The Latest on ChocoNuvo and Best Ever CoQ10 Today’s Special.

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone for their patience and understanding with our recent summer ChocoNuvo Event.  We only took a limited number of orders so some of you could sample our new flavor intensities, but who knew we were about to ship chocolate during what was an unprecedented “heat dome” across our country.  Here we were about to ship chocolate in summer and the weather became so unexpectedly hot that it reminded me of that slogan from an old TV commercial, “it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”  On a positive note, at least we were not shipping ice cream. smile As I mentioned on TV, I was concerned about shipping ChocoNuvo during summer; however, after significant research, we thought we had a cold package that could deliver our chocolate reliably.  As I mentioned, we brought an enormous freezer into our facility to pre-freeze the chocolate (to minus 20 degrees!), and then we added multiple freezer packs to each bottle and personally delivered all our chocolate directly to UPS at Las Vegas Airport, at night, in our own refrigerated truck.  Finally, we even Rush Air Shipped all the chocolate.  We thought we had it covered, but I just did not plan on shipping during some of the hottest summer weather on record.  I guess it reminded me of a few more old proverbs, such as “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” or “man plans and God laughs.”  Anyhow, without getting too philosophical, we did our best, but we were shipping our chocolate when much of the country was baking in temperatures well into the 100s.  Sadly, despite all our precautions, about 10% of our deliveries suffered some degree of melting.  Of course, this does not adversely affect the flavor or health of the chocolate, but I was still disappointed – as I know were many of you.  However, I am extremely grateful for everyone’s understanding.  Clearly, I was too optimistic in thinking we could deliver 100% of our chocolate unmelted and, although we did well under the circumstances, we appreciate everyone being so understanding.  Shipping chocolate during the summer is not easy and we will go back to the drawing board before we contemplate trying again next year.  In the meantime, ChocoNuvo will be back in October and we would love to hear your thoughts about our new flavor intensities (66%, 74% and 91%).  Please let us know your preferences, since it will help us to produce the right quantities for October.  You can visit or call us at 800.800.1200 to share your thoughts about your future preferences.

It has been almost 20 years since our first Coenzyme Q-10 Today’s Special in October of 1998 and it remains our most popular Today’s Special every single year.  I often hear, “if it’s October, it’s time for CoQ10.”  This October will be no exception, but I am confident you will agree that this is our best CoQ10 Today’s Special ever.  First of all, we start with our lowest price ever on CoQ10.  We have offered CoQ10 for over 30 years and this October’s pricing will be our lowest ever.  Plus, we have once again improved the formula and made it even more uniquely superior to any other product available anywhere.  Of course, as always, our unique CoQ10 comes with a full B-complex that was already unlike any other B-Complex and now, we have made it even better.  Our unique absorption-protected B12 is now delivered as the first absorption-protected Methylcobalamin, which is B12 in its natural coenzyme form.  It is a breakthrough ingredient that is not available anywhere else.  We have also added a special form of Folic Acid (5-MTHF or 5-methyltetrahydrofolate), because many folks struggle to metabolize Folic Acid alone.  I am not aware of any other B-Complex formula in the world that uses these sophisticated and objectively superior ingredients, making our CoQ10 head and shoulders above the rest.  As always, each capsule also provides the equivalent of a separate high potency, non-acidic Vitamin C.  Even before this improvements, our CoQ10 has always been an almost perfectly reviewed product, with well over 90% positive reviews and almost 1,200 5-Star Reviews out of 1,400 Reviews.  But there’s one more thing!  I have often been reminded that we have not yet done a Vitamin D3 Today’s Special and, since October is typically our last visit of the year, I thought of an even better way to get everyone their Vitamin D3 this year…just give it away!  To clarify, you will have two new options with our October CoQ10 Today’s Special.  First, you can simply order our new CoEnzyme Q-10 200 mg at its best price ever OR you can get that same new CoQ10 formula with either 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3 or 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3 added at NO extra charge.  All three formulas are the exact same price.  You can choose from the best Today’s Special pricing ever on CoQ10 or choose to add Vitamin D3 for Free.  If one considers the most important research on essential nutrients, one finds Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C at the very top of the list; and when you get our CoQ10, you receive separate versions of all these essential nutrients, in their best forms, in one convenient and easy-to-swallow capsule.  This will be our best CoQ10 Today’s Special ever with our new Methyl B12 and Methyl Folate and, if you choose, Free Vitamin D3.  And, whatever formula you choose will be the same best price ever.  But if you don’t mind, I have a quick question to ask:

As with all our products, we freshly make each Today’s Special and, since we have not yet begun production on October’s CoQ10, I hoped to learn more about your preferences, so we can make exactly what you want and thereby avoid selling out too early.  We will have 5 sizes of each formula, but which CoQ10 formula would you prefer?  CoQ10 on its own or with 1000 IU OR 2000 IU of Vitamin D3?  Again, because we make all our products fresh to meet your needs, it helps us to know what you prefer, so we do not run out of your favorites too early in the day.  Please feel free to post your thoughts below or call us at 800.800.1200.

 On a final note, the feedback on both the Healthy Hair Skin and Nails Today’s Special, as well as that for our new Marine Collagen Peptides with MSM has been phenomenal.  I thank everyone for their calls, letters and emails.  Truly inspiring!  Personally, I also feel and see the difference using these products, but one thing I have heard over and over again from the comments and reviews is that, if you want to feel a difference, it is essential to use these products consistently as directed.  Although, they are not medicines, we know that even the best medicines only work when used daily as directed and the same goes for these remarkable natural formulas.  Their Science is clear and extremely compelling, but the benefits only available if they are used consistently and as directed.

Thanks again for any input you can provide on your preferences for both the new ChocoNuvo and the upcoming CoQ10 Today’s Special.  It will help us avoid running out of product early.  I look forward to seeing everyone in October and sorry for this long blog post.

Best of health.


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The Latest on ChocoNuvo and Best Ever CoQ10 Today’s Special.

    1. I am a loyal Andrew Lessman/ProCaps client, and I will remain one.

      The integrity and consciousness that goes into these products to support our systems is second to none. I have a rare dis-ease called, Systemic Mastocytosis and to sum it up, it is like being “allergic to Life”. there are 20-40K known cases worldwide of the variant I have and what Ive learned is Mother Nature truly knows best, combined with “clean food as medicine, an anti inflammatory, anti histamine diet (lifestyle) just this year I have reduced harsh big pharma meds.

      i share because little is known about this rare dis-ease and I am now disabled; however I am still alive and choose to be proactive with my healing journey. While medical science says it is incurable, I focus on how I can best live each day recognizing and appreciating the simple things.

      I will only ingest organic, non filler, no dye, non gmo whole clean food and apply this to my supplements choice as well.

      I take Healthy Skin & Nails religiously for the past 4 years ad it has brought me support that is critical as Ive had so much depletion to my system that hair was falling out by the handful—today this has decreased substantially and I know this product supports me greatly.

      ChocoNuvo- I love the original 74% best; yes, i was one of the ones who’s delivery this summer came completely melted – but I did as the rep said and refridigerated the 66%, 74% & 91%. I dont like the way the paper is hard to peel off after melten then refrdgerating but I believe in this product to support my cholesterol when ive been taking meds that impact cholesterol, so I kept the 66% and 74%. I am returning the 91% as for me it tastes like wax to me. (That’s the first complaint I’ve ever had, and its simply about preference, NOT integrity of product!)

      I also take the 5000iu Vitamin D3 to support my system as low D impacts mast cells and I have a rare mast cell dis-ease. The clean supplements make it possible for me to take Andrew’s products and assist my body safely.

      My husband has been taking Complete Joint Supplement and Leg Circulation product plus shared the Vit D3 5000iu and Max Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids. He is 70, in excellent physical condition but due to prior marathon running, then cycling now swimming, walking and 25 years daily yoga- he needs some extra support and his hp pain is gone! He is an insulin diabetic on the pump and thats why he chose the circulation support.

      I will not use any other supplement manufacturer-nor will my husband.
      Thank You Andrew for making conscious, integrity based clean products that support LIFE.

    2. I love love love the 74 percent choconuvo. Might try the 91 in Oct. This is an outstanding product! Also can’t wait to get the CoQ10 with the Vitamin D3 in October… Love ALL his products.

      1. Thank you Andrew for all your great vitamins. I have been taking several for years. They are the very best and have other people in my family on them too.
        I’m thinking probably the CO-10 with vitamin D but I already take vitamin D so not sure. Again thank you for your wonderful vitamins, they keep me going.

    3. I received that summer order, I got it through HSN. The ChocoNuvo was completely melted, even the ice packs had no cold at all. HSN refunded my money, and told me to discard product, which I did. I wanted to try the lightest version. Someday I will.

    4. I LOVE the 74%!!! I’m trying to make mine last until December but not sure how well that will go. It’s perfect to me, so I don’t see how you can improve it! I prefer it now over any dark chocolate bars I’ve tried. I can’t compare it to the other ones as I have not tried them… maybe try including samples with orders?

  1. I got the 66% chocolate I quests the milk chocolate. I love it ! Of course it was 105 degrees that day so it was like soup. Put in the freezer looked ugly but tasted good. P,ease keep making the milk chocolate. My favorite!

  2. I prefer CoQ w/o any added Vitamin D . I adjust the amount of vitamin D I take based on my blood work and Dr. recommendation’s. More in winter…however am thrilled to hear MTHF will be added to formula…I currently consume 15mg daily…combining that with CoQ10 is very exciting news!!Can’t wait!

    1. Andrew we love your COQ10 so much but when my bloodwork is done my dr. will not let me take anything with calcium in it so we had to stop ordering yours several years ago !! We so wish U would just make a plain Coq10 so we could go back to ordering from U again . Thank U

  3. I loved the 66% the milk chocolate. My was really melte like liquid. I put it in the freezer and ate. Was a little disappointed the way it arrived.. But I loved the milk chocolate flavor.

  4. I’ve tried both the 74% and 91%. I didn’t try the 66% because I thought the 74% was milky enough. Although I do love the 91% version, my favorite is the 74% version. This is the one I will be ordering. It’s like Goldilocks… Just right!! Thank you for another fantastiv product Andrew! I take many of your supplements and feel better for it.

  5. I will be ordering the largest CoQ10 offered with 2000 IU D3. I will also order 66% and 91% ChocoNuvo. I don’t need any more of the 74% because I still have some from my last order. I do love it! I’m really looking forward to trying the new versions, especially the really dark (91%) one. I love dark chocolate anyway, so I think this will be my favorite.

