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The World’s Most Delicious and Heart Healthy Chocolate

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving.  It is nice to have a day devoted to the celebration of something as important as Gratitude. Spiritual thinkers and scientists alike now tell us that feelings of gratitude are among the healthiest feelings we can indulge.  Amid all the challenges of daily life, gratitude is oftentimes the last emotion we can manage to muster, so hopefully, Thanksgiving is a reminder that, despite all the difficulties we all face, we are all still blessed by our faith, health, family and friends.  I wish everyone a wonderfully healthy and happy holiday season.

Speaking of the holiday season, I thought that this would be the perfect time to introduce our new ChocoNuvo Heart Healthy Dark Chocolate.  We literally just finished our first production run of ChocoNuvo and the result is truly exceptional.  It is, without question, the world’s finest and most delicious Dark Chocolate you will ever taste and it is also the heart healthiest.  In over 36 years of making unique products, I must say that ChocoNuvo is among the most outstanding products we have ever created.  It is unlike any other chocolate available anywhere in the world.  It is not just the best dark chocolate experience, but the first chocolate that will measurably lower cholesterol.  ChocoNuvo establishes a new standard for heart healthy chocolate.

I am always excited about my upcoming TV shows, particularly when we do a Live Factory Remote like we are doing tomorrow night and Saturday.  However, I can’t recall the last time I was so eager to introduce a new product, but ChocoNuvo presents a healthy opportunity not just for vitamin-lovers, but for everyone who enjoys chocolate.  It will be available at midnight on Friday and as our Today’s Special throughout the day on Saturday (shows at noon and 9 PM Eastern Time).  Because this was our first production run of ChocoNuvo, it was a small one, so there is a good chance we will not have enough ChocoNuvo to last the entire day, but not to worry since we will produce more in January and February to have available in March.  Unlike vitamins, ChocoNuvo requires months of careful planning and preparation to create.  In the next few paragraphs, I will explain why it takes months to create ChocoNuvo and how several unusual events perfectly converged to give birth to this unusual and exceptional product.

Over the last several years, I have received hundreds of requests to make a vitamin containing a standardized cocoa extract.  Initially, I thought that would be easy to do – like our standardized Green Tea extract, but that was not the case.  Sure, it would be great to offer a simple capsule that offers all the incredible benefits of dark chocolate, but the more I examined the materials and the research, the more discouraged I became.  Although it would have been very popular, there was no way I could ethically make a cocoa/chocolate extract supplement, since I would not be confident in its benefits.  It turns out that the best and only way to be assured of all the health benefits of chocolate was to eat high quality, rich dark chocolate.  That is good news for many of us!  smile emoticon I did not plan on making chocolate, but that was about the same time Muriel wanted to lower her cholesterol (and she LOVES chocolate).  I have always known the healthiest of dark chocolate possesses a dry texture compared to much creamier milk chocolate.  Folks love the rich taste of dark chocolate, but the high content of protective compounds creates a drier texture than creamy milk chocolate.  In short, they love the rich flavor of dark chocolate, but they prefer the creamy texture of the milk fat in milk chocolate.  Unfortunately, it is scientifically well-established that milk detracts from the health benefits of chocolate, so there is really no such thing as “healthy” milk chocolate.  By the way, for the same reason, if you are seeking its health benefits, dark chocolate should not be consumed with milk.  Not to be discouraged, our research was about to take a very lucky turn.

