TruQ10 and Ubiquinol Price Dispute?

Hi Again!

It appears there’s some controversy regarding pricing on our TruQ10, which is a specialized version of Ubiquinol.  Apparently, pricing on that product was high enough to warrant criticizing my company and calling me greedy, etc.  Wouldn’t a simple question suffice?  I still remain in awe of the anger that gets expressed on some blogs and forums.  One would think that we could ask a question or express our feelings without being insulting or angry.  We are likely typing in the comfort of our home, so why are we so hostile?  Anyhow, as I have said before, we are not solving world hunger or the global economic crisis, so what is the source of all these intense emotions about Ubiquinol – an ingredient that was not even available until a year or so ago.  I always remember my parents’ words, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it.”  Well that won’t quite work, since it is important to share even negative thoughts, so why not add to the above, “If you have something that is not nice to say – just say it nicely.”

Anyhow, back to Ubiquinol.  I have always taken pride in our very competitive pricing notwithstanding the fact that we make our products without the use of manufacturing additives of any kind and that we also do so entirely using solar energy.  In most cases we are lower in price than lesser quality products and the more you learn about our products and their unique and/or extra ingredients and their technology – the better you can understand the exceptional pricing.  There is no better example than our TruQ10 (Ubiquinol).  On the surface it is much more expensive than other Ubiquinol supplements and many of you have pointedly compared it to a discounter’s Ubiquinol at a fraction of the price, but the products could not be any more different.  First of all, it is important to remember that unlike CoQ10, Ubiquinol is extremely unstable and it is that instability that gives Ubiquinol its higher bioavailability and bioactivity in our bodies.  While CoQ10 is perfectly stable in virtually any environment, if Ubiquinol was left sitting out in the air, it will lose virtually all its potency in a matter of moments.  My TruQ10 product and the discounter’s Ubiquinol product are simply two very different approaches to solve that same problem of instability.  Their approach was to simply dissolve Ubiquinol powder in some very inexpensive oils with some specific reducing agent, such as Ascorbyl Palmitate to preserve Ubiquinol’s potency.  My approach was a bit more complicated and it involved our developing a patented micro-beadlet that allows the Ubiquinol to remain in its natural, dry powder state, since the micro-beadlet protects the Ubiquinol.  We can then use this beadlet in a powdered formula or even in foods for that matter, since it is not dissolved in oil and does not need to be sealed in a softgel capsule.  It is remarkable technology that we borrowed from the pharmaceutical industry, but needless to say, the cost of this micro-beadlet is very high and it more than doubles the cost of our TruQ10 versus Ubiquinol.

Given the rapid rise in the popularity of Ubiquinol the cost of our making our beadlet will go down slightly, but it will still remain more than double the price of Ubiquinol in a softgel, so thanks to you, we are now developing an affordable Ubiquinol softgel.  As with all our products, it will be of the finest quality and at an incredible value price, since our new 50 mgs Ubiquinol softgel will likely sell for about half the price of our 30 mgs TruQ10 beadlets.  As always, I will do my very best to offer the most exceptional quality at the most reasonable price.

Now, here is where you can provide me some great suggestions.  Rather than simply placing the Ubiquinol in a tiny softgel with some inexpensive oils, which are of no benefit to you, I thought I would develop Ubiquinol that delivers some of the oil-based ingredients you already seek, such as Essential Omega 3s from Fish and Flax or Gamma Vitamin E or Phosphatidyl Choline, etc.  In other words, every time you take your Ubiquinol, you would also get beneficial bonus ingredients.  In our development process, I am leaning toward Omega 3s, but I welcome your feedback.

I greatly appreciate those of you who raised this issue, since it pointed out that interest in Ubiquinol had reached a point where it warranted the development of an affordable Ubiquinol softgel.  I also might consider offering not just a 50 mgs, but a 100 mgs if you recommend it.  Again, please let me know.

By the way, that competitor whose products and prices on Ubiquinol softgels were mentioned does use Kaneka Ubiquinol.  Kaneka is actually the only maker of Ubiquinol and the world’s finest and most trusted maker of CoQ10.  Sadly, that same competitor is likely not buying Kaneka CoQ10 and is purchasing less expensive Chinese material to make their standard CoQ10, since the Kaneka logo is not seen next to their standard CoQ10 product.  I just thought that might provide an interesting insight.  Most companies have only recently discovered CoQ10 and they go to the cheapest source, but in a quarter century of making CoQ10, I have only used Kaneka material.  I have never compromised the quality of the products you use to purchase other material.

In closing, for those of you who want to enjoy the benefits of Ubiquinol, but my TruQ10 was just too expensive, we will soon be making the finest quality, economical Ubiquinol in a new softgel and you will be able to enjoy it at a small fraction of the price of our original TruQ10.

Thanks and best of health.

Andrew Lessman

86 thoughts on “TruQ10 and Ubiquinol Price Dispute?”

  1. Andrew,Thank you for the fascinating information. I would truly welcome a more affordable version. Especially in this troubled economy and hubby being a carpenter, we have to cut back anywhere we possibly can. I do like the idea of the Omega 3 Fish Oil addition. That sounds great. I know no matter what it ends up being it will be the very best possible! I totally trust you and I know that I am taking the highest quality out there. I also appreciate the fact that your supplements have never upset my stomach. I am currently taking 9 supplements a day and I have never once felt sick. That is saying a lot for me. In the past I couldn’t even take one multi-vitamin or a simple calcium pill without literally throwing up. Thank you for everything. You are truly appreciated.

  2. Andrew,
    This is very exciting news!!! I purchased your last CoQ10-133 with True Q10 TS on HSN which was an investment for me, so I would greatly appreciate this new product.
    However, I agree that you should not place the Ubiquinol in an oil that has no benefit to us, but I hope that you will not combine it with the Omega Fish Oil. As I am aware of the importance of the Omega Fish Oil, I have recently developed allergies and is unable to take any fish supplements. I currently order many of your supplements including the [Life Rx Elite Multi-Vitamins for women] and I have to dispose of the fish supplements that’s included due to allergic reaction. Please, please combine this new product with another beneficial oil based supplement instead of the fish oil for those of us who are allergic. I vote for combining with Phosphatidyl Choline. Thank you for your consideration.
    I love all of your products, and I purchase most from you direct, but I look forward to your appearances on HSN for the educational benefits and the Today’s Specials that you offer.
    Your products have been a godsend to me and my health. I appreciate your integrity, honesty and the high quality of ALL of your products.

