, "no additives in your Secure Complete." Hello??? I almost ordered it today and found out by calling customer service that you have added Acesulfame Potassium and sucrulose. These are additives. I did order quite a few supplements from you over the last couple of days. I just hope they aren’t soy based. Why aren’t you telling us when you add these artificial sweeteners to your products when you are on HSN??? Why didn’t you correct Shannon when she said "no additives?"

  28. Dear Andrew,
    I am wondering why you are saying "no additives" in your vitamins? I just found out today from customer service @HSN, that you do have additives in your Secure Complete Meal Replacement. Acesulfame Potassium and sucrulose. I am allergic to Acesulfame and and that should be brought to your viewers attention when you are showing all of your reviews and information signs on the program. This is very wrong!!!!

  29. Hello Andrew: I like your shows and your products alot. Every time you come on air in HSN, I will be watching it. I am looking forward for you Jan 23rd show and your resveratrol. I like your coq10, however, it is too much for me to pay for. I know on October of last year, you had it on Today Special. I didn’t get it and I regret. I am hoping maybe you can reduce the price a bit or you may be at least extend the flex pay to a month or two more so that we all can afford it. Thank you

  30. Thank you Andrew..I ordered both of the t.s you had on. On the secure I ordered three of the 240 servings and one of the 20 servings. Our whole family dinks the secure and could’nt pass on such a great price. The only thing I could ask is if you would please let us know the shelf life of the products on the t.s so we can calculate how much to order. other than that we can’t thank you enough for helping us out with such great prices. With all our love, Fierro Family.

  31. Andrew I just got hold of what the t.s will be on january 23. I’m in need of the resveratrol with the pomegranate. Please, Please let us know the shelf life on the t.s. With such great prices we would like to order several of them. P.S when do you think the next t.s will be on the coq10 200? I know you just had it but we are new to your company and don’t know what some of the others have figured out as far as your line goes.

  32. I havent bought your product yet but I am planning on buying the meal replacement shakes. I m just wondering why you dont offer them in a variety pack? I would love to try them all to see how they all taste but dont want to buy boxes of all the flavors to try them.
    Thank you!
    Tricia 😉

  33. I love your products and have been using them for many years. I would like to make a suggestions that you have about 10 or 12 of the best products that you sell – put them together in a 30 or 60 days combination. I would like to try some other products but because I already take about 10 different combinations, I just can’t afford a larger size when I’m already on flex pay with these 10 items.
    I already take your Daily vitamins packets, Womens Wellness, B12, D3, Coq10, Omega 3/Fish Oil, Fibermucil, Cholesterol, Circulation & Vein and Resveratrol.
    OR maybe you can make a combination packet with all of these items so we don’t have to buy them separate??
    Anyway thank you for your great products – just trying to figure out ways that I could try some new products without having to eliminate one of the ones I am already taking.

  34. I want to change from womens complete that I ordered when you were on HSN awhile back to Womens Elite but do you offer flex pay on this?

  35. Andrew,
    Thank you so much for posting your TS’s in advance.It helps me to plan what I am going to get each visit.I take many of your supplements, and love most of them. I have had to cut back though, to balance my budget. I did get your Secure TS, and I have used that product for several years now. I was surprised at the new formulation. I did not like it at all, and returned it.It was fine the way it was last year’s TS, and before that.I don’t know what the changes were, but others have commented on it too.
    I got your C&VS, and wondering why the Quercetin was left out? I always compare the old vs. new formulations. I like to be an educated consumer.
    One last thing, and nothing to do with this blog, but I would like you to read this. I use your Healthy Skin & Nail product, and what has been my personal experience is the following. When I get the original, and take it, my nails, hair & skin are amazing.Whenever there is a TS version, like last July, my nails stopped growing, kept breaking, and I noticed a difference between the standard version you sell vs.the TS version.I just wanted to note this for you.
    Overall you are my supplement man, and love many of your products.:)
    Have a great day!

  36. Hi Andrew… No complaints. (LOL)
    I just wanted to say, "Thank you" and that I love you.
    God bless you and Happy Wonderful New Year to you.

