An Open Letter on Sensa and HSN

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First of all, I want to make it very clear that I have nothing to do with the Sensa weightloss product seen on HSN. My company does not make Sensa and I would never endorse it. One of the great freedoms we enjoy as Americans is an unlimited array of products we can buy. Equally important is our right to be protected from deceptive products and misleading advertising. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), weightloss scams are consistently the #1 area of consumer fraud and as a result, both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the FTC have established clear guidelines for weightloss products. The classic weightloss scam is pretty basic: The advertiser claims that losing weight is “simple and easy” and that their product is a “revolutionary breakthrough” that allows you “to lose weight while you still eat all your favorite, best tasting foods” and “you don’t have to change anything, since their product does all the work for you.” When we read those claims, they sound ridiculous, but as part of a carefully choreographed broadcast coming from a skilled celebrity spokesperson, they are incredibly powerful and convincing. Sadly, the above claims sound all too familiar and when you add some impressive before-and-after pictures and a parade of heart-wrenching live testimonials, you forget the silliness of those exaggerated weightloss claims and the next thing you know you’re buying Sensa. And who could blame you? Simply stated, given the very clear position of the FTC and FDA on weightloss, Sensa is a false and misleading weightloss product.

For those of you who have inquired as to the safety of Sensa, you need not worry. Sensa appears totally safe. Just equally totally useless. None of its ingredients pose any health risk nor for that matter, any apparent weightloss risk. All the ingredients in Sensa are GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) and although the folks at Sensa claim it is “clinically proven,” my research department has been unable to find a single published, peer-reviewed clinical study showing weightloss resulting from Sensa or any of its ingredients. Reading their label, the first three ingredients in Sensa are Maltodextrin, Tricalcium Phosphate and Silica. Maltodextrin is a corn-derived, sugar-based carbohydrate that is a common calorie source in energy drinks. Maltodextrin is a calorie-containing sweetener and Sensa can only say it has no calories, sugar or carbohydrate for the technical reason that its serving size is so small. Nevertheless, the primary ingredient in Sensa is a complex sugar from corn. Maltodextrin plays no weightloss role in Sensa and it likely acts as a carrying agent. The next ingredient in Sensa is Tricalcium Phosphate – an inexpensive form of Calcium that plays no weightloss role in Sensa and is likely used as an anti-caking agent. The third ingredient in Sensa is Silica (Silicon Dioxide), which plays no weightloss role in Sensa and likely acts as a drying agent. The rest of Sensa is some barely noticeable flavors and trace amounts of two colors. Given that half of Sensa’s powder is likely Maltodextrin costing less than $1 per pound, plus Tricalcium Phosphate and Silica costing about $2 per pound, as well as some flavors and traces of color, Sensa powder is likely very inexpensive. Since a month’s supply of Sensa is less than one-eleventh of a pound, it appears likely that it contains less than a dollar of powder. The math is simple, but unless there are ingredients not stated on the label (illegal to do), then excluding the cost of the package, a 30-day supply of Sensa contains well under a dollar of powder, yet sells for almost $60. Wow! Apparently, the only thing more astounding than their weightloss claims is the extraordinary price they get for seemingly ordinary ingredients.

By the way, Sensa is not my competitor, since weightloss is not my focus at all and I don’t make appetite suppressants, but even if I did make an appetite suppressant, how could anyone compete with a magical powder with remarkable powers to alter brain chemistry and hormones? According to the folks at Sensa, their powder can hardly be tasted or smelled, yet it rapidly goes to the brain and affects the taste and smell centers in the brain. It then stimulates the hypothalamus, which stimulates the pituitary, which causes a secretion of hormones that suppresses your appetite causing feelings of fullness. Apparently, Sensa does all these things to your brain, endocrine system and hormones instantly and unconsciously, since it all happens while you are eating and without your being aware of your tasting it or smelling it. Your appetite is magically reduced by just sprinkling trace amounts of some ordinary chemicals on your food. If it weren’t so far-fetched, then their own description of how Sensa works would sound more like a drug than a supplement, but I will leave that determination to the experts…and you should not waste your hard-earned money on a weightloss scam.

Best of health,

Andrew Lessman

187 thoughts on “An Open Letter on Sensa and HSN”

  1. Thank you for that thoughtful and well-written article.
    The decision to remove your weight loss products from HSN must have been a difficult one. After viewing your video, I strongly suspected the reason behind your choice, and reading this blog has confirmed this.
    Thank you for your honesty and integrity, both in your products and your person.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful products,
    your integrity, and your honesty.
    Everything you said on this blog makes "sensa" to me.
    God bless you!

  3. Thanks Andrew for your consistent integrity! In today’s environment is so great to support honest and ethical businesses. I love your products, your energy consciousness and your honest and informative approach. Keep up the good work!!! I am a customer for life.

  4. Hi Andrew. After reading about Sensa, your decision is understandable and I support you. Since becoming a customer five years ago, I have convinced four family members to try your products; we know you make the purest, most effective supplements in the world. One can simply feel and see the difference in their health. Thanks for going solar and thanks for adding Friendly Flora to your product line. 🙂

  5. I appreciate your honesty, but I think this letter belittles the people like myself who purchased Sensa. I cannot say if the product itself works for sure, but it makes me think about everything I put in my mouth every time I eat, and I am losing weight. Does that not make the product enough of a success, even if it only works for some? You say you are not in competition with this product but you single this product out from the 100’s of other weightloss products, which probably just as dubious in your eyes.

  6. Andrew, Andrew – If all company’s had a consience and morals as you do. This world would be a better place. Thank you for "going green&?uot;(solar)and for caring about us and the quality of your products. Never change – May God bless you and your business!

  7. Andrew you have always claimed to be a man of high integrity and with this decision concerning HSN and it’s "lowering of its own standards", you have proven it to me. You are truely a dying breed. I know money will be sacrificed and I am extremely sorry about that, but at the same time I am glad to know you practice what you preach. In my book, a good name and an honorable reputation is something to be proud of and you sir have that! May God bless you…

  8. Andrew, your honest, ethical and knowledgeable approach to the health industry has made me as a repeat customer for over 11 yrs. I discovered your products on HSN and respect your decision to exit the weight loss industry with them. I will continue to support your spectacular products. Your products make a difference to peoples lives!!

  9. Thank you Andrew! I have no concerns about any of your products, but I appreciate your honest and open communication with us. Your honesty and integrity is precisely why we purchase your products and why I recommend them to my family. This is a good opportunity to thank you for all you do for us as individuals and for your efforts at protecting the environment for all of us. You are an excellent example for corporate America.

  10. I watched the Sensa product when it aired on HSN and was, quite frankly, a little concerned that they would sell a product that is not quite to the standard of HSN. HSN constantly prides itself on "selecting" the very best of the best for their clients and it shows me that HSN cares only of the bottom line. The return rate of Sensa will speak for itself and I don’t blame you for not co-mingling your first-rate products and those that are not in line with your philosophy. Things happen for a reason and maybe this will provide an opportunity for expanding your products online. I see informercials for your Co-Q along with Women’s Wellness and Healthy Hair Skin and Nails to name a few. You are good at what you do and your integrity is impeccable.

  11. Andrew,
    I had no doubt that it was you who decided to pull your weight loss products from HSN and not the other way around and never for a minute did I think anything was wrong with them. I appreciate this well thought out letter, but don’t we really all know there is no magic bullet or "sprinkle" to loose weight? If people want to spend that amount of money to sprinkle something on their food in yet another attempt at loosing weight, so be it. I’ve trusted your products sin?e before you ever went to HSN and only joined HSN because I found you there, i’d rather buy directly from your site to be honest. I do have to ask, however, why is HSN still carrying your weight loss products? Did they not get the memo or are they that uphappy with your decision. Anyway, I couldn’t afford the secure when it was the TS when you were on HSN so i’m off to buy a bottle of vanilla here. Regards and we’ll see you in April on HSN.

  12. Andrew – I am very happy you expanded your comments and cleared up the speculations that were all over the place. I only take your products because they do not upset my very sensitive system. I am an older lady and would love to lose a few lbs. I have tried your am/pm, carni slim – and they did not help me in any noticeable way. The secure is soy and it does not agree with me. Sensa is way too expensive and I was not tempted to try it – and I have tried lots of items on the market which do not work. I may have tried sensa if it had been a lot less expensive – eventho I have come to the conclusion, there really isn’t anything on the market that works and is safe. You have my highest regard and respect. I have referred your Pro Caps site to many of my family and friends. I actually prefer to order from your site rather than HSN. Your solar plant in Nevada looks wonderful and I wish I lived there and could work there. I love Nevada. Take care and be vocal and let us know the real deal – it is appreciated.

  13. Dear Andrew,
    I so appreciate your consistent honesty with all of your customers. You have integrity which is a rarety in today’s world. If more businesses were as ethical as you this world would be a much better place. Companies could learn a thing or two from you and how you operate your business. I have taken your supplements for some time now and most recently your Joint Effort Plus. I can’t tell you how much they have helped me in a relatively short period of time. I was having difficulty walking with the pain from my right knee and I am almost completely pain free. I am a walking testimonial of your product. I tell EVERYONE about you and your wonderful company. I made a conscious decision to buy directly from your company from now on. Your prices are phenonmenal esp. auto ship and your customer service is beyond amazing. BRAVO to you for making a stand and sticking to what you believe in. I didn’t think it was possible to admire you more than I already do! God bless you and your family and everyone at your company. You are truly appreciated…

  14. I truly understand your decision and actually wondered "what would Andrew say about this??" when I saw Sensa aired on HSN. I don’t think you needed to pull your products, though. Time always tells, and Secure would have outlasted Sensa by a milestone. Your integrity, honesty?and knowledge far outshine the dime-a-dozen weight loss gimmicks that flood our market today. Actually, I was reading the HSN boards tonight and apparently Sensa has been pulled from HSN! Hopefully, you and HSN can come to some future agreement and bring Secure back. My husband and I use the Secure every day and truly enjoy it, plus many, many of your supplements. Take care…..

  15. Andrew ,
    Thank’s for laying it out for us .
    We that are used to quality products will continue to seek out
    your healthy product’s .

  16. I’m a longtime customer of your supplements and know them to be high quality.
    Regarding weight loss, my main problem with it is appetite control. I am trying the Sensa, along with a healthy lifestyle.
    Over the years I’ve tried products like Dexatrim, Xenadrine EFX, Guarana, Ephedra, Hoodia, etc. and some of those really bothered me and were potentially unsafe. The product of yours that contained chitosan made me itch.
    As you stated, Sensa is not unsafe, and I don’t appear to have any allergy to it, as I’ve been using it a short time and have no side effects. I am much less hungry. Tonight for dinner I made "the big salad" that my husband and I love, with almost all organic veggies and organic boneless skinless chicken. I had trouble eating the whole salad and was full much sooner than usual. I skipped dessert!
    I thank you for your concern for my pocketbook, but if the product works for me I’ll be thrilled. It seems to be helping so far. If it doesn’t work I simply won’t reorder it.
    We are all different and what works for some doesn’t work for all.
    I would appreciate being given the respect I deserve as an intelligent woman who can make her own decisions about what products she’d like to try, to help her achieve her weight loss goal.
    Mrs. B

  17. Mr. Lessman, I just went to the HSN website and your weight-loss products are there for sale. You said you removed them. Could you explain please? I was wondering if you ever tried Sensa or know anybody that did. You imply that Sensa is a deceptive product, has misleading advertising (actually they could explain it a little better), exaggerated weightloss (30 #’s in 6 months is exaggerated??), that it has no benefits and is too expensive. But the good news…. you refer to Sensa as an appetite surpressant (which it is) and not harmful. Absence of science (a doc worked on it for how many years?) and conscious disregard for the law (what’s that about?)
    I suppose you know Sensa has been removed from HSN, of course HSN and Sensa are not saying anything about what really happened, in fact, HSN says it sold out. I didn’t fall of the turnip truck! The sucessful launch of Sensa on Hsn… next thing you pull your weight-loss products, now Sensa products are off and yours are back on. You are right, Mr. Lessman, you can’t compete. I bought the product, it does exactly what it says it does…suppresses your appetite and gives you long term satisfaction…you can still eat foods you like, but you eat much less of them. Thank you Mr. Lessman, for sucessfully getting Sensa thrown off HSN. If I am wrong, please let me know…but I will tell you one thing more….you are wro?g about Sensa. You can deny our sucess and "exaggerated" outcomes all you want, you won’t change the fact, that Sensa is the first product ever to come along, that really works.

  18. I appreciate all the responses and the kind words, but a couple of your responses warrant a quick reply on my part.
    First of all, I want to make it very clear that I have nothing to do with Sensa not being currently available to buy on HSN…absolutely nothing. I would imagine it is sold out and it will be returning in the near future. Also, my weightloss products should be gone in the very near future. If I had my way, my weightloss products would have been gone weeks ago, but sadly, HSN does not move as quickly as I would like and it has taken them quite awhile to close out the inventory, but rest assured, they will be gone regardless of what occurs with Sensa. Even if Sensa is gone tomorrow, my weightloss will be gone as well.
    For those of you who think Sensa is a good weightloss product, please enjoy it, since it should do you no harm – apart from misleading you, since it certainly is not a weightloss solution with any credibility, substance or longevity. Moreover, if you are losing weight using it, you should be proud of yourself, since it is you who is causing the weightloss and not Sensa.
    I won’t argue the science, since there isn’t any to argue nor the law, since the liberties taken by Sensa are too numerous to mention, but an "AVERAGE weightloss of 30 pounds in 6 months among all study participants" is enormous. It would be nice if someone could actually review the study, but sadly, the folks at Sensa have not shared it with any of us; however, if you look up their patent application at and the number is 20030147938, you will find that they state that Sensa causes weightloss of 3 to 6 pounds in six months or just half a pound per month. Numbers like that would not sell alot of Sensa on TV and that is a far cry from the 30 pound AVERAGE in 6 months they emphasize from this new research, but unfortunately, the results of this study have NEVER been published and are not available to us at all and are also oddly contrary to their own patent application. Their results are also ridiculously high even by the most permissive standards and the only means that I am aware of to achieve that kind of consistent and substantial weightloss is with weightloss surgery.
    Despite the absence of any credible published research, anyone who purchased or uses Sensa should not feel badly or belittled, since Sensa’s presentation and sales pitch are designed to be very persuasive and convince you to buy it. Sadly, it is when the science and substance are so lacking that the most compelling testimonials, before and after pictures, pseudo-science and other creative sales tools become critical.
    Again, the legal and scientific liberties taken by Sensa makes it hard for anyone to truly know what they are buying, but I will leave it to others who are more expert in this field to decide the fate of Sensa, since like other products I have seen in the past, I don’t think it will take many months before someone steps in to decide their fate.
    In closing, rest assured, I have ZERO influence on any decision HSN makes, since if I had any influence at all, Sensa would not have gone on air in the first place and HSN knew well in advance that I would exit the weightloss business as a result and they still chose to move forward with Sensa.

