Wow! Thanks for the rapid feedback to my blog yesterday about the upcoming TS.

Based upon your comments, I guess I should disclose the Today’s Special in advance.  I will do so in the future.  Thanks for letting me know.


By the way, during the April visit, all of my products will have Special Pricing and there will be an abundance of Flexpay, including an option for an extra Flex-payment on the Today’s Specials with the HSN charge card.  Also, I think HSN’s Special Pricing begins on Tuesday.  Enjoy!

See you in just a few days. 

Best of Health.  


35 thoughts on “Wow! Thanks for the rapid feedback to my blog yesterday about the upcoming TS.”

  1. I have seen HSN pre-sell some of their Today’s Specials so I often wondered why we couldn’t find out what specials you would have on sale. I believe that you will make a large population of customers very happy with early information. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to making ‘The Best Supplements’ for us. I hope you don’t mind but I refer to you as ‘My Vitamin Man’ and I tell everyone about your products that will listen to me! Keep up the great work.

  2. I had to comment to Joan’s post first. I also refer to Andrew as "My Vitamin Man" too!
    Thank you Andrew for listening to your customers.I hope you do continue this practice of letting us know.I look forward to your visits greatly, as it is like a classroom/lecture, and I enjoy learning, and learned so much from listening to you.I like the way you even break down the very technical talk, so we all can have better understanding, and as a result knowledge. Your products sell themselves. With you as my favorite Teacher , with one of my favorite subjects, nutrional supplementation, I look forward to all your visits.
    Wow, Thank You for your blogs, website, best supplements I have ever taken, classroom learning (for open minds)and your integrity and pride shows in all you do. I admire the use of solar energy too.I think I have said enough. I don’t want your head to swell. 😉
    I do have one suggestion. Is there a way we could submit nutrional questions about your products, before your visits, where some of them could be addressed on air? Sometimes I have specific questions, and would love to hear it addressed from you. You do have an excellent customer service staff, but sometimes it would be nice to directly hear it from the ultimate source.

  3. I agree with Kathleen…being able to here an Answer to a question by Andrew would be great. Seems like every question I ask his customer service they just say that they can not make claims about specific products and to talk to your doctor….well that is fine and all (if you go to doctors-haven’t been in years)I do my own research and address my own health concerns naturally. Don’t get me wrong, I will go if need be but I do my best to not….anyways,I would like to know why iodine is not in any of his products. It is good for the thyroid and I do not eat iodized salt. I use sea salt which is not a good source of iodine. I would like to see this offered either with kelp (since it is a natural source of it) or in a seperate supplement or something. If you could answer this question Andrew that would be great!

  4. I appreciate your disclosing the upcoming TS’s.
    I TiVo your show because although I learn more every visit.
    I have never tried the eye support but will be ordering it.
    I already take your Vitamin B12-500, the orange flavor Omega -3 and D-1500.
    Glad you are offering B12-250 on special.
    I know I will order both bundles.
    My DH and I both take your supplements every day.
    The three I could not do without
    Resveratrol,CoQ10, and one that is little discussed Phoshatidyl Serine-PS
    Secure is a mainstay and LOVE the PC Liver & Brain Granules
    Goodness there are lots I would not want to be without.
    Appreciate the free S/H
    Thanks , Andrew

  5. Hi Andrew,
    I love your products my dining room table is covered with bottles of vitamins.
    But I do have a question:
    I am at risk for getting breast cancer. (Family history)
    Is it safe for me to drink one scoop of secure mixed with 8 ozs of soymilk each morning.
    Is the soy in secure natural?
    I was told by my dietician not to ingest artificial soy, that it increases my risk.
    I’ve been drinking your soy mixed with skim milk for years and recently now drink it mixed soy milk.
    I love secure.
    Should I continue to drink secure?

  6. Andrew,
    The special pricing has gone up on HSN but the lack of free s&h is going to cause a problem & likely either send some of us back to your site & pay your one time s&h charge rather than the "buy one & save" on supplements on HSN (which really adds up or cause many of us to reconsider our purchases this visit. It may not be HSN’s policy to do free s&h in April but during these tough times economically perhaps they’d like to reconsider.
    Thanks for your time.