  3. Andrew,
    Thank you for this exciting update!
    I would love to see the Ubiquional in a soft gel, with any of the alternatives you mentioned. My favorite is the Omega 3, but Vitamin E or Phosphatidyl Choline would be fine too. I like all three of the products. I also would like to see 50 or 100 mgs. offered.
    I got your CoQ10-133 with Tru Q10, as a TS when it was offered at HSN. I considered it a long term investment for my health.
    Thank you for this wonderful update. I love this blog where you are communicating with your customers for input on what you are offering and what we would like to see.

  4. Andrew,
    Thank you for your excellent products.
    You’re the best!
    As to the ubiquinol in a soft gel,
    my vote goes for Ubiquinol with vitamin E.

  5. Andrew:
    Since I take Ultimate Vitamin E, Phosphatidyl Choline and Omega 3’s, any ‘oil’ added to your Ubiquinol will be great with me. Just as I trust your integrity, I will trust the delivery system in which ‘you’ deem is the best combination. One of the many, many things I like about your supplements, is the fact there is always a chance they will be made even better once they are initially produced. Your constant effort to give us the best supplements backed up by the best science makes me one grateful consumer. Thank You!!

  6. Andrew,
    I follow a few company blogs and have thus far have really enjoyed your posts. Some companies have their marketing department handle this, so it is refreshing to get your insights as the owner/founder. It’s also pretty cool that you took all of the weight loss products off HSN as a matter of principal even though your company is sure to take a financial hit; I think HSN will come back to you in the future once this Sensa fad goes away and they see THEIR financial hit in that division. Additionally, this post about you developing a lower priced CoQ10 option (stick with the Omega 3 as the bonus) is great.
    With that said, I’ve been a customer of yours for about 8 or so years now and have always been pleased with the products. However, I am currently dealing with a customer service issue with your company. I have went through the chain of command with your customer service department and have been waiting on a call back from a supervisor since Wednesday. I called again today as a follow up and was told I should probably receive a call early next week. It is a somewhat complicated issue with a long back story and it would not be appropriate to post all the details here, but is nonetheless increasingly frustrating.
    Again, I love your products, I love the company and its standards, keep your products in the budget while cutting back on other items, and rave about your products to anyone that asks (one of my very wealthy friends now takes the Founders’!!) I really am NOT a high maintenance customer, but I would appreciate having this issue handled. Thank you.

  7. Andrew, I am beyond excited regarding the creation of this blog. I am confident it will turn into an informative discussion on the latest in wellness and perhaps even a "behind the scenes" peak at Pro Caps (delineated by you discussing the recent HSN weight loss situation). I hope you (and preferably you alone) make time to create posts and also respond in the comments section as this is the most exciting aspect of the blog — direction communication with you, Andrew!
    I’ll stick with the TruQ10 but I vote fish oil as from what I understand, the CoQ10-fishoil combo will work together for maximm benefits.

  8. Andrew, it thinks its wonderful how you have taken negative comments and turned it into something so positive. You will always have critics, it’s how you handle it that is important. It amazes me that you even ask our thoughts on where we would like the Ubiquinol to be placed. Since not everyone buys all those products, I say put it in all of them. That way, no matter what product you purchase you will get the benefits of the Ubiquinol.
    As for customer service, I really like my rep. I call the same person every time.
    Also, I don’t know of another company that comes on TV and explains products Andrew does. I learn a lot whether I purchase that product or not.

  9. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for your interesting post. I like the idea of using Omega-3’s in a ubiquinol soft gel, but I vote for flax seed oil only – that way people who have a problem with taking fish oil can still use it, it’s a bit more universal.
    Keep up the good work – I would rather pay more to take a product that uses high quality raw ingredients, then take a product with low quality raw ingredients, no matter how inexpensive.

  10. CoQ10 in Omega 3 oil sounds like a good idea. I’ve read other places that the best absorption for CoQ10 is in the liquid cap form. That’s why the powered products say to take with a fatty food. So it’s great you are going to offer a non-powdered based forumla.
    The other shopping channel recently had a TSV vitamin pak that was an interesting concept – everything for heart health from COQ10 to Sterols to Omega 3. It would be great if you could sell a similar product.
    A pet CoQ10 product would be great too. I am concerned about the quality of the Q10 supplements I give my dog. Would your oil-based product be pet-friendly? I’m afraid to give him your current powdered capsule form.

