Is It Really Almost Summer…Where Did the Month of May Go? And Our July HSN Birthday Today’s Specials

It seems like just a couple of weeks ago that we were doing our April shows, yet here we are in the middle of June, so it’s actually been a couple of months since our Maximum Omega-3 and Ultimate Eye Today’s Specials in April.  It just does not seem like two months.  Plus, it’s hard to believe that we are barely a week away from the start of summer.  The month of May just disappeared.  Of course, every May we celebrate our Mothers; and Muriel and I were able to enjoy some quality time with both our Moms.  Muriel is French, so we spent some time visiting her Mom in the South of France, right on the Mediterranean not far from Italy.  The cuisine there offers the very best of the Mediterranean, much of which will appear in Muriel’s future books.  Every morning while we were there, I would also do my hike/climb up the Sentier Nietzsche (Nietzsche’s Trail) from the Mediterranean up to the village of Eze and then to the top of Mont Bastide – about 2,000 feet of vertical, on a trail of less than 3 miles.  It is quite a workout, but the view is breathtaking! Unlike most travelers to France, when we visit Muriel’s family there, we come back fitter and healthier than when we left. In May we also spent lots of time with my Mom out in the desert near Palm Springs, California.  Once again, while out there, Muriel and I did our semiannual climb up Mt. San Jacinto, which is about as much vertical as you can do in one day, climbing more than 2 miles in altitude (net over 11,000 feet) over 6 hours of intense activity.  Each time we do it I marvel at the effort required, although this time was the easiest yet.  Of course, May ended with Memorial Day, and when chatting about the holiday with my Goddaughter, I was reminded that when I was young, we called it Decoration Day.  As a small child, I struggled to understand that name, since I thought “Decoration” Day had to be Christmas Day or at least I hoped it was Christmas.  I think Decoration Day originally referred to the decorating of memorials of those fallen in combat, which may have commenced after the Civil War and has now continued for almost 150 years as a time to remember those who gave their lives for our country.  It must be at least 50 years since Decoration Day officially became Memorial Day, but the holiday is just as important to remember today as it was at any time in our country’s past.  It might just be a quirk of history, but it seems that the wars fought during my lifetime are more controversial (Vietnam, Iraq, etc.) than those of prior generations (WWI and WWII).  Sadly, these “political” issues can often detract from the gratitude and honor owed those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  Certainly, war is not desirable, but honoring those who gave their lives should transcend all politics. So, no matter what your political view, we should all be grateful to those who have sacrificed so much for the country in which we are privileged to live.  Sorry to digress from vitamins, but I guess I now know where the month of May went. Laughing

As I mentioned above, it has been more than 2 months since our April Today’s Specials.  It has been rewarding to read the latest research further validating the benefits of Omega-3s for brain and eye health, as well as the role that Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Astaxanthin play in lifelong healthy vision, but also in providing powerful protection to our skin…effectively like an internal sunscreen.  Speaking of skin, we are just a month away from our most popular Today’s Special of the year:  Our Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails formula.  Once again, we are doing a unique high Biotin version of this formula and, of course, it will come with our best pricing ever.  Plus, for the first time (based upon your requests), you can also choose a special bundle that includes our exciting Marine Collagen Peptides.  After reviewing the science (and all your requests), it became clear that the healthiest skin, nails and hair required that this bundle also include our brand new and even better tasting Marine Collagen Peptides.  This product is already a customer pick with a few hundred reviews and our new, milder-tasting version will make it a unanimous choice for internal wrinkle protection.  In short, there is no more logical formula to add to Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails to promote the internal health and external appearance of our skin than our new Marine Collagen Peptides.  As far as our Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails, it continues to be our runaway favorite formula with currently more than 4,000 reviews with over 3,000 of them an amazing, perfect 5-Stars!  If you use the formula, you understand the praise it receives and you will be thrilled by the value of our July Today’s Special.  To read the reviews on these formulas is to appreciate the difference they can make in your life…even under the most challenging circumstances.  As I often say, it is amazing how well our body can perform for us when we give it what it needs to do its best.  Sadly, our diet and lifestyle (and most other things we do for beauty) are rather harsh and simply detract from the health and the true appearance of these tissues.  Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails and our Marine Collagen Peptides are the perfect partners to achieve the healthiest and most beautiful hair, skin and nails.  I know you will be thrilled by this special once per year opportunity that will be introduced at midnight on Saturday July 11th and then throughout the day on Sunday July 12th.