  19. Mr. Lessman, I have been looking for a reputable supplement company for sometime now and I feel that you are a stand up guy that hasn’t sold out figuratively or otherwise. It seems rare nowadays to find a company that began so long ago still being owned by the founder. I applaud your attempts to educate everyone and your ethical standards. I have been spending my money on "high end" vitamins and supplements sold at the mall and while I feel they are somewhat better than those you can buy at any discount store I have never been totally satisfied so I will now shop here for myself and my family. Thank you for giving me another option and thank you for being an ethical man.

  20. I appreciate your quick response and accept what you say as far as having no influence with HSN. I do not except that I was mislead in anyway. The beauty of HSN, you can try a product, if it works, you keep it, if it doesn’t you send it back. Sensa does not claim to be a magic powder, it’s a tool. It does cause you to feel full and satified much sooner. It is up to the user to acknowledge the fullness and quit eating. I don’t know the science and legalities of a product, all I know is it does it’s job and I do mine. I am not on a magic carpet ride with a "magic powder". As you say, there is nothing harmful in Sensa. If it’s safe and works to help me in acheiving my weight-loss goals, then it’s a keeper in my book. Again I accept your statements regarding having no influence with HSN regarding Sensa. I do not accept your portrayal of the Sensa and what it does or doesn’t do.

  21. Yeah, right dude if you are so ethical and conscientous why didn’t you pull your whole line? Could it be because of money? Hmmmmmm.
    Also read the research that has come out lately on vitamins and how they can cause more harm than good. Andrew you are nothing but a snake oil salesman with an ego and entitlement issues. And why don’t you show us how much it costs to make your stupid ineffective vitamins…probably less than Sensa.

  22. Dear Ms. Mcbride.
    Wow! Have we not had our cup of coffee today? But seriously, I am not sure what I have done to get you so angry, but I am very, very sorry for having done so. Apparently you just don’t like vitamins or me or I just did not do a very good job of explaining things, but I suspect you probably don’t care, since angry folks generally have their minds already made up.
    I am also sorry you feel I have so many personal issues, but entitlement is not one of them. Also, money for me is the last reason on earth that would justify a decision not to pull any product from HSN and anyone at HSN would validate that statement.
    Anyhow, I pulled weightloss since that is the area that I suspect will come under heavy regulatory scrutiny by the government as a result of the Sensa product and it was recommended to me that I do just that. I am not stamping my feet or trying to hurt HSN. I am just getting clear of the fallout in the weightloss category before it hurts me and leaving it ?o a brand that has a different view of the science and the law. By the way, the EMPTY, unfilled capsules in the large size calcium, fiber, etc likely cost far more than a month or even two months of Sensa powder.
    In closing, I respectfully disagree with your opinion on the benefits of nutritional supplements and I hope that this response helps you understand my decisions better and does not serve to further antagonize you, since that is not my goal.
    Best of Health,
    Andrew (Dude)

  23. Dear Andrew,
    I can speak with experience that your supplements are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Your supplements are the ONLY ONES that I can take that don’t make me "throw up"!!! As I stated in my previous post your New Joint Effort Plus has helped me walk pain free so quickly that I just cannot stop talking about it. I went from being in terrible pain to literally being pain free! Snake Oil Salesman? Please!! I read that article too, but all I can say is that I have never felt so good in my life (soon to be 48 years old)..Andrew you are the COOLEST DUDE THAT I KNOW THAT OWNS A PHENOMENAL COMPANY THAT I WILL PURCHASE FROM AS LONG AS I HAVE THE FUNDS TO DO SO….Thank you so much for everything. Ignore the haters! You just can’t please everyone, I know that you are smart enough to know that..You are truly appreciated by many of us out here! God bless you always and thank you for your continued honesty!!

  24. P.S. If people want to continue to waste their money, well let them. They will figure it out soon enough. I wished I had money to waste!! I could stand to lose weight too, but I am exercising and trying to eat healthier. Let’s face it there is no MAGIC when it comes to weight loss. Sorry folks, you can’t have your cake and eat it too all of the time. There has to be some sacrificing! That’s just life..
    Good luck to all who are trying to achieve weight loss. I wish you all luck…Invest your money in a good exercise DVD…

  25. Mr. Lessman, I am really shocked by all of this that has occured since Sensa was introduced on HSN. I have been a long time HSN fan and trust their ability to choose products that can be sold to the public that are safe and effective. I am wondering why you chose Sensa to be the product you are picking on? HSN has offered quite a few other "weight loss" products including yours for some time now. What is it about Sensa that caused you to become so upset and feel the need to pull your products from HSN? Your products have nothing in common with Sensa so I wouldn’t consider it a direct product "threat" that could cause you to lose money. I am truly shocked by all of the interest between you and Sensa that this has caused. I myself have tried your weight loss products years ago and the product I chose did absolutely nothing for me. Then I tried a multivitamin that you sold and that made me incredibly sick. So needless to say, I haven’t tried any of your products since then and I don’t care for them. That is just my opinion. It makes me wonder if this is just a stunt to get more interest in your products? If that is the case there are many other ways to get pu?licity that don’t make you look like a fool. Again, that is just my opinion. Oh, and since when is losing 30 pounds in since months impossible? If you lose an average of 2 pounds a week for since months, that equals 58 pounds lost. The recommended weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds per week. I just wanted to point that out. Maybe you should have stayed with your other career. Good luck to you and your products in the future.

  26. Ohhhh puhleeee , Why should Andrew pull his line from HSN? Many many people enjoy better health because of his products. They depend on him! Although they could order here , many are older or not PC savvy and set in their ways. HSN is convenient. Andrew also comes on and explains their value and the dosage.
    I can order here but many would just be without Andrew’s wonderful products if he left HSN.

  27. I agree with you Judi..Some would not be able to order if he were to leave! I for one know how much better I feel. I feel very blessed that I am able to obtain these supplements, and also am able to get the knowledge from all of Andrew’s informative presentations. You just don’t get that kind of service out in the real world.

  28. Thank You Andrew for the Blog! Anyone that has eyes will see,& ears will hear. I see and hear, and I look forward to hearing and seeing you continue to educate everyone about supplements and our health. I will continue to use your products, almost exclusively. They are the best and once you find the best, there is no going back. You are a man of integrity and I enjoy your supplements and you educating people with the knowledge you have.

  29. Andrew,
    I was skeptical at first about order your products. I felt vitamins were vitamins were vitamins!
    I took the plunge several years ago. It was because I kept hearing and reading they were easy on the stomach. I aalways have taken vitamins and supplements for a while and the quit BECAUSE they ripped my stomach to pieces , everyday with or without meals it did not matter. Taking them and hurting or just stop taking was my option. No matter which brand it was the same. I always ended up pitching them because they made me sick.
    I tried a small bottle of your Woman Wellness and they were "kind" to my stomach. I now take only Lessman, my family only takes Lessman.
    I have no real health issues, but I can really feel it when I lay off the supplements.

  30. Ok I was going to sit on the sidelines, but I became confused by a few of the recent visitor?s posts.
    I’m not sure why someone would not be able to (would not want to) order Andrew?s weight-management products (any of his products for that matter) directly from him if they were to be pulled from HSN.
    The ?pc savvy? among us can just go to his while the ?non? can use the more quaint methods like calling the 800-800-1200 number he’s had forever.
    His team is obviously trained only in his products, unlike HSN customer service that fields hundreds of different products. Also I found out recently that his return policies are unrivaled (speaking from experience) and most importantly to me, the cost is typically much cheaper. Hello!?
    Believe me I LOVE to watch Andrew on HSN, but I haven?t ordered Andrew?s products through HSN in years.
    Just sharing my personal experience.

  31. Ok, if you are referencing my post. I am saying what I know from experience. Some people just do not like change. Some for instance will not order online from HSN,they call in their orders.I have not did that in YEARS. also many refuse to pay anything online, or for instance many will not have checks automatically deposit to their bank account.
    It seems strange but it is true.

  32. I agree with the earlier blog. I had heard vitamins can be bad for you. Read the article "Research: Vitamins may increase risk of death."
    So why is Andrew so worried about other people’s products when he should be looking into his own? People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

  33. The article also said this:
    Patrick Holford, a nutritionist who has formulated some supplements for the firm Biocare, told the Press Association that the Cochrane review was a "stitch up."
    "Antioxidants are not meant to be magic bullets and should not be expected to undo a lifetime of unhealthy habits," Holford said.
    "But when used properly, in combination with eating a healthy diet full of fruit and vegetables, getting plenty of exercise and not smoking, antioxidant supplements can play an important role in maintaining and promoting overall health."
    Dr Michele Sadler, of the Health Food Manufacturers’ Association, said the analysis was "flawed."
    "Healthy consumers can still feel confident that they can safely take their antioxidant supplements."

  34. You have made millions off selling vitamins. Vitamins can cause disease and offer no proven benefit, and may even cause early death. They are excreted in the urine (along with the gullible consumer’s money) within hours.
    So what is the real reason you are so against Sensa?
    Is it perhaps a monetary reason disguised as genuine concern?
    When you take all your vitamins off the air, I will believe your good intentions.

  35. The comments about us needing to lead a healthy lifestyle and sacrifice are from confused consumers. Sensa isn’t telling anyone not to lead a healthy lifestyle. They give tips on doing exactly that on the website.
    It’s only about helping one STICK to a healthy lifestyle, by helping with appetite control.
    They aren’t condoning stuffing ones face with bon-bons. LOL
    You can use ProCaps products and eat healthy food along with Sensa. It’s just a tool so you’re less tempted to cheat.
    *Hello, is this thing on?*
    I’m giving the Sensa a chance and it is helping me eat less and avoid temptations. There’s nothing wrong with that…
    As far as you all being concerned that we’re fools and are being "taken" by Dr. Hirsch, let me tell you, if it works, for whatever reason, it’s worth the money.
    But as someone said, if placebos and wishful thinking worked, I’d have been thin years ago. Every time I’ve tried a new product or program I’ve gone in motivated, but they all failed because I was hungry.
    Call me a fool, tell me I’m being duped, treat me with disrespect and all you’ll gain is the loss of my business.

  36. Just a response to Bellafina:
    I am sorry if you feel like I am picking on Sensa. All I did was elect to remove my weightloss products from HSN as quietly as possible leaving all the opportunity to Sensa. However, when false rumors began to spread, I was forced to share the truth, such as that I do not make Sensa nor endorse Sensa and that my products were not recalled, etc.
    Also, since my role has always been to answer the questions I receive about the science of other products, I owed everyone an explanation about Sensa and if it were not on HSN, I would have been very frank and have made my feelings quite clear about this product and I am not sure if anyone realizes, but I have been incredibly restrained and gentle regarding my true thoughts on Sensa.
    I will now step aside from this discussion and return to my focus, which has always been the creation of products that support health and wellness and how the benefits of a healthy diet can be supported by supplements that emulate that healhty diet. I never take a prescriptive or medical approach to vitamins. I leave that to others. Also, my focus has never been weightloss and I only began to offer those products as a favor to HSN, so now, I would simply like to return to my focus and leave weightloss to others.
    Anyhow, as I have always said, the science of weightloss is the easist thing in the world to understand, but sadly, when it is that simple, there will be no "breakthroughs." Equally unfortunate is the fact that as easy as weightloss is to understand, it is equally difficult to accomplish and the only two words we need to know are: Diet and Exercise.
    We must change what we eat and we must get active. We all want a quick fix or a magic bullet, which is why weightloss scams are the number one type of consumer fraud. Plus, if there really was a quick, easy, simple way to lose weight without diet and exercise using some breakthrough, then 70% of Americans would not be overweight.
    Obviously, there are some issues understanding some science here, but to have a large study group AVERAGE a 30-pound weightloss is next to impossible – short of with surgery. A 30-pound weightloss in an individual, as was pointed out, is only a pound per week, but to have that be the average of the entire population in a large study is an entirely different story. It also means that half the people in the study would have to lose more than that. If you think abo?t it scientifically and not based upon a single individual, it becomes all but impossible short of with surgery.
    In the end, I really don’t understand what the big fuss is, since I spent so little time discussing weightloss, except in January and now, I won’t at all and for those of you who don’t like me, there will be less of me to not like. 😉
    I think I have said enough for awhile.
    Thanks and be well…Andrew

  37. Dear Andrew,
    As I have stated on my previous posts your supplements are the best on the market in my opinion. They are effective yet gentle to my sensitive stomach. Thanks to you I am now able to take vitamins and reap the benefits. Also, as I have also stated in my previous posts thanks to you and Joint Effort Plus I am walking without pain in my knee. I am so thankful I have found something that has helped me since I am not a person who likes taking medication. I am a loyal customer who tells everyone I meet how wonderful you, your company, and your vitamins are. I will continue to support your business as long as I am financially able to do so. God bless you and your family, as well as your company and all of your wonderful representatives that I have spoken with over the years. Have a wonderful evening, and know that you have a lot of supporters out here who like you ALOT!! 🙂

  38. P.S.
    Sorry for the typo, what I meant to say was when will you BE running another special on your website? Thanks….

  39. Andrew,
    I like you and glad to see your positive responses to any negativity you see here. I am looking forward to your next visit at HSN in April. I have learned so much from listening to you. You have helped me more than you will ever know. Have a wonderful day!

  40. Andrew, I have been taking your supplements for a long while now: Carnislim, Energy & Fat Metabolism, Secure, Urgent Energy, among them. In total, i take about 12 of your supplements. I can’t state enough how I feel these HAVE helped me. I feel more energized and willing to exercise when i take them. I know that when I don’t, my body feels sluggish and I am not motivated to work out. I cant state enough how I feel you are the only person I trust when it comes to purc?asing supplements. We get more key ingredients in your supplements, without fillers or additives. And you take the time to explain why each is so important. I respect you for your decision to pull your weightloss supplements from HSN. If you did so, I KNOW there had to be a good reason! For those haters out there, no length of explanation will suffice. And for those who feel that taking adequate amounts of supplements our bodies need to remain healthy and strong, I feel sorry for you! If you dont take care of your body, it certainly wont take care of you. Andrew, keep up the good work! MANY of us appreciate your work, and your integrity to the products you make. Please dont stop selling ALL of your products. I am among many who love you and respect you. And most of all thank you for allowing us to be healthier and stronger as a result!

  41. As a note, i meant to say that for "those of you who feel that NOT taking adequate amounts of supplements our bodies need to remain healthy and strong, I feel sorry for you!" WE do need to supplement what our body doesn’t make as we get older. I’d rather take supplements and exercise, than to take a product like SENSA, which in my view has nothing of value in the way of health. Eat healthy snacks in between healthy meals, and you will be better off in the long run. Again, Andrew, keep up the fine work!

  42. Andrew,
    Thank you for making such great supplements and thank you for sharing your wealth of information to educate us. May God continue to bless you!

