New Free Shipping Policy!
A Five Product
Today’s Special in October!

For the past 37 years, I have endeavored to make the world’s finest vitamins, along with the most reliable information, both accessible and affordable to everyone so you can make informed health decisions.  Today, we take another step toward greater affordability by announcing our new Free Shipping policy.  Back in 1979, I chose not to sell my products into the unpredictable environment of retail stores and their warehouses and, as a result, we have always shipped our products directly to you.  In recent years we have offered free shipping during HSN visits but, throughout the year, everyone paid a shipping charge, which for over 30 years that shipping charge has not changed. That is, until now…

Today, I am excited to announce that our shipping policy has changed for the first time in over 30 years and HSN is joining us.  Specifically, we have eliminated all shipping charges on more than 90% of our orders, since as of today, ANY order of $50 or more comes with Free Shipping.  This will apply 365 days per year!  This new Free Shipping policy will apply to ALL of my products from either HSN or ProCaps Labs.  We have been working on this for a few years and I am thrilled to share the news.  The $50 minimum affects a small percentage of our orders, since most folks order our Economy sizes or more than one product at a time.  Also, there will be no penalty if you order very heavy products, like Secure, Marine Collagen, etc.  In other words, so long as the total order value is at least $50, there are ZERO Shipping Charges.  Of course, we will continue to offer Free Shipping on ALL orders during our HSN visits or Events, but now, even between visits, there will also be Free Shipping.  So, at least for your vitamins, shipping and handling charges are a thing of the past.  Very exciting!  By the way, we are also working on a few more ways to make our products even more affordable in the future, so stay tuned.

October always brings the best opportunity to enjoy our unique CoQ10 200mg and this year, it is more unique and affordable than ever.  Two weeks after the CoQ10 Event, and with the cooler fall weather, will bring the after-summer return of ChocoNuvo. By now you likely know that ChocoNuvo is our dark chocolate available in three concentrations (66%, 74% and 91%).  It is not just the world’s best tasting dark chocolate, but also the world’s healthiest, because of its unique ability to lower Total and LDL Cholesterol.  Our 66% is a dark chocolate version of milk chocolate, our 91% is the darkest of creamy dark chocolates, while the 74% is right in the middle.  You can choose which you prefer as all three will be available in October. Since we will have only just exited the heat of summer, we will have not yet had an opportunity to build a large supply of ChocoNuvo, so as a result, our October ChocoNuvo Today’s Special will be shorter.  Although I am confident we will have plenty to satisfy everyone’s needs, we will have a more complete focus on ChocoNuvo in December just before the holidays.  Plus, there is no better time to celebrate the return of the world’s most delicious and healthiest chocolate than during the holidays.  Our October ChocoNuvo Today’s Special airings will be about 10-15 minutes each, but the good news is that I will make up for that by adding four other Today’s Special products.  ALL four of these products are among our most popular and ALL will be at their best pricing ever.  We have never done a Five Product Today’s Special before, so this should be interesting! Each of he additional products have been Today’s Specials before and they have been requested as Today’s Specials throughout 2016.  Since HSN is not about to become VSN (Vitamin Shopping Network smile), I only get about 10 Today’s Specials per year which means more than two dozen products miss out on your request to be a Today’s Specials.  I hope that this “Variety Today’s Special” will help solve that problem and enable everyone to enjoy Today’s Special Savings on even more products.

As far as the “Variety Today’s Special” itself, alongside ChocoNuvo, we will have Resveratrol 100, Cinnamon 350, Cranberry Benefits or Green Tea EGCG 200.  Each of these products is among our most popular and important separate products and they will all be at their best pricing ever. Plus, Cinnamon and Cranberry will also be available for the very first time in a 360-capsule supply.  As far as pricing, the 360-capsule size of any of these formulas will be $59.90. You can take an additional $10 off per bottle if you order any combination of four 360-capsule bottles.  These are costly ingredients that will end up costing barely a dime per capsule.  At $59.90, you save $100 on Resveratrol 100, $70 on Green Tea EGCG 200 and almost $40 each on the brand new 360-capsule supplies of Cinnamon 350 and Cranberry Benefits.  At $49.90 the savings becomes $110, $80 and almost $50 on Cranberry or Cinnamon. My intent was to offer five unique products that could each stand alone as Today’s Specials. Our natural extract of Cinnamon Bark is for those seeking to promote healthy blood sugar levels and insulin metabolism.  Its reviews speak for themselves. If one reads even a few of the hundreds of reviews, it is virtually perfectly reviewed.  In fact, that statement applies to each of these four products with almost 90% perfect 5-Star Reviews and over 95% positive reviews.  The reviews for our Cranberry Benefits are a passionate description of the powerful benefits Cranberry provides to the bladder and urinary tract.  Resveratrol 100 and Green Tea EGCG 200 are arguably the two most popular, and also most heavily researched and established, anti-aging ingredients and despite their having been past Today’s Specials, this October will see their best pricing ever.  So join us on October 2nd for our best ever CoQ10 200mg Today’s Special and two weeks later for our first ever “Variety Today’s Special” starting with ChocoNuvo, along with four other favorites.