The active ingredient in our CholestaCare dietary supplement is called a Plant Sterol.  It is an ingredient naturally found in plants and healthy vegetables and it powerfully lowers cholesterol.  In fact, it has been approved by the US FDA to lower Total and LDL cholesterol and to actually reduce the risk of heart disease.  It exists in a powdered form which we deliver in our CholestaCare capsules, but what many folks forget is that Plant Sterols also exist in another form called a Plant Sterol Ester, which, interestingly enough, has the texture of fat.  I suspect you are now anticipating where this is going.  In developing this extra-heart healthy chocolate idea, we had the “silly” notion that perhaps the naturally occurring fat found in cocoa beans would mix nicely with Plant Sterol Esters, since the latter looks and behaves like fat.  And Lo and Behold!  The marriage of our rich Dark Chocolate with our Plant Sterol Esters created the best tasting, best texture Dark Chocolate possible!  Our Dark Chocolate has the rich taste of the world’s finest Dark Chocolate with the creamy texture of Milk Chocolate.  Most remarkably, this superior texture results from its powerful cholesterol-lowering power!  So, we start with the best Dark Chocolate and all its inherent benefits for heart, brain and circulatory health; and then we made it taste better and also reduce Cholesterol and heart disease risk.  Dark Chocolate has been shown in numerous studies to reduce cardiovascular risk, blood pressure, etc., but our Dark Chocolate is in a class by itself when it comes to cholesterol reduction.  Now you probably understand why I am so excited.  It is the most delicious “vitamin” in the world.  smile emoticon

For centuries, chocolate was viewed as a luxury and almost “sinful,” but today, ChocoNuvo truly is a healthy addition to any diet.  Also, because our chocolate only comes in 26-calorie squares, it is naturally and effectively portion-controlled.  It is intended as a delicious, healthy treat.  In fact, each 26-calorie square offers the equivalent of a capsule of CholestaCare, at not much more than the price of CholestaCare itself.  Even better, our 74% Cocoa Dark Chocolate is Organic and Fair Trade.  If you compare price, it is likely less expensive than many ordinary chocolate squares and Organic, Fair Trade Chocolate is far more expensive than standard – not to mention that each square contains the complete equivalent of a capsule of CholestaCare.  Most importantly, this is not a drug, so you do not have to worry about side effects or overdosing on its ingredients, but of course, even the healthiest chocolate should be consumed in moderation, so we recommend no more than one or two squares with each meal.

As I mentioned, our first production run was small, so our supplies may well be limited tomorrow and Saturday.  I hope we have enough to last the day, but ChocoNuvo will be back in March and although always a bit limited, we will do our best to keep it in stock at all times in the future.  ChocoNuvo production is not easy, since we must always reserve our own Organic, Fair Trade Cocoa Beans months in advance, and then we commence the complex work of importing the beans and creating our uniquely and powerfully healthy Dark Chocolate.  Mind you, I tasted hundreds of different kinds of chocolate before I found the best tasting beans for us to start with.  Again, not to worry, we will have more available in March and we might even create a 91% version as well for those who are serious about cocoa content.  We are also already considering flavored versions (using natural extracts), such as peppermint, orange, etc., and in the future, we may consider adding small amounts of healthy nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts, macadamia nuts, etc.).  These will be fun projects in the years to come that, of course, will only be done to meet your requests and requirements.  Please let me know your thoughts and ideas.  Also, Muriel is working on a healthy chocolate cookbook as well.  By the way, the name came from the fact that Muriel and I only speak French around the house and the word for “new” in French is “nouveau” and when I told her I was creating a “nouveau chocolat” or a new chocolate, I thought it was a nice, simple, natural name.  It was a tossup between either NuvoChoco or ChocoNuvo and the latter won out.  It truly is a New Chocolate!

The holidays are here and what better time could there be to share the gift of health.  I am very proud of what we have accomplished and I am confident that when anyone tries ChocoNuvo, they will swear it is the most delicious, “sinful” Dark Chocolate they have ever tasted, and I hope the fact that it is so amazingly healthy does not detract from that “sinful” experience!  smile emoticon

Enjoy and Best of Health!