  43. Andrew,
    Guess I came late to this whole discussion:) I’m a female police officer and need all the health benefits I can get. I never thought I would watch someone talk about vitamins but I watch you for hours on HSN. I never would have known anything about CoQ10, Vit. D3, or the joint effort vitamins etc. I take those now and a few others. I like that they are a powder and not a hard pill. Fortunately I don’t need to lose weight so Sensa is not an issue for me. I had back surgery a year ago and needed to drink your meal replacements for awhile after due to some abdominal adhesions and difficulty getting enough nutrition. Doctor reccomended meal replacements and yours actually taste good. Because I’m a cop and have an MS in psychology I think I can read people pretty well. Yes, you have a business and a product to sell but I find you to be honest and ethical. Best of luck and please don’t take any of the negative comments to seriously….I know I deal with negative people ALL day:)

  44. Dear Mr. Lessman,
    I am a big HSN shopper and was a fan of your until your recent letter and posting.. HSN has always offered competition in all of their categories i.e beauty, clothing, fitness just as a mall would that I do not think it is ethical for you to be addressing other categories that you obviously feel threatened by. I look to HSN to bring us the best and latest in every category ?nd I had heard about SENSA as my friend have used it and experienced amazing results and was thrilled to know HSN was carrying it. You ruined your reputation with me and others by bashing a topic, and a new brand that you have nothing to do with

  45. I’d like to mention that my previous post to this discussion was censored. I’d posted a link to the blog at
    It was removed.
    I won’t repost it. But as other links have been allowed, I just think people should be aware of it.
    The top of the page in question contained a complimentary video story about Sensa, (that is also on YouTube) that aired on Dateline some time ago, before it was being sold to the public.

  46. In response to the poster above "Kathy", I must add my point of view.
    Andrew Lessman’s products are the number #1 sales products & vendor they have. HSN has many products I would never consider buying. Andrew Lessman brings quality and integrity to an otherwise lower end home shopping channel. I only watch and buy from his presentations.
    Andrew Lessman educates, has high quality standards, makes the best supplements on the market, in my opinion. I am so glad HSN introduced him to me, so I could find the best quality supplements on the market. Andrew’s reputation has not been ruined , but HSN’s for me has. Andrew has a wonderful staff in Henderson, Nevada, who I have spoken to numerous times and so very helpful & informative.
    So the ONLY reason I am grateful to HSN is because they introduced me to Andrew & his products. Now I can choose to buy directly from his company & wait for the TS’s only on HSN. Andrew Lessman bashing? Where? I seen NONE. I see anonymous posters bashing.
    Keep up the great work Andrew! Customer for Life. :~)

  47. Why don’t you utilize your free time and energy to combat the numerous scientific studies coming out which find no evidence that vitamins offer any medical benefit whatsoever. You’re a vendor that sales products with a retailer – if you want to dictate what HSN does, why not buy up their stock now that they’re publicly traded?

  48. Gosh, I really feel sad about all of the negative and rude comments towards Andrew. Here he did a good thing by allowing us to participate in a blog, and all he gets is people bashing him! This is the reason I don’t like participating in blogs, as people get so mean and nasty! Andrew, you have a lot of supporters out here, I just want you to know that…

  49. If Andrew wants to engage in a PR campaign designed to harm the reputation/sales o? another product, I think his own comments should be fair game. I give him kudos for allowing such criticism, however.

  50. As you can tell from the posts to this blog, most people conduct themselves with respect and class even if they passionately disagree with me and clearly don’t like me, but occasionally, we have someone with a very angry keyboard and we must remove their last sentence given its profane nature. Sadly, when someone resorts to name-calling and profanity, it merely demonstrates their desperation and the weakness of their position. I hope that those who post on my blog will be kind enough to share their thoughts without getting abusive, angry or profane. There is just no need for that. We are not solving the global problems here. We are just talking about some weightloss products. Perhaps, it is wishful thinking, but I would hope that my blog can be a place of respectful sharing of opinions – no matter how much we might disagree.
    In any event, I am genuinely surprised at all the activity the blog has generated and I am grateful for all the posts we have received. I even appreciate the posts from those of you who do not agree with me, since shortly there will be a new blog that discusses an issue that was raised quite negatively about our TruQ10 (Ubiquinol) seeming to be much too expensive. I will explain why our TruQ10 is fairly priced and I will also inform you of our upcoming Ubiquinol softgel that will be a fraction of the cost of our TruQ10 micro-beadlet. I appreciate the dialog on that subject that encouraged me to introduce a new product. Again, it would be nice if the posts were not so angry and disparaging, since oftentimes there are reasons we might not understand until they are explained to us. Anyhow, I suppose it might be unrealistic for me to expect a calm interaction on my blog, since so few people interact that way in their lives and the anonymity of a keyboard makes it easy to vent one’s anger and frustration. However, since this blog is dedicated to the health, wellness and awareness we all seek in our lives then it would seem to make sense that the interactions here should be equally healthy and respectful.
    Once again, I am not sure why some folks are so angry about a simple decision to remove a few products from HSN. I am not angry at HSN at all. We have a great relationship. They can weigh the risks and benefits of what they do and I can also make my own decisions without anger or hostility. I am not even angry at the Sensa folks. I just have chosen not to sell weightloss alongside them. As I have said, weightloss has never been my focus and I entered the category to help HSN get back into the business more than a decade ago. Now HSN has an established weightloss category and we can refocus on the wellness products that we do best. Also, as far the suggestion that I buy up HSN’s stock. Why would I do that? I am quite happy where I am and anyhow, I am not upset at HSN at all. In fact, they just reminded me to focus on the products that are most important to you.
    Best of health.

  51. Andrew, I love you, but aren’t you sorry you started a blog. ha ha
    I love your vitamins, don’t know what I would do without them.
    Stay Positive!
    God Bless You!!

  52. I think Sensa is just a mind thing. If you think it will work it will work for you & if you don’t it will not. I agree with Andrew. It’s an expensive powder. I take several of your products & truly believe they have kept me off of prescription drugs. Only problem I have is with the artificial sweetners Acesulfame K & Sucralose aka Splenda that you use in your Secure Meals. I know the product lists 2% or less of these ingredients but I don’t like them. I love the way the chocolate & vanilla secure meals taste but they give me a headache so I cannot drink them. Acesulfame K causes tumors & other diseases. Do you think you will ever make the Secure Meals with Stevia or another natural sweetner? I sure would like to use them but since they cause me to have a headache I stay away from them. I don’t know if it is one of the artificial sweetners causing the headaches or something else in the product.

  53. Hey Andrew, I am a bodybuilder who loves your products. I know you want to focus on wellness and would love if you could come out with more sports nutrition products like glutamine, bcaa’s, and a creatine to name a few.
    I use your multi-vitamin and various other anti-oxidants and love the effect that I feel energy wise and how I am one of the few to not get sick when everyone in my office has the flu (hopefully that continues lol)…but seriously, I respect all you do, and if you choose not to be on HSN then so be it, its not really a big deal in the grand scheme of life and I don’t see why people get upset that you made that choice. I like that you have a blog now and are dealing directly with your customers. I turned my mom onto your products and she’s just as happy as me. Don’t stop your research and your dedication to provide top quality supplements. As someone who has purchased a lot of stuff in the bodybuilding magazines, I appreciate that your products are completely accurate with their labels and safe to take and most importantly, that you are not looking to rip us off. Keep it up and if you ever need an endorsement I’d def be game lol.

  54. Andrew,
    I have long supported you as a business leader, and quality provider of best-in-class products.
    EVERYTHING I have bought from you works- from the Men’s Maximum Ultimate Complete, to the TruQ10,and hair skin and nails formula.
    I have used the products for years,and quite frankly, my Dr. suggests that I include ProCaps products as part of my wellness-profile.
    As far as SENSA goes, there is no medical back up for ‘eat what you want’ and lose weight.
    I will not suggest that it can’t work, as I feel that those who buy it may "will it to work" short term.
    As a sometime actor, I can tell you I can gain or lose 20 pounds with reasonable ease. But it takes effort. I have NEVER taken a gig for weight loss products. (but I could)
    Your products work, year after year. They are also based in science.
    HSN can get into this if they wish- they have been burned by several products that I will not mention.
    I never do blogs, but this if far too important to ignore.

  55. andrew if health is such a concern why do you put non dairy creamer made with partially hydrogenated oil in your secure weight loss shake that has trans fat. i spent 100.00 on that and felt scammed. never again.

  56. Mr. Lessman,
    I commend you on your innovative nutraceutical formulations sold on HSN and your website. Your manufacturer produces the highest bioavailable nutraceuticals, which are proven by science to prevent diseases and supplement the body with nutrients not commonly found in our highly processed foods in the United States. These vitamins and minerals allow your body to synthesize the enzymes needed to catabolize foods. In order to loose weight naturally, a well-balanced diet and weekly exercise must also be done.
    Medical doctors are not taught how to prevent diseases with nutrition or loose weight naturally; they are only taught how to treat a disease after you get it, and they can only offer pharmaceutical drugs or surgery, on top of very dangerous side-effects and expensive bills. Medical doctors always send you off to the registered dietician for assistancan Hirsch, creator of Sensa, has no educational degree in nutrition, only in neurology and psychiatry. He understands how the brain works and how to manipulate it, and his products and website do this very well by using beautiful women with before-and-after pictures. Unfortunately, Sensa does not make sense, and any nutritional biochemist or registered dietician, would also say the same.
    As for Dr. Alan Hirsch’s article published in “Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes", First International Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, February 27, 2008, DOES NOT EXIST, according to Google Scholar, which is the best public primary literature search engine in the United States.
    Do not believe everything medical doctors say or sell; they are trying to increase their revenue, since their business is based on you being sick with diseases and being overweight. Next time you are with your doctor, ask him how to prevent diseases and how to loose weight; he will offer you medicine and surgery! You can prevent all of these diseases and loose weight naturally by not eating fast-foods, and by consuming only unprocessed or unrefined foods, including fruits, vegetables, flourless-sprouted whole grains, beans, nuts, lean meats and cold water fish; weekly exercise and highly bioavailable nutraceuticals.

  57. Dear Anthony M.S. in Organic Chemistry,
    I’d like to lose weight. Although loosing it on the world might be kind of fun as well, if that were possible.
    (That’s said tongue-in-cheek–just kidding with you; not "said" with a sarcastic tone). 😉
    I must say, at least Dr. Hirch is a *real doctor,* with many years of experience studying scents and how they affect us. He’s also quite down-to-earth and likeable. I would encourage you to listen to his interview on Dateline, posted on the TrySensa blog with an open mind. Perhaps you’d think differently of him or at least give him the benefit of the doubt–that he believes what he’s selling really works and probably isn’t a scam artist. I feel badly for him, he isn’t attacking anyone else’s products.
    What you aren’t addressing, and what doctors will not help with, is how to reduce HUNGER. Gastric Bypass or LapBand surgery simply makes the stomach smaller (or bypasses it); it doesn’t affect the fullness signal that is malfunctioning in most of the obese. That’s why many who have undergone those lifethreatening surgeries will regain some or most of their weight.
    Someone made a comment awhile back, about trusting approved medicines to help. I chuckled at that, after having used Fen-Phen for over a year under doctor’s supervision; it was "perfectly safe." HA. HA.
    Just because you don’t understand how it works, or can’t find published studies to back it up, doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. Pheromones have been used in the fragrance industry for over 25 years and are still very popular; it’s a similar principle. They’ve been proven to work in the animal world.
    I’m willing to give the Sensa a go, to see if it helps me, since it’s actually a very inexpensive product; at less than a dollar a day with the discount. Consider that Dr. Hirsch’s company is paying for national magazine and television advertising along with the cost of his product, so his overhead might be higher than you think.
    And just for fun, compare the cost of Sensa to that of Andrew’s Complete daily vitamins. They’re out of my price range. I’d have preferred them, but since I can’t afford them I had to settle for a lesser brand. From what I’ve heard, Mr. Lessman makes a *very* good living off his supplements, *not that there’s anything wrong with that* but we’ve all heard about the pot and the kettle.
    I can buy a less expensive brand, pay for my Sensa, and have money left over.
    There’s something for everyone. I really just want to discover whether or not this will help me, without listening to a bunch of naysayers discourage my progress, so I’ll be leaving this site, so I can keep a positive mental attitude.
    I say, live and let live. If folks want to try the next thing that comes along, let them. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee and the ingredients aren’t harmful, so what can it hurt?.

  58. Andrew,
    Thank you for informing us of your upcoming Ubiquinol softgel. I look forward to the presentation and trying it. I use your CoQ10 exclusively. I like the way you are always on the cutting edge and your upgrades in supplements. I love your presentations and educating everyone on nutrional supplements, whether we use yours or someone else’s. I choose yours, as the quality is the best. I like the fact you use solar energy and the visits to your company and giving the tours of your facility. Very impressive. I loved seeing your two dogs recently. They are adorable. I am an animal lover, dogs & cats my whole life.
    Back on topic now, I absorb the information you give like a sponge. I love learning and being educated about supplements and why we are taking them and for what health benefit. I accidentally stumbled on one of your presentations on HSN about two years ago, and could not stop listening. I ended up eventually trying one product in the beginning. Now I have my own favorite list. I have always been interested in nutriton and supplementation. So when I saw you, you just have touched exactly where I am with supplements. No one’s diet can give them all they need.It is all about a good balance between food and supplements to feel your best.
    Best of Health,
    Still Customer for Life! :~)

  59. I commend you for not wanting any association with sensa, even though it means an exceptional loss money wise. The last TSV of the secure was incredible. I am a long time customer, I have several autoships from here plus I buy most of the TSv’s on HSN even the secure which I get from your site also. I watch every presentation no matter that I have heard it from the previous show or have the product already, its just a joy to listen to you, we all learn so much.

  60. Just a quick response to Matt who accused me of using hydrogenated oils including trans fats in my Secure’s non-dairy creamer. Yes Matt, I am concerned and our non-dairy creamer does not contain any trans fats at all. Anyone who gets a sense of how we make products would realize that could never be the case.
    I have been speaking out against trans fats for more than 25 years, lobbying our government and fast food and packaged food makers to get rid of them, so how could they be in my product? Well they are not.
    Just because it says non-dairy creamer – does not mean it contains trans fats. In most cases, yes it does, but not in our case, because we use a unique, vegetarian non-dairy creamer, since some folks are allergic to dairy products and are sensitive to lactose. Of course, our non-dairy creamer is 100% free of any and all trans or hydrogenated fats. Rest assured, there are no trans fats or hydrogenated oils in Secure.
    I am sorry you assumed our products were like so many others with trans fats, but that actually raised a great issue and perhaps we need to place that on the label in the future. Matt, thanks for bringing it to my attention, since I am sure you were not alone in that assumption.
    In closing, our non-dairy creamer is very unique and it does not contain trans or hydrogenated fats at all. Also, you can always feel free to call our 800 number on the Suggested Use panel on bottle to ask us any technical questions.
    Thanks and best of health.

  61. I did have a question which I would like to ask and since you do post a responses here I though I would go ahead and ask. Since you have two dogs now and you did mention on your visit that this year you would be coming out with vitamins for pets do you know when this will be? If we are not to ask general or product questions here just post that.

  62. Pet Vitamins.
    I will have a separate blog on my intentions with pet supplements for my dogs and cat (or for your dogs and cats), but they are at least several months away given the steps involved in research, development and formulation. They will likely be a neutral-tasting pure powder that is best delivered mixed with wet food.

