Healthy Happy New Year!
Upcoming Today’s Specials
The Return of Healthy Chocolate in 2016

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays.  It is that time of year when we celebrate peace on earth and good will toward our fellow man, which is why it is so important to enjoy quality time with our family and friends over the holidays.  Perhaps this year more than others since it seems as though the world is not very peaceful right now and there isn’t much good will for our fellow man, particularly if we look to those campaigning for President to set an example.  Ultimately, I suppose that like good health, peace and good will starts with each of us.  Not meaning to continue to sound like a Sunday sermon, but we have all heard that God helps those who help themselves, so it is my hope that a brand New Year provides the optimism and inspiration for a fresh start on those small changes that can transform our lives.  Sadly, healthy resolutions are almost as commonly abandoned as they are commenced, but I have learned that if those changes are small and manageable (easier), they last longer and their benefits are enjoyed for a lifetime.  Remember, we are talking about a small resolution not a dramatic “revolution.” Rome was not built in a day and it has taken a lifetime for each of us to get where we are, so any transition or transformation must be just as gradual and patient.  I have been reminded repeatedly that small, sensible changes endure while large, drastic changes fail.  If you truly want to succeed then make manageable smaller changes and simply be patient.  Results arrive.  Since weight-loss is the most common New Year’s Resolution, January has become the one time each year when I discuss our Secure Complete Meal Replacement.  In the past, we had featured Secure several times each year, but in recent years, we do a single Today’s Special Event where we offer savings of more than 50% off our exceptional HSN price.  In fact, today it will be at well under $1 per meal for each nutritious, great tasting meal.  In the almost 25 years since we originally created Secure, we have continually improved it, and this year it comes with our best pricing ever, making Secure not only the world’s lowest calorie, best tasting and most nutritious meal replacement, but also the most affordable.Why Secure?  The better question is, why a Meal Replacement, since it does not have to be my Secure Meal Replacement.  The simple answer is because Meal Replacements work.  Certainly, we have ample experience with the success of Secure and I can tell you why Secure is superior to others, but the most important fact about Meal Replacements and this article and my shows is that the clinical, medical science on weight-loss shows that Meal Replacements are the most effective tool for weight-loss.  As I have said for decades, weight-loss is almost exclusively about what you put in your body.  Of course, exercise is important for our good health and we should always exercise, but 80% or more of weight-loss is what we eat.  Even those with significant physical limitations will be able to lose weight, since weight-loss is principally about diet and only partially about activity.  Again, activity is vital for the good health of our body, heart, brain, etc., but the science of weight-loss underscores changes in our food intake and emphasizes the uniquely effective nature of Meal Replacements.  Diets work, but Meal Replacements have been shown to work better.  Best of all, sensible dietary changes, such as those I will discuss during my shows, combined with Meal Replacements yield the greatest results possible.  Needless to say, there are hundreds of Meal Replacements to choose from on the market yet none will be as low in calories, as nutritious, as delicious or as affordable as Secure.  Again, you don’t have to buy Secure to succeed and lose weight, but Meal Replacements do work, so find yourself a good one.

Another good quote (and this time I won’t cite scripture, but instead a quote often attributed to Albert Einstein or Ben Franklin or Mark Twain – all three pretty clever men).  The quote states that, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but somehow expecting a different result.”  Lets think about that. Without change…nothing changes. It applies to so much of what we do, but particularly to our health and weight management.  It is January and we now have the inspiration and an opportunity to make some small changes and, as a result, to expect a different and desirable result.  Now is the time, since nothing will shorten our lives more and interfere with the quality of our lives more than obesity and overweight.  This is not about vanity, but health.  It is an epidemic in this country with more than one-third of Americans obese and over 70% overweight.  It is killing more Americans than cigarettes and nothing threatens our country’s economic health more than the staggering costs associated with all the diseases associated with overweight and obesity.  Losing weight can transform your life and it is the greatest gift you give to those who love you.  Remember, if we change nothing, nothing changes.  That change does not have to be Secure, since there are other Meal Replacements, but the science is clear and if change is what we desire, then we must avoid hype and fads and put our trust in solid, proven, serious science.  If you would like a “taste” of the human side of Secure, I recommend you read the thousands of reviews that have been posted.  Despite it being the world’s lowest calorie and most affordable Meal Replacement out there, it is a Customer Pick and you will see reviews raving about its flavor, results and more.  Again, you need not choose Secure, but without change things will remain the same.