Quickly answering a few questions from below:

Because it is the holidays and I know how complicated things can become, we will have Flexpay on all but the $24 smallest size.  Specifically, we will have 2-Flex on the $39 Size and 3-Flex on the $69 Economy Size and then 5-Flex on the $129 Ultra-Economy Size.  You will see tomorrow, but our sizes will be 30, 60, 120 and 300 with each ChocoNuvo Square providing the equivalent of a capsule of CholestaCare.  In other words, this is just like a 30, 60, 120 or 300 capsule supplies of CholestaCare except a whole lot tastier.  smile emoticon

As far as sugar and carb content, it is low in both with each 26-calorie serving only containing 2 grams of total carbohydrate of which one gram is sugar and one third is fiber, so there is actually less than 2 grams of total carb and sugar.

The Ingredients are very basic with Organic 74% Cacao Dark Chocolate (Organic Fair Trade Cacao Beans, Organic Evapo­rated Cane Syrup, Organic and Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Organic Sunflower Lecithin).  Plus, our Natural Phytosterol Esters.

As to whether we will ever do a 90% cocoa extra dark chocolate, the answer is yes, we will be doing a 91% some time next year, but since most folks prefer dark chocolate that is more in the 70% range, we thought it best to start at 74%.

As to the GMO question.  We do not use GMO ingredients and despite all the soy bashing, soy is not inherently bad.  We would be blessed to be as healthy as those countries where folks abundantly eat soy.  Also, our Turmeric now uses sunflower lecithin and not soy, specifically because of the unwarranted paranoia that surrounds any soy ingredients.  No food is perfect, but the misinformation about soy and any soy-based ingredient originates with those how have economic interests opposed to soy.  One does not have to look far to figure it out.  By the way, all our ingredients are also gluten-free.

Last question was whether there will be Special Pricing on CholestaCare and the answer is yes.  There will be Special Pricing on all my products with Free Shipping and Handling on all products as well, but there will be only one Today’s Special and that will be ChocoNuvo.

See you tomorrow.  Have a good night and sleep well!


Some additional comments

I am sorry if my words on soy were sensitizing, but I did not say that concerns about soy or to be sensitive or allergic to soy is inherently paranoid, but the absolute bashing of soy on the internet and in the media, treating this food as if it were a poison and completely unhealthy for anyone to consume is outrageous, unfair and incorrect.  It is simply the work of economic interests that allow such an extreme position to be taken.  It is also this seemingly bizarre human need to dogmatically believe that our own way is the only way and everyone must follow our extreme black and white rules or they are wrong.  I will avoid politics here and stick to soy, but ultimately, no food is perfect, but soy is not the evil poison many seek to claim it as.  In fact, it possesses some of the best research on weight-loss, cholesterol reduction, heart health and, believe it or not, breast cancer risk reduction.  In any event, the tiny amount of soy lecithin we had used in the past in our Turmeric contained no soy byproducts, but because of the exaggerated reputation that has been given soy, it was removed.  Not because it was bad, but because it was unfairly perceived as such.  Soy, like any food can be allergic or sensitizing to certain individuals.  It does not make it bad for all individuals.  I eat soybeans (Japanese Edamame) frequently and enjoy them steamed or sautéed in olive oil with herbs and spices.  I consider soybeans to be a healthy and delicious source of protein, fiber and extremely important phytonutrients.  Needless to say, we all know that there are many foods that are sensitizing or potentially allergic to some individuals, but again, that does not make them entirely bad.  There are many folks who are allergic to all sorts of foods, such as shellfish, dairy products, nuts and even chocolate, but individual sensitivities or allergies do not make a food toxic or bad.  It just makes it ill-advised for that person to consume it and I understand that many people have those issues with soybeans or soy products, but it does not make all soybean products bad.  Again, this problem stems for a frequent need in our society to make our way the only way.  I recognize there are many ways, so without compromising quality, we offer numerous ways.  We make our Secure Meal Replacement with Soy or with Whey Protein.  We will soon have a protein powder that will be vegetable, not from dairy.  I do this in recognition of the fact that there are numerous paths to the desired result that addresses individual concerns or sensitivities that does not require we label something as bad or toxic.  For some people one path is just more desirable than the other.  It is not fair that our own personal experience be used to create absolute rules that must apply to everyone and that all others must follow.  Most importantly, individual issues with a food do not mean a specific food is harmful to everyone or that something derived from it, is somehow dangerous for everyone.  Sadly, that is what the soy-bashers would have you believe.  There are powerful interests that spread misinformation and disinformation about soy, but again, soy is consumed by hundreds of millions and perhaps billions of the healthiest people on the planet.  No food is perfect, but if you believe much of what has been written about soy, then you would believe it is a toxic, dangerous food, but why then do folks who eat more soybeans and soybean products live longer and healthier lives than we do?  Obviously, like any food soy is not perfect, but to the substantial majority of individuals, it is neither toxic nor dangerous.  Like any healthy food, it is beneficial to consume appropriately.  Of course, this does not apply to GMO soy, which should not be grown and should not be consumed.  By the way, speaking of chocolate, most chocolate contains lecithin and, whether declared as such or not, most lecithin is soy lecithin, but as I discussed in my blog post previously, because of concerns about soy (whether valid or not) I have elected to remove the soy lecithin and instead use lecithin from sunflower oil, which is exceptionally neutral.

