A New and Exciting Addition to the Visit: Web Broadcasts.


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Alternately, visit HSN.com and search keyword “Andrew Lessman Chat”

I guess technology marches on and now gives us even more capabilities to provide the information you have been requesting. So this weekend at HSN.com we will do our first after-show live wrap-up on Sunday October 14th at about 1:10pm, which will follow my morning show.  Follow this link to watch or, if you go to HSN.com some time after 1pm, you can search keyword “Andrew Lessman Chat” and you will be automatically directed to the page with my live after-show broadcast.  It will probably last until about 2pm ET, or as long as my energy and technology hold out. ☺ My plan for this broadcast is to answer as many as I can of the hundreds of questions that come in during my shows.  I will cover anything and everything, including technical questions about the products, detailed questions about the research, individual questions you might have about your health or even personal questions about me.  Please feel free to post some questions in your response to this blog post.  I am confident this web broadcast will provide a great opportunity for me to have the added time and flexibility to handle the most frequent, important and even individual questions that the limitations of the show format do not allow me to answer.  If all goes well, we will repeat this next Sunday the 21st as well, and then I hope to make it a common feature during all my visits to HSN and perhaps even between visits.

Also, we will convert this live video webcast to recorded video, so even if you were not able to tune in between 1pm and 2pm ET, you will still be able to watch a recording of it anytime at HSN.com at the same address.  It might take about an hour to turn the live video into a recorded video, but we will do all that we can to have it available as soon as possible.  At worst, it should be available for viewing in the late afternoon, just a couple of hours later.

So look for me live on HSN.com just after 1pm this Sunday the 14th and next Sunday the 21st, and most importantly, please feel free to post any questions you might have on any healthy topic of interest, including the upcoming Today’s Specials (CoQ10, Vitamin D3 and Calcium-Magnesium).  I can’t wait to give this a try and only ask that you please bear with us while we figure out how to insure this goes as smoothly as possible now and for the future.  I am certain this will provide a wonderful new way for me to serve you better, since I know the most important thing I provide is the information upon which you can make your most informed health decisions.  

Best of health and see you soon.



19 thoughts on “A New and Exciting Addition to the Visit: Web Broadcasts.”

  1. I would like to know the most important vitamins to take. I have a cupboard-full. Astaxanthin, Omega3,Healthy Hair Skin & Nails, Resveratrol, Circulation Vein Support, Coenzyme Q10, D3, Memory & Brain – – I also have NAC which I took after a CT scan w/dye. The only thing they found with my abdominal pain is a pancreatic cyst which is non-malignant. My question is whether there is something else to take for digestive problems. And, am I taking too much.

    Will be tuning in tonight midnight to see what the special is. Thanks for all your wonderful products.

  2. I would like to know if you will ever put together a product to help with inflammation. Love love love soooooo many of your products. Thanx Andrew 🙂

  3. Andrew I take 70plus of your vitamins and would like to just take my daily needs, what would you consider daily needs. I take enery metabolism and carnislim in liquid, do I need both?

  4. I take a great number of your products, one being the Women's Elite with Omega. Recently, on Dr. Oz, there was a discussion on the doubtful benefits of Omega supplements. With you always being on top of the newest findings, would you please address what your thoughts are regarding continuing to supplement. Thank you in advance, and best wishes.

  5. Andrew: I have been one of your customers for over 11 years.

    I may be moving out of the country to South Africa in 2-3 years.

    Have you ever thought to expand into another country?

    If my plans come to fruition, any tips to help me continue to order your products outside of this country?

    Postage fees to South Africa are exorbitant.


  6. Due to my medical condition, I have issues with inflammation. Are you developing any anti-inflammatory supplements? Or, what would you recommend from your current supplements?

  7. 1. I have a spinal cord injury and would love to know a product that helps with nerve pain…or sooths nerves.
    2. How many pills can you take? I have so many products of yours, but so many sit because I get afraid to take too many in a day…due to overlapping basic vitamins. I always take them with food…I have, off the top of my head, Essentials, Urgent Energy, ALA, CoQ10, Omega 3, Liver Anti-Ox, Astaxanthin,Nac-500, eye support……and more.
    3. Will you update your Founder's formula? I'd rather just take that…..but, the formula changed.
    4. Just thank you for being on….for all the information….it's helps so much….and I totally trust everything you do and say. Your integrity shows over and over. Thanks Andrew.
    5. I was just in Vegas….do you ever do tours of your facility?

  8. Can a 12 1/2 year old take your Essential One? Any other products he could take? Can he take your Omega 3 capsules? Which version? I have the maximum, can he take that? (He would rather swallow capsules than take the vitamin drink)

    I do give him your friendly flora, seems to do well with that.

    Can you make a version of the Essential One with Iron? That would be great!

  9. Please address Dr. oz'comments on melatonin and safe amounts to take. Also about the safety of aloe vera. Some say it should not safe to take. And please talk about the benefits of K2.

  10. I am also interested in an anti-inflamatory supplement that can be taken along with Celebrex and opiods. Thanks for making such wonderful products in a gluten-free formula. You really should mention this fact more often because there aren't that many "quality" brands that can be trusted for persons with celiac disease. BTW, my eye Dr. and internist were impressed with your eye support and CoQ-10 products. Thanks, Andrew.

  11. I am taking your alpha lipoic acid and was wondering why it isn't r-lipoic acid? I have read that the best is the r and not a combo of r and s.
    Thanks Andrew.

  12. My husband has severe diarrhea and I have tried checking your products to see if you have anything to help him. Someone said he should take fiber, but I thought that would cause more diarrhea. Please help, doctors have been stumped.

  13. Hi Andrew, I would like to piggy back of the question that Sandy Kinter is asking about Omega-3. Because I also was watching a health segment on TV where they were also discussing there may not be any benefits of taking Omega-3 supplements. I would like to here your thought on this. Thank you.

  14. Hi Andrew, love your products. As some others have stated, could you have some direction posted on what you should take daily without fail, and then what to take in addtion as "enhancements" if you will. Also, for those of us who are already on BP or cholesterol meds inform what interactions if any it may have with the drugs.

  15. Hi Andrew: I didn't see any questions posted or any questions you read on your live video chat in regard to bergamot and the most recent claims about lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, sugar, etc.

    It almost seems like a miracle natural "drug".

    What does your research suggest? If good, do you plan on making a product?


  16. Do you have a supplement that addresses high blood pressure health? My husband purchased something (won't mention by who or the name) and it contains Hibiscus, Olive Leaf, and polyphenols. Would appreciate your input and hopefully you have something in regard to high blood pressure. Thank you Andrew I purchase your products.

  17. My brother bookmarked this website for me and I have been going through it for the past several hrs. This is really going to help me and my friends for our class project. By the way, I enjoy the way you write.

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