Devyn the Tortoise.

I appreciate everyone’s comments on FaceBook about Devyn the tortoise (here) – who happens to be named after and was also named by my Goddaughter Devyn when she was about 9 years old.  When I asked Devyn to suggest a name, much to my surprise, she suggested her own and since I promised she could name my tortoise, I had no choice but to accept, so now I have a Goddaughter and a Reptile named Devyn.  Amazingly enough, Devyn the tortoise is not scared of Lincoln at all and Lincoln just wants to play with her.  He seems to think that Devyn is just a slow moving variety of dog and someone else he can be friends with and play with.

Devyn the tortoise is quite the ham and amazingly active and friendly…but then again, so is Devyn my Goddaughter.  🙂  Devyn the tortoise hibernates about six months per year in a little stone shelter I built for her in my yard.  In case you did not know, Desert Tortoises are considered endangered and they occasionally become available for adoption when they lose their home because their habitat has been disturbed and they become displaced.  That is how Devyn became available for adoption when she was very young.

As you can see from the photos, Devyn enjoys eating her way around my yard.  Desert Tortoises are principally vegetarians and are absolutely amazing survivors living in what is among the most inhospitable environments on our planet – such as the Mohave Desert – with very little food, water or vegetation.  If you were at my house, every time you’d look in the yard you’d see that Devyn had moved somewhere else.  She is always on the move, but she is never in a hurry.  She always reaches her destination at a peaceful, consistent, comfortable pace.  It is rather meditative to watch Devyn patiently pursue her day.  I think I have lots to learn from my tortoise.

Best of Health.

4 thoughts on “Devyn the Tortoise.”

  1. Thank you for sharing your tortoise. The pics on Facebook
    are beautiful. Seeing Devyn just makes me realize how truly wonderful God’s creatures are & I’m sure watching her would be so relaxing.

  2. Thanks Andrew for sharing your photos of Devyn the tortoise.
    Those were the cutest pics.My niece and I loved them:)We also learned some things about Desert Tortoises that we never knew. Such as Desert Tortoises are endangered and they occasionally become available for adoption.Thanks for being a teacher at heart and caring so much about the environment, endangered animals and good quality vitamins.You Rock!!!

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