  63. I am so facinated with your blogs – I think it is the greatest that you are doing this. I do wish you would acknowledge those of us who hold you in high regard and are your customers, love your information, products, etc… seem to only be responding to the "haters"……we are your loyal base – not them – you could not make them happy….no matter what. I must say HSN has made it very difficult to communicate with them. The hosts emails have been removed, and they want a snail mail letter…..really! And lots of the vendors, do not have websites where we can communicate if we wanted to. You provide a very unique and appreciated format for that – I applaud you to the highest. You have provided a space for them to say their peace…… …….moving on….peace…out

  64. I agree with you Suzan, but I think Andrew addresses those who say things that need clearing up right away! I think he is awesome and love his products. They have helped me more than I could of ever imagined. I noticed that the HSN hosts no longer have their emails posted any longer. They want us to write them letters? What is up with that? I don’t watch them nearly as much as I used to. I have made a conscious decision to order directly from Andrew’s company from now on. I just like the way they do business. It’s really refreshing. I had posted previously a question to Andrew, when would there be new specials on his website? Was just curious. Hopefully he will answer us (his loyal fans) and not just the haters! 🙂 Again, thank you for this blog.

  65. Mr. Lessman, your comments speak for themselves, just as your products. Your integrety outshines HSN’s!
    HSN, do you remember your fiasco with Ultrex? Seems any commentary that might criticize your business doesn’t sit well so you shut it down. Go ahead. Lose Mr. Lessman’s following and see how successful you are.
    Andrew, I’m a senior who believes in what you offer. As long as I can afford your product, you can be assured you will have my business!
    To the HSN shoppers please consider ordering straight from Don’t even give HSN a bite of the apple! If you examine the comparison, there’s very little, if any, price difference. Give Andrew the benefit of your purchase – NOT HSN!
    I have NO involvement in any financial or other possible gain by stating this opinion! It’s simply a believer in a product while continuing to question a network’s ethic.
    Choose wisely!
    Keep going, Andrew! My orders will come through you, NOT HSN!

  66. I so agree with Ron! Andrew, I love the blog idea. Let’s see another suppliment "big name" do that! This is why I love Procaps… Personal service, right from the top. It really shows that you care about us. I mean, you really take the time to respond. Wow, just wow.

  67. Hi Andrew!
    After using Medi-Fast (another meal replacement weight loss system), is it safe to say that your Secure meal replacement can be used the same way? And if so, what can one expect to lose in a week/month? Thanks so much; but better yet, thanks for standing up for what you believe in…

  68. Hi Everyone!
    I just spent the day with my sister and Mom and they insisted that rather than only responding to the more difficult posts that I owe a huge thank you to those of you who have taken your valuable time to share your incredibly kind and supportive words and sentiments. Well, far be it for me to dare to disagree with the women in my life, so I sincerely thank everyone for their wonderful posts and encouraging words!
    I might make supplements that help nourish you, but it is your praise and support that nourishes me. Without your support, nothing is possible.
    By the way, you have no idea how excited I am about your response to this blog and the prospects of a video blog and even better – live video webcasts! I can only do this if there is someone reading, watching and responding to what I write and say, so I will endeavor to keep things interesting and stimulating and I know your responses will do the same. Best of all, these blogs and the webcast allow me to share what is most important to all of us – objective, trustworthy health-related information.
    You will also notice that when things are all finalized with the blog and webcasts, they will exist on a website separate and apart from the ProCaps website, since none of this content is intended to be product- or sales-based, but simply a source of credible, trustworthy, objective information related to health and wellness.
    Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for your kind, understanding and supportive words.
    Sincerely. Andrew
    PS I don’t mind the "haters," since I often learn the most from folks who disagree with me. I simply hope that our blog can be a little unique in that we will all agree to be civil and respectful in our disagreements.

  69. Andrew,
    I believe you made the right choice in this matter. I’ve also read on this blog that someone has lost weight on sensa. What they do not understand is that they will have to be on it for the rest of there lives. Where your products help guide us to be healthy on our own as well, Sensa will make it’s customers depend on them alone. There are shortcuts to being healthy, there’s only right and wrong….and clearly Sensa is the wrong way!

  70. Wow Andrew, how quickly things can happen. I’m really sorry to see my auto-ship for Secure go away on HSN but I don’t mind setting it up directly from the Procaps website at all.
    The important thing I read here on your blog is that your integrity is still intact and you can hold your head high and sleep at night because you are still honestly making and selling quality products. I’m a 51 year old single mom that promised her only son on his 20th birthday in June she would get healthy by his 21st birthday. I’m well on my way thanks to watching your shows on HSN in July and taking an honest healthy approach with your vitamins and Secure Meal supplements.
    Trust me everyone when I tell you that didn’t happen by sprinkling a little powder over my food but by eating healthy, exercising daily and making a lifelong commitment to staying healthy. I just finished a 4 ½ mile walk that I could have never managed in June 2008. I will continue on my path to health and wellness thanks to Andrew’s products and I hope and pray that everyone else can find that path also. The only change I will make is to send my friends and co-workers to Andrew’s website when they ask me how I’ve changed my life.
    Andrew I would like to give you a personal thank you for your honest approach to health and wellness and tell you don’t change a thing because you are reaching people. I think it would be great if customers could view presentations of your weight-loss products on your website that could guide them now that you will not be presenting them on HSN. 🙂

  71. First of all Peggy Dokken. You gave yourself away when you said you can deny OUR success. You must be a paid employee of sensa to monitor this blog. You said how can this be misleading. Sensa went to the Federal Government to get a patton. To get this patton they could not tell the Government that you can lose 30 pounds on average in 6 months or could they. Sure they could but they wouldn’t have got their patton because they are lying. They had to say 3 to 6 pounds or be charged with lying to the Federal Government trying to obtain a patton on 30 pounds in 6 months on average. The Dr. said he had peer review. That is like him saying I got my medical license the day I graduated high school. That is already deceptive. Misleading for what MONEY. 3 to 6 pounds want pull in the MONEY that 30 pounds with. I hope you didn’t buy Coral Calcium thinking it would cure cancer or Relacore.
    Shannon Mcbride for your information Andrew Lessman’s SMART EFFECTIVE VITAMINS cost alot more to make than you could imagine. Technology today has machines that Andrew Lessman cannot use. He can only use the slow machines that require alot of human attention might I add money to pay for the extra attention, because that is the only way to produce pure 100 percent vitamins. If Andrew Lessman was after money he would have used all the movie star names that told him he could use for free that take the same vitamins I do. They have millions and can buy any vitamin in the world and they choose his. That alone ought to tell you two things. They are GENUISLY SMART AND EFFECTIVE.

  72. Andrew,
    Thank you so much for your products, education and your dedication to integrity. I specifically look for vendors to do business with who maintain my values and perform as conveyed and you are at the top. I am almost 61, hypothyroid and am a self supporter with a stressful job. I will be working full time for at least the next 10 years and then part time so I need to feel good as much of the time as I can. Your products allow me to do this. Also, I don’t have time (or desire)to continously shop for the best. I have seen enough to know you will never compromise your values with your products. Stay with it . . .Iam dependent upon you. Just wished you were here in Atlanta as I would be "beating down your door for a job." That’s how much I believe in your company and products as I am really happy with my current career and company.

  73. Dear Andrew,
    I was wondering if you would ever consider making a meal replacement "bar" for your website customers? It would be great to have something that would be more portable, and since your Secure shakes are such a hit, it would be great to have the option to intermingle the two. I would totally buy them..I think they would be great sellers. Please consider this if you haven’t already…Chocolate Peanut Butter please!!!! 🙂 Thank you so much…

  74. Dear Andrew,
    I was wondering if you would ever consider making a meal replacement "bar" for your website customers? It would be great to have something that would be more portable, and since your Secure shakes are such a hit, it would be great to have the option to intermingle the two. I would totally buy them..I think they would be great sellers. Please consider this if you haven’t already…Chocolate Peanut Butter please!!!! Thank you so much…
    DITTO! And maybe straight chocolate?

    I think it is sad and a lack of understanding for anyone to critize Andrew Lessman and call him greedy because of a price on Co. Q10 Andrew Lessman has character so high that people that critize him aren’t worthy to even be on the same blog that he signs in on. You ought to consider yourself priviledged to walk on the same earth he does.
    I wrote Procaps Labs a email a couple of years ago about Andrew Lessman’s character and they forwarded it to Andrew. A couple of weeks later to my surprise I had a email from Andrew. He wanted to make sure he had time to respond to it when he wasn’t as busy. I was amazed at the wording and what was said. He truly excels in character. I was going to save the email for the rest of my life. My dad took sick and went into the hospital and then hospice and during those months I lost contact missed his appearance at HSN.
    I returned products thinking it was the products on seperate occaisons earlier when I first started buying, but it has never been the products. I had a ulcer once, and gallbladder problems. Andrew didn’t ban me from buying the same products later.
    Andrew Lessman rents a jet out and also has a construction business. Why would he be worried about finance and be greedy with vitamin prices since these suffice him. I don’t understand these accusations. When Andrew moved from his house in Malibu he moved for one reason and that was because you can’t make pure vitamins in a moist climate so he moved to the desert because it is dry and will give you the purest vitamin possible. The only person in the world to make such a move to ensure quality not greed for his customer. Andrew Lessman doesn’t sell vitamins to get greedy gain. He was in medical school for years and became a food and drug lawyer. He saw the kind of vitamins people were receiving so he chose to make his own and that is how his company was formed.
    Andrew doesn’t need to have a company to have finance he passed that problem years ago. He creates vitamins for one reason. He knows that a higher power has ordained him to help people by giving them the purest vitamin at the lowest possible cost. He handles this calling with great integrity. He takes great pride in helping others. On special nights giving one dollar of every bottle of vitamins to help a charity and then turns and gives all the customers the praise and say they gave the money to take the focus off of him because that is the humility and meekness of this great man. He is the one that gives the money to charity because of a tender heart in helping those that need help. If he was greedy he would never have done this would he. He’s given millions to charities. Does this really sound like greed to you.
    Andrew has friends in professional sports and Hollywood stars that will let him use their name but he will not do it. They have told him free of charge to do this that take his vitamins. These are household names that you know. They can buy any vitamin in the world they choose Andrew Lessman the same vitamins that all of us receive. Smart movie stars to take his vitamins. Does this sound like greed. If he were greedy he would use all their names and be making billions by selling all his products in the stores and he for sure would have informercials.
    Andrew also has been chosen and is the offical vitamin of the PGA tour. I have a uncle the last name Thorn that managed Bruce Fleisher while he was in the PGA tour and myself caddying for Tom Storey out of Las Vegas at the Walt Disney World Team Championship I know how strict the PGA tour is. They fine golfers that get upset for allowing certain words to be heard through the microphones because of children.
    The PGA is very strict on what they give their players. They only give their players the top guality of every item. Tiger Woods goes to his locker and there is Andrew Lessman’s vitamins for him to take the same ones you take. They only give the best to keep their players healthy. That is why they chose Procaps Labs, Andrew Lessman. Not because he has greed but because of the outstanding quality. This is a very high honor.
    Andrew made a prodcut for women not for greed because he has some ladies in his life that passed away because of breast cancer. So he makes a product to help women not for greed but out of love to keep them in the best of health.
    Coq 10 in it’s form before the body converts it use to be 2000 dollars a kilogram. That is before the gas prices hit a few months back. To get coq10 in the truq10 form is very expensive, I am amazed at how this price is as cheap as it has been considering the higher gas costs in the past to pay his buyers and research dept., and all the cost of transporting the raw materials went sky high but did the vitamins change in price no. Doesn’t sound like greed to me either.
    Years ago Andrew Lessman made a coq10 product that had 30 miligrams maybe less. Now he makes 133 miligrams of product in one tablet which consists of 12 miligrams of truq10 that comes out to be around 10.00 a month. He has never went up in price but adds resveratrol and EGCG and all kinds of other vitamins. He continually combines products that people buy seperately and makes them into one to save the consumer money. If he was greedy would he do this?
    I contacted the company that sells vitamins on another famous shopping channel to ask him where does he get his coq10 from. I am still waiting for a reply over 5 years ago or so. I contacted a company called Trivita and asked them where they get their coq10 from. They responded and said tobacco plant. If Andrew was greedy he would use coq10 derived from a tobacco plant and still charge around the same price. 5 years ago they were charging the same as Andrew Lessman does for his.
    He raised the ingredients in Healthy Hair Skin and nails so you would only take one capsule compared to two a few years back. You receive more ingredients in one now than you did in two. Does this sound like greed. This is saving us money while he is losing money.
    HSN made a 5.00 mistake on the pricing of a medium sized bottle of a today’s special. Andrew Lessman said we will just leave it like that. That cost him well over 50,000 dollars. Does that sound like greed?
    My point in this writing is next time you call Andrew Lessman greedy you really ought to do your homework on his character his companies’ character and all the wonderful people that buy his products and love him. I don’t hear all these wonderful things said about other CEO’s of different kind of companies. We couldn’t even tell you who they are or their marketing team. This is a real personable company. We are privileged to live in the earth at the same time Andrew Lessman is and have been lead to have found these vitamins.
    To you who have said mean things to Andrew Lessman maybe you could reasearch his life out and then you could write a letter of apology cause it is for sure you ought to be ashamed of yourself for calling the righteous wicked.
    Best of Health.

  76. Dear Chris,
    I feel exactly the same as you do about Andrew. He is an exceptional person, and I was getting pretty fed up with all of the haters on this blog and another one that I read. People just don’t realize all that he puts into his products. Not only top quality top of the line ingredients, but his heart and soul. You can tell that he genuinely cares about all of us. He could take the easy way out and use binders and fillers, but he refuses to do so. I am so thrilled to have found Andrew Lessman. His supplements are the only ones that I have ever been able to take. All others make me so sick that they end up in the trash! I am so happy to have peace of mind when taking his supplements and never have to worry about the quality or the safety of what I am swallowing. It is a blessing to have found this wonderful company. His customer service is beyond amazing as well. I have talked to several reps and they are all very accomodating. I guess there will always be angry people who pass judgement on someone before ever researching the facts, and as we all have learned you cannot please everyone! I just hope Andrew knows that he has so many loyal customers that appreciate and support his efforts. I can only hope that these negative people won’t ever discourage Andrew. I am confident that it will not. Thank you so much for posting all of that information about Andrew and his products. I appreciate you as well.