    I think it is sad and a lack of understanding for anyone to critize Andrew Lessman and call him greedy because of a price on Co. Q10 Andrew Lessman has character so high that people that critize him aren’t worthy to even be on the same blog that he signs in on. You ought to consider yourself priviledged to walk on the same earth he does.
    I wrote Procaps Labs a email a couple of years ago about Andrew Lessman’s character and they forwarded it to Andrew. A couple of weeks later to my surprise I had a email from Andrew. He wanted to make sure he had time to respond to it when he wasn’t as busy. I was amazed at the wording and what was said. He truly excels in character. I was going to save the email for the rest of my life. My dad took sick and went into the hospital and then hospice and during those months I lost contact missed his appearance at HSN.
    I returned products thinking it was the products on seperate occaisons earlier when I first started buying, but it has never been the products. I had a ulcer once, and gallbladder problems. Andrew didn’t ban me from buying the same products later.
    Andrew Lessman rents a jet out and also has a construction business. Why would he be worried about finance and be greedy with vitamin prices since these suffice him. I don’t understand these accusations. When Andrew moved from his house in Malibu he moved for one reason and that was because you can’t make pure vitamins in a moist climate so he moved to the desert because it is dry and will give you the purest vitamin possible. The only person in the world to make such a move to ensure quality not greed for his customer. Andrew Lessman doesn’t sell vitamins to get greedy gain. He was in medical school for years and became a food and drug lawyer. He saw the kind of vitamins people were receiving so he chose to make his own and that is how his company was formed.
    Andrew doesn’t need to have a company to have finance he passed that problem years ago. He creates vitamins for one reason. He knows that a higher power has ordained him to help people by giving them the purest vitamin at the lowest possible cost. He handles this calling with great integrity. He takes great pride in helping others. On special nights giving one dollar of every bottle of vitamins to help a charity and then turns and gives all the customers the praise and say they gave the money to take the focus off of him because that is the humility and meekness of this great man. He is the one that gives the money to charity because of a tender heart in helping those that need help. If he was greedy he would never have done this would he. He’s given millions to charities. Does this really sound like greed to you.
    Andrew has friends in professional sports and Hollywood stars that will let him use their name but he will not do it. They have told him free of charge to do this that take his vitamins. These are household names that you know. They can buy any vitamin in the world they choose Andrew Lessman the same vitamins that all of us receive. Smart movie stars to take his vitamins. Does this sound like greed. If he were greedy he would use all their names and be making billions by selling all his products in the stores and he for sure would have informercials.
    Andrew also has been chosen and is the offical vitamin of the PGA tour. I have a uncle the last name Thorn that managed Bruce Fleisher while he was in the PGA tour and myself caddying for Tom Storey out of Las Vegas at the Walt Disney World Team Championship I know how strict the PGA tour is. They fine golfers that get upset for allowing certain words to be heard through the microphones because of children.
    The PGA is very strict on what they give their players. They only give their players the top guality of every item. Tiger Woods goes to his locker and there is Andrew Lessman’s vitamins for him to take the same ones you take. They only give the best to keep their players healthy. That is why they chose Procaps Labs, Andrew Lessman. Not because he has greed but because of the outstanding quality. This is a very high honor.
    Andrew made a prodcut for women not for greed because he has some ladies in his life that passed away because of breast cancer. So he makes a product to help women not for greed but out of love to keep them in the best of health.
    Coq 10 in it’s form before the body converts it use to be 2000 dollars a kilogram. That is before the gas prices hit a few months back. To get coq10 in the truq10 form is very expensive, I am amazed at how this price is as cheap as it has been considering the higher gas costs in the past to pay his buyers and research dept., and all the cost of transporting the raw materials went sky high but did the vitamins change in price no. Doesn’t sound like greed to me either.
    Years ago Andrew Lessman made a coq10 product that had 30 miligrams maybe less. Now he makes 133 miligrams of product in one tablet which consists of 12 miligrams of truq10 that comes out to be around 10.00 a month. He has never went up in price but adds resveratrol and EGCG and all kinds of other vitamins. He continually combines products that people buy seperately and makes them into one to save the consumer money. If he was greedy would he do this?
    I contacted the company that sells vitamins on another famous shopping channel to ask him where does he get his coq10 from. I am still waiting for a reply over 5 years ago or so. I contacted a company called Trivita and asked them where they get their coq10 from. They responded and said tobacco plant. If Andrew was greedy he would use coq10 derived from a tobacco plant and still charge around the same price. 5 years ago they were charging the same as Andrew Lessman does for his.
    He raised the ingredients in Healthy Hair Skin and nails so you would only take one capsule compared to two a few years back. You receive more ingredients in one now than you did in two. Does this sound like greed. This is saving us money while he is losing money.
    HSN made a 5.00 mistake on the pricing of a medium sized bottle of a today’s special. Andrew Lessman said we will just leave it like that. That cost him well over 50,000 dollars. Does that sound like greed?
    My point in this writing is next time you call Andrew Lessman greedy you really ought to do your homework on his character his companies’ character and all the wonderful people that buy his products and love him. I don’t hear all these wonderful things said about other CEO’s of different kind of companies. We couldn’t even tell you who they are or their marketing team. This is a real personable company. We are privileged to live in the earth at the same time Andrew Lessman is and have been lead to have found these vitamins.
    To you who have said mean things to Andrew Lessman maybe you could reasearch his life out and then you could write a letter of apology cause it is for sure you ought to be ashamed of yourself for calling the righteous wicked.
    Best of Health.

  12. Chris Reynolds,
    I am thrilled to see your blog about Andrew and his products and the integrity of this man. So glad you posted it. I like Andrew and only use his supplemennts, as I know they are the best.
    I could never say anything bad about him. I look forward to his next visit at HSN, as I love listening to him and picking his brain for more knowledge. Then I use the products that are most benficial to me.
    Best of Health to Everyone!

  13. Dear Chris,
    I feel exactly the same as you do about Andrew. He is an exceptional person, and I was getting pretty fed up with all of the haters on this blog and another one that I read. People just don’t realize all that he puts into his products. Not only top quality top of the line ingredients, but his heart and soul. You can tell that he genuinely cares about all of us. He could take the easy way out and use binders and fillers, but he refuses to do so. I am so thrilled to have found Andrew Lessman. His supplements are the only ones that I have ever been able to take. All others make me so sick that they end up in the trash! I am so happy to have peace of mind when taking his supplements and never have to worry about the quality or the safety of what I am swallowing. It is a blessing to have found this wonderful company. His customer service is beyond amazing as well. I have talked to several reps and they are all very accomodating. I guess there will always be angry people who pass judgement on someone before ever researching the facts, and as we all have learned you cannot please everyone! I just hope Andrew knows that he has so many loyal customers that appreciate and support his efforts. I can only hope that these negative people won’t ever discourage Andrew. I am confident that it will not. Thank you so much for posting all of that information about Andrew and his products. I appreciate you as well.

  14. Andrew is one of those people who was born to do
    people good, and I feel very lucky that I have
    found him and his company.
    Thank you, Andrew. God bless you!