I will discuss sugar during the show in more detail, but quickly responding to someone saying that evaporated cane sugar is still sugar, I will not dispute that fact, since of course it is, but let’s keep this all in perspective.  First of all, I am that person who for the past 36 years has been railing against our country’s over-consumption and addiction to sugar in its various forms, not just in soft drinks, fruit juice and processed foods, but also as sugar that masquerades as seemingly innocuous carbs in potatoes, pasta, bread, white rice, etc.  Most folks consume hundreds of grams each day of these well disguised carbs that behave for the most part exactly like sugar in our bodies.  Yes, our Dark Chocolate does contain a very small amount of sugar and if it did not, no one would use or enjoy it.  But let’s discuss how tiny that amount really is.  Let’s compare it to blueberries, which are a low glycemic food that we all consider to be exceptionally healthy.  Our 6 gram ChocoNuvo square contains about the same amount of sugar as an only slightly larger serving of blueberries (9 grams).  Surprisingly, our ChocoNuvo square contains more fiber than the blueberry.  Again, we use only a tiny amount of sugar…less than ¼ teaspoon or less than 1% of the sugar found in a liter of a typical soft drink.  Mind you, even those of us who eat the healthiest diets consume sugar all the time and the problem with sugar is not its presence in our diet, but the volume at which it is consumed and generally with foods that often very limited nutrition.  Once again, with ChocoNuvo, that tiny amount of sugar comes with a 26-calorie food that is richer in protective compounds than some of the very richest sources, such as green tea, red wine, etc.  Again, metabolically speaking this amount of sugar is nominal, but I leave that decision and evaluation to each person to determine for themselves.  Moreover, there is extensive research on the benefits of dark chocolate to those with Type 2 Diabetes who, of course, must watch their sugar consumption.  This again underscores the low levels of sugar in Dark Chocolate, but again, I leave that evaluation to you and your doctor if you have Type 2 Diabetes.  Again, at one gram, the levels of sugar in our ChocoNuvo are truly low, which is no small statement coming from someone (me) who has felt that the abuse of sugar in America is killing us faster than cigarettes ever did.  However, like the discussion of soy above, when it comes to diet and lifestyle there are few black and white absolute truths that apply equally to everyone all the time.  This is not complex science.  We must also consider the realities of the composition of all our food and the extensive research on this specific food when we consider the nominal amount of sugar in this healthy 26-calorie Dark Chocolate square that also lowers cholesterol.  Some folks might feel all sugar is bad, but it is essentially unavoidable in our diets and even if we avoid “added” sugar, we are still consuming sugar.  Sugar is a fundamental nutrient and it is, of course, not inherently bad.  It has been naturally consumed for millions of years.  The problem is its abuse.  That is not the case with the one gram of sugar in ChocoNuvo.  Again, intelligent moderation is the key to good health whether speaking of diet, activity level or attitude.  Strict, blind, black-and-white absolutism is not healthy and in my mind, not very fun either.  God gave us a wonderful brain and a wonderful world of food options upon which to apply it, so I prefer to be rational, sensible and intelligent in my approach to moderation.  We must all listen to our own bodies, minds and conscience.  What is right for us might not be right for others.  It is something I always try to remember.  I do my best to provide useful information and tools and it is up to everyone to make their own independent decisions, this is not about absolute right or wrong, but what is right for you.  I hope we all find the healthy and happy path that is right for us.