I will post another article next week about our Today’s Special for Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy Legs.  Again, we will have our best pricing ever, but I also want to discuss the abundance of clinical studies and not just the difference it can make in the quality of one’s life and the way one’s feet and legs feel, but also the published medical studies on its benefits for varicose veins, spider veins, even hemorrhoids and more.  Like Secure, there is no product quite like it and it is one of our most popular reorder products and almost perfectly reviewed.  I will write that article next week.

Lastly, ChocoNuvo.  I have been bombarded with questions for weeks and I hope to answer a few here.  First of all, my most sincere apologies that unlike our typical Today’s Specials where we have enough product that everyone can enjoy the best savings, we came up very short on this one.  I used all of our inventory for December, January and February, yet we were running out in the morning and had virtually nothing left by afternoon.  I was thrilled with the response, but disappointed with our inability to provide enough product.  I learned a very important lesson about the power of chocolate…particularly, healthy chocolate that also lowers cholesterol.  We are doing our best to bring ChocoNuvo back as soon as possible, but as I mentioned during the shows, our Organic Fair Trade Chocolate is very special and even though I had committed to the cocoa beans before our shows in December, we will not have new chocolate available until late February or early March…and that is only if things go perfectly.  The great news is that we have tentatively scheduled a Today’s Special on March 5th for ChocoNuvo, but the not so good news is that we will only have as much chocolate as we did in December.  Mind you, that is an enormous amount of chocolate, but I doubt it will last long given ChocoNuvo’s incredible reviews and all the inquiries we are receiving.

We have made substantial commitments to purchase even more cocoa beans and we are expanding our production capabilities to address this, but it might take us until later this year or early next year to truly catch-up with the unexpected demand for our uniquely healthy and delicious ChocoNuvo.  We have never seen a response to a product like this.  In one month there are more than 400 reviews with over 80% being perfect 5-Stars and almost 95% positive!  That is unheard of for a food and even more surprising here, since most Americans prefer milk chocolate and these reviews are for our 74% dark chocolate.  It is a testament to the creamy milk chocolate-like texture of our ChocoNuvo. It is not only is the most delicious dark chocolate you will ever taste, but it will also significantly lower your cholesterol.  In fact, just one square after each meal will see reductions of 15%, 20% or more!  Plus, you also get the protective benefits of the flavanols in our special dark chocolate.  I will keep everyone posted of the status of our chocolate production, but if we can get it done in time, we will see you in March and then because chocolate melts in summer, we will not be back on-air with chocolate until October or November.

Again, happy, healthy New Year!  I still find it hard to believe it is 2016.  Perhaps I am dating myself, but 2016 seems like something out of a science fiction novel and not an actual year.  In school we read George Orwell’s 1984, which was a science fiction novel about the future.  In some folks’ minds that book and the year 1984 are just “ancient” history. smile emoticon My parents always warned me how rapidly time passes and they were indeed correct, so I encourage everyone to do everything they can to enjoy each and every moment.  Life is indeed short and it is the greatest gift we have.  I will see you this evening at 11 PM ET and a couple of times tomorrow.

Best of health,


57 thoughts on “
Healthy Happy New Year!
Upcoming Today’s Specials
The Return of Healthy Chocolate in 2016”

  1. I Love and can’t wait for your Today’s Specials. I have been taking your vitamins since you first started HSN. My husband and I take lots of them and will continue.
    Thank You for keeping us Healthy.

  2. I am disappointed that energy and fat is not included in the TS. I was so hoping it would be one on its own not bundled. Oh well….. I will be looking into the circulation product though.

  3. I hate to be a stickler for detail, Andrew, but unfortunately that’s what I happen to be. You state, “God helps those who help themselves,” and mention that you didn’t want to seem like you were giving a “Sunday sermon.” Then you continue on to say that you will “not cite scripture,” but you never cited scripture, Andrew. That saying that you mentioned, “The Lord helps those who help themselves,” is just that, a saying. It is not scripture nor is it found anywhere in the Bible. If it is, I’d like to know from which book, chapter, and verse ? For someone who does so much research, I am totally shocked that you would say something like that, but it doesn’t mean that I love you any less :o). God Bless You Andrew and all of the wonderful work that you do :o) ! Peace, Abe Rivers

    1. More accurate bible observation is The Lord helps those who cannot help themselves, Andrew I love your multivitamin its the best.

    2. You misinterpreted what he said. What he wrote -is- actually biblical. “Glory to God… and peace, good will toward men” Luke 2:14 KJV.