  15. Dear Andrew,
    In response to request for input for additions to the Ubiquinol gel caps, I would like to see the Omega 3 added to it. I think it would be a good combination of two important products.
    I have been using your products for quite a few years. Although I didn’t take any vitamins or supplements during my chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer (oncologist’s insistence, although I did not agree but adhered to her advice) I attribute my physical stamina and well-being while in treatment to your supplements and multivitamins I took before and after treatment. I have read about you, your qualifications and your company, and I have watched you numerous times. I value your expertise, products, and most of all your integrity.
    Thank you very much.

  16. I have been using Andrew’s products for many years. The quality is the best but I do wonder on price of some products that don’t require special processes to produce such as Vitamin D or his psyllium product. I would like to ask Andrew on his making an ubiquinol softgel. Is your initial ubiquinol product that much better absorbed than softgels? And have there been independent studies showing the absorption ability of ubiquinol besides Kaneka testing its own product. There is one watchdog researcher who says there are no independent studies showing the absorption and stability of ubiquinol.

  17. Okay, my vote is for Phosphatidyl Choline. It is missing from my basic Complete multivitamin and I can’t find room for the brain and memory product in my budget.
    Please…no more Omegas. I get enough of those from my multi, diet, and a vegetarian oil source.
    I agree with you all – Andrew has a beautiful gentle spirit. He’s been one of my role models for a few years now. I wish he were my uncle or something. 🙂

  18. The new Ubiquinol with Resveratrol would be GREAT!
    My cocker Spaniel "Delilah" gives a shout-out to Lincoln and Hayden.
    Keep up the blessed work that you do.

  19. Thank you, Andrew, for doing what you can to help us all stay healthy. If we don’t have our health, we don’t have a life. I take several of your products and am interested in introducing coQ10 into my diet.

  20. Andrew..First let me say that I was very sad to see that anyone would have to express anger about you or your are so fair and honest and it is always apparant on HSN- your ProCaps site and in your truly amazing customer service- you always go the extra mile for usand I have a hard time waiting until you are back onHSN..I am very very worried that you would change the product of CoQ10 and combine it withGamma E since soooo many of us cannot tolerate the E oil capsule- I always throw it out daily as I see so many others do on the HSN reviews on your womans Multi- in fact I have spoken to CS at ProCaps many times about it…so please please please do not combine it with E…again thank you for being the absolute caring person that you are…I loved your two dogs when they were on- are the dog vitamins out this year?????Thanks

  21. Andrew and All Who Responded;
    I believe so vibrantly in every product created and offered by Andrew and his company that I have offered to take any available job at his plant in Henderson for many months now and will continue to do so until I am blessed to work there. The quality and integrity of the products are unequaled in the industry – and the marketing approach is ingenious in ensuring that quality and integrity. On a personal note, (as a matter of my Faith and having read Dr. Don Colbert’s book on the 7 Pillars of Health), I have adopted an attitude of health which is supported by quality products such as Andrew’s. Critics and nay-sayers will come and go but this man’s integrity will stand. I will continue to seek employment with this company no matter how long it takes. Thank you and keep up the great work! Cynthia

  22. Oh this blog is priceless.
    In response to the CoQ10 softgels, my vote would be for the combo with the Omega 3’s. Honestly, since I am taking many of your supplements (plus the Essential 1, thanks for that by the way) anything you can combine together would be extremely helpful financially. I have the PC & Fibermucil bundle TS but wasn’t able to afford the CoQ10 TS or the Secure TS. Great values, but even with the easy pays I couldn’t do it. I’m sure i’m not the only one who would have liked to have picked them up but, well times are tough for many of us.
    Keep on blogging Andrew, hopefully you cleared up any wrong information to those who have been spreading falsehoods on the shopping channel message boards, sheesh.

  23. Andrew,
    Thanks for your success in making great and safe products. I appreciate your concern and caring effort to produce less expensive alternatives. We are all effected by the economic crisis.
    Your products are the only ones I have found that do not upset my stomach.
    I am going to buy TruQ10 and CoQ10. I really do not understand what the daily dosage should be.

  24. Andrews CoQ10 and TruQ10 product is the only one I will ever take. I look forward to his annual today’s special. It’s expensive; but i would not be without this product. – EVER

  25. I have taken Lessmans product almost from the first time he was on HSN.
    I recently was ut on Lipitor ( just a few weeks ago) and I feel like BAD! No energy and very sore. Yep I said sore like ya do when you over work or over exercise. My doctor said it was no link between that and taking Lipitor.
    I know me better than she does. It started almost immediately when I started taking it.
    I do not mean to rant ..
    Anyway, there are 100, 133, 200 300 CoQ10 and TruQ10
    and then there is TruQ10 by itself here.
    I am thinking about ordering the Five Favorite Things,it seems to have it all.

  26. *In response to the previous post:
    Judi – muscle pain is a potential serious side effect of taking Lipitor, it’s in the FDA approved product labeling for the drug. Ask your pharmacist for a copy of the "prescribing information", and take it to your doctor. (You can also download it from the website for Lipitor.)

  27. All I can say is since I have been taking Andrew Lessman’s products, I have felt better, period. I am not going to get into a long discussion about price because you get what you pay for. His products are pure and I have yet to see anything bad about his company posted on the internet. And believe me, I checked high and low before I started buying his products from HSN. Now I order most directly from his website. I have more energy and my hair is even looking better. I do not have the intestinal problems that I once suffered from due to colitis since taking his Friendly Flora and I could go on and on about how much better my health seems. To those of you who think it is to high, dont buy it, poison yourselves with cheaper lower quality products. As for me, I will stick with Pro Caps and Andrew Lessman. Thank you Andrew, for providing high quality vitamins that I can trust. Sue

  28. To Andrew,
    You are a class act. That posting had the utmost of integrity and concern.
    About the oil to add:
    Please do not add fish oil or fish oil and mint. I was not able to tolerate it & had to switch to your Essential Life Rx multivitamins that did not contain fish oil caps. But I eat salmon 2 to 3 times a week. The fish oil caps made me feel extremely sick to my stomach & I kept burping up mint – a very unpleasant situation.
    I take your CoQ10-133 with Tru Q everyday, along with many other of your supplements.
    Thank you for top quality ingredients.
    Can someone please tell me what the gelatin capsules are made from?