  77. Dear Dalinda,
    Thank you for very much for your kind words. I am glad you found Andrew Lessman also. I am sure when he read your post that he was thrilled about your health in your right knee and very appreciative of all the nice things said to him.
    I am sure he is so very busy and if he answered one post that was written postively he knows it would make everyone else wonder why he didn’t answer mine. I believe that he doesn’t want anyone to feel left out so he only clears up the weightier matters that can mislead people and hopefully help the critic to change and get the same great results that all his many customers recieve.
    You have a wonderful testimony about your results in using Andrew Lessman’s Joint Health Products. When Andrew is at HSN you could really benefit other people on the live telephone testimony line in getting great results with the same product you take. If your testimony only reached one skeptic you saved that person pain in their joints for many years to come.
    There is a story about a huge wave that washed up thousands and thousands of starfish. A little boy saw them washed up on the beach and was throwing them back in one at a time, and a man walked up and said son what are you doing, you can’t make a difference in these starfish’s lives. He replied tell that to the one that I just threw back in.
    I appreciate you as well for your kind hearted attitude toward Andrew and his staff. His staff are very acomadating and are always so very kind. Everyone that I have talked to have the highest respect and love for their boss and friend.
    Best of Health

  78. Andrew, I’m even more proud of you than ever — what a class act!!
    Your honesty and integrity are to be loudly applauded, and your kind response to some pretty awful bloggers, should be an example to all.
    The world needs more Andrew Lessmans!! I’m another who wished I lived in Las Vegas so I could work for you!!
    Thanks for all you give the world…

  79. Dear Chris,
    It would be great to be able to give a live testimonial on HSN, but they don’t do that very often. There is so much info that Andrew has to deliver, that there is not much time left for testimonials. I hope that he has seen all of my reviews on his Joint Effort Plus, as I am so excited about feeling better. They have made a remarkable difference in my life. As long as I can afford to purchase his products I will do so. I just can’t imagine not being able to take them as I now know how much better I feel. I hope others will try the product and have similar results. It’s just no fun to be in pain.
    God bless and take care,

  80. Thank You Andrew for the clarification letter on Sensa & HSN. I never doubted you for one minute as I am sure you did what was right by you and your company.
    "Andrew Lessman you are a man of great integrity. Your supplements are beyond amazing. You care about what you produce. Your supplements are the only ones that I can tolerate. Everything else makes me ill and I can’t keep them down. Your products have done more for me than I could ever imagine. I appreciate a person with strong conviction and ethics. You just don’t see that in most companies these days. Most companies could learn alot from this wonderful man…."
    I am proud to be a customer of his and I will continually buy from his company.
    Thank You Again. God Bless you and your company.
    P.S. ~ Kudos to your customer service representatives. They are professional and very helpful in all ways. Great folks they are. =)

  81. Thank You Andrew for the clarification letter on Sensa & HSN. I never doubted you for one minute as I am sure you did what was right by you and your company.
    "Andrew Lessman you are a man of great integrity. Your supplements are beyond amazing. You care about what you produce. Your supplements are the only ones that I can tolerate. Everything else makes me ill and I can’t keep them down. Your products have done more for me than I could ever imagine. I appreciate a person with strong conviction and ethics. You just don’t see that in most companies these days. Most companies could learn alot from this wonderful man…."
    I am proud to be a customer of his and I will continually buy from his company.
    Thank You Again. God Bless you and your company.
    P.S. ~ Kudos to your customer service representatives. They are professional and very helpful in all ways. Great folks they are. =)

  82. Thank You Andrew for the clarification letter on Sensa & HSN. I never doubted you for one minute as I am sure you did what was right by you and your company.
    "Andrew Lessman you are a man of great integrity. Your supplements are beyond amazing. You care about what you produce. Your supplements are the only ones that I can tolerate. Everything else makes me ill and I can’t keep them down. Your products have done more for me than I could ever imagine. I appreciate a person with strong conviction and ethics. You just don’t see that in most companies these days. Most companies could learn alot from this wonderful man…."
    I am proud to be a customer of his and I will continually buy from his company.
    Thank You Again. God Bless you and your company.
    P.S. ~ Kudos to your customer service representatives. They are professional and very helpful in all ways. Great folks they are. =)

  83. Thank You Andrew for the clarification letter on Sensa & HSN. I never doubted you for one minute as I am sure you did what was right by you and your company.
    "Andrew Lessman you are a man of great integrity. Your supplements are beyond amazing. You care about what you produce. Your supplements are the only ones that I can tolerate. Everything else makes me ill and I can’t keep them down. Your products have done more for me than I could ever imagine. I appreciate a person with strong conviction and ethics. You just don’t see that in most companies these days. Most companies could learn alot from this wonderful man…."
    I am proud to be a customer of his and I will continually buy from his company.
    Thank You Again. God Bless you and your company.
    P.S. ~ Kudos to your customer service representatives. They are professional and very helpful in all ways. Great folks they are. =)

  84. Thank You Andrew for the clarification letter on Sensa & HSN. I never doubted you for one minute as I am sure you did what was right by you and your company.
    "Andrew Lessman you are a man of great integrity. Your supplements are beyond amazing. You care about what you produce. Your supplements are the only ones that I can tolerate. Everything else makes me ill and I can’t keep them down. Your products have done more for me than I could ever imagine. I appreciate a person with strong conviction and ethics. You just don’t see that in most companies these days. Most companies could learn alot from this wonderful man…."
    I am proud to be a customer of his and I will continually buy from his company.
    Thank You Again. God Bless you and your company.
    P.S. ~ Kudos to your customer service representatives. They are professional and very helpful in all ways. Great folks they are. =)

  85. Thank You Andrew for the clarification letter on Sensa & HSN. I never doubted you for one minute as I am sure you did what was right by you and your company.
    "Andrew Lessman you are a man of great integrity. Your supplements are beyond amazing. You care about what you produce. Your supplements are the only ones that I can tolerate. Everything else makes me ill and I can’t keep them down. Your products have done more for me than I could ever imagine. I appreciate a person with strong conviction and ethics. You just don’t see that in most companies these days. Most companies could learn alot from this wonderful man…."
    I am proud to be a customer of his and I will continually buy from his company.
    Thank You Again. God Bless you and your company.
    P.S. ~ Kudos to your customer service representatives. They are professional and very helpful in all ways. Great folks they are. =)

  86. Thank You Andrew for the clarification letter on Sensa & HSN. I never doubted you for one minute as I am sure you did what was right by you and your company.
    "Andrew Lessman you are a man of great integrity. Your supplements are beyond amazing. You care about what you produce. Your supplements are the only ones that I can tolerate. Everything else makes me ill and I can’t keep them down. Your products have done more for me than I could ever imagine. I appreciate a person with strong conviction and ethics. You just don’t see that in most companies these days. Most companies could learn alot from this wonderful man…."
    I am proud to be a customer of his and I will continually buy from his company.
    Thank You Again. God Bless you and your company.
    P.S. ~ Kudos to your customer service representatives. They are professional and very helpful in all ways. Great folks they are. =)

  87. I chime in again.
    I happened to see my Dr today for an annual check up. We talked about supplements. I quote: "Rob, I wish more of my patients took high quality formula’s like the ProCaps products you take".
    As far as SENSA goes – he again mentioned that there is nothing in it to suggest any effect at all.
    I do feel for those who crave a product that claims weight loss with little or no work- and for some, there may be a placebo effect , much like a sugar pill.
    HSN and SENSA do offer a disclaimer suggesting ‘results not typical’
    Anyone who is involved with DRTV knows that some products are simply created to generate sales, and are discontinued after the product ends it’s lifespan on infomercials or the shopping channels.
    Frequently, the end-user consumer is too shy to report being fooled.
    HSN has had several fitness/wellness/supplements/cosmetics that were taken off the air after internal and external investigations.
    15 or 20 years ago they were selling "spray vitamins" and "spray weight loss vitamins" that you would spritz in your mouth, similar to a breath spray.
    In my fuzzy memory, the products were pitched with a "Dr" and the rather charming Ruta Lee as the main pitcher.
    It was a nice idea, but the stuff did not work. At all.
    ( trust me — I was one of the lamb’s who WANTED it to work- I bought tons of it!)
    There was litagation of some sort,and HSN pulled the product.
    Several years later, they had a skin care line fronted by a female comedy star,and a a Dr involved with Plastic Surgery in LA. This line also was discontinued after internal and external investigations.
    Then there was the lie on the floor and let a machine shake your feet to tone up and lose weight. They don’t sell that one anymore either.
    Andrew- I know marketing is marketing — but ProCaps products have a background in documented science, and an owner that cares. For decade’s.
    You NEVER sell anything but best-in-class products. I KNOW your products work, and have the proof -medical evaluations, as well as general well-being. So does my family and friends -all of them — across the country!
    In a tough economy, I salute you for being up-front, and risking auto-ship sales to support an ethical stance.
    I will always be a customer, be it at HSN or directly from ProCaps.

  88. You ROCK Andrew!!!! You did a wonderful job explaining what was going on.
    I have been using your products for years. I was ready to reorder Secure and tried from HSN and couldn’t. Now I understand why. I did go to your website and just became a member today, and found out some good information right off the get go. Thank you for being a business man with values!! 🙂

  89. Hi Andrew,
    I once contributed to a Brain Trust Blog (It wasn’t really a blog then). Anyway, I quit it after a year because of so much negativity. Not much good for recovering from a brain tumor. I hope the negativity here will go away. Come on people smarten up, and stop and think before you post.
    I love your products and don’t know where I would be or what I would be feeling like right now if it weren’t for your products. I know that they are top quality. I used products from the Health food stores that made no difference. Your products have made a big difference in my well being, physically and mentally. We are missing so much vitamin content in our foods now that I feel it is necessary to supplement. As I said I feel it and see it. I have also read that supplements "may not be good for us"….Well, who started that conversation anyway? You have one guess. Ok, my guess is the Big Pharms……
    I like that you have written (spoken) out on this. You will not loose my business…And if HSN would sell such a bogus product at the expense of your quality products then they don’t deserve my business. Your prices on your website are good and most of the time better (you just need flex pay.) Your TS’s can’t be beat.
    I am and will always be a happy and loyal customer.

  90. Andrew, Yout reasons for pulling product from HSN is your decision and respected. Over the years and expecially the last months I have looked at and worked with doctors on nutrition and vitamins. What I have found has been much contridictions or blind statements that do not tell the whole story. Hard compact vitamins will most likely not digest so be ineffective, Andrews vitamins are not full of junk and compressed down. When I have shown the labels to the doctors they said these were good but follow the dosage and not over do it. The other item I have learned is doctors don’t pay attention to nutrition, there’s no money in it and as stated in a previous blog they work on cure not prevention.
    My husband is a cancer patient vitamins don’t cure but help supplement his body to fight back. Bottom line all the books, articles, doctors, nutritionalist have to say is eat raw foods, some cooked, juice veggies/fruits and supplements.

  91. I have been taking Andrew’s weight loss support products for years. I typically buy from his website directly – I feel the pricing is a bit better than what HSN offers.
    SENSA is a scam and should be acknowledged as such.
    Way to go Andrew for holding a ethical position.

  92. Pet Supplements
    I take many of your supplements and I have even convinced my husband and father to take a few. I have dogs and would love to buy their supplements from you. However, regarding your current targeted approach of mixing powder with wet food – please consider an alternative. I know you are smart so you will be up for the challenge. My dogs only eat dry food. If the powder doesn’t taste peculiar, I guess I could sprinkle it on their dry food, but I would like you to consider the animals that don’t eat wet food on a daily basis. Thanks for the blog. I am enjoying the posts while I wait for your next visit to HSN.

  93. Did you know Andrew Lessman has and still may do hold seminars for doctors.
    He first introduced years ago to them his joint effort ingredients. They didn’t accept it and when all the research came out with it they realized they had found a priceless jewel in Andrew Lessman.
    Did you know Andrew Lessman was contacting the FDA about ephedra. He is largely responsible for getting it off the market. A professional baseball pitcher collapsed and died while pitching because he was using ephedra supplements.
    Did you know Andrew Lessman warned HSN viewers about Relacore. You know the one where they spent all that time to find that one certain woman who could say are you tired of ugly belly fat and would drive it into your mind. Andrew warned everyone of the gene that they were saying causing ugly belly fat had nothing to do with belly fat and let his customers know the only supplement that effects that gene is Phosphytidal Serine. He told the viewers they wouldn’t lose weight taking it nor does Relacore use it in their product because it is too expensive and the FDA agreed and fined them and took them off the airwaves.
    Did you know Andrew Lessman warned all of us about Coral Calcium and told us it was a cheap grade of calcium and of course that it wouldn’t heal cancer and all the other things they said it did. The FDA agreed and fined them and booted them off the airwaves.
    Thank you for all your wonderful information Andrew concerning many many products and always seeking a better way to help people.
    Thank God for Andrew Lessman. Who keeps all his customers and non customers well informed.
    Best of Health to Everyone.

  94. Andrew,
    I just wanted you to know how much your vitamins have helped me. I love them and I tust you 100percent. I llove your weight loss products but I do not order fron hsn I order directly from you. Just let you know i think you are great and appreciatte you looking out FOR ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS tHANK YOU

  95. Ok, my thoughts are all over the place right this minute.
    1. I went onto to see the Secure and other weight management items because of the hsn coupon that came with the secure product I am still making installments on. But as you all know there was NONE. And thought OF COURSE, I have a coupon and NO product, shesh! So I came here to get to the bottom of things.
    2. I stumbled on the TruQ10 and Secure "letters". Scanned over them both.
    3. I am also currently making payments on the COQ10 w/ Tru10 ect. BUT its just ME, It will last me over a year and a half.
    4. YES I DID. I did order the Sensa, I guess thats what people do when they a really trying to do something about weight before it kills ya. (sorry I’m human) I personally used to eat, and within 2 hours later was "starving". I don’t care if I then drank water, tea, secure, diet-coke etc. It didn’t keep me from "needing" to eat. With Sensa I eat breakfast and its 5 or 6 hours later before I get hungry again. For ME thats a good thing.
    5. Yet I DO agree with Andrew and hope he will be able to offer us all great pricing w/ payment plans? 🙂 It cant hurt to ask. My mom has always told me. "It can’t hurt to ask, the worst they can do is tell ya NO". I watched him for at least a year before I ordered anything, still waited a while before ordering something that required payments for me. BUT I did and I am doing better overall for it.
    Thank you VERY MUCH Andrew and Staff!

  96. Andrew,
    I applaude your ethics which in business is so very very rare today. However I must say that I think despite the poor decision by HSN to push that other product, I truly think you need to conitnue to push your products like Secure on HSN, and let the people know there is no magic sprinkle. For those of us who use your products like Secure are customers for ever, but don’t let there poor decision hurt you and rather continue to get your word out there. We all know you by now and once again applaude you, forge ahead and keep people well informed and don’t pull back, none of us will think anyless of you.

  97. Anybody out there that is trying to get rid of that extra weight…….Common sense tells us that exercise (just move) and the right foods will help you to that goal. There is no magic bullet here. I drink the Secure for my health (and also to cut the calories at times of wanting to pig out).
    The best "DIET BOOK" I’ve ever come across ( and I’ve read a ton of them) is the "SONOMA DIET". I got it at "The Dollar Tree" about a month ago. It works. That is the best dollar I have ever spent. It’s all about portion control and the right foods.