  6. I will order largest size CoQ10 w/ 2000 Vit D3.
    Love the 91% ChocoNuvo. Going to order the 66% next.
    Thank you

  7. I ordered in July and despite the heat in NJ, my chocolate arrived intact, none of it melted! I’ve been hooked on the original 74% since the beginning.

  8. I will order with 2000 vitamin D. Love all your vitamins. They are truly “feel the difference ” products. Thanks Andrew.

    1. I Will Be Ordering The 66% And The 91%. I Loved The 74% So I Know I Will Enjoy The Others. Thank You Andrew Lessman!

      1. I Will Be Ordering The 66% And The 91%. I Loved The 74% So I Know I Will Enjoy The Others. Thank You Andrew Lessman!

        1. My Mom And I Both Use Your Products. We Love Love Love Them Especially Your Healthy Hair Skin And Nails. I Will Be Ordering The 91% ChocoNuvo. I Have Been Having Great News With My Cholesterol.? Thank You Mr. Lessman Continue Your Great Works!?

  9. I like dark chocolate so I was hesitant to order the 66%. But, I did along with the 74%. I was so surprised that the 66% was my favorite. It still is dark chocolate with the flavor profile that implies, but there was a smoothness to it that made the 66% the winner in my book.

    1. Thanks Andrew for the upcoming CoQ10 TSV … I am about out and LOVE the difference I feel with it. I’m glad you are planning to combine it with other necessary ingredients. I will buy the biggest size you offer with vitamin D3 (either 1000 or 2000 would work). BTW, I received the large marine collagen with MSN … wow … that is great! So glad I invested in the biggest size! My skin, nails, hair and joints have improved remarkably in such a short time. I’m a 52 year old runner and your products make me feel, look, and run more like women half my age. Could not be happier!

  10. I love the 74%. That’s the highest I like to go before it gets to bitter for me. May try 66%. My recent order was a little soft but no harm done. Just glad to be able to get it. For CoQ10 I will probably go with the highest D3. Great stuff!

  11. I am so happy you switched to the Mythl B12. I had sent you an e-mail about this and I hope you read it and changed your mind about your answer to me. I have been taking you Co Q 10, but I fear because I am older, I will need the Tru Co Q 10.
    I would love if you could give us some kind of sale on th Tru Co Q 10. I know it is more expensive to make, but that along with a Vit D 3 bundle would be great. I am running low on the Vit D 3 I purchased from you and it did work. If you can’t do it as a bundle, I plan to purchase the Vit D 3 anyway. I really need the Tru Co Q 10 and if it costs more it will be worth it. I feel like the Regular Co Q 10 is not working for me. My doctor also said the Tru Co Q 10 is a better option. I take many of your vitamins, plus the chocolate. I ordered the Marine Collagen Peptide with MSM last time you were on and take it every day. Waiting to see results!

    1. Like you, I LOVE white chocolate. I don’t know if they can actually make a healthy one with benefits. The basic ingredients used in the preparation of white chocolate are sugar, cocoa butter, milk, soy lecithin and natural or artificial flavors. Technically, white chocolate is not really chocolate because it lacks cocoa solids or cocoa powder. Milk chocolate, for example, contains about 30 percent to 40 percent cocoa solids, while dark chocolate contains a minimum of 50 percent up to 85 percent cocoa.

  12. I plan on ordering the CoQ with the 2000 IU D3

    Also like both the 74% (taste) and 91% (for benefits) versions of Choconuvo. Would love to be able to order bundles containing half of each in the future.

    Thank you!

  13. Love the 74%, it’s PERFECT! I’m not a fan of milk chocolate so I didn’t try that one. The extreme missed the mark for me, so I won’t be ordering that one again. Spreading a little honey on it makes it better, lol. I retrieved my order before any of it melted. 🙂

  14. Andrew, 74 percent Choconuvo and the biggest size CoQ10 with the 2000 D3. Thank you so much for the B12 and MTHF as I am one of those people with methylation problems. God bless you!

  15. Definitely CoQ10 with 2000 Vit D. Please have various sizes to choose from. It is hard to sometimes afford this when either the size seems to be 60 or say 180. Thank you

  16. I will be ordering two 300 count of the 74 Choconuvo in Oct. I love this chocolate. Andrew, you’re awesome ?

  17. Andrew, my husband Michael and I are interested in ordering the CoQ10 with 2000 IU D3. Looking forward to your HSN shows in October! By the way, love the Essential Ones!

  18. All three; however the 91% is extra good chopped up in Protein Shakes, the darker chocolate is a great contrast to the sweeteners!

  19. I’ll be ordering the CoQ10 and the 2,000 iu of Vit. D3. Can’t wait until Oct so I can stock up on many more supplements!

  20. Hi Andrew,
    Ordered the 66% Choconuvo and both hubby and I loved it. We will be reordering the 66% come October and I will be ordering enough to hold us over till you are back in the new yr. Also with the TSV in October, I would like the CoQ10 with the 1000 mg of vitamin D3.
    Keep up the great work.

  21. Dear Andrew,

    I missed out on ordering the new versions of the ChocoNuvo although I love the original one which I think is the 74% and I love it. I made sure to order enough to last through the year. I think I ordered three of the largest containers!!! I can’t be without it. ProCaps is the best products. If you don’t make it, I don’t take it.
    Thanks so much!

  22. I want the Largest size CoQ10 with the free BOTTLE of D3. My chocolates melted too but I put them in REFRIGERATOR not in freezer. Could you put half as much CholestCare in the chocolate so that we could taste more of chocolate taste and eat more squares of it. The benefits of the chocolate was why you made it in the first place.

    1. And I also enjoy the 74 percent . Maybe make 80 percent taste with half as much CholestCare in it. Thanks for Cacao.

  23. I still have lots of CoQ10 so will probably have to pass on the October TS. I tried the 91% ChocoNuvo this time but prefer the 74% ones. I may try the 66% next but will not order the 91% again unless it’s in a variety pack. I just prefer the 74% ones more. Mine only had one freezer pack in it and the chocolates were almost liquid.
    Nice try Andrew; appreciate the attempt.

  24. I bought 2 of the 74% and 1 of the 91% Choconuvo. I love them both, and will buy another 91% – more, depending on next availability. I will buy COQ10 with D3.

  25. I ordered your COQ10 last year and also your Vitamin D3-2500. I ordered the largest sizes and still have plenty but may order more to stock up if price is good. I would get the the largest size of COQ10 + Vitamin D3-2000. Do you know the dates in October so I can add to my calendar?

    1. Andrew I will be ordering the CoQ10 the largest bottle with the Vitamin D 2000…I love your original dark chocolate and I will be ordering it in Oct…I had ordered it the first time you had it on the show…it last me along time…thank u for all your wonderful products Andrew..I have been taking your vitamins for many years ever since u started showing and selling them on HSN in the 90’s…u are truly my number one man when it comes to Health and Wellness . I am in great health because of your vitamins..Please don’t ever stop …u are numer one in my books…Love u Andrew…Bambi in Corpus Christi Texas

  26. Living in southern Louisiana, I ordered enough original Choco Nuvo in the spring to last me a year and put it in the freezer. I love it. I didn’t order the newest versions because I knew it was impossible to get it here in the summer without melting. And don’t know what the differences were rom the original. I won’t need any more for a while. I would be interested to hear what others liked best before I re-stock next spring.
    I take so many of your products now and I love it when you combine ingredients because it means fewer capsules to take and it usually is more cost effective for me.
    Please talk about the new PQQ product and why you decided to offer it. It still seems a bit pricey so I wonder if it would be worth it. I need more convincing I guess. Thank you Andrew.

  27. Andrew, it sounds like you’re putting together a great value for us. Thank you! I prefer the CoQ10 to be separate from the vitamin D3, living in an area w/4 distinct seasons I adjust my intake based on the season and my bloodwork results. I’m still working thru my supply of original Choconuvo, but would love to try the milk chocolate-like one. On a side note, my daughter and I love the green tea–Jasmine and Earl Grey, respectively.

  28. I would love to try the 66 and 74%. I purchased the 91% and it was just a little to ‘dark’ for me! I will give the TS a try in October when it comes out!

    I would also love to try the CoQ10 with the added vitamin D also!

    Question, I just started taking Marine Collagen Peptides with MSM and have been taking the Hair, skin and nails supplement. Is this necessary once I finish the bottle if I am taking the Collagen? I LOVE your products but being retired, I am on a budget!
    Also, I would love to see a promotion on your vitamins. Maybe something like you buy 6 of the same then the next one you get is free or something along those lines!? Or some % discount s would also be helpful!!

    I love taking them and feel so much better, but the cost is a factor with me as I am sure it is with others who take your supplements!

    Thanks for your hard work and dedication!
    Janet Snyder

  29. Love all three ChocoNuvo! Order arrived just fine, and those of us without air conditioning are used to storing some items in refrigerator anyway during the summer, so not a big deal to me if it had arrived melted. Taste is not effected, so no problem! Here is how I would order in future, based on 4 containers: 2 of the 66%, 1 of the 74% and 1 of the 91%. Thank you, Andrew for providing a top-quality, effective cholesterol-lowering product!

  30. I will be ordering the COQ10 with the 2000 D. Thank you for the combination formulas! I take many of your wonderful supplements and the fewer pills to take the better! I love the Marine Collagen with the MSM included.

  31. I always choose the largest size, with the increased savings, especially when it’s TS pricing. My decision for amount of D3 added would be based on if the capsule became significantly larger.
    Thank You Andrew and the Pro Caps team for all of your work.

  32. Love all of your vitamins Andrew…keep up the good work…u are a great educator…and thank u for your knowledge of information u give us on HSN about all your wonderful products…I order all your today’s special and new products when u introduce them on HSN…I love your marine collagen…I take it everyday with my vitamins and your wonderful teas…love u Andrew…Bambi in Corpus Christi Texas

  33. I ordered the Dark 74% CN and while I received it with the ice packs totally warm the chocolate is perfect. I live in NYS so probably one of the longer trips the product had to make. I like the product very much, think the taste is great and I eat one or two pieces when I am in the mood for chocolate. I sometimes have my CN with my natural peanut butter for a “peanut butter cup”. I will try the other choices if I can get my order in next time. If one sells out please consider a waitlist, I don’t mind waiting. Have enjoyed and trusted your products for many, many years. I also love the presentations as I learn so much and trust what you say.