A week after the above Today’s Special, I will return on July 19th with a Today’s Special featuring two products that have never appeared together, but were selected because of your frequent requests.  We will offer our latest version of our Ultimate Friendly Flora with its incredible 25 Billion colony-forming units per capsule of the perfect balance of the most important flora and probiotics.  It offers unparalleled digestive and immune system support.  It is a truly feel-the-difference product.  Our second product will be a first-time Today’s Special and based upon your requests, it is long overdue.  It is also perhaps our best reviewed formula and it is none other than our amazing Cranberry Benefits.  If you read the reviews of our Cranberry Benefits, you will understand why we have received so many requests for so long to make it a Today’s Special.  Well, I am happy to say, it has finally arrived, and like the Ultimate Friendly Flora, both of these products will be available on their own at their best pricing ever or also in a bundle that affords even greater savings.  Our Cranberry Benefits is truly a remarkable product with hundreds of almost unanimously positive reviews with more than 90% being perfect 5-Star reviews!  I recommend that it not simply be used when we are having urinary tract issues, but every day, since so many of us (both men and women) suffer from those annoying urinary tract issues that creep up on us by surprise. If you want the perfect product to promote and maintain the health of your bladder, kidneys and urinary tract, then you should look no further and simply read the reviews for this remarkable product.  Just like everyone in my family, I take it every single day and would never go a day without it.  Once you enjoy the benefits of either of these formulas, you will wonder how you lived without them.I look forward to seeing everyone in July.

Have a wonderful start to your summer and let’s all make this a healthy and active summer!

Best of health,


PS  If you like, we can post some photos of the hike I was doing in France every morning or the one Muriel and I just did again in Palm Springs…and of course, some photos of Lincoln, since he is the most photogenic member of this family…by far!

85 thoughts on “Is It Really Almost Summer…Where Did the Month of May Go? And Our July HSN Birthday Today’s Specials”

  1. Yes I enjoy seeing your pics of your summer hiking.

    The up-coming TS are some of my faves. I look forward to seeing you in July.

    1. Looking forward to the Today Specials for July! H
      ave been hoping for a TS for the Ultimate Friendly Flora! Yes, summer is finally here! Would enjoy seeing pictures of Muriel and you hiking etc. and of course Lincoln! Also looking fwd to Muriels new cookbook, I have the previous ones and love all the receipes. 🙂

    2. Andrew as always I can’t wait for your next vsit to HSN Really looking forward to this TS. Luv,Luv the products. See ya soon

      1. Why are the shows on SO LATE, it is really hard to stay awake and enjoy them.
        I usually can’ t always fall asleep and miss them.

    3. I still question the Marine Collagen Peptide. A product to be taken cautiously per my doctor, if you have HB or heart disease, so not for everyone. I too have been using Andrews” products before he came to HSN and recommend to many who are now purchasing from HSN or Pro-Caps Laboratories. After the loss of Andrew’s friend, I am so glad he has found a soul-mate and to hear about his Godchild, who now is all grown, I remember when she was born. Be watching in July. Saving money till then.

      1. I have heart problems, is the Marine Collagen Peptide not good for people with this problem ????
        These things should be told about all Vitamins sold to people.

    4. Would love to see more photos of Lincoln. Muriel is always a plus. Maybe, one of Andrew. But, not that long haired imposter in the T-shirt. Andrew only wears blue shirts.

  2. All three of you really shine in that picture but as you already know we love Lincoln more. By the way, I’ve been buying your vitamins since the days you started on that other shopping channel. Your a trusted brand and I commend you for keeping your high standards over these many years.