  98. Can you say placebo effect? That’s what this Sensa is. They spent $60 on this, so subconsciencely they make it work. For the person that said vitamins are dangerous, you can’t be serious! These junk science studies that you hear about on tv are paid for by Big Pharma. They use synthetic vitamins, and skew the studies to get the result they want. The more people turn to keeping themselves healthy, the less drugs they sell. They want you to believe that only drugs can work. Drugs are a one way trip to the nursing home. I’m 58, and take NO drugs. I’ve had better luck finding suppliments to fix any problems than I’ve ever had with doctors. But you have to know what you’re looking at. With Andrew, I know I’m getting the benefits, and it’s the highest quality available. There are different qualities in suppliments just like anything else.

  99. I thought I was going crazy when I couldn’t find Energy & Fat Metabolism Factors on HSN. I’ll so happy that I am able to still purchase this on this website. I love that product! Thank you for standing up for what you believe in, I wish more CEOs and managers would do that. Keep doing what you do, cause you do it so good! Don’t worry you customers are still here as long as we are able to buy your products 🙂

  100. Andrew, new competition for you. Genewise . Please tell me if I should buy it. Tell me what you think. Here’s what they do and why it is so unique.  Essentially this company analyzes your DNA and then customizes a personal live whole food supplement & vitamin regimen based on your genetic makeup.  GeneWize targets precisely what you are lacking in your DNA in 12 specific categories scientifically known to be essential for proper body functionality & optimum health.  Your DNA test will reveal if you have a genetic predilection to cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol & high blood pressure, low bone density & how well your body properly removes toxins or processes Collagen.  They also test your defense against free radicals & antioxidant production or if you have an over reactive inflammatory mechanism.  You’re given a detailed report of your findings & your customized supplement then boosts those targeted areas in which you have genetic deficiencies bringing them back into a healthy range to maximize proper defense. 

  101. Good Grief!!! I’m just disappointed that HSN couldn’t ultimately replace my "Today’s Special" (got the wrong combo and hoped for a replacement). For the purists, Secure does have sweetener. For the unemployed masses, it was a GREAT, affordable meal replacement. Personally, I prefer an entire meal (replacement) to Sensa dusting (which, again personally, did nothing for me). Keep us fed, Andy kid, keep us fed.

  102. It is a shame that HSN is selling Sensa. I saw some of those presentations and was really disappointed in them. I wasn’t surprized that Andrew removed his weightloss products, who would want an image of their product to come up next to Sensa. I will miss the extraordinary values on Secure on HSN though. Sure glad I got the huge jugs in January.
    Love the blog. Now if I could only get some questions answered that I’ve asked before with no luck. Specifically answers about what might help depression and ringing in the ears.

  103. Andrew:
    Regarding your last post, I’m glad you’ve learned your place in not arguing with the women in your life! 🙂 Would you please have a talk with the men in my life?
    I too LOVE the blog idea! I could spend hours soaking up the kind of information you provide. I am endlessly interested in nutrition and health, but never seem to have enough time to do the research myself, so I appreciate having someone I can trust to sort through it for me and tell me what I need to know. And honestly, TRUST is the key word here…there are a lot of people out there giving their opinion, but it’s your integrity that makes me listen to you above anyone else.
    Would you ever consider a podcast format? I would love to load up my iPod and listen to you while I’m out running. If you’re giving a webcast, perhaps you could also run a podcast of the audio.
    I’m also looking forward to your pet products. I have a very active Sheltie and two opinionated cats who I’m sure would convince me that they deserve anything you manufacture.
    Have a wonderful week, and know that I am behind you 100%. You are a true kindred spirit.

  104. Ok, I’ve read all the comments and I have a request. Can spellcheck be added before the comments are posted? I know I could use it.
    With so many gushing comments, I’m surprized no one has proposed to Andrew on this blog. Maybe someone did on the CoQ blog, I haven’t read that one yet. Or maybe I should be the first to propose…hmmm what do you say Andrew?

  105. If you bought the today’s special of Coq10 121mgs and 12of truq10 you can take that Sun. Mon. Wed. Fri. and you will be getting right at 80 milligrams a day and you will be doing something wonderful for you body’s health.
    I am not sure but the truq10 is stronger milligram wise I think. I think 6mgs of truq10 is like 8 mgs of the regular or a little more.
    Proposing to Andrew that was fast you beat out all the women that want to work for him then they were going to propose to him.
    He would be a excellent beyond measure boss to work for. No playing games with your mind no lies, you can believe everything he would tell you.

  106. I currently take several of Andrew’s supplements and am very happy with them and have every confidence that they are high-quality products. What I don’t understand is why it was necessary to remove the weight-management type products from HSN.
    If Sensa is not a good choice (I have no opinion either way), then how is taking away a good alternative helpful to people? Makes no sense to me at all. Why are you limiting the choices of your HSN customers?
    I think you sell people short by assuming that they will automatically associate your products with Sensa just because they are both offered on the same shopping network. I don’t think that anyone was confused or thought that at all.
    It’s a shame that customers now have fewer choices.

  107. Kim,
    I think a quick scan of the preceding 100 posts reveals the answer to your question several times, but I will attempt to reiterate what I am getting from this.
    Andrew simply chose to not have his product sitting on the shelf, so to speak, next to a product of lesser or zero integrity.
    The assumption of relationship between two products being sold from the same source is too easy of a gap to bridge by consumers… and this association in particular is detrimental to a brand, and a man, based solely on integrity and honesty when it comes to health and wellness. Nothing should compromise, or even pose a potential threat to compromise, that well founded, and painstakingly built perception of Andrew and his products.
    Would you purchase an automobile from a dealership that also claimed to have magic flying carpets for sale? Or if you were the automobile manufacturer would you want your cars for sale on a lot next to the supposed magic flying carpets?
    Large chain stores like Wal-Mart turn away product vendors on a daily basis as to not compromise the integrity of their store, the integrity of their customers, and to not cause other respected vendors from pulling their products because a contentious product is also being sold there.
    This leads me to another distinction that isn’t being made enough here. Secure is a meal replacement. No mystical powers attributed, just a meal replacement with standard, albeit higher quality, ingredients and expectations.
    The other product in question is in an all-together different category, a product of no actual sustenance that utilizes “diet-craze” sensationalism and magic-bullet marketing to get a few quick sales and then disappear when legal action is threatened, only to re-appear a couple years later as a new brand. We see this often.
    We see people drinking protein shakes and using meal replacements in our gyms and on TV shows like the “Biggest Loser”… I’ve yet to see my local, or national celebrity trainers, incorporate magic pixie dust into their regiment.

  108. I’d just like to chime in with everybody else and compliment you on your integrity. I was trying to re-order some Vanilla Secure this morning, and couldn’t find ANYTHING on the HSN site (grumble). A quick google search brought me here, and now I know what’s going on. I can think of no other area so ripe for scams as weight loss products, and I’m chagrined that HSN would ever promote a rip-off like Sensa. I’m VERY glad you’re continuing your relationship with them with the other supplements, but my opinion of HSN has declined drastically.
    I initially ordered one of your supplements five or so years ago for very specific reasons (I think it was the hair/skin/nails), but your integrity and commitment to education and good health are what turned me into a faithful repeat customer. I now use, gosh, 7-8 of your supplements daily, I think. I like to keep myself meticulously informed as a consumer, and had been wary of supplements for years because of the inconsistent quality, use of fillers, etc. I have no worries at all about that with your products, and now have the added satisfaction of knowing I support a company that’s committed to sustainability and green business practices. The world needs more people like you, Andrew.
    May you enjoy much-deserved continued success with all your endeavors!

  109. Andrew:
    I understand your frustration, having provided us with only the best possible ingredients, as a result of your major research programs and green production.
    Sometimes I question HSNs quality control team, because I wonder if they are up to snuff or sleeping on the job.
    I have been a long time user of several of your supplements and I won’t have it any other way. Many people want the results but don’t see the need to invest in their own good health. That’s very sad. They need to take their negativity elsewhere and just carry on with purchasing for cost, instead of quality. Their loss.
    Oh, and Congratulations on your 2008 Green Owner of the Year award, by the Las Vegas Business Press. You soooo deserve it for all of your ethical, hard work.
    Lately, I have not received email for your online specials, nor correspondence to alert me of your HSN visit. I seldom look at HSN outside of your visit. Are you starting a new email list soon?
    For your new supplement, please add ubiquinol to Omega 3 oil.

  110. Andrew:
    The last blog was mine. I never join blogs but this is very important so I had to weigh in.
    Thank you for all of your hard work, wealth of information, and excellent products.
    P.S. Forgive me, with so much going on I forgot to thank you sincerely. 🙂

  111. Andrew,
    I want to personally thank you for all the "GREAT" products you bring to so many people. Also, the information on the products. That is how I made the educated choice of vitamins I do take. I will always be a greatful customer. My family wishes you and the ProCaps family the very best. And a very special thank you to all the customer service team, they are a delight to talk with and they really seem to care or at least make you feel as if our health is important to them. You have an outstanding team!!! To those who have nothing better to do than write ugly & mean things about Andrews Products –If you don’t have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all. Some people just seem to get a kick out of being mean!!!!!! In this world we don’t need people like that. God Bless You Andrew keep up the excellent work!

  112. Andrew,
    I was so disappointed when I didn’t see Secure on HSN. I liked to read the feedback from others and learn new ways to try Secure. I was also looking forward to using the coupon received with the TS to try other flavors. However, my disappointed was replaced with an even higher level of respect for you. I appreciate that you chose to share your feelings about Sensa and the reason behind your decision to remove Secure from HSN & I feel it is really their loss as much as yours. Now it appears that Sensa is gone from HSN too. I must admit, I ordered it, I got caught up in the hype but as soon as I received it I knew I would never use it. For me, it was not practical to carry powder around and sprinkle it on everything I ate. I also could not see how it would help me long term. But Secure does help me. It is the ideal breakfast or afternoon snack for me. I’m glad I can still purchase it from your site. Again, Thank You for your sincerity & setting the record straight. I’m a customer for life. Blessings & Best Wishes.

  113. I buy so many items from HSN and I am disappointed that they would risk our loyalty by presenting and selling something that is just a fleecing fad on their customers hopes and wallets.
    To have taken so many years and to have built up a solid reputation with Andrews products only to cast that reputation aside is greedy folly. How are we to trust HSN on other items now? We get use to watching and trusting the shows presenters and now HSN will be putting them in a position of looking untrustworthy also.
    Andrew you made the correct decision and I have no doubt it will cost you in the short run but in the long run you will come out ahead and you will have made your mama proud. As a mama I can tell you that this is highly important. ha,ha
    Keep up the good work. Me and my friends will keep buying your Secure and AM/PM products.

  114. dear andrew, longtime hsn shopper, recent convert to your superior supplements. i think they have already removed this garbage sensa from hsn. looked in search engine and no results. you are an ethical businessman and i hope you earn billions and billions of dollars because you deserve it by consistently giving us quality products and not cutting corners. who cares if your stuff costs more. will never buy the garbage supplements in wal mart, costco, etc,.

  115. Andrew,
    I am going to write HSN. I discovered your Secure product this winter while channel surfing. I am 60 years old and have gone from 150 to 255 lbs in the last 10 years. I had some health scares so I ordered the Secure special on HSN. I love the vanilla and have lost 35 lbs just having it once a day. I have been waiting for you to come back to HSN in April for months so I could get another special value of Secure. I think HSN is crazy to loose a product that is so good. I am very picky, and could never stick with any other protein drink. My sister now orders Secure too. I also buy your vitamins and will continue to enjoy your products.

  116. Hi Andrew,
    I had a couple suggestions for you. I have suffered from very low Ferritin (iron) for about 6 years. Your iron is the best. But for those like me, please consider a single tablet with much higher iron. Also please consider a multivitamin with much less vitamin A. For me it is too much after I also use it in my skin care.
    Greatly Appreciated!

  117. I plan to be in Vegas next week and hope to visit the lab in …and while there, hope to meet you to give you the biggest hug ever and thank you personally for your sincerity and hard work to make the American people healthy…no matter how nasty people are, you remain classy, professional and of course charming.
    Bless you this Easter season Andrew and keep up the good work and making us fabulous supplements (and educating us).

  118. Hi Andrew,
    I have been using your products for 6 months and love taking them. They make me feel good. I am moving in JUne so I had to take myself off my auto-ship for now until I am settled in my new house. I have no plans to go without any of your products. The Green Whole Foods supplement is my favorite along with Andrew’s Five Favorites. Got to love Resveratol! As long as you are in business Andrew I will continue to buy your supplements they are great!
    God Bless and Happy Easter!

  119. Andrew
    My dad, my dad’s doctor, and myself give secure credit for giving my dad the nutritional help he needed in the last three years of his life.
    I am thankful to HSN for introducing me to your products, because the products have been life changing and life extending. My best guess is that HSN has some non-compete clause so you cannot do a compare and contrast on the differences between products. Also, your products have been so identified with HSN that people may assume that if they see a weightloss product on HSN it belongs to you. It is very messy and it is bad.
    As far as I am concerned HSN made a big mistake. I support you and your decision.
    I tell everybody about the intergrety of your products and the individual who makes them.

  120. Andrew,
    I have tremendous respect for your honesty, character, and most importantly – safe, high-quality products. I respect your decision and it reaffirms my trust in you and ProCaps. You have and continue to improve my life! We can only wish that society as a whole would exude even a portion of your integrity. I look forward to seeing and continually learning from you on HSN.

  121. Andrew, I think your supplements are one of the Best!
    I could see a differents on how I feel ( Much Better)than with the supplements I have purchased at other Health Stores, etc. I was very thankful that I came across them.
    I tell everyone about them, and keep up the good work.

  122. Andrew, does all of this also apply to CarniSlim?
    By the way, I’ve been taking Women’s Wellness for years, and I rarely have hot flashes anymore! I recommend Women’s Wellness to anyone who complains about menopause 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  123. Andrew all your products are wonderful. I stopped buying your products from HSN a long time ago when I called procaps labs to ask a question that HSN could not answer. The customer service has always been outstanding whenever I call and also when they call me to say a formula is changing. I like the one shipping charge when you get multiple products at one time. All your products I take (I take a lot of them) have made a tremendous difference in my quality of life. I have had multiple health issues which made me very sick for a long time and since I discovered your supplements I have slowly begun to regain my health. People don’t realize what they are lacking until they lose their health. My husband and I both take them and we both have sensative stomachs and none of the products cause either of us problems. I was happy when you put the peppermint in the fish oil and that is where I think you should add the COQ10/TRUQ10. I already take that plus your 5 favorites but if we can combine and get more for our money then that is always a plus. I have recommended your products and your company to many of my friends who don’t seem to get benefits from the health food store products. I have finally recovered from spine surgery and I am ready to get back in shape and I have ordered the carnislim and have joined a gym and I bet I get better results than all those wishful thinkers that have purchased the Sensa. Let’s face it no pain no gain. Five years down the road there will probably be a report that comes out that Sensa is problematic in some way as all of the artificial sweetners have. I do love to watch you on HSN even though I don’t buy from them because I always learn something. Thank you for your dedication because you have made a difference in my life.