By the way, I will be calling in this evening to speak with Adam during the Monday Night Show for one of our brief Wellness Breaks.  Tonight we will be talking about Heart Health and Cholesterol and we will have both our CholestaCare Ultimate Oatmeal and Ultimate Oat Bran at Extra Special Pricing.  Oatmeal and Oat Bran both have a powerful impact on Cholesterol, but no oatmeal or oat bran in the world is as powerful as ours.  Not even close! I will be happy to discuss the highly impactful things we can do without drugs to dramatically reduce Cholesterol levels and most importantly, heart disease risk.  By the way, during the Monday Night Show, all our products have Special Pricing, so if you need to reorder, now might be a good time.

Speak to you later or see you in October.

Best of health.


93 thoughts on “
New Free Shipping Policy!
A Five Product
Today’s Special in October!

  1. Andrew… Your company is a true example of the continuous improvement philosophy. The products keep getting better as research warrants and your commitment to excellence shows in all facets of your business. It feels great to be able to put my trust in a product that is good for me and produced in a way that is good for the environment. Thank you!

      1. What a stupid comment. Andrew makes the best products out there . His sales have to be way up and now can pass savings on shipping to his customers. Instead of being thankful for his kind gesture, which will save his customers a lot of money, you’re just negative.

        1. Pam, be nice. VERY inconsiderate to talk like that! RUDE! We can all have opinions without people like you using such derogatory remarks! WOW!

        2. I agree, Pam. Negative and rude. Misery loves company, isn’t that what the saying is? Wow. Thank you, Andrew. I personally am very grateful for the free shipping 🙂

        3. Pam, I agree with you. It’s sad but some of us human beings can’t help but be miserable and always run our mouth without thinking. Its clear to me that Andrew and HSN care and that is the reason why they help their customers given free shipping.

      2. I was told in late 2014 they were working on free shipping & Andrew said they were planning this on air late 2014/early 2015.I am AMAZED at people who are bitter/jealous attacking someone who helped more people by lunch today than most of us will help in a lifetime.Prosperity follows those who give.THANK YOU ANDREW FOR ………EVERYTHING!

      3. Don’t think politics have anything to do with his reduced shipping. I think his passion of EDUCATING society of wellness speaks for itself. Perhaps he should be the candidate for the presidency. After all, instead of talking about America becoming the leader in solar energy or one that outsources his own products, Andrew has managed to keep his company HERE as well as running it on solar energy (not to mention sending his prenatal vitamins to other countries FREE). His modest living speaks for the person he is. Since he doesn’t get to HSN but 4 times a year, I can see his gesture to allow us to continue to replenish his products until his return with sale prices gives back to his REPEAT CUSTOMERS. Yes,
        we are all entitled to our opinions, but if you are so offended by his views, maybe you should look elsewhere to purchase your products. I can bet you won’t because his are the best products on the market. This is the USA and we are all entitled to our opinions. You don’t have to agree with him but to insinuate this is due to a drop in sales is garbage. I guess we are a society that we are not used to someone giving back with no strings attached.

      4. Really? Are you that miserable that you have to put down his attempt to make it easier to purchase much needed supplements????

        Also, I feel extremely blessed I was born and raised in the USA….. land of the free and freedom of speech. This being said, you have every right to your political opinion but unless there are facts that support comments such as you made, it is strongly suggested you reframe unless you are open to lawsuits.

      5. You poor sad angry being. You should consider professional help so you can feel better and not have to live as you are. My heart goes out to you-feel better

  2. Love the timing on the Oct. TS’s. I will be out of town the weekend in between them so I will be home for ALL the TS values. I do prefer the 74% ChocoNuvo and NOT the 91% one. I know you wanted our opinions so you knew how much to bring in. Thanks for all the great values you bring us, Andrew!