  29. Dear Andrew, I think all your products a wonderful! And I take many of them daily. As far as adding oil to the Coq10 -you always said the current form of the product was the best, so why alter it??????? I respect you and your integity to do what you feel is best. Thank you Andrew, for all you do for all of us! Cynthia

  30. Andrew, thanks for your informative and interesting discussions on Ubiquinol.
    As being a loyal customer for over 11 yrs now, I would welcome the best value of a CO10 w/Omega 3 and flax seed oil.
    a 50 mg supplement would be the best, where you could decide to take one or 2. I am currently taking 15 of your supplements daily and know they have made a difference for me. Keep offering the best product that YOU think if best as your not going to please everyone. I ordered your last COQ10 TS and judging by the orders of 60k, everyone must have been satisfied with the best value at 6 flex pays for the 540 cap supply. Dan

  31. For the life of me, I don’t understand why people don’t understand that there is different qualities in suppliment just like anything else. If you want the best, it will cost more. Simple as that. You hear them say they can get it cheaper at Cosco. Sure you can, but the quality is low, and if you’re talking fish oil, full of contaminates. There are Yugos, and there are Mercedies. That’s not difficult to understand.

  32. Because of Andrew’s vitamin supplements I know my life and those I’ve shared his supplements with are in much better shape. The quality is non-pareleil, top-shelf and quite easy to swallow. My family (parents, brothers, sister, husband, sons and daughter) takes a handful of Andrew’s vitamins twice a day and it’s one of those tasks that are not forgotten. I feel like a groupie because I know so much about Andrew and his career choices. His professional and personal life unfold through HSN and I really enjoy watching him because it’s like taking a combination class in chemistry, biology, and nutrition. He’s always keeping us abreast of the latest greatest study. His passion is total well-being. And although the products sell itself, his presentation is not to sell product but to keep us informed so we can decide. Numbers don’t lie…click "Customer Picks" on HSN and you’ll find several of Andrew’s products on that list. Keep up the good work Andrew, and thank you for keeping us healthy. When I visit my sister in Vegas this coming April, I will have to visit the facility.

  33. I vote for Ubiquinol with Vitamin E, or better yet, Gamma E. I cannot take fish oils, so I would not even be able to purchase the Ubiquinol.
    Thank you so much for your professionalism, and for taking the time to thoroughly explain the way you manufacture your products, specifically the coq10. When I take your products, I am always confident that I am getting the best quality available!

  34. I would prefer to not have Vitamin E in this because I am not a fan of taking too much Vitamin E – I am sure we all get enough Vitamin E in our daily Procaps multi-vitamin packs. Omega 3 sounds like a good co-ingredient.

  35. Andrew,
    Thank you so much for even requesting our opinions.
    You are truly a caring, sincere person and your dedication and commitment to your customers is truly remarkable and a BLESSING to us all.
    I vote Ubiquinol with any oil added but with NO Fish Oils. Many people are allergic to fish oils, and I am sure you want to make a product to suit the masses. I currently take your Multi-vitamins, Phos Choline, and many, many of your other products( in which I love them ALL !!).
    I vote for possibly adding, Flaxseed Oil, or Evening Primrose, etc. Andrew, whatever you decide, I am sure you will make the best decision and we will always support you and your decisions.

  36. My vote for the oil you choose would be anything but Flaxseed or Evening Primrose oil since I cannot take them. When you come out with the new Ubiquinol will you please explain the differences of how each one reacts in the body?
    I’m sorry that people are degrading your products and integrity. They obviously are angry people in general or employees and realatives of the other company. As you can see with the Sensa products honesty and integriy will always prevail.
    To the person who was concerned about giving her/his dog COQ10, my dog developed back end problems at 3 1/2yrs and the things the vet wanted to do were not acceptable to me. I took matters into my own hands and started giving her New Joint Efforts, D3-2500, Calcium, Healthy Hair Skin & Nails, and COQ10-50. She’s about 70lbs and has never had a problem with any of Andrew’s supplements. She still can’t jump on the bed or table to get cat food, but she can give rabbits and coyotes a run for their money.
    Thanks for asking for our opinions.
    Lyla and Moraina say hi to Lincoln & Hayden

  37. I’m not limited in which oils I can take so I personally have no preference. I have never had a problem taking any of your products – even when I took all of them at the same time (around 24 caps). I no longer due that since I’ve learned it isn’t beneficial to take more than 500 mg of calcium at a time.
    Would you explain the differences between the B vitamins and what kind of compounds these are (either here or next HSN visit). I’ve noticed my mood has improved dramatically since I’ve started taking the pretty B12. Is there anything else that would help? I have a lifelong history of depression and would prefer not to take medication. Andrew, you are a great teacher and I look forward to your HSN visit. Thank you teacher:)

  38. Andrew: I’ve been using your products for nearly two years: Hand, Skin/Nails, Omegas, Bone and Skeleton for Women; Leg/Vein, Resveratrol, Nighttime…I can’t be more pleased with your products. In fact, I feel more humanunized! That’s too bad for the negative and hostile reviews you received, but you know that saying "You get what you pay for" and in my eyes and others that is so true.
    To the those negative people–Well, there’s always’ll definitely get what you pay for!!
    Keep up the good work Andrew!

  39. One more thing: Adding the U in Omega gels sounds good to me. I’m sorry to hear that weightloss program will be gone. My mom was doing well with her weight using the smoothie flavored drinks you had…she and my dad have heart problems, and this drink seemed to help them alot. I suggested they take your CoQ10 and Vitamin C. Hope that was the right advise.