  3. Will you ever have a TS for Cinnamon? I think it is so important for those who are diabetic and those on the borderline. You only have a choice of 240 and I would like to see a larger bottle since my husband who is diabetic also takes it everyday. Love the HSN and have used it for over 12 years now. Haven’t tried the Marine Collagen Peptides but might try it next months. We take over 12 different Andrew Lessman products and haven’t been sick for over 10 years. I am 66 and my husband is 69 but we don’t feel like it due to you!

  4. You guys look wonderful. I have enjoyed Andrew Lessman’s products for many years now and they work well
    for me with my health issues. Thank you Andrew for your great work, keep doing it.

    1. Bitte? Hast du die gestern spielen gesehen? Also, das sind fuer mich die wahren WeeUteistlr!mnd Deutschland gegen Italien war das wahre Finale!Capisci? Verstehst?

  5. I am glad to hear you fully enjoyed the month of May. As for me, I don’t regret it disappeared. Although third (of May) was my birthday, I spent the entire month of Home. My girlfriend broke up with me; I am still unable to heal the wound in my heart. I really summer bring my Joy back…

  6. Great pics! Love your products! I have a question for you regarding Nitric Oxide. Do you have products with Nitric Oxide? I noticed another product on the market and was researching it. Thanks! Enjoy your summer.

  7. Nice family photo Andrew! The longer hair looks good on you. Look at how happy Linc is. I just love his adorable face, especially when you do the HSN shows in-house at Pro Caps Labs and Linc comes out and sticks his nose into the camera! LOL

  8. I had heard talk about you starting a supplement line for our furbaby members of the family?? Is this just rumor or is it something you will bring to us? I know I’d surely buy your supplements for my furbaby since she deserves THE BEST just like we do, which is ANDREW LESSMAN supplements!

    1. I second that. My guy needs something for healthy skin (has sebatious cysts) and for leg and joint strength (tore ACLs on both back legs AT THE SAME TIME just 2 weeks after RGIII of the Redskins tore his and had surgery, too. Rough recovery as you can imagine ). He’s a Lhasa Apso mix, 28 lbs., about 8 or 9 (not certain as we rescued him –well who rescued who is still debatable, ha– so we made “Thanksgiving” Day his new birthday). He’s a charmer and the best dog in the world. Sorry, Lincoln, you can be 2nd best. 🙂

      1. I too have a rescue, a pit bull girl, now 7. She had a partial ACL tear several years ago. She has recovered, but my heart still skips a beat when she runs up and down the banks in my yard. Anrew, I live on disability since cancer “visited” and it is impossible for me to get all of your supplements which are of quality bar none. I give my Bella several :Glucosamine/Condroitin ( 2 a day),Omega 3 ( every other day), CoQ-10 (every other day). Lincoln gets Ultimate Eye Support. I have not ” SHARED” it with my Bella yet because I myself nearly lost my sight and my eyes are damaged ,had several surgeries and am doing as well or better than was expected. Andrew please let me know if the supplements my Bella gets do also protect her from cataracts. ( Bella weighs 59 lb) Could I please receive a reply????????

    2. I so agree about our furbaby But I like Andrew give my girl, a few of Andres’s products, but in smaller doze, such as Omega-3 and Cranberry and even Friendly Flora (when she has an upset stomach) My vet approves.

  9. would love to pictures of France &
    palm Springs too! Have taken your products for 30 years. Have glaucoma, & currently take zazanthin & eye benefits. Sorry bout spelling. I am a West Texas farmer. retired now. Can’t travel, as we spend all our money on vites!! half-way teasing, I know they are the best.

  10. Thank you for your wonderful blog. Amazing what you and Muriel have been doing
    You both look wonderful, however Lincoln looks the best.
    Your products are amazing. I got my husband started on the Iron and the Leg Circulation vitamins. He can’t be without them.
    Thank for all you do.

  11. Thank you for your wonderful blog. Amazing what you and Muriel have been doing
    You both look wonderful, however Lincoln looks the best.
    Your products are amazing. I got my husband started on the Iron and the Leg Circulation vitamins. He can’t be without them.
    Thank you for all you do.