  124. Dear Andrew,
    Thank you for your views of the sensa product. My idea is, if it is to good to be true, it is. I did not fall for it even though it sounded really good. To good!
    I do use some of your products and wish that I could afford to use more of them.
    My husband designs computer systems for major ferms and due to all the H1B Visas our Company had to lay off all our employees. Now my husband can not find work either. The last contract that he had was filled by 4 Indians that had H1B Visas
    Sorry, I know that is not your problem but just wanted you to know that I think your products are wonderful. Due to the job situation and now the economy, we just can’t afford most of your products. We have been forced to retire and now our retirement funds have gone way down.
    I do hope that you develope products that will be cheaper for those of us that are having to live on a fixed income. That is not to say that your products are not worth what you charge. It is just that I can not afford as many as I would like.
    Thank you Andrew for all the love and compassion that you put into your products.
    God’s blessings be with you. Glenda

  125. Dear Andrew,
    I used to work for ProCaps years ago.. The only reason I am not with (Your Vitamins) is because I moved out of the state of Nevada. So I know that you are a wonderful man that truly does care about people, let alone the vitamin specialist that work for your wonderful lab. I only wish that I could have stayed with your wonderful company… I am so happy to see you still going strong and helping so many people choose to live a healthier and happier life…
    All the best to you and your family
    Carrie Rond

  126. Der Andrew,
    I would like to know if you are getting any products that have to do with acai berry or do you have anything such as the total cleanse and do they really work in aiding you to having a healthier body and some weight loss.
    Thank you, Laura Kent

  127. Dear Andrew,
    I just want to thank you for all your products and most of all the education you give us on health. I have had a weight problem for the most part of my life. So much that I decided to have a gastric bypass 4 years ago. I have taken your supplements for the past 4 years and because of your products I am healthier, feel so much better and I have hair (I was losing my hair after the gastric). My blood work comes out great. When I hear of weightloss products like Sensa, I tune them out. I’ve been there, done that. The only way to lose weight is to change your eating habits, excerise and take your vitamins. I learned that the hard way. I have learned so much from you. I even record your shows when I am not able to watch them just to hear what new information you have for us. I trust what you say. If you decide not to sell certain products on HSN, thats ok with me as long as you continue selling them on your own website. Keep up the great work!
    Always a customer,
    Susie G

  128. The hardest thing I have done since starting my job as an HSN customer service assistant was sell the public that Sensa product for $75. Being fat my whole life i understand the desperation of wanting something… anything… no matter what the price… to "fix" the problem for us. And I have heard MANY times from Andrew… there is NO magic pill… its a simple math equation calories in and calories out. There is only one way to lose the weight we need to lose and that is simply less food, more exercise and better quality calories. If it were only that simple.
    Andrew I admire you for pulling your products from HSN, I am sure they are regretting their "get rich quick" Sensa scheme. Many many returns and cancellations on autoship, so many,I suspect that it is no longer offered at the HSN website.
    Thank you for always telling us the honest truth, no matter how much we don’t want to hear it or accept it.
    I just wish that people would do a little research about ingredients before purchasing such trash as the Sensa products, adding to the billions dollar diet market of which NONE of them work.
    Thank You for letting me vent, finally!!!

  129. Andrew,
    Thank you for the "DETAILS" on Vitamin D3. I didn’t know that it was harder to obsorb if one is overweight. I just doubled my dose. Thanks for making a 2500 capsule, I will be ordering that when I run out of my 1000’s. I just had bloodwork done again and my Vit. D levels have risen. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. Dear Andrew,
    Thank you for the fabulous Today’s Special. I can’t wait to add them to my daily Andrew Lessman arsenal. I also want to thank you for reading my review on air this morning for the Pomegranate. I was so excited…I was talking to your Customer Service Rep. last night regarding a product, and she was so, so, nice! I would love to mention her name, but I don’t know if I’m supposed to do that! She knows who she is. Thank you for always being there for your loyal customers. God bless you all….

  131. Dear Andrew, and ProCaps fans,
    I was happy to see you on HSN today- I did NOT think the host was very nice, saying "Andrew is ONLY here 4 times a year", with a hard pitch. Hardly spoke to you!
    I suspect there are bad feelings regarding HSN’s marketing of the foolish SENSA product.
    I am happy to have reasonable health at a similar age as you.
    For 11 years or so, I have taken your vitamins/supplements with fantastic results. I am not one to rush to a Dr too frequently – mostly for a yearly check-up, or for a seasonal allergy issue.
    Each time I visit, he asks what supplements I take – the quality of ProCaps is mentioned, and supported. Everything you sell is of significantly higher quality than what other firms offer.
    In regards to SENSA , he said it has nothing in it that could do ANYTHING for weight-loss or even wellness.
    I am pleased to see HSN no longer has it on their website, but was taken aback when a CSR mentioned it was ‘still’ available for auto-ship.
    For the time being, I will continue to deal with HSN for auto-ship for my core ProCaps items- Men’s Max Ultimate, Skin and Hair, Nails ,and the coQ10 products.
    Nothing against HSN, but it might be better to buy directly from ProCaps.
    Thank you for telling the truth!

  132. I TiVo Andrew’s shows.
    I have learned so much from his shows. saying that,I would sorely miss it if he left HSN.
    I ordered the TS from HSN. and am ordering a large order from ProCaps tomorrow (waiting to see what the TS at midnight)
    I know the HSN hosts do their best but the one woman will not "hush" so Andrew will talk.
    I really thought Vitamin D was abundant – milk and sunshine.
    My sister is a doctor,I called her. She said that actual many many people are vitamin D deficient.
    also, the Ultimate Eye …. Andrew bought out some points that rouse my interest.
    Great shows!

  133. Andrew i have been using quite a few of your supplements the last 7-8 years i never run out…I buy them also as gifts for my family so that I make sure they take supplements they may not normally buy. I love love love your products. I am 50 and people think i am at least 10+ years younger. I attribute that to good genes and your supplements, thats why i make sure i never run out..i order on your web site or HSN if you are having a todays special. I think your supplements are fairly priced for the top of the line ingredients i know i am getting…You are the best

  134. Andrew, Thanks for providing us with the best vitamin supplements out there. I will not buy anything else. My teenage son will actually swallow your (and only your) Omega 3 fish oil. Thanks for caring enough to go to all the trouble you do to provide us with such high quality products. Don’t ever listen to the critics (they are just jealous), you are the best.

  135. Andrew, Also, four times a year is not enough! I don’t know if this was HSN’s decision or yours, but it would be great if you could be on at least every 3 months rather than 4. It seems so long between your visits now.

  136. Andrew,
    You are the best! I look forward to seeing you on HSN, as you are a wealth of information and I learn something new each time. Some of your products work very well for me, others, not so much, however that is to be expected as each person is unique.
    With respect to persons writing negative remarks to you, it seems our society has has become self-centered and has forgotten the art of courtesy. Your essay at the top of this blog was especially well written and a reminder to all of us to be more polite.
    Continued success to your Company!

  137. Andrew, I only began reading your blog today and found out about Secure not being available on HSN. I was planning on using my 20% off coupons for May to reorder Secure. No matter, I will start to order directly from your company. I have always enjoyed your products and have been ordering many new things on your current HSN visit. I am a peritoneal dialysis nurse and train people to dialyze at home. I see first hand the importance of taking care of oneself and good nutrition and supplementation. Believe me I was definitely in need of an "Andrew fix". Listening to you on HSN is so inspiring and informative. As a nurse, I do know most of the things I need to do for myself, but don’t always do them. I do appreciate all the teaching you provide, your commitment and honesty. I love the fact that you use solar, your pure products and are made in the USA. (if only more companies felt that way!) I feel HSN usually selects great products, but I must say that it only took me about 90 seconds into the Sensa segment to see I wasn’t falling for it. I can’t wait to receive the 4 new products (largest sizes I could get) that I have ordered so far this weekend. Thank you so much for your products! Have you ever thought about having a training course for CEOs, we could definitely use more of them like you! Thanks again, Deb

  138. dear andrew i take two of your fish oil pill i don’t like fish so this week i increased it to 3 pills is that good or do i need more. thanks deb

  139. There supplements are among the very few products that I actually trust (and use!) these days. I have watched and learned from you over the past several years. Thank you for truth and integrity, such rare traits these days!

  140. Dear Andrew,
    Just watched your web cast. Thanks for doing that for us. I didn’t get a chance to submit a question in time, but hopefully if you continue to do these in the future, I will try to get my question in on time. I so appreciate all of your knowledge, and I am so greatful that you are willing to share it with us. Thanks again, and God Bless.
    P.S. I throughly enjoyed all of your shows. Can’t wait to get your TSV’s, I ordered them both!!

  141. Loved the webcast, keep them coming, please. Could you please address a question about taking Fibermucil & vitamins at the same time? Maybe here or in the next webcast?
    Does taking Fibermucil interfere with the absorption of my vitamin & mineral products, if I take Fibermucil & the vitamins at the same time? I wonder about this, because the Fibermucil label cautions to take "Prescriptions" 2 hours before or 2 hours after the Fibermucil, so I wonder if this applies to the taking of my vitamins, co q 10, omerga 3, etc. Thank you.

  142. I missed the WebCast! It says rebroadcast soon … I hope it does.
    I ordered the Phosphatidyl Serine – PS Benefits ( one of many things I ordered this weekend) I ordered a lot from ProCabs, only the two TS from HSN.
    for some reason I had never noticed or heard of Phosphatidyl Serine – PS Benefits. Then again ,maybe I have and forgot …. so maybe that is a signreally need it.
    Anyway, I deal with lots of informnation and stress and hoping it will help.
    Has anyone here used it?

  143. I watch Andrew whenever he’s on HSN. I don’t agree that the hosts treated him any different because he pulled his weight management products, why should they care anyway? They’re just salespeople, not like they own HSN and it’s not like he left. I believe they’re just greatful he’s still there. Imagine the amount of money he makes for HSN; well over 50,000 bottles of Omega 3’s alone were sold in 24 hours. Nag, IMO they were as annoying as ever acting like cackling giddy school girls around him. I think most of us women (and likely some men) find Andrew to be a good looking man, always has been; I don’t think he looks any different now than he did when he was on qvc quite awhile ago, but come on ladies, show a little restraint, you’re supposed to be professionals.
    Sorry Andrew, it appears that you’re all very friendly with each other, perhaps you could ask them to turn it down a notch. I don’t watch the shows to hear the hosts, I watch to listen to Andrews experise. The hard sell by the hosts is getting old. That mute button comes in handy sometimes lol.
    @Deb, I just ordered a 60 serving container of Vanilla Secure with the autoship option, it came to $40 and some change. I don’t know what HSN was charging for Secure as I never bought it from there. This was the first time I bought 5 items from HSN because I needed the flexpay option plus I got a $20.00 off coupon from the win game (yay) so I got the Friendly Flora. I wish Andrew would consider an easypay option on his website for the bigger bottles of some of his products. I really don’t like buying from HSN. Wonder if anyone has ever asked if he would consider it.

  144. I wanted to watch the webcast today but was unable to because I didn’t know how to. I went to google and typed in and it went to some website where it looked like I had to register…? Does it cost $ to watch this? Could anyone share the correct steps to the process so I may be able to tune in next time? I have watched Oprah’s and her’s are so easy, as there is a link on her website that takes you directly to where you need to be to enter. I really wanted to watch, so am disappointed I could not figure it out. I will only buy products from this site – I will no longer purchase from HSN. I do not enjoy the hosts intervention and "sales" approach – we don’t need it. He explains things very well and they turn me OFF when the camera goes to them to sell, sell, sell – it is tacky, in my opinion.

  145. Loved the Webcast, (but I was interrupted too many times today here at home). I love listening to the information on each vitamin. Can it be replayed on your site?….Can’t wait for the next one. I appreciate that when you are on HSN, you offer the free shipping on your site also. I ordered Friendly Flora and Pomegranate this time directly from your site. Didn’t need the TS as I am fully supplied, I hope there is another TS when I need to reorder B, D, and Omega 3 and Q10.

  146. I tuned it late for the webcast and am unable to find it too. Shortly after it was over, there was a message that it would be available to watch but no time or date was given, now I don’t see anything about it at all. It’ll probably be up for viewing asap.

  147. I loved the webcast, but I too would like to listen to it again. I was watching at work and had interruptions, it would be helpful to be able to view it any time until the next webcast

  148. Andrew Lessman you are a God Send for so many people, and I really sincerley mean that…. I have since tried many other products but your’s is by far more benificial and right on the mark, (110%) better, would reccommend highly, and have to all my family, friends, and co-workers!! Andrew may "God Bless You" for all your dedication in saving so many unhealthy lives and giving us the truth with no B.S!!! I applaud you as a genuine person with integrity, love, and compassion for the work and research that you do.. Keep up the "outstanding job" and you really should get a Pulitzer Medal for 20+ yrs of true humanitarian dedication and breakthrough in your field!! We love you Andrew Lessman!!

  149. Hello Andrew: Well I was surprised at some of the "Negative" comments about you and your products, but apparently they just do not get it and that is their problem. For those of us who do, I feel you did the right thing when Sensa was on HSN. In fact when I saw it as a Today’s Special I thought why has HSN lowered their standards; then a few days later I saw your vidoe on your web site and knew exaclty why you pulled your weightloss products. So just for fun when I saw my oncologist for a check up I ask him and his Physician’s Assistant about Sensa well they both had a lot to say about it and nothing good but bottomline was don’t take it. When I told them what you had done and why I thought you did it they said "Good for him". I take a lot of your supplements and my oncologist has approved every one of them and thinks your products are of very high quality and standards. He is a top oncologist and one that listens to what I have to say and told me don’t stop taking them, he was happy to hear you launched the Pomegrante 40:40 and said to me "I assume you bought the largest one offered", I did. Now I feel when your oncologist sings the praises of the supplements you are taking that just speaks volumes. By the way he calls you "My Vitamin Guy", affectionatly of course 🙂 Thanks for what you do and all the best….

  150. Hi Andrew,
    You don’t have my country listed as an option – Bermuda. And we are not in the Caribbean. Anyway I love your products; but I have only ordered them from HSN, as they have the most convenient way for me to purchase in bulk (flex pay)&(bundles).
    Please consider using a flex pay program for this website.
    And yes I ship all of your products internationally & have NEVER had a problem with empty or leaking capsules.
    AWESOME quality products. Bravo!!!

  151. Hello Andrew, just wanted to say thanks for all your great products. My Husband and I will both be 62 "soon" and the only prescription medications in our home is a hypertension product my husband takes. We have just recently had physicals with chest x-ray, ekg, liver enzymes, prostate PSA, cholesterol, circulation, stress,etc. We have no new prescriptions and some of these things have been problems in past years. His hair loss has reduced and my gray development seems to shave stopped. We have been using your products for 5+ years. Our Medical Doctor is very happy with our improvements – It’s great to get prescriptions "substracted" instead of "added". Thanks again. PS: will you being giving "Senior Discounts" LOL

  152. Hello Andrew,
    Your products are the greatest, and I will continue to use them, so will my friends that their parents. I finally found out what happened and thanks for your explanations.
    If some of these people want to use that other product the go ahead. Don’t get nasty at Andrew just because he took his product off HSN, I don’t blame him, I would have done the same thing.
    It is about time someone was honest with us, the Banks and other companies aren’t.
    When are you people going to wake up? Aren’t you tired of being lied to?
    Look up what is in the product yourself and make your own decisions. As for me I like Andrews’s products. So don’t come on this blog bad mouthing him. If you want to use the other product then go ahead, no one is stopping you.