  34. I am so happy and excited that you will now be using the coenzyme form of B12, and the natural folate form!!! I will definitely order the largest size and probably one smaller size of CoQ10 with D-2,000. And I will forever be a repeat customer with this formula. Thank you, Andrew, for continuing to research and provide supplements with the highest quality ingredients!

  35. I will buy coq10 and vitamin d3 2000. I wish the vitamin D3 had K2 with it as I am reading you should take that with it so the calcium goes to the right place.

  36. My husband and I love your vitamins and their many benefits. We take quite a few and have done so for 15 years or more. Everyone looks shocked if they find out that I’m 65 years old. I always order one or two of the large today’s specials. I’ll order the large CoQ10 with the Vitamin D3 2000. I’d also like to try the 66% ChocoNuvo as I love milk chocolate and haven’t tried it yet. The original version is delicious. Thank you for educating us well. We appreciate your expertise, enthusiasm, generosity, and your commitment to our environment. I’ve convinced some of my friends to take your products too and they have had great results.

  37. I LOVE the original chocolate, the medium % one, and I also love the extra dark one…both are so creamy!!! Love
    For the CoQ10, I would get it with the 2000 D3.
    Thanks so much!!

  38. I’ll be ordering the CoQ10 and the 2,000 iu of Vit. D3. What week will you be on with the coQ10? I might be on vacation, can I pre-order?

  39. I prefer Coq10 w vitd2000 iu. Also I’m in love w the marine collagen peptide and I got the ts largest sz but me and my husband are sharing it. It won’t last a year 🙁 and I can’t afford the unspecial price lol. So plzzzzzzzzz bring it back asap! It’s one of my favs of yours and I have used ALOT. THX AGAIN ROBIN

  40. I ordered the 66% and 91% last month. I already knew how wonderful the 74% was. I was one of those with the completely melted chocolates. They came on separate days on one of those “hottest days of summer” Florida-type weather. Both were melted completely. I immediately put them in the fridge where they solidified and are now fine. We are enjoying immensely. My favorites are the 66% and 74%, I will continue to order those. I would even love to have a variety pack with all three, if possible. Thank you. I will also be back for the CoQ10 with Vit D.

  41. I will be ordering the CoQ10 largest size with Vitamin D 2000 can’t wait to hear the pricing.
    Also I love both the 66% or 74% have had both

  42. excited you are offering D3 for FREE! You are an amazing soul. Me, I want the coq10 with 2000icu D3. Never knew how important d3 was untill about 4 years ago. wasn’t feeling well. Blood tests showed d3 less than half min require. OMG. Researched, ordered from you and feeling much better. 🙂 ?

  43. I will be ordering the 74% Choco Nuvo. Love the flavor as I find it not bitter. I was lucky. My chocolate arrived by UPS in early afternoon. I was home and so I brought it inside and it was perfect.

  44. I will plan on ordering the largest size CoQ10 w/ 2000 Vit D3.

    Andrew, Thank you for making the best quality supplements!

  45. I really prefer the 66% ChocoNuvo since the milk chocolate tastes so much smoother, creamier and yummier to the milk chocolate lover that I am. I’ve also tried both of the darker chocolates and there is not a bitter taste with either one. I, too, had the newer chocolates come melted with the special shipping but I just resolidified them in the refrigerator. Thank you, Andrew, for all of your efforts and I will be purchasing two of your October TS of the CoQ10 with the 2000 IU of D3 for myself and my husband. We really appreciate the extra special value that you will be offering since we are both retired now.

  46. Hi Andrew, It’s great to hear that you are adding the D3 to your CoQ10 formula, and 2,000 IU for the same price But when are you going to offer the 600 count again??? I save up all year for this event and still buy the large bottle, but boy would it be great to offer both, the 600 count CoQ10 and the added D3 Just a thought, maybe, maybe, maybe. Love your products.

  47. I will order the largest size of CoQ10 with 2000 vitamin D. Will you consider adding K2M7?Thanks for using the methyl form of B12 and folate. Please take out folic acid and add those forms of methyl B to Essental One next!! as you know, many of us have mthfr gene mutations that do not work well with the other B. Thanks so much for all you do to keep us healthy. Judy A

  48. Hi Andrew! I will be ordering 3 of the largest CoQ10 to cover my family. It would be nicer to have the free D3 in a separate bottle as a bundle. We take the CoQ10 once a day and the D3- 2 or 3 times a day like our doctor advises since we need more. I know it is extra capsules a day but they are small and very easy to take. Thank you for making THE BEST out there!!

  49. I will be ordering the largest bottle of CoQ10 and the largest D3 2000 bottle. I have used both of these products and love them. I also have been using the Choco-nuvo but from the October show. Not crazy about dark chocolate but have gotten used to it over the months! Will probably reorder in October again. Love your products (I take over 14 different products). Would like the cinnamon in a larger bottle also as both my husband and I take them!

  50. I will be ordering the largest CoQ10 with the 2,000 IU of Vitamin D. Do you know what the quantities will be yet? I need to take a higher dose of Vitamin D.

  51. Thank you Andrew!! I will be purchasing both items, your products are the best! The Choco Nuvo is the best, not only is it delicious, but it helped to lower my cholesterol, which my doctor was concerned about..Will be trying all of them, just ran out of the original formula..will make sure I never run out again!
    Amazing product! Thank you Andrew!!

  52. I love the Marine Collagen Peptides with MSM I purchased as the Today’s Special

    I will purchase the CoQ10 in the largest size with 1000 IU D3. Thank you Andrew keep the great new products coming

  53. Love the 66% chocolate. Will be ordering again in October. Will also order the largest Co-Q10 and D3.

  54. Marine collagen has grown a lot of new hair on my husbands bald head. We have bought it since it first aired. Drink daily two scoops in the chocolate Secure I also love for many years.
    Great to be getting Vit. D for free with Co Q 10 that the heart Doctor told us to take. Doc told me my D level is good and I told him I take your D. He said continue to take it, because we in Ohio don’t have enough.
    Thanks Andrew for products we can trust. MADE in America.

  55. I will be ordering the 74 or 91 chocolate. And the CoQ10 with the 2000 vit D3. Thank you so much for being so passionate and knowledgeable about the products you make.

  56. Vitaman do for green is aweaome. I will take the largest strength as you can provide. It is an amazing product!

  57. I will order the CoQ10 with D3. I take CoQ10 and know the importance.
    I did not reorder the chocolate because I figured it would melt. I eat no sweets
    at all, therefore, the darkest chocolate you have is the only one I might tolerate.
    I sent the Healthy Hair Skin & Nails with green tea because it would interfere with a med that I take because the K in tea. I then ordered the one with out the tea. I am amazed at your Omega 3 & so is my eye doctor. We can’t make claims but my
    one eye improved. He said he never saw anything like this before. I then told him about you and all it has done for me.

  58. I bought 2 of the dark and 1 of the 74% chocolate. When mine arrived they were still cold to the touch. I will e buying the largest coq10 and vitamin d3 2000 IU. Love your products Andrew!


  60. My daughter and I live at home and my husband is in a nursing home since he suffered a Massive Stroke. I have purchased your vitamins for him to take with his doctor’s permission at the Nursing Home and we take your vitamins at home. We take the Try CoQ10

  61. I will be ordering the 74% for my mom, she loves them. hers was melted but directly into the fridge. no harm done! Also large CoQ and 2000 vit D for me. thanks Andrew for all you do.

  62. I got the “milk” 66% choco and it was so melted it oozed out of the plastic packets. I put it in the freezer and fridge to solidify, but it was too messy to really enjoy unfortunately. The little taste I did get was outstanding, so, please plan to make 2 big bottles for me.

  63. I would prefer CoQ10 with 2000 IU of Vitamin D3 in the largest size possible. Currently using 11 different products of yours and would never use anything else ?.

  64. and I will be ordering the new D3 . We love the 66%ChocoNuvo and will order more. Ours arrived safely, even after sitting on the porch for several hours it was soft but not melted. I will order more of the TruCo Q10 plus the D3 even tho they aren’t together but we need the Tru. We take no one else’s vitamins but Andrew’s. He is the best and quality is number one! More info in an email to you Andrew. Thank you so much. I think I messed up my post here. Sorry.

  65. I like the 74% and I like the fact that it helps with the cholesterol but you get the benefits of the chocolate and it is very delicious. I love it and will be buying more in October.
    The CoQ10 I like with the MTHF and Vitamin B12.
    Thanks Andrew

  66. I will be ordering COQ10/2000 D3.My Choco Nuvo 91% arrived a little bit melted ,but tasted just as good.Ithink the 74% satisfies my sweet tooth alittlebit better.

  67. Love the new dark chocolae. It arrived fine, but I had it sent to an office which was air-conditioned. I wonder how many of the ones that were noted were fine when they were left on the doorstep but outside temperatures we’re too high? I think I love the medium dark taste better than the dark dark but I continue to order the darkest because it just feels like it’s doing more good and I’m less tempted to eat too many. I frequently carry a few in my purse, so they’re almost always melted but it doesn’t affect the taste so I don’t care. I would love to see an option that has all three of the flavors. Re coq10 I will order the largest that I can afford and the more Flex place they have the higher I usually go. I take vitamin D so I look at that option too. thank you for trying the summer shipping!

  68. I will be ordering the largest size CoQ10 & 2000 IU D3
    and largest size Choconuvo 74%

    I absolutely love the Marine Collagen Peptides with MSM , I have been using Marine Collagen Peptides since the first time it was offered by Andrew . I have SEEN and FELT positive results.
    Marine Collagen Peptides with MSM even better looking skin and better feeling joints . THANKS Andrew

  69. I am so very happy to learn that you are switching from cyanocobalamin to methylcobalamin in the upcoming October TS! I can only hope that you will make the switch in all your products. If you do, I can start purchasing those products again.

  70. I’ll order largest quantities of all, Co Q, D3 and Choconuovo. I don’t have a cholesterol problem but like the flavor of the original and would like to try the two new ones. Thank you, Andrew for all you do. I am a long time customer( back from other network time -20 years?) . Keep up your great work?

  71. I don’t want any vitamin D in my COQ10. Because if when I take my vitamin D3 I only want 1000 Per day. If I take 2 of the Coq10 with the vitamin D3 in it, I would be getting 2000 mg of vitamin D3.


  72. I also would like to see Tru CoQ10 alone and I notice it is only sold with the Vitamin B complex. However, a little concerned with Niacin in the Vitamin B complex since it seems not too good for the liver.