  12. I love the “family ” photo and would certainly enjoy seeing more vacation pics.

    Andrew, you provide such peace of mind with your research and the vitamins you supply.
    There are so many things to be wary of (in everyday living)…thank you for taking the guess work out of
    supplement choices.

    Lincoln is one handsome dude….give him a hug from me

    Blessings from our home to yours.

    Bev C

  13. I have been using your products for many years. I have had systemic lupus for 40 years and I cannot be without the vitamins. I always wait with eager breath to always getting a package with the vitamins within.

  14. If you have capsules sticking together, you can put them in the refrigerator for a few hours and the task of separating them slowly may be possible. Hope it works for anyone having this problem.

  15. Thanks andrew for bringing all the vitamins to us. The two products your bringing in July are just what we need.we all would love to see pics of you and muriel and muriel needed much time off.

  16. Thank you Andrew for your vitamins, I have been taking them since 1995 and am passionate about them, the way they are manufactured, quality of ingredients and also your giving back to benefit other in need.
    Look forward to your “Today’s Special” coming up in July!

  17. I love the cranberry pills and highly recommend them. I look forward to your TS in July. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for good health. Please share pictures of your travels this summer and of Lincoln. I have so many of your vitamins and it’s hard to
    Pick a favorite!!

  18. Those sound like nice Todays Specials. What happened to the Essential One? I thought you did it in July? Will you have Essential One TS in Oct with the CoQ10?

  19. Thank you, Andrew, so much for your very effective vitamins you offer everyone. Also….thanking GOD for you, Andrew, for your expertise in developing these wonderful vitamins to nourish our bodies. It’s always exciting to see what ‘new’ product you’re going to launch every year. I will definitely be watching in July as you kick-off both of your spectacular Today’s Specials. Also, I will be waiting for Muriel to launch her delicious Mediterranean cuisine books. I’m getting hungry thinking of it. Yes….I would certainly love seeing more of your vacation pictures, including everyone’s love, Lincoln. GOD’s Blessings to you and all of your entire family.

    Love ~

    Bev N.

  20. If Muriel is your wife, you chose well Grasshopper!
    I am working on your phosphatidyl serine. I hope it helps my 70 year old cognition.
    Best regards..Steve

  21. Thank you for making the sometimes confusing supplement choices that saturate the market so much easier to understand, not to mention pure and clean! I fully trust your products and recommend them to all of my training clients of all ages.
    YES definitely post vacation photos please! God bless!

  22. I would love to see the pictures.Muriel n you loos wonderful, but Lincoln get the prize. Thank you for all the wonderful supplement.

  23. Great picture! You look so vibrant and youthful. I have been taking your vitamins / supplements for many years and they deliver results. The product quality and your integrity and extensive knowledge are unmatched. I confidently recommend them to my family. Keep up the good work.

  24. Would love to see your hikes at San Jacinto. I’m moving there soon from the state of Washington. Probably pretty close to Yucaipa or possibly Hemet. Nice Senior Parks at both places for us “retired” folks!!

    1. Oh Carol, have you not been reading about the severe drought we here in Southern California are experiencing. You might want to rethink your move and wait until this drought is over as it is only going to get worse and restrictions are getting tighter by the day. Washington is beautiful and has WATER! Many here are thinking of moving there. Good luck to you.

  25. Dear Andrew —

    I think your blog is wonderful except that it should be in columnar format. It’s too difficult to read the way it is. Hope you are not offended but I think you’d have more readers that way. I found it very confusing to read all the way across and try and keep my place.


    1. I agree with the difficulty with reading all the way across. I have the same problem with the vitamins trying to keep my place. Again, not to be critical Andrew because you are so perfect in every other way. Keep up your good work.

  26. Glad to see the coming Today’s Special Value for July and August’s Today’s special — could not come at a better time for me. Also, bring on those pictures.

    Keep on going on!

  27. I love the family photo and would like to see more of your hiking experience. Andrew, I am so grateful for your eye vitamins and fish oil. They have done wonders for me and my family. Glad to hear you have changed the Marine Collagen formula. I currently have one three-fourths full and another unopened one. We just can’t take the fish taste. I also wish it had not been made from Tilapia fish since eating this kind of fish causes inflammation.