  40. Andrew,
    I feel the CoQ10 with Tu Q has made a difference for me and I will continue to purchase the vitamin. In my opinion, the new product,ubiquinol, would be great with the omega 3’s. I am a firm believer in your products. I hated taking those large solid pills which I could hardly swallow. I tell my friends about your products and encourage them to research your products. I purchase them on HSN, but discoverd your blog today!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work. Thanks for being an American company and using solar power. Thanks for letting me know when you are available on HSN. Deb

  41. I just recently came across a much lower priced Tru Q product. I wondered about it but I have to say I not only trust Andrew’s integrity, his superior quality products but also his superiour quality employees who are wonderful to talk with, get information and make you feel like family. I have severe health problems and Andrews employee call center always spend the time with me and have steered me toward products that have measured up and shown in my blood work. I tell my friends and family who I see are buying supplements to give his company a try even if it’s just one product. They will see the difference.

  42. Hi Andrew, Just entered your site to see when you would be on HSN in April. Wow, amazed at whats going on!!!!! I have been taking your products for 2-3 years now, WILL NEVER STOP and totally trust your judgement on price and combo’s of what you choose to put together in a softgel. You are the expert and people need to stop being so quick to judge. You have never ever steered us wrong and "why fix something that isn’t broken. I have bought things from both your website and HSN. I am not worried about your removing certain items from HSN as long as we can get it on your website. It is something that people should mind their own business about. We shouldn’t need an explanation as to why you are removing items from HSN.
    I will never stop taking your supplements and especially your COQ10 and whatever combo’s you feel are best, that is what lead I will follow. Your are the expert who does the research and I totally trust your judgement!!!!
    One quick question. When will the supplement for dogs be available!! Can’t wait for that addition!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to see you next week on HSN. I learn so much from you……………….

  43. Very Informative Article on TruQ10. My suggestion for the softgel version would be to use Omega 3’s from a plant source such as your Evening Primrose Oil with Black Currant Seed oil. This would make the Ubiquinone solfgel version available to the many who are sensitive to the fish oil sources and provide them with both the benefits of Omega 3’s and Ubiquinone.

  44. Thank you Andrew for looking out for all of us! I look to you for the latest information regarding supplements, your word is golden! And, I have noticed that HSN has pulled Sensa from its product line, which to me speaks volumes. Thank you Andrew for all you do! I am listening. 🙂

  45. I have found the fountain of youth with Andrew’s products. When you feel good physically, you feel great emotionally and that is the true fountain of youth-feeling good about yourself. In improving my own life I became an example to others….and so Andrew you have touched and improved so may lives! I love your products and the inspiration you are! Each of us whether related to weight loss or other products must research and take what speaks to us. I know that Andrew’s products have changed me and I am filled with gratitude for that.

  46. Thanks for the great information. A more economical way of being healthy would be very helpful indeed. My suggestion would be to combine with those ingredients which would be the most beneficial to us. With your knowledge and understanding I believe you can create a "My Favorite Five" or some variation therein in a capsule. I look forward to your decisions. We all have opinions but look to you for products that not only are affordable but will make a difference in our health. Thanks for being there and being willing to listen to all types of opinions. It can only benefit all of us!!

  47. I do take Ultimate complete. I do take additional omega three daily. A combo with Omega three’s and Tru q10 would be a natural and on by purchase list.

  48. Hi Andrew,
    I love your products as do so many others here. Regarding the TruQ10 controversy – What would be the difference in health benefit between a TrueQ10 softgel vs. your current microbead technology? Is there a significant benefit in taking it in powdered form? Is the absorption rate higher?
    Thank you for all that you do to help our health.

  49. Hi Andrew! I can only say how much I appreciate your response to questions about the pricing of your CoQ10 and TruQ10. And youre right. Folks can comment without being insulting or harsh. That being said, i have always felt that you give us the best of supplements. we must compare "apples to apples" and once we do, we know that in fact we get much more than those supplements that sell for less. You can pay less, but you may get what you pay for. I appreciate that you are attempting to produce a softgel now. and i know that you will make it the very best! I just dont want to jeopardize the amount of TruQ10 we get. I also took advantage of a Today Special and purchased a giant bottle of CoQ10 with TruQ10. You have always been open and honest with us, and that is what keeps me coming back. I take your Omega3s, and would welcome use of that oil in the softgel. But any good oil will do. Thanks for all you do for us!

  50. I come to you for my CoQ10 and TruQ10 because I know you source the best and make the best. This is an important supplement for many reasons and I am willing to pay to protect my health. To answer your questions, I would prefer to see a 100 TruQ10 in phosphatidyl choline would be great. The important thing to me is that the product value is not compromised with the new delivery method. Thanks for this forum.

  51. Dear Chris, I couldnt have said things better myself!!!! I agreed with every point you made. Andrew rocks!

  52. To all, remember that Andrew’s weight loss products are available on his website; they are just not being offered at HSN. 🙂

  53. Dear Andrew,
    Love all of your products…thanks for your honest and direct discussion of Ubiquinol and the Sensa…I looked up the ingredients of Sensa when it was offered by HSN, and had a good laugh…who did they think they were kidding? I think the Ubiquinol combined with your marvelous Omega 3’s would be a great idea!