  73. I continually take your Vitamin D3 2000 i.u. and have been wanting to try your CoQ10, so this combo is going to be perfect for me and is what I plan to order. Your Vit. D is the only one on the market that finally brought my levels up to normal after 2 years of store brands, so thank you for developing products that work!

  74. I will be ordering CoQ10 in the largest size and Vitamin D3 2000. I am also interested in the PQQ product and may order it, depending on the price. Money is a growing concern for me and I appreciate your pricing on the TS and the free shipping, flex pay, and discounts on products during your visits. My preference for ChocoNuvo is the original 74%.

    Once again I am requesting a product to help with Restless Leg Syndrome. I have tried Circulation and Vein Support several times but for me, it seems to trigger RLS symptoms. I take prescription medication which is generally effective but I would prefer some kind of supplement instead.

  75. I am thrilled that you will incorporate D3 with the COQ10. I will be ordering it with D3 2000. I received a newsletter as the result of visiting a cardiologist that emphatically recommended taking COQ10 as well as fish oil for good heart health. I had experienced an abnormal result to an electro cardiogram and I was referred for more testing. I had been feeling tired and couldn’t understand why this had come on so suddenly. When I read the above mentioned article it hit me!! I had been out of COQ10 for two weeks and had finally ordered it. I went back for another test and all is well. I am 80 years old and my body didn’t like being deprived of COQ10. Thank you for your exceptional products.

  76. My ChocoNuvo arrived in fine shape. I just happened to see the delivery man so retrieved it immediately. I LOVE the 91%. I will always have it on hand. I am so looking forward to the SP CoQ10, large size. What special products you bring to us Andrew!

  77. I will be ordering the largest size of CoQ10 with 2000IU of D3. I still have enough Choco to last as I ordered two of the largest bottles previously.

  78. CoQ10 with 2000 IU Vit. D3. in largest size available. (Would prefer year’s supply for 2 people.)

    Thanks for all of your great products!

  79. Thank you for all of your great products. I take too many to share on this post. They work, and I can swallow them.

    I would prefer the new COQ10 formula with the 2,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 — thanks so much.

    Btw, love the Choco Nuovo dark chocolate, it’s decadent and delicious.

    Be well, and remain blessed.

  80. I would like a mix of all 3 flavors of ChocoNuvo. I ordered one of each & loved them all. Mine arrived in great shape. I would prefer the CoQ10 without the Vitamin D as I supplement it with my calcium. Andrew, Thank You for going to such lengths to make us ChocoNuvo lovers happy. Your products, customer service & integrity are superb. When I think of you & your company, the only word that comes to mind is Excellence!!!

  81. In October, I will be ordering the package containing the large CoQ10 along with the 2000 IU D3. Last order of D3 I purchased was 2500 IU, guess that option is not available this time? Thanks!

  82. All my ChocoNuvo arrived melted, but put it in the freezer. Still a bit hard to get
    out of the packets(crumbles), but love both the 74% and 91%. I will be buying the
    large sizes of the COQ10 with the D3 for my husband and I to carry us through to
    next years TSV. We also are benefiting from the Collagen as well as so many of your products. Thank you Andrew for your dedication to promoting health.

  83. I would prefer the CoQ10 with 2000 vitamin D. I have used your products for well over a decade and do not anticipate ever changing. Keep up the fabulous work!

  84. I will be ordering the chocoNuvo 74% and Q10 with D3 1000.
    What are the benefits and/or draw backs to using a higher D3 2000?

  85. THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!! “We have also added a special form of Folic Acid (5-MTHF or 5-methyltetrahydrofolate).”
    When will you be offering a B Vitamin like this or when will you be putting it into a multivitamin form??

  86. I will order the largest size COQ 10 with 2000 IU of D3. I ordered the new Milk Chocolate and it had melted. Even now it is much softer than the original chocolate and is hard to get out of the wrapper so we will stick with the original ChocoNuvo (74%) . I take many of your vitamins and appreciate all you do for your customers.

  87. THANK you for switching to methylcobalamin. Will you also be switching it out in the Energy & Fat Metabolism factors? I hope so.
    And thank you for starting to use the activated form of folate. I am one of those that found out a few years ago that I do not have the gene required so I MUST take the activated form of folate.
    I will admit that I started buying my supplements from my physician since you were not using methylcobalamin nor the L-5-MTHF, so now I can start using your products again. as a reference, I currently take a product from PURE Encapsulations called MethylAssist.
    thank you.

  88. ChocoNuvo is the all-time favorite of Flo-jo. Seriously. Every percentage of this chocolate is the best ever. I am ordering all that is available. I love 74% but will be incorporating the higher grade of 91% into my diet and daily lifestyle. You are saving my life by offering changes FOR my life. As I introduce new products for my healthy well being, your staff are amazing and patient with explaining how to take your products and whats the best time to do so. Along with the ChocoNuvo, I’ve incorporated the Marine Collagen, the Hair Skin & Nails, Cinnamon-350, The Omega-3 Fish Oil Tablet, Cholesta Care, & the FiberMucil just to name some of my regime. I trust your products and how it makes me feel. I’ve been taking the Hair, Skin & Nail Vitamins for a months and my nails are growing like crazy and my hair is as thick as weeds coming out of my scalp. God Bless you Dr. Lessman. I’ll be watching in October ready to order.

    1. I take your Essential 1 multi vitamin with 3000 Vitamin D3, Hair and Nails, Omega 3’s an Friendly Flora.

      Many of the ingredients are duplicated from one product to another. I am thinking of ordering your Co-Q10, Is there a concern of taking too much of one ingredient, such as B and D vitamins?

  89. I am new to your vitamins and so far just love them. I am going to order the coq10 2000 D3 and the 66%. I can’t wait to try the milk chocolate.

  90. I prefer the 74% ChocoNuvo but I also had a request for different flavors. I realize the benefits of dark chocolate was the main reason for making the ChocoNovo but I like change in my diet. I would like to see some citrus flavors or the pina colada flavor like some of your other products. I get tired of any flavor if I eat it consistently every day. My main reason for eating the ChocoNuvo was the Cholestacare to help with my cholesterol numbers.

  91. Hi Andrew,

    I will be ordering the largest size COQ10 with 2000 IU of Vitamin D. We still have some of the 74% left, however I can’t wait to try the 66% because I love milk chocolate! Three generations of our family love taking your products. My mom discovered you in 2004. Now parents are 81 and 84 years old and healthy, thanks to exercise and Andrew Lessman!

    Any chance you will develop any type of frequent shopper program for those of us who shop religiously and often with you?

    All the best to you and Muriel,

  92. I received the 66% CHOCONUVO intact and love it, will be ordering Oct. The Marine Collegen/MSM is great. A hard white pimple like growth (from clogged pores) disappeared after drinking collegen every morning in my coffee even though I was told it had to be professionally removed. I will order the Q-10 alone in Oct. Keep up the wonderful work , your customers appreciate .

  93. I will be ordering Co Q 10 alone – I live in the sunshine state and therefore make plenty of Vitamin D on my own.

  94. I would purchase both mid-size and large size bottles of CoQ10 with the higher dosage of 2000 IU Vitamin D.

    On the ChocoNuvo, I would buy your largest tub of the 91% intensity for October. Going forward, I would likely buy large tubs of both the 74% and 91% in January and April (or whenever your spring shows air). I live in Phoenix so there is just no chance that the well-intended summer shipment would survive so I plan to stock up in the spring to hold me over for fall. Many thanks to the Pro Caps team for all your great products!

  95. I will buy the largest bottle of CoQ10 with 2000 iu of Vitamin D. I think that will be the most popular too. I loved the 66% and 74% Choco Nuvo the best and will continue ordering the most gigantic container you have. My mom actually liked the 91% (super dark) ChocoNuvo the best (I liked it too, but prefer the others because those are sweeter).

  96. I have been taking these separately for years – This will be a nice improvement – large size please. THANKS

  97. I will buy the coQ10 with 2000 units of D3. I have used the coQ10 for over 10 years and would not go without it.

    I bought the new collagen peptides but have only been using it for two weeks, am hoping for great outcome especially for my joints.

    1. I was wondering if there is really a big difference in absorption between the “regular”CoQ10 and the Ubiquinol one. From what I have read, the latter can be absorbed as much as 8 times more!!! So, one would need to take much less and still get the full benefit! I have wanted to purchase the Ubiquinol variety but you always have it paired up with B12. Can one purchase one without the other? Also, adding vitamin D to the CoQ10 formula has its pros and cons: we are getting vit. D in the Essential One, in the Calcium-Magnesium supplement and as a separate vit. D. Isn’t it too much, in the end?

  98. I will be buying the largest CoQ10 with the 2000 D3. I also will be buying the 66% chocolate. Would really like to see a bundle of all three chocolates in one container soon. More chances for friends to taste the difference.

  99. Dear Andrew,
    I have been using your products for a very, very, very long time and always will. Just bought coq10 and d32000 anyway to trade them in for the new combination. Haven’t received d3 yet still waiting will try combination. Have my family hooked on your products. God Bless. Please continue making them, we are all better because of you.

  100. I had ordered two large bottles of ChocoNuvo 66%, and they arrived in liquid form. Even though I refrigerated the bottles immediately, and the chocolate squares did solidify, they had turned color, (chalky), and shape. Also, the chocolate had crumbled, and was difficult to get out of the wrapper. What a shame the weather didn’t cooperate. Andrew, you tried so hard to make it happen. What a bummer. So sorry. From what I could taste amongst the crumbles, the flavor was very, very good. That being said, I will order it again in October (66%). I believe if it arrives intact, it will be amazing. With regard to the CoQ10, I would like to purchase it separately from the D3. I am on a special diet, and already take my prescribed dose per day. I would prefer 1000 mg., which I will give to a family member. Also, I can no longer take Essential One, due to the added 1000 mg. of Vitamin D3. My family takes several of your vitamins, and we are 100% satisfied with everything. Knowing that you have the utmost integrity, allows us to feel safe taking your supplements. That is very much appreciated.
    Thank you for always taking the well being of your customers, as seriously as you take your own well being. Keep up the great work Andrew!!!

  101. CoQ10 with 2000 IU of Vitamin D3 is the one I want. I didn’t get in on the Choco choice, so I don’t know. I currently have the regular from a few months ago.

  102. I’ve tried all 3 flavors of Choconuvo and I like them all. I’m not a fan of really dark chocolate but I would buy the 91% for the health benefits and I prefer your brand over others because it is very creamy as you had described. I truly enjoy the taste of both the 66% & 74%. I would order all three flavors again.