  3. I’ve been taking your vitamins since day one you were on. I’m 56 no grey hair and a full head of hair at that. My legs are the best and I’m regular. I can go on, but you get the picture. Thanks Andrew, -Bill Mann

    If you ever need anything Andrew just ask.

  4. Andrew, I share the same remarks as the above as well! I also think that you are modest when sharing information regarding your Angel Vitamins with purchases.
    This makes a positive impact on so many who are able to purchase these vitamins. You are a true humanitarian and I’m so happy that I found you on HSN. Keep up the great work!

  5. Thanks, Andrew! My wife and I take a multitude of your products each day. With regular visits to the gym and a gourmet cook in the kitchen we see the difference a healthy lifestyle makes. Your supplements are a big part of our success story. We see our peers and they look 10 to 20 years older than we do. Keep growing, Andrew! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. Hi Andrew,

    I hope you are thinking about a good price on Tru Co Q 10 plus Vit D. I don’t mind paying more for the Tru Co Q 10, but I would like to see it paired with the Vit D like the regulat Co Q 10. I have done a lot of research and so has my doctor and we have come to the conclusion, that if you are older (I am 77), you need the Tru Co Q 10. I am sure many of your customers have the same problem. Thanks! I hope you read this and take this up for consideration! I am running out of the regular Co Q 10 and I want to order the Tru Co Q 10, but I will have to go elsewhere until you put this on some type of special, because I always order the largest size.

    1. I second this opinion. Tru Q10 is more bioavailable and it’s what people over 50 should be taking. We can’t metabolize Co q-10 any longer. Please bring in the Tru Q10 today special

      1. I agree! I need the Tru Q10 because it is more bioavailable but the price is more than I can handle since me and my husband take so many of your products. We don’t want to have to give up something to get the Tru Q10.

      2. I agree with all of my co-“friends of a certain age”. The truQ-10 works so much better for us. Andrew, please consider offering it at a “special value item for us.

    2. For your information:
      I am a 74 year old women with heart problems and I have taking Andrews Q10 200 mg for many years. I take two a day and my energy and heart are still going strong.

      1. Hi 74 year old,
        I am going of from Statins after 9 years with problems with my toes and low energy. I am about 250lbs with a lot of heart problems in the past. I should be Ok to take two of these 200MG of Q10 and not be harmed but helped. It has helped you.

  7. Great waited for long time to see free shipping !
    Thank you Andrew

    Joan Semenuk
    Been customer since you were on QVC long time.
    Free ship helps because some products are expensive,

  8. Thank you so much for everything you do that’s why I find a way to purchase your products and no one else’s I have faith in what you say they are and I have faith that they will work like you say they will being on a very limited budget sometimes it can be hard but always stock up at today’s specials. 63 and still going strong no pharmaceutical meds but take yours daily. love you and your products and your business practices. think what the world could be like and what a wonderful place it would be. God bless and thank you very much

  9. Andrew, on your next HSN TSV combo, please group together Digest Assure, Friendly Flora and Ginger as these are especially, the Digest Assure and Friendly Flora are immediate “Feel Good” products. The older I get, I noticed I started experiencing stomach bloat and I’ve never had a tummy and Friendly Flora is a little miracle worker. Thanks!

  10. Please be clear, your free shipping advertisement during your televised shows have never been free even if you said so, the hosts said do, the TV screen said so. Instead, you have always, I repeat, always charged your Hawaii customers shipping and handling, perhaps not the full amount, but you changed for each and every purchas inspite of your “free shipping” announcements on liveTV. Is this new free shipping policy for all your customer or for all except Hawaii? Please so state here.

    1. Free shipping is only for UPS ground. Unfortunately Hawaii isn’t part of the continental U.S. (although yes it is still the U.S.) and unfortunately I do see shipping applied to Hawaii when I process orders. (I work for HSN so I wanted to offer some friendly feedback)……. I hope you don’t mind my two cents lol! Also I do know that some of the HSN programming is prerecorded so those offers may have aired previously. Special pricing and free shipping offers will sometimes be for that day only. Once it turns midnight, those offers expire. But if you are being charged, it’s probably because your order has to be put on a plane instead of the truck. BUT, I could bring them to you! Any excuse to take a trip to Hawaii!!!!