  7. Hi Andrew!
    I too am very appreciative of the disclosure of the HSN TSV coming up in the next few days. It does help me plan. I am on MANY of your supplements. As a 53 woman, my physican for the last two years, has been AMAZED at my blood work and overall health. His words were- "You are exceptionally healthy" and believe me Andrew,that is not because I live a stress-free lifestyle and eat correctly. I do the best I can, as many others, but I do need appropriate supplements. Thank you for educating us.
    I must agree with "MK" that the free shipping is the best thing ever for me too. With the last visit, I bought so much-as the free shipping saved me a bundle! I even ordered new things to try as the savings on shipping was significant.
    I am also grateful that you are constantly improving your products. Your programs on HSN are important. I tune in, even if I think I don’t need to order yet, because I know I will learn something new each time.
    Be blessed.

  8. I would love FREE SHIPPING too.Andrew on your last visit to HSN I also bought more vitamins because of the free shipping.
    It would be greatly appreciated if HSN brought back the free shipping on your vitamins:)I’m excited for your upcoming shows on HSN.I always learn sooooo much about health and vitamin supplements.Thanks Andrew for bringing us such GREAT VITAMINS!!!

  9. I look forward to your presentations on HSN. I especially wanted to thank you for changing the vitamin liquid capsule into a dry powder. The liquid capsule made me feel so sick that I actually only used two of my autoships last year because the capsule made me so ill, no matter how many different times, with different foods, I experimented taking the vitamins. It just did not work. Since your presentation this past January, I immediately restarted my autoship of Complete for the 120 days, and I feel so much better. I take a number of your other vitamins, especially the Wommen’s Wellness, Omega 3, Vitamin D, Green Foods, Cruciferous, I could go on, and on, but I alternate and try to do the best to maintain a healthy body. Thank you so much, and I too love the free shipping and handling, and the flex pays are so important as well, without using the HSN card, I do not have one. Finally, One Request: When will you have the dog vitamins available. I understand you must do your work and research. I would really love them for my dog, I have written to you on one of your video presentations. I have a poddle chihuahua, he’s 18 years old and he is not only my little baby, but he is also my family. I sometimes open up my Aloe Vera and Friendly Flora capsules when I notice he is having some digestion problems and give him a portion of a capsule a couple of times a day. Since he is little, ten pounds or so, I am very careful and I would really love to give him a correct and adequate amount for his size. So please, I am waiting anxiously for your dog vitamins for my senior dog especially. I would so much appreciate them and to help keep him feeling better for as long as possible. My best to you and your company. Thank you so much for listening to us all. Sincerely,

  10. Thank you for the notice of the Today’s Specials! I didn’t thank you properly when you revealed, but seeing this entry in my Google reader made me want to comment!

  11. Thank you Andrew for letting us know in advance what the todays specials are this visit. It REALLY helps to plan our purchases. The free shipping is wonderful as well.
    I have a question about B12. What is the optimal amount of B12 per day? I take many of your products and wonder if it is possible to take to much B12?
    Thank you for all you do for us and our health. You teach me so much every time you are on HSN. Please keep up the good work!!

  12. Hi Andrew,
    Love,love love the fact that you let us know what the specials are before hand. Please continue to do that. I got the big bundle (B12 & D3) and am most likely getting the omega 3 and eye as well. I also look forward to seeing your pet vitamins. Any updates on that? Keep up the good work Andrew…. 🙂

  13. Hi Andrew,
    I wanted to THANK YOU for both of the Today’s Special Value Bundles, I ordered both your largest bundles, in addition to the large Friendly Flora and Green Foods. Later this morning I am going to check to see if I need anything else.
    Knowing in advance what products you will be featuring did indeed help so much in planning what I needed and could order or restock. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, IT IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!
    I also see there is another person asking about the Dog Vitamins/Pet Vitamins in the posting above. Please let us know when you might be making this available??? I and my Poddle Chihuahua, Boo Boo are anxiously awaiting their launch.