  54. Dear Andrew,
    I have been using your products for 4-5 years now. I started out just watching and listening, skeptical, but impressed with your knowledge, and the background/backup you always present (in a most charming manner :-). Because of that, your fascinating and informative presentations, I tried some of your products, slowly at first, then more and more often, trying this and that, finding the ones that I now take/use daily/regularly, and would not want to be without.
    Through my own personal experiences with, and research into you, your company(ies) and products, I can say – without reservation, I find your integrity impeccable. I trust you and your products, from your intent, to the care and responsibility you have for the consumer (and I assume your employees too), to the research of and for the highest quality ingredients – and yet fair and good pricing, right down to the manufacturing facility and solar processing – oh – and the ‘solar’covered parking lot for employees too.
    Yes – You are a man of vision – far reaching vision, as your other business pursuits demonstrate- one resource segueing / supplementing / utilizinhg another, building one on another, and visa versa. (Reminds me of how I used to do term papers for school, and now do "Google" searches.)
    Mostly I have shopped HSN for your products, using the HSN Rewards Card (for purchasing everyting, everywhere), then using the earned "rewards dollars" to buy more Andrew Lessman products (getting more rewards $’s to buy more AL products – and so on). Chase has now taken over that bank card and cancelled the "rewards" part of it. Bummer.
    Mostly I watch HSN when you are on, for the new products and informational presentations, as well as the fabulous Today’s Specials. I love trying out your newest products, often included in bundles, on top of the great pricing on items I’d like to try and don’t already have on autoship. I have three of your products on HSN autoship, and one with ProCapsLabs. All the others that I use on a regular basis I have gotten on Today’s Specials or the other sales you have offered on HSN and ProCapsLabs. Thank you for those special pricing events, which make affordable products I’d otherwise not be able to afford.
    You aren’t on HSN as often now, as you once were, so I don’t watch as often. I must have been out of the loop on this Sensa thing, as I hadn’t heard a thing about it until I got an email today, to check out this blog. Wow. How fast things change.
    A good thing about all this – I will be visiting ProCapsLabs more often. I love this blog idea. Yes, but as on all blogs, there are those narcissists who must target and destroy – I think they make it a life’s pursuit to be ugly and nasty, getting in the last word, having to win at all costs to their humanity. It hurts, yeah, but there aren’t that many on your blog. Surprisingly few, in fact. And probably paid for by Sensa, anyway – LOL.
    Really, those of us who know your products, the integrity behind all you do, know the truth. We support and appreciate you. Thank you. Keep up the really great work you do.
    Dede 😉

  55. I enjoyed your response great one. I have done alot of research on your products and beleive in what you have always offered us and the quility of produce you offer.. My doctore is very impressed and he is not easy to impress..Keep up the good work..

  56. Andrew, As for me, I will keep using the TruQ10 whether you put it in a less expensive form or not. I figure, if it isn’t broken, don’t mess with it. I’d rather spend what money I have, putting the right things into my body. I’d rather give it to the grocer, than the doctor. In your case, groceries, than YOU. Thanks for all your great products and your company which has been "green" before the other’s realized that green was more than the color of a crayon…. Thanks again!

  57. Dear Andrew,
    I take several of your vitamins and the TruQ10 is one I do not want to be without! I think it is fantastic that you listen to your customers and try to meet our varied needs. While providing Ubiquinol in an affordable soft gel sounds like a good idea, I have a hard time taking Omega 3 in any form. It is very upsetting to my stomach. Therefore I hope if you decide to add that to your new Ubiquinol soft gels that you will continue to offer TruQ10 for those of us who love the product.
    I appreciate that you only use top quality ingredients, and I value the knowledge you pass on to us about your vitamins.
    Thank you.

  58. Dear Andrew,
    I have been a fan of your products for quite some time. One of my favorites happens to be no longer available. It is the White Tea. I have contacted HSN, and your company to inquire about it’s availability with no good news.
    Please, please bring it back. I am down to my last box!! It is like no other white tea that I have tasted.
    Thank-you in advance for your attention to this matter
    Sharon M. Winn

  59. Hi,
    I am new to Andrew Lessmans products, I recently purchased the Hair Skin and Nails Benefits supplements because I’ve been having problems with thinning hair, I am taking one capsule instead of two, because of the high dosage of Biotin thats in it, Im not sure if its safe to take it twice daily so I only take one, has anyone tried these vitamins before? Have you seen any progress in terms of hair loss?
    -Thank you
    Sandy E.

  60. Hi Andrew, thank you for the blog!
    You have received good suggestions. My question is re: Vit. E. I do watch & listen to you so I’m not sure why I’m suddenly confused. What is the recommendation for woman over 50 and men over 50? I suspect the amount in the Complete is what we need. I can’t afford both the Complete and Bone & Body Factors, decision based on changes from Menopause, it’s been very hard. My husband takes your Complete. I’m asking about Vit. E since I don’t think the amount needed is in the Bone & Body Factors? Hoping you can help with this question.
    This may not be the place for my suggestion but since I’m writing you don’t want to miss the opportunity. Would you consider on the ‘new’ larger quantities of the Complete and Bone & Body Factors (great idea by the way, your reasons make good sense)- offering 3 Flex pay, if I’m correct it’s a 4 month supply so it would be paid 1 month before the next is due. My husband takes the Complete.
    Andrew, your integrity is in tack. Re: negative posts, unfortunately that’s part of cyber world. Those with true concerns or sincere questions will ask in a polite way, and even if it’s something their unhappy about – it can be asked in a polite way! 🙂
    God bless you!

  61. My mistake re: Bone & Body Factors, there isnt’ Vit. E.
    If yu would recommend the amount for over 50 – then I can watch for yur specials. Thank you!

  62. My goodness! PLEASE do KEEP the TruQ10!
    To the writer who wondered about the skin hair and nail product- if you want results, take as directed, or even add a ProCap once or twice a week.
    It takes time to see the value of that product, perhaps 1-2 months. Stick with it! One of the VERY best products ever offered, bar none.

  63. Yes, PLEASE keep the TruQ10! I already take the Omega 3’s,
    so I could use VitE or PC. I know whatever decision you make is based on current science and with the utmost integrity. Thank you for helping me get my life back at any expense!

  64. I missed the WebCast! It says rebroadcast soon … I hope it does.
    I ordered the Phosphatidyl Serine – PS Benefits ( one of many things I ordered this weekend) I ordered a lot from ProCabs- two of the CoQ10 120mg with TruQ10,Resveratrol-100, another Essential Omega-3 Orange
    600 Capsules and Phosphatidyl Serine – PS Benefits.
    I also both TS from HSN.
    For some reason I had never noticed or heard of Phosphatidyl Serine – PS Benefits. Then again,maybe I have and forgot …. so maybe that is a sign I really need to get on this.
    Anyway, I deal with lots of information and stress and hoping it will help.
    Has anyone here used it?

  65. Does anyone know why Andrew Lessman’s HSN visit for Monday night is not happening now? Man, I see there was a programming change but missed why this has happened. I sure hope there is nothing wrong between HSN and Mr. Lessman. I enjoy his visit on HSN.
    Thank you!