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    1. Juste, glömde säga att mohammed inte alls var en pedofil, den tiden då dem levde var det inget fel om en 4 årings gifte sig med en 40 åring. Så mohammed var ingen pedofil. och om du tycker det kan du ändå hålla åiketsrna för dig själv, för det är verkligen disrespekt mot dom som tror på islam.


    1. I am so thrilled. I think Murel is a great asset to helping us all cook and eat better. I can’t wait to try this product.

      1. @stephenie peer As to whether we will ever do a 90% cocoa extra dark chocolate, the answer is yes, we will be doing a 91% some time next year, but since most folks prefer dark chocolate that is more in the 70% range, we thought it best to start at 74%

    1. As far as sugar and carb content, it is low in both with each 26-calorie serving only containing 2 grams of total carbohydrate of which one gram is sugar and one third is fiber, so there is actually less than 2 grams of total carb and sugar.

      The Ingredients are very basic with Organic 74% Cacao Dark Chocolate (Organic Fair Trade Cacao Beans, Organic Evapo­rated Cane Syrup, Organic and Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Organic Sunflower Lecithin). Plus, our Natural Phytosterol Esters.

    2. If you take the time to read just the “Quickly Answering A Few Questions” above you would find the answers to your questions…

      26-calorie serving only containing 2 grams of total carbohydrate of which one gram is sugar and one third is fiber, so there is actually less than 2 grams of total carb and sugar.

      The Ingredients are very basic with Organic 74% Cacao Dark Chocolate (Organic Fair Trade Cacao Beans, Organic Evapo­rated Cane Syrup, Organic and Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Organic Sunflower Lecithin). Plus, our Natural Phytosterol Esters.

  2. Andrew you are the BEST. I can’t wait to try your new product. I have been taking many many of your fabulous products for many years fron HSN and ProCaps direct. Kudos

  3. Dear Andrew,

    You just keep getting better and more creative with each passing year! I take and trust so many of your wonderful supplements. This latest brain child of yours (ChocoNuvo) is “cutting edge” in the nutrition/wellness category.

    I can’t wait for your presentation. Thank you for your continued research, development, and thinking outside of the box!

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  5. Please have a TS on Fibermucil, Whey, Resveratrol and Digest Assure.

    Hope you are having free shipping on all your products this visit!

    1. Because it is the holidays and I know how complicated things can become, we will have Flexpay on all but the $24 smallest size. Specifically, we will have 2-Flex on the $39 Size and 3-Flex on the $69 Economy Size and then 5-Flex on the $129 Ultra-Economy Size.

  6. I need to know if any of your products contain any GMO’s? I see that you use soy in your Secure and tumeric which is so harmful to the body. I quit taking your tumeric because it had soy . Would love to see more raw and organic ingredients (non-gmo) in all your products as well!

    Please let me know. Thanks!

  7. Thank You Andrew , for your time and love of researching. I will be listening and watching you this week end. Choconuvo!! What a treat!

  8. I can’t wait to try this. I’m a chocoholic. Try to stay with dark but love all chocolate. Can’t wait to get it. Love Secure Chocolate and collagen powder is great. Wish it was chocolate but I mix it with Secure.

  9. Andrew, congrats for the “New Chocolate”! I am ready to be the first inline to purchase the “ChocoNuvo”. I love the 91% version and hope it will be created soon!!!