  14. PLEASE add to the description of every product whether or not it is safe for women who are pregnant or nursing. The standard "check with your doctor" answer just doesn’t cut it for me, as my doctor is not an expert on supplements. You are the expert and I would love to hear your view on the matter for each of your products, or at least tell us which ones are definately unsafe. Your Today’s Special Omega 3 and Eye products sound great product to be on, but I just don’t know if it has something in it I should avoid.

  15. Tiffany,
    The circulation vein support is one to stay away from while pregnant (does say on label), other than that I am not sure. Just thought I would let you know about this one in case you have it. Hope this helps… 🙂

  16. I also thank you for the advance notice on the TS. It is very helpful as is the free s/h. I agree with the other poster that it would be nice to be able to submit questions somehow for the shows. I realize that you would probably be inundated with questions but if you pick a few to answer each airing it would be most helpful. I for one would really appreciate knowing if there is caffeine and how much in each of your vitamins. Perhaps you could add it to the descriptions on the vitamins. I bought the Omega TS but not the eye support because of the green tea in it. If the caffeine is minimal it is ok for me but I need to know if it is in there. I appreciate that you are spending more time talking about the benefits of the vitamins and less about the value of the special. Thank you for the great vitamins my cupboard runneth over.

  17. Hi Andrew! Just spent days on HSN learning even more about nutritional supplements – and ordered many. I would like an update on how/when your supplements for your dogs will be made available to the public. My daughter is an animal nutritionalist – and wants to contact you regarding the latest research, and getting certain products for dogs. What is the best way for her to get in touch w/ you? We are both former employees of a high-end nutritional supplement company…and know quality when we see it. You are a godsend…your research,
    honesty, integrity is amazing.
    Thank you! Patti

  18. Thank you Andrew for announcing the TS’s in advance. I got the Omega Three’s (I got a year’s worth plus) and the Eye Support. I really am well stocked on B12 and D3, but I got one of the little bottles of each, travel size. I am going to get your Complete here at your site, as I was told you have a new launch coming on April 15th by a member of your staff. I am looking forward to seeing it, and ordering it on A/D. I hope you continue this practice of advance notice of the TS’s ,as it helps me in planning what I will get during your visits.

  19. I want to say the customer service at Procaps also deserve a big thank you! They are always professional and helpful. BUT also so nice! Being professional and helpful is a must but being nice is a bonus! Everyone I have ever spoken with has been very nice.

  20. Dear Andrew,
    I have been a very loyal customer for many years.
    To add even before coming to hsn,and your website.
    I am just a bit disappointed at the Omega 3 Ts.
    Please let me explain.!!
    My husband has several health issues including by-pass surgery,prostate cancer,and very bad case of acid reflux.
    He is not allowed to have any citrus fruit,or drinks among other foods etc.
    I am disappointed that the plain Omega 3 was not added to the Ts.
    Did try to get some info on the Essential omega 3 with orange essence?
    I did post on hsn forum. Did receive a few replies regarding this suppliment.
    There were a couple that also have acid reflux,and are taking this one.
    They did say they were okay with the orange essence.
    Andrew i did call your company last night.
    I did ask about this issue. Was told he was not really sure.
    In fact he thought that all the omega’s had free ship,and was going to place the order for me.
    However after checking he realized it was on the one with orange essence.
    Sorry Andrew to be going on.
    Felt i did have to come to your blog,and give my reaction to this issue.
    If possiblem maybe you can contact me about this.
    I did order a smaller quanity of the omega 3 hoping my husband will not have any bad reaction.
    Thank you for taking the time to read. Looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.
    Very Sincerel,

  21. Judy,
    I just read your post, and I have Acid Reflux and have no problem taking Andrew’s Omega Three’s with the Orange. No upset stomach, they are wonderful, easy on the stomach.I do have to watch what I eat, but this supplement I always stock up on as a TS.Maybe Andrew will address this, but you do have a thirty day money back guarantee. I don’t think you will need it.

  22. Mr. Lesman,
    Thank you for the detailed explanations of your products. Is there any chance you will have a special soon on something for joint/ligament issues. My ankle and knee are killing me.
    Thank you!

