The Best October Anniversary Ever!

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Three Essential and Exceptional Today’s Specials:
Coenzyme Q-10, Vitamin D3-2000 and Calcium-Magnesium

If it is October, then it is time for our best value on CoQ10 and this October will be no exception. To celebrate our 16th Anniversary at HSN, our Today’s Special on Sunday October 14th will feature an unheard of value on our all natural 200 mg CoQ10 with high potency Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and a full B-Complex. There will be no better time to reorder our unique CoQ10 than with this special one-day-only event. As I always say, CoQ10 is the first ingredient I would add to any daily multivitamin as no ingredient better addresses modern life, since CoQ10 is both at the center of all energy production and essential for life itself. Not only would life be impossible without CoQ10, it is also indispensable to our key organs, including the heart, brain, lungs, kidney, liver and all muscle in general – particularly as we age. There is no more common sense ingredient to combat fatigue and to optimize brain and heart function than CoQ10. It stands alone in sustaining the energy we need to survive and thrive in our challenging world. Plus, the best thing about our CoQ10 is that, unlike other manufacturers, we have not resorted to second-rate material and we still only use the purest, natural CoQ10 in the world. Even better is the fact that our exceptional quality CoQ10 is a fraction of the price it was 30 years ago or even just a few years ago. It costs less to enjoy the benefits of 200 mgs today than it did to enjoy 30 mgs almost 30 years ago! Last year, I was not sure I would be able to maintain the exceptionally low cost of our CoQ10, but we have done it again and without compromising the product at all. By the way, as far as questions on QH (that other “new” form of CoQ10), it does not warrant the premium price one must pay to purchase it. One can achieve far higher and more beneficial levels of CoQ10, spending far less money, by using pure, natural CoQ10. In other words, in the case of CoQ10, spending less gets you much higher levels and greater benefits than with QH, and that is certainly the case this October 14th.
A week later, on October 21st, we return with a wonderful pair of extremely affordable Today’s Specials that can be purchased either as a bundle or separately. One of these products, Vitamin D3-2000, is perhaps the single most affordable way for anyone to make a profound difference in the state of their health. I have emphasized the importance of Vitamin D for over 30 years – even going so far as to recommend our doctors test our blood levels of Vitamin D – and it is now gratifying to see that the medical industry had finally caught on. It’s about time! The research was there decades ago, but it seems the medical industry gets more excited about the profits from the latest drug than the proven benefits from an inexpensive supplement. Despite its remarkable health benefits, Vitamin D3 can’t be patented and therefore can’t generate big profits; however that has not prevented doctors, researchers and the medical industry from finally recognizing Vitamin D’s incredible powers. Perhaps Vitamin D’s best feature is that it is not just the most effective but also the most affordable vitamin you could ever consider using. How great is that? The most important and the most affordable! In short, there is no simpler and more affordable way to care for your body, brain, heart, skeleton, etc. than with a simple Vitamin D test at your doctor’s office and the appropriate affordable Vitamin D supplement. There is no cheaper or more effective vitamin investment you can make than Vitamin D3 and on October 21st be prepared to spend just pennies per day for the world’s best high potency Vitamin D.
In addition to Vitamin D3 on October 21st, you will also have the option of getting best pricing ever on ultra-mild Calcium-Magnesium Intensive Care. We all know how vital these minerals are, yet the typical Calcium supplement is extremely unpleasant to swallow and to use. That is not the case with our easy-to-swallow extremely mild Calcium-Magnesium Intensive Care. Moreover, it is only appropriate that we offer this formula with our Vitamin D3-2000, since without Vitamin D3 you cannot absorb and utilize the Calcium you consume. Unfortunately, as much as we all recognize the importance of Calcium and Magnesium, we also have all experienced how unpleasant these products are to use. However, our Calcium-Magnesium Intensive Care is very different. It does not come in enormous rock hard tablets, but as a small easy-to-swallow capsule containing an ultra-fine powder that is gentle to even the most sensitive stomach. Calcium is typically one of the least pleasant supplements to take, but our Calcium is always a pleasure, delivering all the benefits you hope for and not a single problem. Best of all, just like our Vitamin D3-2000, on October 21st, our Calcium-Magnesium Intensive Care is only pennies per capsule.
I can go on at length about the unique properties of these three products, but I believe their reviews speak even more clearly and unanimously than I can. Each of these products possesses hundreds of unbiased reviews and amazingly, more than 80% of those reviews are a perfect five stars! In other words, these three products possess almost 2,000 combined reviews and their average rating is an almost perfect 4.7 stars. These reviews are the most clear and passionate statement of the quality of these products and of course, they all come with a 30-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee. It is also important to note that all of these products are made and offered responsibly, since they are produced using only solar energy and then every bottle purchased will be followed by a donation of two bottles of prenatal vitamins to a needy mother right here in the USA or somewhere in the world.
In closing, it is hard to believe that this October is our 16th Anniversary at HSN and that this coming January will mark 23 years on TV. Most astounding of all is that just a couple of weeks ago was the 33rd Anniversary of my starting ProCaps Labs back in 1979. Much has changed since then, but then again, all the important things have remained the same. I marvel at the manner in which technology has changed the way our products can be offered, but the “quality, purity, integrity and effectiveness” of our formulas are still without compare and 33 years later, you can still find those words as my promise to you on every bottle. I am humbled by the decades of support we have received and I trust that the quality and value of these Today’s Specials will continue to earn your trust and loyalty.
I look forward to seeing you in just a few weeks.
Best of Health.