  28. Yes, Andrew we want pictures. We always want pictures–no need to ask if we want pictures. Hehehe
    I am so happy you and Muriel met. You both look so happy.
    Love your vitamins and teas.

  29. You may recall a couple of years ago I left a note that I had something amazing that I formulated… well back then your R &D guy Todd called. I won’t mention the course of our conversation other than to say he was unacceptable. I have now obtained a patent. I am a former Sr. Executive and was a chronically ill and eventually completely disabled patient. I have recovered a laundry list of diagnoses and have a phenomenal personal story and helped others along the way. I am told by the medical director of the largest alternative health clinic in the midwest, that I have the most important discovery in the history of medicine. You are welcome to reach me at to arrange for an NDA and schedule time for you and I to talk. I won’t speak to anyone less, especially considering the “tactics” he used. Great pic btw! Warmest regards,

    Alicia Kali
    Founder, Lead Scientist
    Panacea Biomed

  30. Hi Andrew: Please post photos of your vacations in both France and US. Also post photos of the whole family. All of your are such healthy, good looking people (that includes Lincoln).

  31. yes, please do post pictures! all 3 of you look great, happy and healthy! thank you for all you do for our good health, looking forward to the July shows!

  32. Andrew, I’d love to send you a photo of my amazing 91 year old mother who has used your products for ten years at least! She tells everyone your products are the best and credits them with her good health. You will not believe how active, alert, and beautiful she is! Can I send a photo? How?
    Thank you,

  33. Where, when, how do we get to see your hiking photos? I am just lately getting introduced to your vitamins and am impressed with their quality & results!

  34. Love, Love, Love Andrew Lessman supplements! My husband and I take LOTS of Andrew Lessman’s vitamins and supplements and most of them you definitely do “feel the difference”! I get panicky if I run low on Cranberry Benefits or Immune Factors. Can’t wait for him to come back to HSN in July!

  35. Andrew, I will always take the Ultimate Eye Caps, Essential 1 vitamins, CoQ 10 and Astaxanthin. I take many other of your products. I am 80 and other than arthritis and allergies, in good health and I have you to thank that I can say so. Thank you for sharing and informing us about each product. Would enjoy the pictures and love to see more of Lincoln. Thanks and God Bless.

  36. Thanks for the wonderful vitamins. Yes, I would love to see photos of your and Muriel’s hike. Looking forward to vitamin show(s) in July. Am looking for good vitamins for my dry hair.

  37. What a wonderful time! Keep up the good health. You are amazing. I have never replied to a blog in my life, but I was thinking of communicating sometime soon regarding your supplements. I am a huge fan of your vitamins. I live in Tucson Arizona and first started taking a serious look at supplements having met Andrew Weil and helping PBS with a presentation he gave. The knowledge I gained from just reading his research helped me to save myself from arthritis. I turned everything around in 5 months. That was over 15 years ago and I am extremely healthy with no signs of any immune deficiencies. I started taking your vitamins about 5 years ago and have found that my body responds readily and immediately to your products. (I now give my dogs your omegas as well The one thing I wish for in the future, is if you could offer supplements that don’t have all the added Bs, etc. For instance I cannot take the One a day and the Healthy Skin Hair.. and also the CoQ, and Eye support in one day without overdosing on some of the added vitamins. I want CoQ and Biotin, etc. but have to juggle. Any way of just offering some virgin ingredients? You could always recommend what should be taken in conjunction with… Thanks! Liz

  38. Hello Andrew,
    I cannot wait to watch you next month. Not only do I just automatically order your today’s special, but I listen intently in case you have additional information to share with all of us. See you next month!!
    Las Vegas NV

  39. Hi Andrew, I never received a response from my Email asking you the difference between you 2 eye products. Also, why do you have 2, is one better than the other. Would really like to know. I have been taking the Max Eye Support for many, many years & am wondering if I should switch to the Ultimate Eye Support. Will be waiting for a reply. Thank you, Jun

    1. That Chicken Bacon Wild Rice soup sounds intriguing; the link di;&8#n217dt take me to that recipe?Enjoy your last 4(ish) months there! Live to the fullest, whatever that means!