  11. Hello Andrew: Have you ever considered doing your own radio show? your teaching about supplements and nutrition is brilliant its sad we only get to see it in short spurts on HSN, maybe you can do a weekly cable television show, I appreciate how you stay current with all the new studies that come out and are willing to change doses if the studies call for it, you look fit and athletic and you should be on television teaching!

  12. I’m one of your biggest fans! I work for HSN and I’m so proud to speak to so many customers every day who tell me they’re in their 60’s and older and they sound so healthy and vibrant. Many of them say they’ve never had to take prescription meds and they tell me it’s because of you. I can’t get enough of your supplements. From the turmeric, to women’s wellness, to healthy hair skin and nails, marine collagen, and fiburmucil……..I’m just feeling better and better as the years go by instead of feeling worse like so many people in my family complain about. And for an even bigger bonus, you’ll be back at HSN on October 2nd., my birthday! You are bringing me the gift of health on my 43rd birthday and I couldn’t be more thrilled! We love you Andrew!
    Cheryl from Tampa 🙂

  13. Hi Andrew! My mom is getting up in age, and she takes the Green Tea 200, Cinnamon, and alpha lipoic acid daily. ALA has also shown some blood glucose level lowering benefits. Perhaps one day it will be a Today’s Special in a larger side. It’s perhaps the most potent antioxidants. Anyway, despite essentially all everyone in her family having diabetes, her blood sugar level stays in the normal range. I’ll be getting the Cinnamon and EGCG for her.

    I’m so happy about the free shipping! When you aren’t on HSN, the shipping can be $8 or so for ONE BOTTLE of supplements. Insane. Thanks!

    Lastly…. Whey protein Secure TS in Jan! Please! I do not like soy protein. Whey all the “whey” for me! 🙂


  14. Can’t wait for October to arrive! So excited about the TS’s!! Who would have thought one could get so excited about vitamins!! I use several products and have seen wonderful benefits from them. I watch every show because I so enjoy and appreciate the education you provide. These are truly the very best vitamins one can purchase!

  15. What fantastic news.
    Thank you. I love your products. The Leg Circulation product is wonderful, can’t be without it.
    Thank you for all you do, keep us healthy.
    70 years young lady!

  16. What fantastic news.
    Thank you. I love your products. The Leg Circulation product is wonderful, can’t be without it.
    Thank you for all you do. in keeping ushealthy.
    70 year old young lady!

  17. Hi Andrew! You mentioned earlier in your blog that you are working on other ways to make your products more affordable! I certainly am hoping that means offering flex pay on your Pro Caps website! Even if it is just offered to those on auto delivery! Your products are wonderful, but they are not inexpensive ,so it is easy to end up with a large dollar amount ! Most of us are on a limited budget and that would help a great deal!I know I speak for others also! That would be so helpful to those of us who order many different items! Thanks for your great products!?

    1. I am sorry I feel like I need to reply to my original comment as I went online and now have found out that the free shipping and the multiple discounts Andrew is now offering isn’t helping us out very, much because what is not nentioned is that prices also have been increased on everything! I figured out with the new incentives he is so kindly offering to us , will be costing me approximately $20 more! I realize sometimes there are price increases in products but then maybe you should be upfront and state that because of increased costs of manufacturing I will try to offset some of the expense to you my valued customers,by offering free shipping and multiple order discounts!

      1. Thank you Jodi for letting us know about the price increases. I hadn’t noticed that myself. It certainly won’t make much difference if the prices go up along with free shipping. I live in Alaska and we don’t get absolutely free shipping from HSN. They put some kind of a charge on there for us. I asked Andrew about it in a post, Waiting to see if I get an answer or not!

          1. You SURE do seem like a fool!!! WHY in the world would someone like YOU, tell Andrew Lessman about how he runs his business?!
            Why don’t YOU calm down, take advantage of his generosity with free shipping?! AND with the money you save, get YOURself some vitamins which will balance out your nasty attitude!!!
            What have YOU done for the WORLD???

        VIT D3 FOR 360 CAPS INCREASED 17 PERCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        THAT IS WITH OUR DISCOUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





        1. I agree. I have been a legacy auto-ship customer. Unless I order 3 items at once, I have to pay the regular price; otherwise I receive only a 5% discount when previously, as an auto-ship purchaser, I would get a 10% discount on any order, even if purchasing only 1 item. Since I always get the largest size, the shipping cost was actually less than the discount. Now, in order to get a 10% discount, I have to order 4 items at once! Ridiculous and impossible as some supplements are ordered very frequently, and some, last for months. I feel that as a long-time, faithful customer, I am not being teated fairly. I would much prefer to pay shipping and handling and get the 10% discount as before. Very, very, disappointed in my treatment.