  37. Hi Andrew, I take your Women’s Wellness and it’s great. I have a question for you: What is your opinion of the mineral "strontium" to use for natural osteopena or -porosis treatment? Would you ever include it in your bone health products?
    Thanks in advance for your answer! Jeanne

  38. I am so glad someone mentioned osteopenia. I had a bone density scan inside one of the monster machines. The result was that I had osteopenia. I was shocked and upset. I do everything right! I did some research online and found the NPR expose of osteopenia. Merck (I believe it was Merck) needed more people to take their drug Fosamax and they created, they CREATED out of thin air, the condition known as osteopenia. Google NPR osteopenia and you can listen for yourself. The program runs about 20-25 minutes and all these fatcat pharma guys are sitting around and deciding where to draw the line (a literal drawn line on a chart) for osteoporosis. And someone says: well what about just to the left of that line? Could we call it something and recommend Fosamax and voila presto — osteopenia was invented. Merck also designed the giant machine to replace the easy small compact machines that had been used prior to the biggie. Merck lobbied Medicare to pay for testing on the big machine which cost megabucks and on and on……… Jeanne, I don’t know your situation, your age, etc. But check out the NPR program and see if it applies to you.

  39. Andrew I hope you read your blogs. I have a question with the t.s the resveratrol with pomegranate, is it only for adults, or can teens take it also? Please let us mom’s who give their children your vitamins know what can be given to teen and what cannot. Thanks Andrew. Love Fierro Family.

  40. Andrew,
    I have a question for you, and would like to know ,as this concerns the current TS.I have been a customer of yours for several years now. I purchsed your Resveratrol, not sure what year, from Pro Caps, but your source of Resveratrol was different. It was not what you are using now, Japanese Knotweed, poly custadatem extract(excuse the spelling). I got a 360 count and ,the source was different.I wish I still had that bottle, so I could tell you.I am wondering why the change, and are the benefits that different depending in the source used? I am on the fence about this TS, and would love you input , before it is too late.
    Thanks for posting the TS’s in advance now. I appreciate all you do, with the education, supplements, best anywhere.

  41. Hi Andrew…
    I purchased 2 of the 360ct Resveratrol/Pomegranate TS (love the flex pays). I just wanted to ask if you would ever do another fibermucil/Phosphatidyl Choline TS again? Hint…..
    love your products, never change. 🙂

  42. To Shana,
    I just wanted to let you know that I saw your reply and thank you! I actually posed this question about osteopenia for my mom. I am not surprised by what you wrote in your blog. This may not be the right forum to continue this discussion, but you can go to the Natl. Osteoporosis Foundation website. There are lots of discussions there about this very thing. Take good care.

  43. Andrew, The Procaps Manufacturing Program and Tour is truly a celebration of Health and Wellness. Andrew Lessman is truly divinely bless with wisdom of educational sciences to share the blessings of divine wealth of health. The beauty of the state of te art technology hand in hand with environmental solar energy is Wow, best, excellent and superb. There’s the Co-enzyme Q10, the resveratrol and pomegranate in the creative assembly
    line machine, there’s my nutritional secure vanilla rolling-machine, and I have the joy and fun on the Educational Procaps Tour. It is truly celebration of divine-health and wellness. Smile….

  44. Andrew, will you please consider letting us use an EZ payment plan on your largest bottles/bundles on Procaps site for your customers. I only order from HSN the TS and that’s it. I would much rather order everything from you alone on your site. I love your products and have a huge amount of them. However, I have not been able to buy any lately from your site, because I spent over $800 at HSN buying products of yours. I would like to order my women’s complete w/omegas NOW from you but must keep delaying my order on hold…..due to extreme finances. I am only 48 but on disability. I could use very cheap vitamins, but I have promoted your products as the best in the world and I truly do believe that. I woulod be able to order several supplements that I am in need of NOW if you would consider the EZ pay with our credit cards. I know Dr. Denese on QVC on her personal site away from QVC does do up to 5 monthly pmts. when you purchase $120 order or more. Please consider this if you would.
    Sincerely, one of your biggest fans and customers,

  45. I have been hearing a lot about K2 and PQQ from Dr donald Colbert Do you have any of these products

  46. Dear Doc:
    Just curious. I’m certain you have heard of the Seabuckthorn Berry. Wondering if you could include it in your Five Favorites and make them Six. Love your products. Thanks for your Change of Life Womens products. You saved me untold tounge lashing, beatings, scars etc. I’m forever gratefull.
    Let me know

  47. I’m trying not buy products that are not USA made. Where do you get the ingredients for your vitamins? I would appreciate knowing this. It’s not enough to know that they are put together in Nevada. Since I buy all of my vitamins from your company, I would like to know what I’m buying. Answer is appreciated.

  48. I just ordered your Positve Passage and wonder why you don’t offer it on HSN? I would love to see a presentation on it used instead of and/or with Women’s Wellness. Thanks.
    Also, why no new blog for this visit in April???

  49. I watched your April shows, but would like you to feature more products. It seemed like besides the today’s special, all you talked about was Women’s Wellness and Ultimate eye. I would like to hear you talk about other products just for my education of your products. Thanks.

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