  103. The original choconuvo was too bitter for me. I was surprised because I don’t like things too sweet. So, if I order again it will probably be the 74%. I am looking forward to the coQ10 with 2000 IU D3. I’m not sure what size I will buy. (At least 60) Thanks !

  104. The CoQ10 TSV can’t come soon enough.
    Glad to see you’re doubling down on the saving by offering a SEPERATE Vitamin D3 value…
    As I understand what you have written about your offer in this Blog post…we will have (3) options: CoQ10 by itself, or the option to include a SEPERATE bottle of D3 1000 IU or a SEPERATE bottle of D3 2000 IU……

    I can tell you after a health challenge my hubby had in the early 2000’s with VitD blood levels in critical value stage….our family is NEVER without our Vit D3 or K2 MK-7 since you added that vital component to the Calcium/D3/K2 MK-7 synergy of working groups.

    We will be taking you up on your generous COMBO of CoQ10 + the SEPARATE VitD3 2000IU…

    Thank you Andrew for continuing your wonderful specials, combos and educational information…I recommend your Vitamin products everytime someone asks my advice or opinion….see you on HSN in October!!!

  105. Make ChocoNuvo into a pudding with added coconut for. No melting!
    My mom has Alzheimer’s and I break open several of your vitamins in her food!
    Most of the vitamins I put in applesauce! She loves the cherry kids powder in her applesauce!
    I will order the CoQ10 with 2000D3.
    Thank you for all you do and make!

  106. I plan to order whatever the largest size of CO Q 10 is…It sounds like you plan to include the D3 with the CO Q 10 in the same capsule–though if you read the comments there seems to be some confusion about that. Most of know that you sometimes offer a free bottle of something along with a purchase. I will probably order it with the 2000 though I still have a lot of D3. My family of 3 all take the D3 but one does not take the CO Q 10. The “combo” does seem irresistible. Can you tell us what sizes of CO Q 10 you plan to offer so we can plan ahead?

  107. Hello Andrew,
    I have been ordering and taking quite a few of your vitamins since 2009 and have never been disappointed. I take your CoQ10, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Calcium-Magnesium, Fibermucil, Healthy Hair Skin and Nails, Eye Support, friendly flora and Omega an love all them. I ordered your new Choconuvo 74% last year when it was a TS and loved it. I would like to see a TS on your Omega 3 and Eye Support has well. You are a blessing and inspiration to us all. I thank God for you and your wonderful staff. Keep up the wonderful work!!!!! ????

  108. I’ll be ordering the largest size of COQ10 with the largest size of D3. I’d love to get the ChocoNuevo, but unfortunately it makes my face break out. This has happened with other chocolates, too, so don’t feel badly. 🙁

  109. Will be ordering 2 of the largest size CoQ10 w/2000 IU vit D3. As for Choconuvo, I’m in the “74%er” group ! Thank you so much !

  110. I’ll be ordering 74% ChocoNuvo (pure perfection!) and CoQ10 with 2000 IU of Vitamin D3. What a great deal!
    Thank you for all you do to keep us healthy, Andrew!
    You’re the best!

  111. Hi Andrew: I will be ordering the largest size of CoQ10 with 2000 IU of the D3.

    Also I have to tell you that I love all of the flavors of the ChocoNuvo but the 91% is my favorite. I did leave feedback on all three at the product sites plus feedback at the ChocoNovu site.

    You definitely hit a home run with all three, but the 91% is intense and creamy and my favorite.

    Thanks for all the work you and your employees put into making such great products. I hope that more food products will be forthcoming in the future as well as products for our pets.

    Thanks again.

  112. LOVE the 66% Choconova…. Please don’t add D3 to the C0Q10… my blood work says I have plenty of Vit D.

  113. I will order the large size C0-Q 10 and the Vitamin D3 2000.
    Are they in separate bottles or is the D3 2000 going to be incorporated into the Co-Q 10?

  114. I really love the 66% ChocoNuvo , I tried the 74% liked and will order if I can’t get
    the 66%. Will order CO Q10 not sure the size and separate D3.

    Thank you Andrew

  115. I will be ordering at least 2 bottles of the largest CoQ10 offered with 2000 IU D3. I look forward to trying the 74% Choconuvo

    1. Hi Andrew,
      I have been taking quite a few of your vitamins since 2009 and love all of them. I ordered your Choconuvo74% when it was a TS and loved it. I would like to see Omega 3 and Eye support as a TS . You are a blessing and inspiration to us all. I thank God for you and your wonderful staff. Keep up the wonderful job. ?

  116. LOVE adding the vitD to the CoQ10! Reducing the number of pills to swallow every day is great. I’ll be ordering the largest size of the CoQ+VitD2000.

  117. I will be adding the separate bottle of Vit D 2000 to my CO Q 10 order. I wish there was a “sampler” bottle of all three chocolates or enclose a sample pack of all three flavors in each bottle. I like the 74% but not sure about the other two.

  118. I am interested in the Coconuvo highest percentile, combined or not, with the 2,000 IU’s of Vitamin D3.

    If you have a skincare line, I would be very interested in knowing what those products are.


  119. I will be ordering the 66% intensity of the ChocoNuvo. I prefer ordering COQ10 and Vitamin D3 separately.

  120. I love the idea of adding more vitamins together, I take vitamin D, Vitamin C ,Omega 3 ,calcium Magnesium, Essential one , Hair and Nails, Collagen Peptides Cranberry Benefits,.So I would love had you told us your last visit you were going to do this as I always order the large size . I also use the Choco Nuvo .I will run out before Octoberand will reorder the 74 %. . My Doctor was very pleased with my cholesterol on my visit last month . Love the tea also .

  121. Andrew,

    I too received chocolate soup, but I live in Florida so I wasn’t surprised by that. I was shocked that you agreed to ship in the summer at all! You did everything possible to get the product out to us in good shape and I think most of us really appreciate the effort, even if we did have to freeze the product and eat it “ugly”. That just means we won’t be tempted to share this batch! I hope you got lots of understanding and minimal complaints (and returns)! You certainly can’t be blamed for the weather.

    I got all 3 versions even though I still have a good supply of the original 74% (the extra discount on 3 was too good to pass up!). They are all good, but I think I like the original 74% best. What’s next, White chocolate? Chips? Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    Thanks so much for everything you do. I’ve been on Woman’s Complete for over 25 years and I’ve never used a sick day. You’re the best!

  122. I will order the CO Q10 with D3 2000. Love all 3 flavors of Choconuvo, I’d love to see an assorted container with all three flavors.

  123. The CoQ10 200mg with vitamin D3 2000IU would be great. By the way I like the Marine Collagen MSM. If you could talk more about Berberine 250 and Phytoceramides with Biotin would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been using your supplements before you started on HSN. Thank you for many good years, I’m at 60 years young now and been told many times I look like I’m in my early 30’s I think because of your supplements. Always be blessed!!!

  124. I will for sure be ordering the 66% Choconuvo in October!!! I tried all 3 and 66% is my favorite!!!!!! Yummy!! the 91% is way too bitter for my liking. I have always been a milk chocolate lover and hated dark chocolate. I will be ordering your largest 66% in October! My Choconuvo arrived very soft to my house in San Diego this past Summer. I just put them in the frig. and they are great! I was wondering how the other people’s chocolates arrived and I live at the beach with mild temperatures. For the CoQ-10 I will order the largest size but I’m not sure yet about the Vitamin D? I take a separate Vitamin D right now. I want the most Q-10 I can get. Would the one with the vitamin D have less Q-10? Sorry if I’m no help with the CoQ-10. Love all your products!! Forgot to say that my 2 brothers and my mom who also get your vitamins loved your 66% Choconuvo and said they would be ordering that one in October. They did not like the 91% either. We know it’s better for us but all love the 66%!!!

  125. First, the ChocoNuvo. I loved the original 74% version but I’m a big dark chocolate fan so I tried the 91%. On first taste it was too bitter. I was surprised because it really is the chocolate I prefer. Perhaps it’s just too high a percentage. After a few tries I warmed up to it and I will certainly finish off the container. However, next time I run out I’ll be ordering the 74% version again. I look forward to eating those. BTW, the chocolate arrived in the heat with ice packs melted a day after the scheduled delivery. I immediately put it in the refrigerator and left it there overnight. It was perfect. I will be ordering the CoQ10 with the 2,000IU of vitamin D3. I multi-task in my life, why not in my supplements? I also use the Essential 1 with 3,000IU so I’ll be getting my daily 5,000IU without having to take any extra pills. Thank you! I hope never to be Vitamin D deficient again. 🙂

  126. Thank you Andrew! I look forward to having the CoQ10 with D3 special in October! I have relied on your CoQ10 for many years and this past year have one of my sisters taking it also! We also take the D3, so the combination will be great!

  127. I will be getting the largest size COQ10 without vitamin D3. I will be getting the 94% choco nouvo to go in my morning coffee it is like drinking an energetic smoothie.

  128. Will be ordering COQ10 with 2000IU Vitamin D. Also will be ordering the 66% Choconuvo, already enjoy the 74%. LOVE all your products Andrew. Took a while, but even got my husband hooked. He saw/felt results on the Circulation and Vein, now he takes 7 other vitamins faithfully every day. Thanks again Andrew.

  129. I ordered the 66% . I already knew how great the 74% tastes. When tracking order it was in packing for 3 weeks. I was worried I be on vacation before it arrived. Got it 2 days before I left. The chocolate was soft so I put them in the fridge where they solidified and are now fine. The 66% tastes like milk chocolate but I like the 74% better. Also got the Marine Collagen Peptides with MSM I take it with water, I tried in my shake but the taste is a bit off. My joints do feel much better. Thanks Andrew, will be looking forward to Oct.

  130. I have not ordered Choconuvo because I am allergic to medications designed to lower cholesterol – even plant sterols. I have tried them, and they cause a rash. Oh how I would love to be able to use that product.
    I ordered the largest sizes of CoQ10 and D3 on the last specials. I will have to count closer to air time to see what I will need but am sure I won’t need more D3. I take one a day of the CoQ10 and D3 in addition to other supplements. I have been taking your CoQ10 for years. It is the one product I consistently use every day. D-3 is advised by my physician. I am 83 years old and grateful for each new day.