    2. I agree with Jodi’s comments regarding offering flex pay options on Pro Caps website especially for folks who are on auto delivery as your products are expensive.

  18. Thank You Andrew!!!!!!????. Your fall specials and new shipping policy will help me tremendously to afford it more; and the easy pays help me budget your products.
    J. D.

  19. Thank You Andrew!!!!!!????. Your fall specials and new shipping policy will help me tremendously to afford it more; and the easy pays help me budget your products.

  20. Andrew please try and go one step further for vegetarian’s and use gelatin free capsules it is better for you and the environment .

    Thank you for listening

  21. Andrew: Many thanks for all of your QUALITY products…I wouldn’t even think about switching to another brand!…..I spoke with you once on HSN & you are a true gentleman in every sense of the word. I thank you again & even my skeptic husband takes many of your products!..I consider that a real WIN..Most Sincerely, Kate in NJ

  22. Thank you so much Andrew for the free shipping , I have been taken your vitamins for many years, I can not take others, I have tried but have a very sensitive stomach and they don’t agree with me. I didn’t mind when I was working if I ran out of some vitamin in between your visits I would just order and pay the shipping, but now I am retired and like so many others on a fixed income I just cant afford the extra cost, I would just do without until your next visit. Now if I need something between visits I can order it, it may not be special pricing for that I’ll wait for your return visit to HSN by the way Love to watch you, learn so much, try not to miss a show!! Thank you Thank you.

  23. Andrew I can not thank you enough. I watch you all the time when you are on HSN and probably more importantly I listen to all the information you pass on. I am always eager to try more of your vitamins; but unfortunately price does play a factor. Just knowing how hard you are working to make your vitamins more affordable for us, is absolutely commendable. Just think where our country would be if more owners truly cared about people as you do. Thank you Andrew for just being you and I will definitely be ordering more of your vitamins.

  24. Andrew thank you so much for the free shipping and Handling and the extra tsv.this is a great thing your doing for Oct.And also please your doing the pricing your doing.I love your vitamins and you take your time to explain every thing to us.When you give us the tour of The pro cap lab. Always find that interesting always look forward to your visits on HSN. I so appericiate you doing a blog on the vitamins your having on the show before you go on air.your Vitamins are the best I do not take any other vitamins. B.c. I know that you have natural ingredients in your vitamins.I trust you and your crew I love your vitamins except. I wish your vitamins were all small like the vitamin B12 and yourD3.

  25. Thanks for this announcement. Are the three versions of ChocoNuvo equally effective? I prefer the 66 but 74 is good too.

  26. I remember your products from the early days at Sharper Image and I am a customer for life. Your gift to us of free shipping is much appreciated and makes it easier for me to purchase the products I want. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. You are a true teacher. Your integrity has set a new standard for all of us. All this to say, I trust you with my health. Thank you for all of it.

    I would like to know more about using your products for my pets, two dogs and two cats. Sending our best to Lincoln. XOXO

  27. Thanks Andrew. I also have been buying your products since your QVC. I know they have help me be healthier and more active. I really appreciate that you care about people and the fact that you are trying to keep prices as low as possible is unique today. Thanks

  28. Hi Andrew. I take a lot of your products and enjoy all of them. The Free Shipping is very good news. You said HSN has gone along with you on this and that you have eliminated all ‘shipping charges’. Does that mean that HSN won’t be charging us Alaskans anymore extra charges when we order your “Free Shipping” products? That would be very good news for me and all your other customers in Alaska!!
    I enjoy watching you even when I don’t have to re-order anything. I get lots of good health information from your visits to HSN. Thank you Andrew.
    Virginia…Fairbanks, Alaska

    1. I am also a long time customer and have nothing but praise for you and your products I would like to ask as others have PLEASE offer the TruCOQ10 as a special I’m in my 50s and all information indicates that I should be taking the reduced form of COQ10
      PS / I do not take any prescription meds I feel its due to your information and awesome products Thank You for all you do and your integrity I believe in you and your products T Neal

  29. Bummer! Just opened my email. I missed out on the special pricing on
    the Oatmeal. I love that stuff. Maybe it will be on special again very soon.