  66. I too am disappointed that the show was cancelled and like the above poster hope nothing is wrong.

  67. One thing that many of you may not realize is that some of these negative posts are no doubt from people who work for the Pharacutical companies, drug reps, and others whose living is threated if more people take responsibility for their health into their own hands. The more people stay healthy, the less money for them. It’s in their best interest for you to be sick and dependant on their services, and drugs.

  68. Dear Andrew,
    I have been purchasing your products since you were on QVC many years ago, I continue to trust you and your research. Your ethics have been evident from the beginning, and I admire your unwavering commitment.

  69. Andrew:
    I vote for combining the Ubiquinol in Phosphatidyl Choline since it was recently removed from the Men’s Elite Life. I believe I’m consuming a sufficient amount of Omega 3’s with Elite Life and diet.
    Thanks for all your work!

  70. Hi, Andrew-
    I just wanted to add my proverbial two cents here and thank you for the service that you provide to all of us. I take a number of your products (CoQ and TruQ being among them). I really don’t understand why your integrity is under fire because of the prices of your products – to me, it makes no sense. People have the freedom to choose from which vendor/manufacturer they make a purchase. If your products don’t fit their budget, they can look elsewhere. You yourself make that clear in your HSN presentations – that people don’t HAVE to buy your products. Yes…your products are of the highest quality…but you even go as far as to TELL people what they need to look for when buying someone else’s products (i.e. that they shouldn’t go by the mg of "fish oil" but instead look at the mg of DHA and EPA).
    I’ve written you via your ProCaps website previously (not sure if you get the emails that people send in). But I am a molecular biologist who never paid much mind to nutritional supplements – until several years ago when I stumbled upon you on HSN. You were explaining your L-Carnitine product in such a scientifically sound manner, that I kept watching. I knew that what you were saying was the truth – that fat cannot be burned until it is transported into the mitochondria…and it had to be shuttled into the mitochondria via carnitine, etc. etc. You were seriously the first person I had ever heard who explained the product – using the science – in a very honest way.
    I obviously love science – and I have enjoyed learning the science of your nutritional supplements over the years. I think the greatest calling in life is to help others in some way – to alleviate someone’s suffering or to do something that benefits the greater good. You, Andrew, have done that with your life….and I thank you for it. God bless you.

  71. Hello Andrew, I just want you to be encouraged and continue to do the GOOD work you do so well in educating us and bringing us the products you make. I use to buy my vitamins from a well know store in my area and many of them got flushed down the toilet, too big and hard. I was glad when one of my sisters told me about you and my first order was cholesterCare and fibermucil, I have found your products to be excellent and I purchase many of them with HSN and now from you. I feel and look better now that I am taking your products. When it comes to price I know that I am getting the best, I would rather spend money on keeping healthy than waiting until my body fall apart and having to spend it on doctors. It takes money to buy and make these products AND WE ARE GETTING THE BEST. Thanks a million Andrew.
    May Almighty God continue to bless you with long life.

  72. Hi Andrew! First I just want to say thank you for being such a "quality" minded individual and thank you for such great products. On the favorite five – I think the sixth should be ummm! Wow! You have so many good ones it’s really hard for me to say. Sorry you have to put to put up with the harsh comments but, that is how it is when you’re trying to do the right thing, no matter how hard you try there is always going to be negative among the good! I just want to say keep up the good work.

  73. Hi Andrew. I would like fish oil added to the CoQ10.Keep up the good work.Love all your products.I think your an Angel sent to help us. I’m 78 years old and need all the help I can get.People tell me how I look much younger.I know cause I have beenn taking your Vit.since you were on Q.V.C. God Bless you. Gloria

  74. I have been purchasing your products for many years. I am very satisfied with the quality of your products. The problem for me is figuring out what I need to take. My list has grown to the point where I am having difficulty getting all of my vitamins down. Therefore, I am thrilled you are creating a lower cost Ubiquinol by combining it with oils which I already take. I would like to see it combined with your Gamma Vitamin E. Thank you for your commitment to quality and health.

  75. Omegas!
    I take 2 of the Omega-3s with 2 of the CoQ10 TOGETHER every day and so I would welcome that combination.
    ps: should the CoQ10 be spread out if taking more than one a day?

  76. I always laugh when people scoff at the price of a high quality supplements. Quite simply put -"you get what you pay for!"
    I believe the jury is still out about the efficacy of Ubiquinol, since all of the research to date has come from the manufacturers; something you have told people that keeps you from adding an ingredient to a product.
    I anxiously await a double-blind placebo study from a neutral research clinic, but I still think you have a great Co-Q10 product!

  77. Andrew,
    I like the idea of combining the COQ10 with the Omegas, PC, and the breath+ product. Not sure if that is possible, but it would streamline how many capsules/softgels I currently have to take, which is one of my issues with taking supplements.
    By the way – You’re like a brother that I never met…..except on Television.

  78. Hello Andrew,
    I wanted to thank you for the wonderful vitamins that you have created. I have been taking your vitamins aproximately for about six years,and I was introduced by my supervisor which gave some a couple of her " Womens Wellness " to try. Since then I have been using your products which are great. I wanted to tell you to please keep on doing the good work of creating more wellness for our health and to continue on not compromising the ingredients of the these wonderful vitamins.
    God Bless,

  79. I was wondering if you would consider using hemp seed oil with the tru q10. It is a very healthy oil with balanced omega 3 and 6. I have read alot about it and take it every day.

  80. Unfortunately, for some people, rules of good behavior go out the window when they don’t have to actually be face to face with a person they want to criticize. I believe that’s one reason some people are so obnoxious on blogs.
    I first became interested in your products when I heard your descriptions on HSN. I had worked in a health food store, and my employer was a kind, patient, member of MENSA. I learned a lot! And I recognized that you scrupulously kept to the truth in your promotions on TV, therefore I trusted you in matters I did not know personally. Bully for you!!! I feel I can trust the need for, and high quality of, your products. That takes a lot of the work and time out of my decisions when I’m trying to better my health.
    I’m very grateful to have found your company, and I do admire your ecological care in the running of the company and the manufacture of products. Thank you!!

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