  131. Dear Andrew I am your fervient follower. I take your Vit daily 8 at the morning after my shake with protein and Collagen, this is every day. I wondering if I stop this rutine I might drop dead. So far I am the healthiest 78 years in this Country also thanks to my mother’s herency, French and Spanish. I been taken Q10 with Vit C and Vit D 1000 IU separated. In October I will order both together (one less to take). Gracias Mercy mi amigo. Hasta Octubre. Berthalina

  132. I loved the 66 and 74% chocolate. The 91 was ok, but I am not a dark chocolate lover. Will order the 66% in the fall ( have enough 74%). I will order the large size co-Q 10 with the 2000 IU vitamin D ( thank you from Michigan?). Also the marine collagen peptides are amazing-glad I ordered the large bottle!

  133. Previously ordered the 74% choconuvo, and liked, but didn’t order the choconuvo in July because of the heat. So I plan to order both the 66 and 91 in October to see how they compare to the 74. Will order the CoQ10 without the D since I typically prefer more of a single item supp rather than a combo. I feel this gives me better flexibilty to modify my intake of what I’m taking at different times if I choose. Grateful to have found you and your vitamins. Best, Carol.

  134. I am just purchasing the largest CoQ10. I do not like a lot of all this extra stuff in the formula. I like the formulas from a few years ago. I do not want any Vitamin D. I just go out and spend 10 to 20 minutes in the sun.

  135. Andrew…I love dark chocolate but the 91per cent was bitter. We sent that back but the other two flavors we kept. We would like the C oQ10 with D.

  136. Andrew I have a hard time choosing which chocolate is my favorite! I love them all.
    Also I am voting on COQ10 with 2,000 IU of D3. Thank you for always making the best of everything you make!

  137. I will order the CoQ10 Largest size With 2000 IU Vitamin D3. Thanks and am looking forward to seeing you. I always learn something new when I watch your TS and I am sure this will be no exception!!!!

  138. Thanks Andrew for providing use with great supplements . I have been taking your products since the beginning on another shop channel. I got collagen last time and have been taking them that and your Hair skin & nails; have notice a change in stubborn lines around my lips and 11 are gone . Also last 6 years had cancer/chemotherapy and I feel Hair skin & nails kept me from being bald and continued good skin & nails. I have taking your CoQ10 for years and in last year have started cholesteral med , prefer plain CoQ10 as calcium has D3. Got whey protein drink it tastes good. Thank you for all you do .

  139. Please please do a Resveratrol today’s special! So so overdue. I will be getting 2 of largest Coenzyme with 2000 vitamin D. Thanks.

  140. Co Q10 with 1000 Vit D3.
    I have had elevated B12 levels and concerned if this is possible disease related or if because of all the supplements that I take.



  142. I do not plan to continue with the Choco Nuvo as do not want to deal with melting i.e. in purse. Prefer capsules to block CHOL. No need to have extra calories. As if I am counting that closely!

  143. Thank you Andrew for what you have done and ar doing for the Nutrirional needs of those of us who realize how important your supplements are. I am a long time customer and I thank God for you and your wonderful company. Being a RN I absolutely love the cleanliness and purity of your product. Also your eye for Nutrirional detail. Thank you from my heart. You should see my walk in pantry. One of my entire shelves is nearly consumed with Andrew Lessman products. I do supplements. Oatmeal. Marine collagen peptides. Whey protein. It looks like an Andrew Lessman store!!

    I will be ordering the biggest bottle of CO-Q10 with 2000 vit D. Along with Biggest size of 91% Choco Nuvo.

    Please please Andrew. Please would you send out information on what supplements can be taken together. Which ones should be separate from others. Proper way to take them. Please. It seems there must be proper way to take each to maximize benefits. Would not want to be taking a bunch at once and cancel some out. Wasting hard earned money and nutritional value.

    Please may you address proper ingestion of each on the bottles or on information here. Or does it matter at all?

    Thank you for all you do. Looking forward to seeing you and Lincoln in October and your answer to my concern.

    Peggy RN

    1. I agree with your request for more information on the best ways to take the supplements along with any possible interactions that might cancel some of the benefits of the supplements.

  144. I received the 91% with no issues. I will continue to stay with the 91%. When I take it with coffee, choc a latte!! Great- look forward to it each day. Also got the Marine Collagen Peptides with MSM , I had been taking it once day, will be upping it to twice, really need it for my joints.

  145. I would order the CoQ10 with 2000 IU of D3. I am interested in the quantity of the methylcobalamin & 5-MTHF. I am taking a b-complex now that includes 2 mg & 800 mcg respectively (per 2 capsule serving).
    I also faithfully take one 74% ChocNuvo daily. It’s a great after-dinner treat and my cholesterol has dropped from 252 to 182 since beginning this! I am a believer!!

  146. Question: will the Co-Q-10 with the added 2000 IU of D3 still be 200mg? I have not tried the chocolate so I will get some in October. I have used many of your other products for years and look forward to the specials.

  147. I do like the 66% but I think my fav is still the 74% even though I mostly prefer milk chocolate…. I will def get the large size of the CoQ10 with the vitamin D 2000. I order it every Oct. and this oct. will be no exception… I may even order both the 66% as well as the 74% too… I can’t decide which one I prefer as they both taste like creamy decadent dark chocolate with the 66% being a bit less dark chocolate tasting but it does not taste to me like milk chocolate just a bit less dark in the 66% version…. I will go between both but I will definately be ordering it… By the way… My ChocoNuvo came in fine condition not melted at all and I live in Chicago… Thank you Andrew for going to such great lengths to make this even possible in summer… You did a GREAT JOB!!! I use so many of your vitamins and I love the benefits of all of them…. Ever since starting the collagen peptides last summer I cannot begin to tell you the difference it has made in my life… I can play tennis 3 days a week without any pain whatsoever in my knees nor do I need an anti inflammatory either before or after I play… It Has made HUGE difference in my joints especially… I also think that some of my spider veins are not nearly as noticeable since taking this product…. All I know is I don’t have to wear my knee sleeves to play tennis anymore… I have so much greater mobility on the tennis court… Thank you and God Bless you always Andrew for ALL of your products….

  148. I love Andrew’s vitamins and will be ordering CO-Q10 with Vitamin D3 largest quantity. I like the 91 Choco Nuvo and mine was not melted.

    Thank you Andrew

  149. I don’t think I’ll be ordering anything this visit either. This will be one month before the election–Andrew played politics last time and I don’t buy from someone who tries to sway my vote!!!!!! Closed my account and you think I heard back from them? No. Keep my thousands $$$ to myself!

  150. Will probably try the choconuvo when the weather is cooler. Mine arrived on a 102 degree day and even when put in the fridge overnight, it was a crumbly misformed mess. I look forward to the coq10 special as I just received a new script for a station and my doctor suggests taking coq10 with it. That said, PLEASE leave out the d3 as I am on a prescribed dosage separately and this will confuse the issue.

  151. I absolutely loved the 66% chocolate, so will definetly be ordering more of that. I still have the 74% (which I also love), and find it a good complement to the 66%. As to the 91%, it completely melted when it arrived – so was just not consumable, so can’t comment. As to the Vitamin D in the Q-10, that would be wonderful – 2,000 IU’s would be optimal. Thanks you Andrew and your team for all of your hard work for us!!

  152. I will order the Co Q10 with the vitamin D3-2000 IU because I already take the CoQ10 and Vitamin D3-2500 IU separately. I will also order the Choco Nuvo 66%. I ordered 3 containers of the 66% in July from HSN and they messed my order up; consequently I did not receive any of the containers and was extremely disappointed. I prefer milk chocolate and I am looking forward to October when I can again order the 66%. But, this time I will place my order through

  153. Purchased 300 count of 74% Choconuvo both times it was offered. The 100 counts of the 66% cacao and 91% cacao were melted when they arrived. All three varieties taste great. No more Ghirardelli! Will be purchasing largest size of 66% and 91% in October. Will also be purchasing 2 large sizes of COQ10, one w/2000 Vit D and one w/o Vit D.

  154. wish you could let us know “special price” so I can decide how much to reorder now of the COQ10 which I am low on, then I could take advantage of the October special, prefer it without the D cuz I bot such a large bottle of D think it’ll last me for close to a year

  155. CoQ10 with 2000iu of vitamin D. Please offer the TruQ10 for those of us that are aging and already have absorption issues. Would love to see a special that same weekend packaging an option with TruQ10!!!

  156. I don’t understand the comment you wrote as I have been taking B12 in the Methyclobalamin form for quite awhile as the other one contains cyanide…Also Methylcobalamin has replaced cyanocobalamin in many formulations of B12 supplements everywhere. So please clarify this statement: “Methylcobalamin, which is B12 in its natural coenzyme form. It is a breakthrough ingredient that is not available anywhere else. ” Not available anywhere else??

  157. Purchased the ChocoNuvo Dark Chocolate – 300 Servings in March 2016. Was starting to melt when I received the package. However, I immediately put the entire container in the refrigerator where it remained; just kept putting into smaller jars as I depleted it! Now I have about 15 pieces left and I am definitely ordering the large size again. I am so used to the 74% I will probably jump to the 91% because I love dark chocolate! Had nothing to do with “numbers” just love the bite size chocolate!

  158. I .will be ordering the vitamin D2000 with CoEnzyme Q 10 and the 66% milk CHOCONUVO so good. I Have the 74% but the 66% is my favorite. Thank you Andrew

  159. I will order the 74% ChocoNuvo in the largest size along with the largest size of CoQ10 without the additional bottle of vitamin D. What is the shelf life of the CoQ10 and the vitamin D3? I use many of your supplements and appreciate the way they make me feel. Andrew, I appreciate your dedication to good health and providing the very best quality in each supplement that has your name on it. I will only use your products. You are the best!!!

  160. I have had cholesterol and triglyceride problems for years and nothing I did or diet could help lower it until I got Andrew’s cholesterol and CHOCONUVO 74%
    Took it for 3 months and had a full physical…wow!. My cholesterol and triglycerides numbers were way down ….without excercise…..Dr. asked me what did I do so different …well…I said it was Andrew Lessmans supplement and CHOCONUVO that did it!… I will take it forever…thank God I never started that statin drug .
    You’re a True Blessing!!!!!I love the 74%
    and cholestcare!!!!!
    Ps…plse make a mint version of the choconuvo!!!!

  161. My husband and I have both been taking ChocoNuvo for three months now . We like the the 74% the best. My husband has been on zocor and lipitor for years and has had trouble with muscle soreness . He cut back on taking his lipitor 3-4 times a week and takes ChocoNuvo two pieces each day. He went in for his cholesterol check and all of his lab work is so much better than when he was taking lipitor every day. I really like having a piece of chocolate after meals and helps me cut back on eating so many sweets.