  10. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for offering the products you do. I am a faithful follower of your supplements and have been for years now. It is difficult to trust most supplement manufacturers. I trust what you say and offer. I don’t have a lot of spare time but I do try to catch when you are on HSN every now or then or catch up on your blog. You educate me on the newest supplements and others that I may be interested in. I look forward to trying this new product. Thanks for all. And, I must add, I love your green tea you offer, especially the Earl Grey one. Delish!Just redo the packaging…I can’t stand seeing yours and Muriel’s head cut off at the neck. Just my opinion…LOL

  11. Andrew , I have been eating chocolate every early evening for many years . Your creation sounds awesome and I’ll be ordering it ASAP!

    By the way, chocolate also is good for love ….


      1. Joe Wilson
        DECEMBER 3, 2015 AT 7:32 PM
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        What is the caffeine and saturated fat content? Thanks

        Um, why has my question been not approved?

        Anyway, I do thank you Andrew for explaining about sugar and being calm, educating, and fair about my concern. You are a stand up guy in doing that.

        I am a bit concerned still about the caffeine content and saturated fat content of each square. Just watched your educational presentation on HSN and enjoyed it, I did notice 1 little square has 1.5 grams of saturated fat. At 3x a day that adds an additional 24% of saturated fat to ones diet. That’s a bit high no?

  12. Andrew I am a estrogen positive breast cancer survivor and was told by my oncologist not to eat any soy products or take any supplements with soy in them.

  13. I might finally purchase your turmeric because you removed the soy. I’ve wanted to try it for a couple years. A relative of mine had nursing problems when drinking soy milk—you shouldn’t rudely disregard some of us educated folks’ “unwarranted paranoia”, Andrew. Glad you removed it. Now to researching “sunflower lecithin”…

  14. Hi Andrew, I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and because my cancer was estrogen positive, my oncology surgeon told me to check all labels for soy; furthermore, I must eliminate soy products, supplements with soy, etc, Will your new Chovo Nuvo contain soy? Also. I like your smoothie protein powder, so could you eliminate the soy from this too so I can enjoy them again? Thank you…you are terrific Andrew.

  15. I do not “tolerate” soy in any products. So it is not “paranoia” that stands in my way of consuming it. What you say about soy is equivalent to saying someone with a milk intolerance is paranoid.

    1. Andrew is not saying people who cannot tolerate soy (or any other product) are paranoid. Read more carefully. What he is saying is people/companies who can benefit from soy not being popular and taking a big market share are the ones bashing soy. It is like any other product. The “other” guy always says the opponents product is bad or not as good. It’s the same concept as people who are jealous and say bad things about another person. Perhaps that clarifies it for you.
      Andrew is a stand up guy and I have NEVER heard him say anything negative about anyone or anything. He states facts. I have been a PROCAPS customer for well over 30 years. And I think the awesome products help to keep me healthy. I am the healthiest person I know regardless of age. I am 60.

  16. Andrew, you make getting and staying healthy a pleasurable journey. Looking forward to trying/ indulging ChocoNuvo . Tx for the exceptional pricing on the largest size it really helps when more than one family member utilizes the product.
    Also I’m thrilled to hear about Muriel’ s healthy chocolate cookbook endeavor.

  17. Looking forward to see and hear what you have to say about your new product. I have been with you since you started at HSN and I have never been disappointed with any of your products. They keep getting better and better. As my mother always told me: you get what you pay for. Keep up the good work.

  18. I am a firm believer of all your products and more now with the CHOCONUVO I can’t hardly wait, my cholesterol is very high and the Drs have tried every single pill and the side effects are terrible now I am with out cholesterol medicine since they can find anything to help me and I have had 3 heart attacks and 4 strokes I REALLY NEED THIS PLEASE CAN I PRE ORDER???