      I say that to you in a nice tone, because I myself was slightly annoyed with his political comment. So, we both can now walk away not too upset, and he doesn’t have to feel bad for speaking his mind 😀

    3. If you’re that into the bible quotations Abe you need to find a different hobby besides pointing out things that no one gives a flying fig about.

    4. Lighten up! Talking in reference to something is what he implied. Andrew stated about not making his “thoughts” sound like a Sermon. I am Catholic and took NO offense to what Andrew said. Take a breath!

    5. Abe Rivers:

      I beg to differ with you, while it is not said in those exact words it is said in almost every book of the bible. Jesus helped those who helped themselves, this theme runs throughout the bible in every story most scripture, just not in those words but actions do speak louder than words. Read the Bible again with a different point of view and I think you will see it clearly.

  4. Please make the Marine Collagen Peptides easier to mix. Mine clumps and does not integrate easily even when using a mixer.

    1. I have found that if you just sprinkle the marine collagen on top of whatever liquid you put it in (I either put it in water or tea) and just let it sit there, it will dissolve on its own in about 30 minutes or so. I do this in the morning and after it has dissolved I put my cup in the fridge to get cool and drink with my lunch. This is much better than trying to stir it when you first put it in because that is difficult to do without clumping.

    2. Called not long ago on the Marine Collagen Peptide about how it clumps up in mixing it with the batch I have and it never did it before. The person I spoke to on the phone there at ProCapsLab even had me read the number off to him of the big container it comes in, as I always order the largest size. Thanks! Fran in Ca

    3. I mix mine in with Andrew’s organic oat bran and it mixes easily. I also mix it with a variety of other powders including alfalfa juice powder, acerola cherry powder, spirulina powder and a juice cleanse powder containing lots of antioxidants. I add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, the juice of one small lemon, pure filtered water and shake it up in a shaker cup. It all blends well, tastes good, and WOW the energy I have is tremendous. I’m approaching 60 and still run up mountains, often 12-15 miles at a time and I never tire. I use many of Andrew’s products but quite a few others as well. Thanks, Andrew for the thorough explanations of your product line!

    4. I find if I use a “boat motor” (hand blender) that it mixes right in without any problem in only a few seconds. However, I usually mix it into my green drink, but do use juice once in awhile. I also put it in my oatmeal, yes, Andrews Oat bran actually) and you would never know it is there — I mix it in when I am half way through and it has cooled a little.

    1. Yes, I would love to see the HA, too.
      Plus, I cannot believe people are taking something Andrew said in the nicest way and with the best intentions and trying to make a problem out of it. To coin an old phrase, “get a life!” Bother someone who deserves it.

  5. I’m hearing more and more about the different types of Magnesium. Some are more absorbent in our system, but we need more than calcium. Also that we need only 500mg of calcium because we receive so much in foods.

  6. Andrew , as always I know we will enjoy your visit . I always encourage people to watch even if they aren’t interested in buying . I learn something new every visit .
    You are truly a great teacher, explaining complex health benefits, issues and terms in an easy to grasp manner.
    Of course I receive uncountable health benefits from taking your supplements . Been with you from way back in the QVC days .
    Andrew I am so happy you are bringing us another ChocoNuvoTS in March . I had no doubt you would do your best , since you said you would try

  7. Andrew, I take about 15 of your products. Love every one of them. The chocolate , which I ordered tha large amount, is incredible ! I’ve been eating chocolate for many years on a daily basis for its many benefits. I now only use your product!

    I have a question for you? Is there a way for me to suggest an idea to you regarding growing vitamin sales of your products ? Not selling anything , but rather have an idea to grow the Pro Cap Labs brand . By the way, I am born and raised in Las Vegas and Northern Nevada! I have wanted to approach you for several years.


  8. Love you and your products, Andrew! I was lucky enough to get the ChocoNuvo. It’s super! I have a request, please. I would love it if you could make your Essential 1 vitamin in a gummy form! I do so much better taking vitamins when they are in this form. Thanks for your consideration and keep up the good work!

    1. Not to answer for him, or shut you down, but he probably never will. I believe he spoke against these when he spoke against the “mint” vitamins that just were released by another company. I happened to receive a sample of those from a company I order from online–the main ingredients: isomalt, maltodextrin, etc.–yuck!

  9. I wait for the today’s special value to get certain supplements that never seem to make it! Sure wish that could change.

  10. Happy New Year Andrew!
    Can one take the ChocoNuvo if you take cholesterol medication? Please advise. Thank you.


  11. I have taken about 20 of your Vitimans now for 4 years I really believe that is why at 82 I am active and enjoy life . Thank you Andrew for making them affordable June in California !!