  30. In a day and age where most corporations are focused on making more money for themselves, it’s refreshing to see one that focuses on its customers. You have a good heart, Andrew. God bless you.

  31. Andrew, I have been with you since you walked through the doors at HSN.
    Thank you for the free shipping you are introducing.
    Your Angel program is wonderful
    Thank you for everything!!

  32. Thank you for your new shipping free program.
    I have been with you the day you walked through the door at
    HSN and will always stay with you.
    God will Bless you for your Angel program.
    Always look forward to your coming to HSN.
    There are no other vitamin’s that can touch yours.

  33. Hi Andrew:
    Love your products and listening to you while on. 4 times a year is hardly enough, wish you would come on TV more and have more specials of the Day. I am almost out of D, K and Glucosamine Chondroitin and I am sure some other ones. So how about it a remote in Sept??

  34. Thank you so much for your new free shipping policy. As a senior on a fixed income this will really help. I am one who always waited until you were on HSN and ordered then so I could take advantage of the free shipping….now I can order as needed and get free shipping under your new policy. I will be looking forward to your October visit to HSN.

  35. Andrew,

    The free shipping (for orders over $50) is a great incentive–many thanks for introducing this! Looking forward to your many TSVs in October.

  36. Andrew,
    Just want to say thanks for the free shipping. There are times when I must reorder in between visits and the free shipping will help. It seems like no matter how hard you try you miss ordering one of the products. Also, I was not aware that the Tru Q10 is better for us “older than dirt” customers. That’s very interesting and I am with the other customers now asking for a Tru Q10 to be somehow worked in with the Co Q10 TSV. I’m confident that in the future you will figure a way. Thanks for all the great products.

  37. I agree with request for more info on COQ,10 . What are the differences & what does it have to do with our choice? More science please, Andrew.
    Thank you , too, for free shipping over $50. I Autoship & the savings will be appreciated.

  38. This is great news. I only take Procaps and am very satisfied. Every time I switch to a cheaper brand, I pay for it. I always wind up coming back to Procaps. Been a customer since it was The Winning Combination, which has to be about twenty years ago. Thank you Andrew!!!

  39. Andrew,
    I have been taking your products since the first day I saw you on QVC.
    I have complete trust and faith in everything you offer. I too wish you
    were on HSN more. I would love it if you could bring back the variety
    shows. Some of my favorite products such as green foods, spice of life,
    & evening primrose oil have not been featured on TV for years. I really
    love watching you & Colleen toghter. Can’t wait till your October shows!!

  40. Andrew, please add “Calcium Magnesium Intensive Care” to this coming October VTS. It has been almost a year since this product was on TSV in October 2015. Thank you.

  41. I’ve been taking your supplements for years and LOVE them.
    When will you have a special on “FIBERMUCIL”? I’m really low.
    So glad your supplements are in my life.

  42. I order many of your products for me and my husband and also my 3 sons have me order for them. We have all been so satisfied with every product and really appreciate your attitude of being a help to us all. You are truly a generous man full of virtue. THANK YOU!!!!!

  43. Finally i have been buying your products for a good while now and most of the time my order is over 200 dollars each time, i am so glad for the free shipping, because Amazon offers it always with your products.

    thank you again
    we much appreciate it

  44. Thank you, Andrew, for once again trying to make it easier for your customers to order your supplements by offering your new free shipping policy. You just get better and better in all that you do for improving good health opportunities. Looking forward to your presentations in October!

  45. FREE Shipping — TERRIFIC — what would make it perfect on the retirement budget would be FLEX PAY, at least on auto deliveries. Will be hoping that is the next BIG STEP in helping out your customers better able to afford your wonderful products.

    1. Thank you . Amen ! ? I’m in the same boat you are. I’ve had to skip some of my vitamins because I didn’t have enough money for the month. I only buy Andrews vitamins because they have such great and true results !

  46. I’am a 63 year old wildland firefighter for 26 years and I will not! Go without your vitamins which I take 10 plus a day.The long hours and recovery from the hard work , I believe without your vitamins would be a struggle.The mental side I believe also is benefitting, also my stress level is very high any suggestion would be helpful! I Thank You for your Knowledge, and Sharing it to the World,and your Positive Attitude for Live ,and You are a Inspiration to All who Hear You.I am a student of yours for life.May my Prayers go out to You and your Family and All You TOUCH.

  47. Welcome news about the free shipping!!
    I just counted and I am taking 18 of your products.
    Please don’t forget about the Glucosamine with Chondroitin. It has been well over a year since this was offered as a TS.
    Your products are the BEST!

