This Weekend, The Eyes Have It! Protecting The Most Precious of Our Five Senses.

It only makes sense that our annual Today’s Special for our unique Omega-3s should be followed by our best opportunity to enjoy its perfect partner – our Ultimate Eye Support formula.  I will explain the relationship between these two formulas in the following paragraph, but first of all, I wanted to let everyone know that despite last weekend’s unexpected response, we were able to produce sufficient quantities of our Maximum Essential Omega-3 formula to fulfill ALL orders.  I was uncertain during the day on Sunday, but I am pleased to say that our production team was able to complete and fulfill all orders, so no one missed out on the amazing 50%+ savings that our annual Today’s Special allows us to offer.  This weekend we have another best pricing ever event where the Today’s Special spotlight will shine on the most important natural ingredients we must consume for the protection and maintenance of the health of our eyes and vision.  In fact, along with this weekend’s best pricing ever on Ultimate Eye Support, there will also be a special bundle that combines our Ultimate Eye Support with a bottle of Astaxanthin, our body’s other favorite visual carotenoid.

I mentioned above that our Omega-3 formulas and Ultimate Eye Support are perfect partners and I suspect many folks might wonder how two seemingly unrelated formulas could be so dependent upon one another when it comes to eye health.  It is actually quite easy to explain and understand without my having to get into any fancy biochemistry.  If you recall from last weeks on-air discussion and some of the scientific charts I shared, by far the highest concentration of the Omega-3 DHA in the human body is found in the retina of the eye.  As you know, the most important ingredient in any Omega-3 formula is DHA, which is why the health benefits of Omega-3s now go far beyond heart and brain health to promoting lifetime eye health.  But how does that connect Omega-3s directly with our Ultimate Eye Support?  The two key ingredients in our Ultimate Eye formula are Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which like the Omega-3 DHA, are also most concentrated by far in the retina of the eye.  How fascinating is it that three ingredients found throughout the human body are dramatically more concentrated in the retina and its macular region than any other part of the human body?  If one looks at the nature of these molecules it is an incredibly elegant design that allows DHA to comprise the membrane structures in the retina and macula, which the lipophilic Lutein and Zeaxanthin (fat soluble – literally fat loving) can then ideally position themselves in the membranes of this DHA-rich environment to perform their role as optical pigments giving rise to our vision, and as antioxidants that protect the most fragile tissues of our eye (retina and macula) from a lifetime of radiation (light) induced damage.  It is a perfectly designed system and the more you dig into the science and research, the more impressive and compelling the benefits of a diet rich in these ingredients becomes.

As I often mention, at ProCaps, we always remain completely in-step with the scientific and medical literature.  In fact, it was over 30 years ago that we introduced our first Omega-3 formula and well over 20 years since we introduced Lutein.  It is hard to believe, but it has now been more than a decade since we included even higher levels of Zeaxanthin.  In short, we have always been allowing you to take the finest care of your eyes naturally, long before others contemplated these ingredients.  Moreover, we still provide them in superior forms and in a fashion that ensures you the best results.  Our Ultimate Eye Support remains the most-advanced, affordable, natural, internal-protection for your eyes.  As I often repeat, a doctor friend of mine once told me, “from the moment we open our eyes as infants, the damage begins, as we allow visible light (radiation) to enter our eyes.”  In other words, even the healthiest of eyes experience significant, albeit normal damage over the course of our lifetime.  In short, if we treasure our healthy vision, it is really just basic common sense to give our eyes the natural tools they require (whether by diet or supplement) to protect and repair this lifetime of predictable damage.  Our Ultimate Eye Support was the first of its kind and may likely remain the world’s only formula with high levels of Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Bilberry, Gamma Vitamin E and more.  Best of all, without cutting corners, this comprehensive formula takes several of Mother Nature’s most expensive ingredients and offers them incredibly affordably.