16 thoughts on “The Best October Anniversary Ever!”

  1. I am a 29 year old male who takes your vitamins consistently because I want to be the best person I can be. I will be 30 in a couple of months and most people still think I am 19 or 20. I would say a lot of that is genetics, but a lot of it is how I take care of myself. In the early days, my family would make fun of me for taking so many vitamins. However, the same family members who laughed are now buyers of Andrew's products. I am a pharmacy student and know that there is definitely a need for prescription medicine. With that being said, I would take something natural that worked over any prescription.

  2. Thanks so much for your wonderful products.
    They keep me energized and refreshed everyday.

    What are you thoughts on coffee bean extract and raspberry ketone?

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you on HSN on October 14.

  3. Andrew I do like your products and buy most of it. But I have to disagree with the Q10. Ubiquinol is by far more superior. Its more bioavailable. If you are under 30 regular Q10 is ok but over 30? No, you need its reduced form. Also Krill is another one that you have to get. Still love your products and will reccomend and have been for 4 years!


  4. I will buy the Vitamin D for sure. Andrew, PLEASE start adding Magnesium Citrate to your vitamins. Please read "The Magnesium Miracle" by Carolyn Dean. Many health experts say Magesium is even more important than Vit D…. IT does that much in the body.

  5. Donny…I had wondered this too. This is the reply I got from them.

    Our products are of the highest quality and contain only the most well research ingredients in their most bioavailable forms. Andrew uses the magnesium oxide form because based on his research it provides the highest percentage of elemental magnesium than the other forms. Research currently shows that other forms of magnesium provide significantly less elemental magnesium which would create the need to increase the serving or capsule size in our products. We also only use micro-granulated ultra-fine powders for easier absorption which is the easiest form for your body to breakdown and utilize the nutrients.

  6. Hi Andrew,
    I still have my first bottle of CoQ10withTruQ10 in the 200mg. I was going to throw it away. I have a full bottle of it in the 240 capsules. It's never been opened. I feel like I am on speed if I take it. My BP went up, so now I am on BP pills. I feel the problem is because I don't take it everyday!! Am I right? I will try it again and see. I have had a few joints replaced and have not at all been my old active self. I am sure this is why I feel like this…………………….You are the best my friend. I will never ever buy over the counter again. I Love seeing you & Colleen together. I hope to see you both in 30 years too. =)

  7. What product do you recommend for Fibromyalgia? Specifically for the unbearable knots in my muscles.
    Also, anything on alopecia? I already take the hair, skin and nails.
    Thank you.
    Debra H.

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