  48. Andrew, just read one of the comments and it said that you have raised prices along with offering Free Shipping. Is that correct??

  49. Andrew,
    I am very disappointed about the “good news” you are offering free shipping of any order over $50.00. I have an auto ship on “Maximum Joint Effort”; however, I just looked in my account and found that, instead of lowering my payment by take off the shipping fee, you increasing $9.00 more to my payment!!! You also stated that you will keep the high quality of your products at a low price in the future!
    Please explain why after $9.95 of shipping cost has been subtracted from my payment and my total payment is $9.00 higher than my previous payment(s)? I have been on auto ship of this product for more a year. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon!

  50. I have the same question that Betty has? Why is the total payment more expensive? So it seems, one has to spend more in order to get the free shipping and what seems to be saving at the same time. This needs some explaining. I love the supplements, but don’t like this new program. Would have been better to just give free shipping to all.

  51. Thank you so much from our entire family, we all enjoy your products. My children do great in school thanks to your fabulous omega and multivitamins. So many times I have to wait for your specials at HSN to order our products, this is a great blessing.

  52. I am so happy to hear about the FREE SHIPPING even though it is after spend $50.00. I recently was not keeping a good eye on when I was running low and did not want to wait for HSN. I was glad that I could order without having to wait. THANK YOU!

  53. My husband and I, 67and 65, take many of your vitamins and feel great. We love everything you do. Please don’t ever change. Thanks for all your efforts which are so beneficial for so many!

  54. I just checked my bottle of cranberry benefits, and it came in a 600 count capsule. You stated in your blog that you are offering a 360 capsule, one of the largest ever. But that’s not the case. Please bring back the big 600- thank you.

  55. Looking forward to the Cinnamon 360 count. Checked earlier and it’s currently not on the HSN nor Procapslabs website so I assume it’s still coming. And thanks for the new free shipping policy. It was troublesome having to go thru HSN and to have to plan ahead to avoid running out on the items seldom promoted as TSV items.

  56. Andrew, I am disappointed that the TS next weekend includes Resveratrol 100, AND/OR Green Tea EGCG-200. I began taking this when you had the TS of Resveratrol, Green Tea, Grape Seed, Pomegranate, in 1 capsule. Now I will have to purchase both, swallow an ADDITIONAL capsule, and still not get everything I was taking! I for one really like it when you combine, therefore cutting down on the number of pills swallowed daily. I thought I heard you say last week that the CoQ10 combined with the Vitamin D was a 1 time deal. PLEASE NO!! KEEP IT LIKE THAT!!!

  57. I don’t know about people sharing their political opinions earlier, I found it a waste of time and skipped it all. I’d rather read information on what people are taking and how is it working for them. So thank you for bringing great vitamins into our lives. I just wanted to share that. I read your information and other blogs and outside research on Berberine. I ordered it and take it with cinnamon. This has helped me in my numbers for diabetes so far. At least I feel it is helping. I am finding a new doctor since mine became a “Royal Pains” type of doctor, so I am not sure how everything is really working yet. I do feel better though. Thank you. The costs I know you are trying to keep low. Thank you for that also. I have a drawer of your vitamins and I try to get the larger size so it lasts. When there are sales I try to purchase. This leads me to an idea I thought I would share and it is completely on the selfish side. I called your company and talked to a helpful person trying to see if it would make more sense to get a full women’s vitamin rather than the essential. It made me think that I wish there was suggested packs like Women’s vitamins, breast health, etc. in a bundle online for example. I tend to have to read your information and than read the ingredients and I study the information in outside resources and reviews also. I ask myself if this is something I should take also. It can be overwhelming. But I am learning a lot. Some type of bundles would be nice so we don’t miss something we might want to consider taking. Thank you.

  58. Why should we be grateful for free shipping when you’re raising your rates? And boasting about what you’re doing for us just makes me mistrust you. This is misleading and typical corporate mentality. There was a time when I had implicit faith in you, but over the last couple years, I’ve become mistrustful. I still order a ton of your products, but if I’m doubtful about the quality of the ingredients, I’ll do something I wouldn’t have considered at one time—-I return them to you.

  59. I really count on Urgent Energy. I was planning to order some as I am quite low. But the comments on it being of lesser quality have me worried. Have you changed the formula? Is it necessary to take more than one capsule? Please advise.

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