  19. Andrew, dear – soy, corn & wheat are the very most highly contaminated with insecticides and glyphosates crops grown in the . . .USA. It is the spraying with insecticides and glyphosates which produces foods to which people have ab-reactions which are very real. You surely must understand this fact and must surely practice the intake of organically grown foods for your health and the health of your loved ones, People who understand the facts and realities of food growing practices which are not following organic growing principles will not imbibe the poisonous non-organically grown soy products = soy bean products in each and every form into which they are produced: edamame, oils, lecithin, “soy milk”, tofu, grits, flour, tempeh, soy sauce can bring to the person[or other mammal] consuming these foods a great benefit only when they are entirely poison free. . .Like many others, I respect, treasure, trust, thank & bless you for all you do with such high intention for the highest good of all. be well

  20. I am a 11 year survivor of Stage 3 Estrogen positive breast cancer. The chemo knocked me into menopause. Doctors offered me anti depressant drugs for the hot flashes, but instead i took two capsules of Ultimate Womens Wellness, the soy isoflavones blocked the reception of my own human estrogen. I never ate soy before i got cancer, it was my estrogen that caused the cancer, and i am convinced that soy isoflavones not only made menopause comfortable for me, they are very likely what are preventing the cancer from returning. I will never stop taking it! Please do some research beyond your oncologist

  21. I have been with you Andrew since you began with HSN. My cabinet is full of your supplements. It’s a faithful regime between my husband and myself everyday to take them. Later in the day I take my Secure. Love the chocolate. I mix it with cold coffee and it’s a delicious cafe mocha. Yum. So now I can’t wait to further get my craving for the chocolate. Thank you all your hard work and persuit to create healthy options for all types of health issues. Merry Christmas to you and your family. ?

  22. I am another one who has been advised to not use soy due to a thyroid issue…. Glad you are not using soy in these. I would have used your meal replacement drinks long ago if they had not been made with soy.

  23. ChocoNuvo is the perfect name . I can hardly wait to order and receive it .

    Thanks Andrew and a special thanks to Muriel – we women do LOVE choolate

  24. Have been so looking forward to this! Love you both and your products which have helped my health tremendously in the last year! God bless you and your loved ones this Holiday Season!



  26. Consumer Lab conducts lab test on all supplements, etc., including cocoa powders, coco supplements, dark chocolate, etc. They pointed out that cocoa powder, dark chocolate, and the like inherently contain harmful, high amounts of the toxic heavy metal cadmium and even some lead when it sampled many of the leading cocoa products. And that many of these products are processed with Alkaline, which diminishes the healthful compounds in the cocoa. Hence, my questions to you regarding you ChocoNuvo. Do you use Alkaline in your products and how much cadmium and lead is contained in your product. Do you test for it? Thank you.

    1. Consumer Lab conducts lab test on all supplements, etc., including cocoa powders, cocoa supplements, dark chocolate, etc. They pointed out that cocoa powder, dark chocolate, and the like inherently contain harmful, high amounts of the toxic heavy metal cadmium and even some lead when it sampled many of the leading cocoa products. And that many of these products are processed with Alkaline, which diminishes the healthful compounds in the cocoa. Hence, my questions to you regarding your ChocoNuvo. Do you use Alkaline in your products and how much cadmium and lead is contained in your product? Do you test for it? Thank you.

  27. Love dark chocolate. It will be even better with mixed nuts. I can’t wait for Andrew’s show tonight. Need to see exactly how it looks like. Maybe I will have one or two pieces of these when I need energy or after gym, instead of the S…. bars, you know, you are not you when you are hungry, now you are Choconuvo 🙂 See you tonight (and tomorrow) Andrew. Thanks

  28. Thank you for putting out the best vitamins on the planet earth. They have kept my husband and I healthy for years. Will have to check out the chocolate. Wow!
    Hope that you will have a new catalog for 2016. Your prices are still reasonable and I have been using your product since you were the Winning Combination!!
    By the way… You have a terrific staff. They are all wonderful.