  40. I started taking the glucosamine and chondroitin 5 capsules for a couple of months now and hope to be needing when you put it on special again ………..I look forward to just taking 4 caps instead of the 5………..I do not have to take the same amount
    of pain medication that I had to before……..YEA|||||…………….you really improved the omega 3 product because I can actually .take this every day and I’m thrilled……………….YES YES please pics of France and Palm Springs are most welcome……..Thank you both for all your effort to keep us healthy and hopefully WISE………….Naomi

  41. Andrew, I always learn a lot from you when you are on the air at HSN, I take several of your products and I really feel a difference in my body when I take them. I bought the omega three recently and the eye support and I recommend them to friends and family, even my clients, I tell them all about it. Thanks for being a caring and wonderful person that brings us great products.

  42. Andrew, you have turned a great many of us into educated consumers and we thank you for that. Your passion to produce superior products in an ethical and eco-friendly manner is without question one of your core principles. Please keep up the fine work!

  43. Andrew:

    It’s good to finally see the Cranberry benefits on a TS. My mom had constant bladder infections for like 5 years. She was basically on antibiotics for all of the duration of those 5 years. I told her that was HORRIBLE, and she should try your cranberry. It took me awhile to talk her into it, but she finally agreed to take two per day. Within a few weeks, UT test came back infection free. It’s been about a year, and her results are still showing infection free. Her doctor couldn’t believe your cranberry did what expensive modern medicine couldn’t. She now also takes Cinnamon, ALA-400, Essential 1, Fish Oil, Vitamin D, Green Tea, Co-Q 10, and Cal-Mag. She is in great health, and she says she feels better than she has in years.

    Now, to me. I take several vitamins, but a few are REALLY expensive and never a TS. I was going to suggest you bundle the Alpha Lipoic Acid 400 with the Cinnamon since both have shown to lower blood sugar levels. Of course, ALA does FAR more than that. Among the most impressive things, it “recharges” other antioxidants such as Vit C so it can do even more good. I know ALA is pricy, but I honestly think EVERYONE should be taking it since it is such a potent antioxidant in both the water and oil phases. It’s quite impressive! It honestly gives me as much energy as the B12!

    Now, lastly, could you PLEASE bundle the Whey protein isolate with the Secure next Jan? I mix a scoop of the Whey with my vanilla Secure in milk to maximize the protein. It would be great to bundle them together or at least offer “extra” special pricing on the Whey. I’ve tried other brands, but they just do not mix as well as yours nor do they have such a pleasant taste. In fact, I can’t really taste it when mixed with Secure. I have to work out at the gym to keep my LDL cholesterol down without statins, and the protein builds muscle. Not only have I lost lots of weight, but I’ve reduced my overall cholesterol from 275 to 222 without any medications. I hope my numbers continue to fall. So, please do a TS with Whey and ALA!



  44. What happened to the Hair Skin and Nails with the papaya …… I’ve been waiting for that to come back !

  45. Andrew, we use many, many of your vitamins for many years, however I have not heard you mention anything about iodine for the thyroid, have we missed something? Yes would love to see the pictures of all three of you! Hope you will have the time to reply before July 11-12. Have a good summer. Elizabeth Cierpka

  46. Hi Andrew, I take many of your vitamins but I no longer able to take your Vit K-2 as my doctor does not want me to take the Vit K-1 due to its clotting aspect. I need the Vit-2 for my osteopenia condition. Any chance you will be manufacturing just a Vit K -2 supplement? I trust your supplements and hate the thought of buying elsewhere.
    Yes, Andrew, please post the photo’s of your hikes.