  23. Andrew,
    I just wanted to say Thank You, for such a fantastic visit this weekend! We enjoyed your shows and once again, learned something new, as we always do! Your dedication to educating the consumer and the integrity & excellence in your products and formulations have greatly improved the quality of our lives! Great TS, especially on the Omega3/Eye Support Bundle! – we ended up buying 2, along with restocking a few favorites here on your website! Thanks again for all your do, & keep up the great work! Already looking forward to July! 🙂

  24. Received my TS today! Can’t wait to try them!
    Andrew, could you please have a Five Favorites TS someday? Thanks!

  25. I also bought several products this weekend as well as 2 from Henderson but am also WAITING patiently for the dog vitamins. Thanks again for the free shipping also from Henderson.

  26. Andrew, It was a terrific idea to pre-announce the Today’s Specials on your recent HSN visit. Thank you so much, because it allowed me to plan better for my purchases, thus relieving some of the natural anxiety that comes with those decisions (most often for budgetary reasons). I’ve been taking your products since January of 2009, and yours is the best health care policy! Wish you would pitch to men more–we need you too. Best regards,

  27. Thank you Andrew for all of your wonderful products and I trust your opionion and knowledge of the real research on supplements out there.
    I have read & seen on TV recently about the positive effects of Inositol. What can you tell me about Inositol. Is it really as good as all the hype? I also found a Clinical Trial using pomegranate to treat prostate cancer prior to surgery. My husband was just diagnosed with prostate cancer & I have been looking for information. Anything you may be able to share would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for all you do.

  28. Andrew, any update on the QVC lawsuit. I wrote them after I read your blog, and told they I would discontinue my buying from them if they pursued this. Need to know….settled, still pending? Thank you for all the fresh, terrif products.

  29. Andrew –
    I respect your decision not to use vCaps (vegetable derived capsules) in your products, although I hope you will eventually.
    Maybe a good compromise could be adding a notation/logo on the bottle label that indicates if all of the ingredients in the capsule are from non-animal sources? That way, vegetarians could look for those products with the logo and break the capsule open as you suggest.
    eg. V.I.I. (Vegetarian Ingredients Inside)

  30. As a follow up to my post above, I noticed that Capsugel also makes non-animal capsules. If we (and Andrew) can trust them to make gelatin based capsules, they I am sure their vegetarian capsules are high quality as well.

  31. Cyndi,
    Andrew has talked about Inositol quite often, you may want to check the Ultimate PC Liver & Brain Granules or call his CS Reps.

  32. Keep up the great work!! I LOVE the QUALITY of your products and your dedication to safety, purity, research, and our environment!!
    I would very much like to see more of the information you generously share thru the HSN live shows, posted to your Blog (or website), and/or maybe provided thru "podcasts" or "webcasts"(live or recorded).
    I find that more and more, some of the websites I depend on for up-to-date information are starting to provide these audio or video bits(just one of these that recently comes to mind is Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson Foundation website… I was able to listen to (2) podcasts recently that provided some great information on upcoming studies and initiatives).
    Unfortunately, (or fortunately?) I do not watch TV much anymore, finding the web a much more informative and accessible format for educating myself. There are just so many excellent scientific, medical, nutritional, and inspirational sites available online now… it is truly an amazing global-community resource! And almost anything now is available online too…. from streaming movies and TV shows, to books, etc.- you name it.
    I hope you will seriously consider this request… I would love to have the convenience of such an informational/educational database in whatever format you came up with.
    Best wishes!

  33. It’s almost the end of May. You really should post something on your blog more often. I stop by every now and then to see if there is anything new.

  34. Andrew, I was one of the women who took estrogen in my late 40’s and 50’s. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I had the surgery and radiation. What can I do now as far as vitamins to help me recover from the radiation, I am also taking Tamoxafin, I was told I will probably suffer from fatigue and tiredness for up to a year. jean

  35. Hello Andrew,
    Thanks for your honesty about the coffee beans, etc. for weight loss. This is what keeps me coming back. I know I can always trust you. I don't always comment on your products, I apologize. Trust me Andrew. They are all working A+ for me. I Love all the products I have gotten from you.
    Thanks Again Andrew!!!!
    Kim Crain

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