Just as an aside, there has been much scholarly discussion about how some of history’s greatest painters had their later work and career greatly affected by the normal age-related changes and damage to their lens and retina.  It discussed how so much of the evolution of their work that we appreciate may well have been caused by these normal age-related changes in the structure and functioning of their eye.  It is truly fascinating, but as I said above, we will all suffer these normal age-related changes.  There is no escaping them…even the healthiest among us.  As I often say, “we do not escape unscathed from this adventure we call life, but we do get to play a role in how gracefully we survive it.”  That is where we will find the benefits of a healthy diet, supplements and lifestyle.  There are few structures in our body that benefit more and respond better than our eyes when it comes to our healthy choices.  Most folks do not realize that smoking is not just bad for our heart and lungs, but also damages our eyes and even our brain.  In fact, the abundant Lutein and Zeaxanthin in green leafy vegetables that protects our eyes, is also concentrated in key processing areas, thus protecting our brain.  The list of benefits goes on and on, but suffice to say, we do not want to leave our eyes struggling to find the Lutein and Zeaxanthin they require to provide vision and to protect themselves.  We also do not want to leave our eyes without the precious Anthocyanins that protect and preserve our night vision.  That has always been a key property and benefit of this formula, and one of the most common comments posted in its reviews is about the return of quality night vision and with it, the ability to drive more comfortably and enjoy life more fully.

As I often reiterate, I encourage you to visit the National Institutes of Health research database at  I recommend doing a simple search on the words, Lutein and/or Zeaxanthin and Astaxanthin with the words Retina or Macular or Vision, etc.  You will encounter thousands of studies, which underscores the scientific support that exists for this formula.  Of course, as I tried to remind everyone last week with Omega-3s, and this despite the fact that our Omega-3 formula is perhaps the best in the world, our diet is the first place we should seek our Omega-3s.  However, it is clear that Omega-3s and Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Anthocyanins have more than their high concentration in the eye in common, since sadly, they and their protective benefits are all highly deficient from the typical American diet.  Unfortunately, without an eye supplement, most Americans lack the nutrients necessary for optimum vision, particularly as they age.  Again, it is easy to understand this when one considers that the retina and its vital macular region possess the body’s highest levels of Lutein, Zeaxanthin and DHA. Sadly, our body can’t make them, so it is up to us to provide them either by a rich, healthy, comprehensive diet or a healthy, comprehensive eye supplement.

Our eyes protect us and look after us for a lifetime, isn’t it time to return the favor?

I hope to see you tomorrow night at 11 PM ET or throughout the day on Sunday.

Best of Health.


12 thoughts on “This Weekend, The Eyes Have It! Protecting The Most Precious of Our Five Senses.”

  1. I currently take ultimate eye support for all the Reasons you mentioned. However, I recently developed a Fovea eye cyst, which is the other reason I decided to take this product. I realize it most likely will not cure cysts , but it can only help me overall.

  2. I have been taking Andrew’s Maximum Eye Support for years now. What is the difference between the Max & the Ultimate eye support. I take Omega 3 & Astaxanthin supplements daily along with my Max eye support. The Max labeling shows a higher dosage of Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Am quite puzzled by why you would have 2 eye products instead of one.
    Which do you consider better for the user? Thank you, June

    1. I wondered this myself. Just compared the formulas, and the Maximum is stronger than the Ultimate. If the Maximum is working well for you, perhaps you should just continue with that formula. The Maximum has two or three additional ingredients that are not listed for the Ultimate.

  3. I have just been diagnosed with tinnitus. Doctor has recommended a series of supplements And I should try each one for a month. Nothing can really cure but they may help. Do you have anything in your inventory that may help? Thank you

  4. Why isn’t asthaxanthan included in the eye formula. A leading doctor of opthamology, Dr. Lang uses it in his formula.

  5. Is there any way you can get your videos from the blog uploaded to YouTube so we can stream them on our TV?

  6. I have been using your products for more than a decade. I have been taking the Astaxanthin for a few years and I got a few of my friends to use it also its a “feel it” product if you have eyestrain. I take so many of your products to be pro active with my health and it works.

  7. Andrew,
    What do you think about L-Arginine ? I read that it is good for our arteries. It is supposed to help keep them open and not stiffen up . I already take your Vein & Circulation twice daily for my legs, but his is more for the Heart and arteries.

    Thank You.

  8. I have Posterior Blepharitis Meibomian Gland Disease (MGD). I currently take two Maximum Essential Omega 3 twice a day as directed by my Ophthalmologist. Would I benefit from the other eye supplement? I also take Restasis drops twice a day in each eye. During the day I supplement with preservative free tears. Any suggestions? Thank you

  9. Will Pro Cap Labs consider making a meal replacement shake mix that is all natural/non-GMO, with nothing artificial? I was surprised there are artificial ingredients in the current meal shakes.

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