  12. Andrew, I have shared your products with friends and family. The improvements in my Fibromyalgia symptoms has been awesome . I was just diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Any suggestions?

  13. Last year your Whey protein was $69 for those of us who don’t wan the sweetener in Secure. This year is is on special fo r$79. Please lower it like you did last year. Thanks.

    1. I agree. I don’t want the Splenda that is in the secure meal replacement. If they would start using pure stevia I would buy it again

  14. Andrew, I cannot be the only one of your loyal customers who have been hurt by HSN”s new policy of not allowing their customers to purchase any new items if they have moved a payment date to 10 days beyond the original purchase date.

    For those of us who work hard to live within our means paydays move around when you get paid every two weeks. And when you choose to only have 1 credit card for emergencies… HSN’s new policy means our purchases from you will become less even when we are out or running low on your products.

    Shopping with HSN use to be wonderful because if you had to move a payment date out 14 to 20 days it was NO PROBLEM… that is no longer the case.

    So from people in my households financial circumstances you will most likely start loosing revenue. And CRITICAL formulas like Breast Health , VitD3, Untimate Antioxidants, etc etc will be in short supply for us.

    1. D Yedinak, I t is HSN, QVC and a lot of companies nowadays. They do no care about customers anymore they just care about revenues.
      Try Andrew’s own website, ProCaps which have diferent alternatives to see if it works better. Try to order when there are broadcasting to take the best advantages. I haven’t see which offers they have in recent times but at least explore it. Maybe you find a better deal.

  15. It appears the glucosamine/chondroitin Todays Special is not going to be offered in January as I believe it was last year. Can you advise when it will be again? I’ve found it to be a wonderful product, but not affordable unless offered as a Special. Thanks

  16. To D Yedinak and Andrew’s other faithful customers,
    Three generations of our family have been taking Andrew’s wonderful vitamins and supplements since 2005. Six years ago, I discovered that we can buy Andrew’s products directly from Procaps Labs. You can order online by setting up an account or over the phone. Since we live in California we never pay sales tax. Place your orders directly with Andrew and don’t look back!

  17. Hi Andrew, thank you for all your wonderful vitamins!! I tell everybody, who will listen to me, about how your vitamins work perfectly! This might have been answered by you already, but I am surprised you are no longer on from Friday through Sunday on HSN. Why? And, how come Glucosamine/ Chondroitin is not a TS this month? Thank you for making the best vitamins!!

  18. is there going to be a glucosamine/chondroitin TSV in Jan? if not, will it be a TSV another time in 2016? that is the only time it is affordable enough to buy the amount i need. like so many others, i count on his TSV’s as times to stock up on that product.

  19. Are you considering paper instead of the plastic containers that we pay for and then must throw into recycling. You had them in the past and they fit in the cupboards more conveniatly

  20. Love the ChocoNuvo, however, since yours is an energy conscious company, it’s surprising you don’t double up on the individual serving size to save on packaging resources.

    1. Maggi, because he is giving us a serving size per day. I f he doubles the size then we would need to eat half and maintain it opened until the next day that we eat it.

  21. I too have been waiting for the secure product sweetner to be changed to a healthy one. it’s hard to believe you would use one that is not natural.

  22. Thank you, Andrew for what seems to be the best vitamins on the market…
    I just ordered your multi-vitamin last week when on super special.
    I have been looking for a multi-vitamin, a good one because 37 yrs. ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s. I have had 5 resections of my small bowel so the drs. are speaking the worse over me. I am thriving and I need all the nutrition I can put into my body. I look forward to taking these that I ordered. I will contact the company to let you know how it is going.

    Just a side note…the quote, “God helps those that help themselves'” is not in the Bible. It is a quote by Benjamin Franklin.
    Because we could not help ourselves out of our sin nature-God sent Jesus, who died and rose from the dead to give us the authority and power in Him through faith to be overcomers in this challenging world. Romans 10; John 10:10.
    Thank you again!!

  23. I been taking your vitamin d3 5000 mg for a year now and my vitamin D blood test results have been very good. I have been taking astaxanthin and would like to request a today’s special that is not bundled with anything else sometime this year. The price is becoming quite steep for this product and I would like to be able to purchase it again. Thank you for your good work and I appreciate your speaking your mind about things. Very best wishes to you.

  24. Andrew, You are a lovely person and make terrific products. Your integrity is above reproach. Procaps AAA+ Better Business Bureau rating is but one example. Keep doing what you do. You can’t please everybody all the time. You are appreciated. Hugs to Lincoln.
    Bless you, Tammy Denler

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