  153. Hello handsome,
    I have been listening to you since your days on QVC with Kathy Levine. Not until you started with HSN is when I paid attention to what I thought was so boring, though didn‘t change the channel. However, when I saw my nails decline in health is when I decided to take action, cuz that Centrum was not doing it for me. That’s how you got me boy! If I could only live a little closer, I would work for you, but I’m in NH.
    Andrew, I have three boys and they take your products as well. I, as a mom, cannot help to think that your mom must be super proud of you, your strong passion in what you believe, and the desire to do it best. It’s all one can wish for in our children today, passion and conviction.
    Moreover, if only in America more people actually did care about doing their job as well as you do, well let’s say, we would be a much better greater country.
    Thank you for being you!
    P.S. your name is mention in my household everyday, and my sister thinks of you as my “man on TV“.

  154. I have learned so much from listening to you on TV over the years and although I am saddened by Secure not being sold on HSN anymore, I am still greatful that you are still continuing to se1l your other products.
    Secure has always worked for me. Gave me tons of energy, help stop my addiction to starbucks frappachinos’, and lost weight and kept my protein level where it needs to be. I think the drinks are wonderful and Im still not quite sure why their gone. (I also miss those the meal replacement bars you used to sell.)I have difficulty swallowing pills so anything you can provide for me in liquid or a bar is wonderful!!!!!!!!!! SEE you soon.

  155. Hi Andrew,
    I am a long distance runner and my favorite post workout treat is your secure soy (chocolate flavor mixed with skim milk with ice and a banana in the blender, yum!). So I was freaking out when I tried to reorder and they were missing from HSN. Good to know I can order directly from your site and that is what I will continue to do.
    Thanks for all that you do and you are amazing!!

  156. Thank you for the link to the patent application. To continue defending Sensa appears rather desperate or maybe just a strong need to rationalize being duped. Can’t believe you paid that much for nothing…huh? lol Sorry, but I find it comical how people remain in denial after the facts are put before them on a silver platter. Hey…if paying big bucks for a placebo is what it takes to lose weight..go for it!! I am sure Sensa is laughing all the way to the bank.

  157. Recently I have been going to a new doctor who believes in using medication and vitamins which has set me back on the road to health. I have give him a copy of the vitamins that I have ordered from you and and since he hasn’t heard of you he said he would check it out. What can I tell him to let him know the approval of your vitamins by FDA or whomever with the seal of approval. I like all of your products and would like to continue to use them. Sorry I don’t know the correct wording for this. Thanks… Bev

  158. 299.00 for Life Rx Multivitamin – Founder’s for Men by ProCaps Laboratories. Sorry Andrew, that’s way too much money with the economy of today. I would love to purchase them one day, but can’t afford it at the moment.

  159. I, and my family, use many, many of Y. Vits. products. I very much respect your knowledge and integrity! For that reason I am requesting YOUR professional opinion of 100% "hoodia" capsules, particularly the dangers, as used daily for an appetite surpressant, and if you foresee producing such a product. I REALLY trust the purity and efficacy of your products.
    Best Regards,
    D. Prados

  160. Hi Andrew-Love your supplements for about 5 years now-was wondering if you will ever have a childrens vitamin? Thank You

  161. Dear Mr. Lessman,
    I just found out about You taking your Secure product off of HSN and have read your blog about Sensa and HSN.
    As a Nurse Anesthetist, a clinical hypnotherapist and wife of of physician. I APPLAUD you for your ethics.
    As a hypnotherapist I am dealing with many people wanting to loose weight. It amazes me the lack of nutrition and false products that are out there. There is NO magic pill or powder that is safe. We are a chemical machine inside our bodies and to mess with it is foolish.
    I have a wonderful Hypnosis CD called "Diet is a Four Letter Word" that I give my weight loss clients and I tell them about your Secure product that my husband and I use at night when we get that "Chocolate Urge" . I mix it with Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Milk and a little ice. It is DELICIOUS !!

  162. Andrew, you rock! I have been satisfied with your products for many years, and will continue to do so. I respect your work ethic and I trust your products. I would love to see your weight loss products back on HSN, but I understand your decision. Until that happens, I will go to your website to purchase weight loss products. Keep up the good work! I would love to meet you sometime, perhaps you could sponsor a cruise and invite all your healthy friends from HSN!

  163. Andrew, I am dismayed that I will no longer be able to get your Secure products & other weight management products at HSN. So, if this was going to happen, why oh why did you send me a coupon good for 20% off weight management items for this entire year? That seems unethical to me. Now that Sensa is no longer offered at HSN, will you please consider bringing your weight loss products back to HSN? I don’t use any of your other products, but your weight loss products are superior to anything out there on the market, and I won’t go to yet another website and put personal information in there. Please bring them back to HSN!!!

  164. Hi Andrew Lessman, I reside in Canada and always shop from the Canadian tsc…the shopping channel. Was just wondering if you’ve considered introducing your products to the Canadian market or is there a online sight where i can purchase them. Any information would be greatly appreciated…..thanks.

  165. Hi Mr. Lessman,
    I posted on this blog last February, shortly after I started
    Sensa. I have completed my 6 month program and have lost 38 pounds. I sent a before and after picture to Sensa, so they could clearly see I lost the weight. I am continuing on for another 6 months or more, as I have another 60 pounds to go.
    I have been overweight most of my life. Like many, I have tried more "diets" than I can count. Sensa is the first product I have ever tried, that is drug-free, restrictive-free, and isn’t a "diet" but is helping me get to a healthy goal.
    It does make you feel full sooner, therefore helping you to learn portion control. I no longer have cravings and my whole approach to food has changed. Eating used to be about "indulgence". Now it is about "fuel". I am "normal" where food is concerned, for the first time in my life.
    I know you will say, I did all the work. Sorry, I can’t suppress my own appetite. I can’t make myself feel full sooner. Sensa did that and I can take credit for the rest.
    You have a great deal of "fans" and I believe you are well-intentioned. But I am so glad I didn’t listen to you and your "trying to look out for me" blast against Sensa. I would think that you could see, since you are so knowledgable that the science behind Sensa is sound. I talked to a scientist who is on Sensa (and happy with the results), who understands why it works, in addition to a couple nurses who use Sensa and also get why it works.
    Your claims of "magic" are your own. The back of the Sensa container states "designed to be used with a sensible diet and exercise".
    As you well know, the obesity in this nation is out of control. I cannot not understand why you would try to discourage me or anybody else (even go so far as to say I was conned by slick advertising) from trying a product. We miss alot of opportunites in life. I thank God everyday, I didn’t miss the Sensa Opportunity. It has changed my life and put me on a path to "freedom" and "health".
    And to the poster who claimed I work for Sensa…I was just an HSN customer who saw a product and wanted to give it a try. I don’t work for Sensa, but I am now a Moderator(volunteer) on the Sensa Forum and help and encourage others.
    I ordered my Sensa from HSN on auto-ship. They are still sending out those auto-ships today. I contacted HSN several times to find out why Sensa dissappeared from their site. They basically told me different stories each time I would call. Eventually, when I saw that they weren’t bringing Sensa back, I cancelled my auto-ship and order directly from the company. It seems a little odd to me, that they are still auto-shipping such a "riduculous" product. Of course, for me and thousands of others, Sensa is not only NOT ridiculous, it is a tool that has helped us change our lives and health.

  166. Mr. Lessman,
    I forgot to mention that Whenb I went to my Doc for my annual check-up a couple months of go, AI took the shaker with me. When she walked into the exam room, she was stunned at the weight I had lost. I showed her the Sensa shaker, she read the ingredients and gave me her enthusiastic approval. She is thrilled at what Sensa has done for me. Not just the weight-loss but improvements in every area. She was able to take me off 2 medications. Many others have the same report from their Doctors.
    Thanks for listening.

  167. Hi Andrew,
    Thank you very much for posting the links about Sensa. I was one of many that wasted my hard-earned money on this product through HSN. I just read on their forum that it is coming back to tv shopping on ShopNBC this weekend. I am so disgusted by that!
    Thank you for your honest comments about this product. Had I listened, I would have saved myself a lot of money. I now feel obligated to spread the word about the 20/20 expose to keep others from falling prey to this product

  168. Good writing Andrew. My 79 year old mother was just ripped off of 89.95 (from her small social security income) because she was late in requesting the return after the trial period. She never even opened the Sensa product and they will not refund her money. She is forgetful and didn’t even remember she received it until I saw the charge in her checking. After talking to their customer service, they coldly said that she is "stuck" and that they told her 3 different times (in letters and the shipment) that she had 30 days to call. There is no more caring from these companies anymore and they could care less about the people they sell to. This company should be shut down. I am going to call as per their answer to a supervisor (Lenny or Javier) on Tuesday Sept. 4, but I am willing to bet they do nothing. I am going to do the best I can to spread the word on this product.
    I can’t believe that HSN would take in a company that would scam people. She never even opened the product.

  169. HSN should be ashamed of themselves for being involved in this marketing scam. Thank you Andrew for distancing yourself and being an example.

  170. I am an avid consumer of your products and thoughtful approach to presenting the science about your products. Since you were so concerned with Sensa, why don’t you address the science around the soy in your diet product SECURE. My doctor warns me about soy protien:
    * High levels of phytic acid in soy reduce assimilation of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. Phytic acid in soy is not neutralized by ordinary preparation methods such as soaking, sprouting and long, slow cooking. High phytate diets have caused growth problems in children.
    * Trypsin inhibitors in soy interfere with protein digestion and may cause pancreatic disorders. In test animals soy containing trypsin inhibitors caused stunted growth.
    * Soy phytoestrogens disrupt endocrine function and have the potential to cause infertility and to promote breast cancer in adult women.
    * Soy phytoestrogens are potent antithyroid agents that cause hypothyroidism and may cause thyroid cancer. In infants, consumption of soy formula has been linked to autoimmune thyroid disease.
    * Vitamin B12 analogs in soy are not absorbed and actually increase the body’s requirement for B12.
    * Soy foods increase the body’s requirement for vitamin D.
    * Fragile proteins are denatured during high temperature processing to make soy protein isolate and textured vegetable protein.
    * Processing of soy protein results in the formation of toxic lysinoalanine and highly carcinogenic nitrosamines.
    * Free glutamic acid or MSG, a potent neurotoxin, is formed during soy food processing and additional amounts are added to many soy foods.
    * Soy foods contain high levels of aluminum which is toxic to the nervous system and the kidneys.

  171. I purchased SENSA from the shopnbc website and at first I was thrilled at the experience because yes it did seem to work. I felt fuller faster and I did not eat as much and my cravings for sweets were leaving. However, the CONS were so much more than I anticipated. Something is wrong with SENSA and I believe there could be ingrediants in this product that we don’t know about. (perhaps they treat this powder with something) First I got sick, my stomach was upset and I had this burning sensations in my chest and back, not like heartburn. I was dizzy and nausea. My sense of taste was completly gone. I stopped taking the Sensa because I thought I was just sick so after not taking it for a few days I got better, so I started using Sensa again the the same symptoms came back. I had to go to the emerg. room. They did all kinds of test and could not find anything wrong with me. I sent the SENSA back I am back to normal except for my sense of taste. I had read other reviews with other people have similar stories. I also had runny bowels and gas. Not very pleasant. Mark my word something is wrong with this stuff. HSN pulled it very fast from stock and I bet you SHOPNBC will too.

  172. Hello Andrew, I guess I must have blinked when all the hoop-la about Sensa was going on. I bought Sensa, used it a few times, forgot to use it for several days, (really a lot of things going on at that time), then started using it again. They tell you to use the first 2 months shipment, then stop using that even though you may still have some, then go to the next shipment, months 3 and 4. To me, it seems that there is a difference in the shipments, maybe the strength of each shipment. Do you have any thoughts on the strengths of the different shipments? (Any that you care to speak of?)
    Anyway I DO NOT use it and haven’t. In between times of using-not using it, there were several nights I could not sleep. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not…..haven’t figured that one out, but since I don’t use it anymore, sleeping is not a problem.
    Enough of that…..
    I wish you the very best. A the times I have listened to you on HSN, I have learned a tremendous amount of information about your vitamins and supplemens. Yours are the only ones I take and have for a vey long time. I have told my family about the benefits of taking yours over the others, and have many converts!
    I know it is irritating for someone to copy something you do, but over time, the truth will win out over things that are told as truths and are not. I guess in life we want instant results, but I haven’t been able to convince my Creator that this is how it should be. He always knows best and in everything else that happens, justice will win. How could you have been so successfl if He didn’t have his hand on you and your life, and everything you do???
    Best of health and life to you Andrew
    Thanks for being there,

  173. Andrew, Reading through all these posts I felt compelled to post myself. In all the years of watching diet products come and go you and your products steadfast. I will continue using your products that have given me RESULTS and value for my money. Sensa; I’ve read about it, heard about it and just like all the other products that promise a miracle, this one to will come and go. They offer nothing but a dream. They’ll get rich quick and be gone.
    We’ll see you around for years to come, Thank God!!!

  174. I was going to order your Secure Complete today, but you didn’t tell us what the sweetner was. I called HSN and asked them to tell me what the label read. Acesulfame Potassium and sucrulose. I will not order, I am allergic to both of those additives.

  175. The articles in the press that spread the notion that vitamins are a useless waste of money excreted in urine……well what else is excreted in urine? Water. Oh well, I guess we don’t need that either. So go ahead and stop drinking water? Some folks don’t realize that their particular diet is not nutritious and doesn’t provide certain things their bodies need. Yet when they go to the Doc they may discover they have a disease caused by lack of that vitamin. Look up scurvy the disease. The RDA (recommended daily allowance) standards for vitamins were created to avoid diseases. They were not created to obtain optimal health. Our diet may not be healthy for several reasons: over processed foods have removed many of the essential nutrients, top soil depletion has removed many of the nutrients from our soil (remember the dust bowl where so much of our good soil got blown out to sea?), and our personal choices……..While I would prefer to live on dark chocolate alone, I have discovered that I can’t. In fact, I passed out after eating a 17 ounce choco bunny. Too much of one thing and not enough of what my body needs. The standard American diet is just that (SAD). We have found ways to satisfy our cravings by creating unhealthy but tasty combos of salt, sugar and fat which were difficult to acquire by our ancestors thus the cravings i.e. fruit was healthy and sweet but hard to keep but full of all the nutrients needed to start new life; honey was hard to come by but very good for the health (google infection, biofilm and honey); salt was a traded commodity when found because you sweat it out so much and it wasn’t already in all your food but you need it; and fat was energy to keep you going but went rancid and needed special care… Vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other chemical compound are necessary for life, health and optimal enjoyment. My thanks to Andrew Lessman for his high integrity in our public service and to all the scientific researchers for their hard work in elucidating the truth.

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