  162. CoQ10 with 2000 IU of Vitamin D3. I really like the CoQ10 and the 2000 IU of Vitamin D3 would be a great addition!

  163. 1. I would love to have a TS in the TruQ10. I am a senior citizen and my Dr. says it is the best for me.
    2. I would like the D3 in a separate offering in the largest amount also due to aged bones.
    3. Sadly, the Choco nuvo 61% arrived melted and the packets were warm. I didn’t think to return it to HSN. I put a couple in the freezer but they were flat as a piece of paper and I had to peel the wrapper off to taste the chocolate. It was good, but I prefer the 74%.

  164. I ordered the 91% Coconuvo when Andrew Lessman had his summer shipment. I recently found out I had several food allergies, including cane sugar, and at only .5 mg of sugar in the 91% Coconuvo that worked as a great option for me. After eating a few of those I have completely satisfied my chocolate tooth and have no trouble setting them aside for another time. I hope you keep making the 91% coconuvo.

  165. I love the Choconuvo 74%, I have not tried the 90 % as I order several of the large
    containers of the 74% and still one left.

    I will be ordering the CoQ10 with the vitamin C 2000 mg, I currently take Andrew’s
    CoQ10 and his vitamin C 2000 mg. BTW his Vit. C is the only one that has finally
    put my level of Vitamin C in the normal range and I have several brands. I take the the essential Maximum Omegas which have helped my HDL levels.
    My hubby, also takes the CoQ10 and the saw palmetto as well as the Daily essentials. Thank Andrew for the Great quality of your products.

  166. I prefer the original formula of Choconuvo. I have had very good results
    Taking it and I love the taste. I will be ordering the October special COQ10
    And would prefer the accompanying 2000IU of Vitamin D3.
    I have taken many of Andrew’s products and I think they are the best

  167. I prefer the original formula of Choconuvo. I have been taking it with very good
    Results. I will be ordering the October special COQ10 and would prefer the
    2000IU accompanying Vitamin D3.

  168. I will be ordering the CoQ10 with 2000 IU. Can’t wait to try the new formula. Unfortunately I did not get to try the chocolate, but I will probably order the 74%. Thanks for all the wonderful products.

  169. I would like to hear from you about possible doses of D3. I plan on ordering the Elite or Founder multi-vitamin. What’s better: 2000, 3000, or 4000 IU of D3? I know more is not always better with vitamins.

  170. I love the 74% & 91% Choconuvo. I will order CoQ10 with 2000 Vitamin D.
    Love all your products.
    Can’t live without Vein & Curculation Support and Ultimate Women’s Wellness. Thank you!

  171. After adding up all the D3 I’m getting with other supplements (Cal-Mag, 250iu or 63%DV, Essential 1, 1500iu at 375%DV; Hair Skin & Nails, 200iu at 50% DV; and Memory & Brain, 400iu at 100%. That’s 2350iu at 588% DV.) I don’t want more with the Co-Q 10. Thanks for your great supplements.

  172. I live in southern California and thanks to UPS I got boiling hot molton lava instead of ChocoNuvo – For the record, your attempt to ship in warmer months was very much appreciated. It looks to me like you did everything possible to make it work, and no question the record heat was a problem, but I think UPS loading it on trucks at 7:30 in the morning and not delivering it until 7 or 8 hours later was the biggest problem.

    That said, I love ChocoNuvo I will be sticking to the Original and will most likely be ordering enough to last till May which is 3 x300 in size.

    I think I will try CoQ10 formula with 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3 because i have a problem not enough D

    A big thanks to everyone at Procaps Labs for the fabulous customer service!

  173. Please consider making your TruQ10 (Ubiquinol) product with a similar “makeover” as you are doing with your CoQ10. I prefer to take the more bio-available form and I love yours. FYI, I would be interested in a TruQ10 formula with 2000 IU of Vitamin D3.

  174. I will be ordering the 74% as I love it !!! Also will order the CoQ10 with 1000 IU of D3. Thanks so much.

  175. Andrew-
    Thanks for all you have done, thus far! Besides the Great Supplements, it has been enjoyable to learn about many of these products and their ingredients; Either thru your blog and website, or the time you spend discussing on HSN, video posts and even some of your early morning radio spots. 🙂
    I personally, have experienced ALL the claims of the label, and the effect those particular ingredients are supposed to be delivering! Am I surprised? Not really…
    I started looking into natural healing, long ago. I have eliminated every synthetic drug, other than Ibuprofen, for the last 20+ years. I only use that, in a pinch…(maybe 600mg, once or twice a month). Side Note: (Turmeric 400, 1-2 capsules/day), allowed that to happen!
    As far as my preference of the CoQ-10… It would be beneficial to know if that is 100mg or 300mg with the 1000IU or 2000IU D3?!?!?!?
    I’m going to assume, your going to give the best offer on the 300mg CoQ-10 + 2000IU D3!!!!! Total assumption, but that is the one, I would buy, even if I didn’t have the funds for it… I’d figure out a way to get in on that!!!
    May I ask a question, that is lingering in my mind?
    I’m really good at math, and I love it so much, I find it addictive…
    One thing, I have yet to figure out, is how “Essential 1” can have 1500IU of D3 + ALL those other ingredients; And yet my Vitamin D3 1000 plus calcium intensive care, is similar in size (if not bigger) with seemingly so much less in the capsule?!?!?!
    Perhaps, you could explain this, on your next HSN appearance!?!?
    I’m not sure what I am missing, but surely there is an explanation!

    I AM NOT PURCHASING ANY OTHER SUPPLEMENTS( other than yours), even if offered pay!
    I look forward to your future, and the ingredients and product you find and develop, and pray you live FOREVER!!! (which should help me live longer) 🙂
    Thankful beyond the words above-

  176. Hi Andrew. We would purchase the COQ10 with the 2000 IU Vit D3. I would also like to try the 66% milk chocolate. We have the 74% and enjoy that but will try the other when available. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  177. Dear Andrew, We would appreciate having the CoQ10 in one capsule and either the D3 or the B12 in a separate capsule.
    We use a lot of these three products, and depending on my blood tests, that determines on how much D3 I’ll consume. We also give small amounts of CoQ10 and D3 to our four legged family members, and don’t want to overload their systems.
    Thank you Andrew, We appreciate you very much for all you do!!

  178. My three bottles of ChocoNuvo arrived in FLORIDA in great shape.
    Yay! Five of the six bags of ice were still partially frozen! I did get it off of my front porch pretty soon after the delivery, so all is well. I personally like all three, especially the 66%, so I may alternate in the future with that and the 74%. I think my son-in-law and daughter will love the 91%, knowing their tastes and health-consciousness, and hope to share with them soon.

  179. Here is the feedback you requested: I prefer the 74% of the ChocoNuvo. I’ve tried all three and like the original best. Since the ChocoNuvo was completed melted upon arrival during this summer, I will only order this product again in winter. I will be ordering the CoQ-10 with 1000 D3. I take the 1 Essential multi and it has 1500 IU of the D3 and the Healthy Hair and Nails has 200 IU each and I take 2 per day. I’ve researched D3 and it is recommended one should take only about 4000 IU per day so I’ll order the largest size bottle of CoQ-10 with 1000 of D3. Looking forward to it.

  180. First: Choconuove – love the original 74% but when a child preferred bittersweet over milk chocolate, so the 91% is even better.

    Second: the CoQ10 will be 70 in February and knowing that the ability of the body to convert ubiquinone to ubiquinol decreases greatly with age, have begun switching from CoQ10 to TruQ10; taking 1 of the remaing CoQ10 200 mg daily (took 2 per day previously) with 1 TruQ10 each day. Any chance of a Tru Q10 todays special for your maturing citizens?

    Third: vit D3 In some of the respnses above mention how much they are taking but having blood levels checked is the only way to know if someone is taking the right amount for them. The first time I asked my doctor to check my blood level andtold him that I was taking 5000 units per day he freaked – until my blood level came back barely in acceptable (ref range 30-100) range at 35. Now taking 2500 unit caps 4 times a day and getting some extra in other and my level is up to a healthier 65.

    Fourth: and most important to me. have been making my own gelatin desserts with stevia avoiding all the additives as well as either sugar or artificial sweetners in the commercial product. But recently have found some information that some of this may be GMO. As the principal geling ingredient is collagen – wondering if I coud make my gelatin deserts with the Marine Collagen Peptides? If so, maybe you could include some recipes in your next cookbook
    Thank you, Martha, RN

  181. I received my 3 containers of Choconuvo and they were perfect. I live in Virginia so they had to travel a long distance with no melting. I tried the 66% and I really like that one. I eat 3 a day now and so I will need around 100 a month. I will order only the 66% bars and if Andrew has a good special then I may order 6 months worth. I will order again in April for 6 months so that I will have have enough to last me until October. I had my cholesterol checked and it went down around 21 points. Taking these chocolate bars have really kept me from eating too many sweets. Love your products Andrew and I started taking the Maximum Joint Effort since I went to the doctors about my knees hurting me going up and down stairs. I have lost 60% cartilage, I have bone on bone and some arthritis in both knees. I did 6 weeks of physical therapy and started taking your supplements. My knees are doing better and I feel it will take 6 months to really know how they will do on these pills. My girlfriend started to have so much pain in her knees and she has a lot of arthritis and I gave her 3 weeks of my pills and in 2 days she could tell a difference. Swelling went down and she is not in a lot of pain now. She ordered her capsules before she ran out of my pills. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work. See you in October. Really like watching you on HSN and learning a lot about the body and how your supplements help us in so many ways.

  182. CoQ10 with the additional 2,000IU Vit D3 is perfect – less pills to take each day would be perfect!

  183. We ordered the darkest 91% ChocoNuvo as soon as it was offered, and it’s the one we will buy hereafter. We are true dark chocolate lovers and yours spoils us for ever using any other kind again! Our three cannisters of ChocoNuvo arrived with no melting, though there were a few wrappers that were sealed closed but empty. We are giving you five stars only because we cannot give you ten!!

  184. I am interested in CoQ10 with additional 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3.

    I love Choconuvo in 74% Cacao. I just finished my first bottle of the 300.

    I would be very interested in a bottle of 300 with a mix of all varieties.

    I really am interested in only Dark Chocolate, but would by a bottle of a mix of all varieties. I would not take a chance on ordering any other type of chocolate, since I love the 74%.

    This is a fantastic product! I don’t know of any other product in the marketplace that offers just a valuable product.

    On another note, will you be offering a CLA supplement? I have more than a dozen of your supplements and love them all. A CLA supplement in a high dose (not in a hard pill) is what I need now.