  29. “Can’t wait to try the ChocoNuvo. I usually buy raw dark chocolate which is 95% dark chocolate, no sugar. I’ve gotten use this-as others might not like it. I think once you come up with more added ingredients-you maybe able to eliminate the sugar all together. Also if you add a fiber product like hemp or chia, or a nut like walnuts, cashew-it will be even more beneficial. My friend Liana Gray-Warner “The Earth Dieteat as clean and close to nature as possible- makes coco balls with all raw ingredients and uses maple syrup in place of sugar. Andrew thank you to you & Muriel for giving the gift of health to all of us.

  30. Andrew: Will you be making ChocoNuvo in a powder, which will contain Resveratrol and Green Tea Extract so that we can boil water and drink it as tea. Thank you for keeping us healthy. Merry Christmas.

  31. yea for you Andrew you do not let the media bend your own truth you have been researching for many years and if soy was a poison i am sure you would have found that out many years ago I do believe some people get a reaction to it but i do not believe it causes cancer people should look into all the foods that have been altered by goverment that is preety scary thank you for all you stand for you are the real deal

  32. STOMACH UPSET…??? I just bought the 300 piece container of your just brought to market (12/2015) ChocoNuvo. I have a problem with stomach upset with the higher percentage cocoa/chocolate products. The 74% should be okay…especially when made by ProCaps. However, going up to 91% level (whatever the correct terminology is) might cause me stomach upset that would preclude me continuing to consume ChocoNuvo. Please be aware that there may be many in your customer basis that cannot tolerate the higher percentage level of cocoa/chocolate at higher than 74%.

  33. Andrew – I too am so exited and AM IN on the ChocoNuvo. However, with my budget I anxiously await your TSV for this time of year to get the capsules cheaper in high quantity so that my husband and I can afford 2 servings daily for the next year. Now that option is not there. 🙁

  34. I read your reply about people’s soy concerns. I didn’t state this on my last post but I am also a RN. All information that I have gathered on soy has come from my medical oncologist, breast surgeon and Gyn. This is the story. Soy converts into estrogen. Estrogen is stored in breast tissue. That’s why breast cancer patients are put on aromatase inhibitors if they are estrogen positive. If you have an overabundance of estrogen to begin with, tumors can form. It’s a crap shoot that I don’t think any woman should take considering the increase rate of young woman being diagnosed with estrogen positive breast tumors and Gyn cancers. Let me say that I think most of your products are wonderful. I take your Vit D and immune factors for the mushroom complex calcium and magnesium.

  35. Is the choconuevo safe to eat if you take cholesterol drugs? Please advise. It sounds terrific and I would like to try it. Thank you. Merry Christmas!

  36. When I eat soy in products it makes my stomach hurt. I have tried many different products and the one ingredient consistent in all the products is soy. I can stay way from soy for a while , reintroduce it into my diet and the same thing happens, my stomach hurts and my digestion is disrupted. Chocolate without soy would be great.

  37. You have done it again! The Choconuvo is perhaps too delish! I just got my first taste and now after wanting more for an hour I re-read the suggestions and found I could have two so am now happier and can’t wait for dinner! The hardest part of the Choconuvo will be limiting how much I eat, and that is a wonderful thing. I will finally remember (happily) to take the plant sterols with each meal… Andrew, will this also help with triglycerides or is my only answer to get up and start walking… A lot? I know, go walk those dogs more….. I totally love your suppliments, have for years, for me and my dogs (omega 3 and COQ10 for my old friends) thank you Andrew Lessman, you and your products are awesome. Pat

  38. Hsn changed their policies in January without letting anyone know either by website or email or tv and for everyone that has changed their flex payment up 30 days in advance you can’t order from Hsn anymore until your flex payments are paid at HSN!!!! The put a block on your account !!!!! That’s in sane I hope they change it back !!!!!
    Please call the executive office 727-872-2500 to complain to them and have them change this policy back .

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