  47. Each time when Andrew comes up with his blogs announcing his TS. I always have mixed feeling. Of course, I feel excited that Andrew is coming on Air again with his great products on TS and we would have a chance to learn (or review) something about health from him. At the same time, I am feeling time is flying by so quickly that I can’t even catch it, like Andrew is stating in this blog. I am getting older (period). 🙁

    I can’t wait to hear what special formula is he going to put in his Healthy Hair Skin and Nail (HHSN), as he didn’t mention above? I know he is going to put high level of biotin and all the essential vitamins into his capsules but in additional to that, is he going to put resveratrol and/or EGCG or other antioxidant in them (I hope he would put coq10 as a special formula/edition to his HHSN in July ), as he always has done over every July in the past? I love the cranberry. I have no issue with my urinary tract however, I still like to take them. Thank you for all of those special pricing and would get the biggest jars as possible.

    I still hoping Andrew can do the “Fruitful Antioxidant” and/or “Cruciferous Vegetable” and/or “Ultimate Antioxidants” as a Today Special sometime in the future.

  48. Several months ago, if I remember correctly, you alluded to the possibility of having more diverse TS, such
    as Ph. Serine, etc; still waiting… unless I missed it; HSNails already affordable to buy continually unlike
    PS. Just my 2 cents.

  49. Andrew, I’ve been taking your vitamins for many years, going way back! We have always purchased the CoQ10 100 but recently saw a doctor suggest taking 200-300 mg a day so am wondering if we should order the higher dose next time, which will be your July HSN visit. Would love you to comment on the various strengths and why we maybe should be taking more than the 100 we have now, we’re seniors.

    Looking forward to the next TV visit, we always learn so much when you’re on!

    Peggy Brow

    1. Hello Peggy: Although Andrew has special price on coq10 200 mg (and his other products) each time he is on air with HSN but if you can wait until October (of every year, I hope this year also), Andrew would be offering Today Special on his coq10, with bigger bottles, better pricing, and more flex pays. If money is not an issue for you, or you just simply can’t wait, then you can order it in July (or at anytime). If you like many of us, prefer to wait for October, which will be the next time after his July visits, he will be offering better pricing with more quantities of his coq10 (more bangs for your bucks).

  50. I love Andrew supplements!I always recommend them to family and friends!

    For all the customers that wand to save some money when they shop for the favorite vitamins on HSN
    i recommend to follow this link
    I did it and every time i shop i save up to 6.7% on my purchases it’s free to sign up

  51. Thank you andrew for this post and really want to thank you for the two products the crannberries, Friendly flora.We really need these two products together. I am so thankfull for you products, and muriel what she does also.looking forward to seeing you and muriel on July 19th. Share the pic in France and calley (california).and Lincoln we can’t leave him out pic of him also

  52. Dear Andrew, I watch you all of the time on HSN and have really enjoyed your products. I was interested in the lack of encryption on your products given all of the concerns related to counterfeiting in the supplements industry. I realize that you take extraordinary measures to ensure the highest quality of your products but guilt by association does exist. Our patented “Diamond” technology can create a solution for this issue and also afford you a significant marketing opportunity. Please visit us at to learn how we can help.


    Don Yarson (

  53. I was sooooo disappointed that your Essential 1 Multi-Vitamin-Mineral capsules were not included for July’s Special. I waited all year to buy this, expecting a special (as was presented on July 20, 2014-500 capsules-$99.90). I hope you will decide to have a yearly special for the Essential 1 during the same month, so that I can plan to purchase a year’s supply. As it turned out, I ran out of these vitamins for 3-weeks. I only did as you taught me and did not buy the store-bought variety. Hope you will consider my request (and hope you read this) from a humble lady in Delaware.

  54. I’m really having a great Eve reading through your articles Andrew, this one in particular caught my eye! The new book has me up at night in anticipation LOOOOL.OH, and by the way, our orders JUST arrived on the cog10 200. Hmmmm what did you whisper last time on hsn haha!! Anyway, another story for another post it truly was not my intention to offend anyone. Highly recommend the coq10 my friends have followed my recommendation and I’ve made it compulsory for everyone to gather on the comments section to share ideas, open the table for further discussion and guide the way for the newbies and of course for when the veterans lose their way and need a nudge in the right direction to a heathy, happy life that’s not only earned but deserved. Andrew, I say Bravo sir. I applaud. With the roar of a thousand clapping hands, and a bow for the evening.

    P.s, saw you at Westlake having a meal but was too shy too approach!

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