    Andrew, keep up the good work.

    Regards, Andrea

  185. DARK, DARK, DARK – I’m for the 91% ChocoNuvo forever! I’ll be buying bottles of 91% ChocoNuvo for Christmas presents, and stocking up for myself.

    I had to give up using a number of your products (i.e., I gave my many bottles away to family/friends); because I’m one of the reported 40% of the world’s population who should not ingest cyanocobalamin/B12 and folic acid/B9, due to genetic issues dealing with MTHFR SNPs/methylation. Since methylation is a vital metabolic process that happens in every cell and every organ of our body, even dealing with the formation of CoQ10 within the body, I am very, very proud of you, Andrew, for moving away from the less expensive and synthetic cyanocobalamin and folic acid, and upgrading to the healthier and safer “Methyl B12” and “Methyl Folate.” Since you give so many bottles of multivitamins away to needy, pregnant women, I hope you will be switching, soon, to “Methyl Folate” for your multivitamins — synthetic folic acid has been linked to birth defects in babies born to women having methylation-related genetic issues.

    I have waited for over (2) years for you to make this very important upgrade to the “methyl” forms of B12 and B9 in any of your products; and I’m glad you picked your CoQ10 products as your kickoff — I’ll be placing my order in October. It will be like “old times” when I used to look forward to placing my order for that product! Please also remove cyanocobalamin and folic acid from your Healthy Hair Skin & Nails product, as your next significant upgrade!

    Thank you for being a responsible, innovative, manufacturer and educator. There is no way to count the number of people that you have helped to improve their lives, over the years.

  186. I will be ordering the largest bundle of CoQ10 w/o D3 – I am running dangerously low on my order of the TSV –

  187. I will be ordering the largest bundle of CoQ10 w/o the D3 – I am getting dangerously low on my last year’s order.

  188. I will be ordering both the choconuva and co-q10. Would like to see another glucosamine special soon since it has been over a year since the last special.
    LOVE all your products!

  189. Been meaning to write that I like the new “milk” version, although the packing was long previously melted along with the chocolate. Some of it hardened well and some hardened with a chalky consistency. Will need to purchase in non-summer months. Thank you Andrew.

  190. Hi Andrew! I love all your supplements and have been taking several for the past 10 years. Most notably, Healthy Hair Skin and Nails, Glucosamine Chondroitin, CalMag Intensive Care, Essential 1, Ultimate Eye Support, CoQ10, Reservatrol ECGG, Circ & Vein Supt, Essential Omega-3, Friendly Flora, and ChocoNuvo.

    I am happy to report that I am almost 65 years old and in excellent health. I do have a couple of chronic issues with blood pressure and cholesterol, but I believe your products greatly help with their control. My hair is still dark brown with only a few grays sprinkled in. I am amazed to still have a relatively youthful appearance and that I can still manage my 20 acre mini farm.

    I will order the 74% ChocoNuvo and the CoQ10 with 2000IU of D3. Thank you so much for all your great products and keep up the good work!

  191. I like the 66% Milk Chocolate and the 74%. I prefer to take the Vitamin D in a separate pill apart from the CoQ10. Question: If I’m taking Hair Skin Nails, why do I need the same ingredients again the the CoQ10?

  192. Andrew,

    Unfortunately, the ChocoNuvo had sold out before I could order and try your new flavors, but I have the original ChocoNuvo with 74% cacao. I love it, but I will definitely order the 91% cacao in October. I will also order the CoQ10 with 2000 IU of Vitamin D3.

    Thank you for being you. You have inspired me to live a healthier life and help others to live the same.

  193. I’m looking forward to ordering (and enjoying) the 66% ChocoNuvo in October. Additionally, I’ll be ordering the CoQ10 with 2,000 IU Vitamin D. (Along with other products, I have no doubt!)

  194. I will purchase your best / biggest deal of CoQ10 Vit D2000.

    Since I got all 3 Choco jars, I should have some left by Oct..however my preference is the 66%….all are excellent though.

  195. I would prefer the D3 included in the CoQ10, one less capsule to take. Thank you Andrew for the 5-MTHF and Methyl B12, I have been waiting for you to add these two since I have to purchase them elsewhere and did not trust the source but had no other reliable source. You are the best!!

  196. Sorry Andrew, I commented earlier on the CoQ10 D3 / B12, but must have had a brain fog regarding the Choco. I do love the 74%, however I’m unable to use it do to recent health issues. I did try your 91% and I loved it as well, and it’s the one I’ll be using in the future since it has less sugar.
    Thank you again Andrew. We appreciate you and all you do.

  197. I loved the 74% but decided to try the 91%. I did not care for it as it reminded me of cooking or baking chocolate. I don’t care for really sweet sweet things and that is why I liked the 74% but the 91% was too bitter and not sweet enough. I was one of the ones that received melted chocolate and it did not affect the taste. But for me, I will stick to the 74%.

  198. I kind of changed my mind, in that I would probably want to order the CoQ10 by itself without the Vitamin D because I take a lot of Andrew’s calcium supplements now and the ones I take all have Vitamin D3 so I would be getting too much Vitamin D if I also included Vitamin D in the CoQ10 so I would prefer mine not have Vitamin D3

  199. Hi, Andrew. Thank you for all your wonderful vitamins. I take many, many of them and will be ordering the CoQ10 plus D3 2000 , plus three of the five new TS. You are my hero.

  200. We prefer to get the coq10 with vitamin D3 2000 IU. LOVE it. We have been taking your vitamin D3 for a long time. And this time, it is being added to the coq10, which we think your coq10 is the best of the best supplement you have made. We would also get your Cinnamon and Resveratrol. LOVE LOVE your cinnamon product, the aroma and the way we feel after taking it Plus, they usually came only in 240 capsules as the biggest size. Not anymore, the 360 capsules now. Those three plus your Ultimate eyes and fish oil, are our favorites of all. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to commit to our good health. We really feel grateful for your great products you and your team have created.

  201. I prefer the CoQ10 separately. We take your Vitamin D3 alone also. Also my husband is not to take vitamin D because of the health condition he has.

  202. Hi Andrew,

    I have absorption issues form gastro paresis. I have to take stomach acid blocking pills. As a result, I am deficient in vitamin d and the B vitamins. If you could add the D to the co-10 as an option that would be great. One less pill would be my vote.

  203. Also, I recently tried the marine collagen peptides and cannot stomach the taste. Any way to add a flavoring? Banana?

  204. Definitely D3 and I’m going to try the 91% even though I stocked up on the first TSV of the 74%. LOVE all the products I have tried. Never disappointed. I can’t tell you how many people I have recommended the Healthy legs to for restless leg syndrome! I’ve been taking that for something like 10 years. THANK YOU for changing my life!!

  205. Will be ordering the largest size of Q10 with 2000 VD
    Ordered larges size at last Today Special of Marine Collagen Peptides and have noticed a difference in my skin. Do not mind the taste and take with water.

  206. Andrew thank you so much for your vitamins, my parents have been taking a lot of different kinds for years they are 54 and 57 and they look great. I have recently started your coq10, resveratrol, and hair,skin and nails and I’m loving it

  207. Loved the new 66% and continue to enjoy the 71%. The 91% was a bit too intense for me, so will stick with the other 2.
    Love all your products. . . even my boss said to me yesterday that I’ve been much healthier since I started drinking your shake over a year ago. Love Secure also!

  208. I should have stocked up on the first offer of 74%. I ordered again in the summer and it was melted – and the texture/flavor didn’t improve with refrigeration. I won’t be ordering that again in the summer! Not sure if I’ll order this time or not since I may be away when it’s delivered.

  209. My vote goes to 74% Choco Novo plus anything you can add to the Q Co 10 that means I don’t have to take an additional capsule without compromising it suits me just fine. I appreciate all of your efforts and trust your judgement implicitly. I tried the 91% and the 74% Choco Novo and think I will be a 74% as it just taste so good.
    Will there be any pre orders on all of your products for those of us who are anxious to replenish? I have 9 reorders in the HSN Bag just waiting for Saturday. Also, please try to lower the price of PPQ as I do love it and will not be without it anymore than my Q Co 10 and Omega 3

  210. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for the heads up on the CoQ10 this weekend for the TS. I will be ordering for sure. Both my husband and I take the CoQ10. My husband’s heart surgeon recommended the CoQ10 so we both take it daily. I’ll be watching and ordering.

    Also on the Choconuvo both my husband and I take that daily also and his Good Cholestrol has improved since he’s been taking it. He takes 2 a day, I eat 1 a day. We both loved the 66% Choconuvo. I will be reordering that flavor in Oct when it’s available again. I hope you plan on having that as a TS again so we can stock up on it.
    As far as the summer months, our choconuvo did melt some but when we sat the bottle in the fridge, it hardened right up and it still tasted great. I say BRAVO for you and your attempt to ship in the summertime.

  211. wow a lot of comments that’s good. I’ve posted before too. I trust Andrew instead of prescriptions I take supplements. I think they really have pure ingredients and not strange ingredients. I really spend more money in supplements than in food but I need them and rather cut other necessities.
    Andrew please, please, please, It would be great if you put the same formula in lutein 10: 10 mg lutein and 5 mg zeaxanthin just plain. The formula in the ultimate and maximum is good but I can not take the green tea. Thanks

  212. Hello Andrew: I just got your new coq10 with vitamin D3 2000 IU, and again, I am getting the 600 capsules jar this year. This new formula is actually cheaper than the one last year, that is so excited. I can’t wait to get it. I have a suggestion, since we have vitamin c, b complex (and new b12 formula), and d3 in your coq10 capsules this time, can we even take a step further in the future? Can you make your Essential 1 multivitamins with coq10 added? Well I know that would make the capsules too big to swallow for many of us, therefore, if you can create the “Essential 2”, two capsules a day with the ingredients in Essential 1 PLUS coq10 200 (and even resveratrol adds into the formula if there is room) . We’ve already taking a lot of products from you and trying to cut down the time of going each bottle each day. If you can do the “Essential 2” that would be perfect for MANY of us. Unlike many companies, when we make comments or suggestions, most of them don’t do anything and don’t even listen. However, I know you would, so therefore. I am taking my time to make this suggestion and hope that will happen in the future.
    Thank you Andrew and team, again.

  213. Andrew,
    I have the C677T mutation and have MTHFR. Your new CoQ10 sounds like I can digest the B12 since it’s methylated. Is that correct? Can someone please let me know so I can stop buying the multiple products from other vendors?

    Thank you!

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