Green Coffee Bean, Raspberry Ketone and Weight Loss at QVC.

Sadly, QVC recently had a Today’s Special Value for a Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Ketone weight-loss product.  For quite some time, I have stated that these ingredients are not weight-loss ingredients. The science does not support such claims, yet I have been forced to frequently repeat that fact, because Dr. Oz falsely promotes them as “Fat Burning Miracles.”  His statements are nothing more than non-science nonsense.  There is no credible, competent or reliable science that shows these ingredients enhance weightloss, body composition or weight management.  The only person benefitting from their use is the company selling them. It is unfortunate that I must write this article, but since there is no greater threat to the health of our nation than obesity, I feel it is my duty to provide the truth about these purported weight-loss ingredients.

Over the years, my company could have joined others selling millions of bottles of worthless weight-loss products, but I refuse to sell my soul and betray your trust.  I have known about Green Coffee Bean for quite some time, but I could find no credible science to support its use in weight loss or weight management.  Moreover, how could anyone claim that their product is science-based when it contains Raspberry Ketone, an ingredient without a single published human weight-loss study?  It is completely contradictory that a science-based weight-loss formula includes Raspberry Ketone.  You can read more about foolish weight-loss claims for Raspberry Ketone in my prior article:

With All Due Respect to Dr. Oz, Raspberry Ketone is not a Fat-Burning Miracle.

When watching the QVC show, I was troubled by references to advanced science on Green Coffee Bean.  Plus, the QVC host and guest frequently mentioned Dr. Oz’s name and the trust we all place in him and the love and faith Dr. Oz places in this ingredient and its science.  The viewer call-ins during the show also mentioned Dr. Oz and their trust in him and therefore this product.  In one show, I must have heard Dr. Oz’s name mentioned at least a dozen times!  The host also reassured the viewers that they can trust the product’s claims, because they can trust QVC.  Hearing all this talk of trust, credibility and advanced science, I asked my Research team to review the research on Green Coffee Bean and weight loss. The results were disappointing to say the least, since we only found three published human studies. Plus, these studies were small, of short duration and poorly controlled. They also involved different materials, dosages and/or delivery forms.  These studies do not and cannot prove any weight-loss claims. Plus, there’s even a separate journal article that performed a review of the human research on Green Coffee Bean and weight loss and they effectively dismissed the research as being biased and too poorly conducted to draw conclusions about Green Coffee Bean’s effect on weight loss.  This last article directly contradicts any claims that Green Coffee Bean can enhance weight-loss, body composition and weight management. Sadly, even a polished TV broadcast stressing trust and credibility, and frequently dropping Dr. Oz’s name, cannot overcome the inherent weakness or absence of the science.

Also, since the Green Coffee Bean capsules had been sold previously on QVC, there were already dozens of customer reviews. Not surprisingly, these capsules are rated a disappointing 3-Stars and when I watched the Today’s Special Value shows, I never heard these reviews mentioned. Clearly, viewers would have found these rather poor reviews relevant to any decision to purchase, but they were not mentioned. The host even encouraged prior purchasers to call-in and share their experiences, but then he never saw fit to mention the experiences that were already reflected in the existing product reviews. It seems strange that a 3-Star product could qualify to be a Today’s Special Value at QVC and curious that its poor reviews were not mentioned during any of the shows I saw.

In closing, it’s not that we’re so easy to fool when it comes to weight-loss, but our eternal struggles with weight can make us vulnerable and quite willing to believe almost anything.  In our hearts we know that these amazing claims sound too good to be true, but we so desperately want them to be true that we find ourselves believing and buying whatever is being sold.

Ending on a more positive note, there is a proven weight-loss miracle and it’s patiently waiting inside all of us.  It’s not a magic pill, but the courage, inspiration and resolve we all possess to create magnificent change.

Best of health.


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  1. I am getting ready to start hep c treatment for. 6 to 8 months, contracted in military 30 years ago, what vitamins do you recommend I take to make it through this tough treatment?

  2. There may be all kinds of "aids" for weight loss, but this only TRUE weight loss cure is 'LESS IN, MORE OUT" The phrase, You are what you eat" is more than true. If we eat all food groups, and MUCH , MUCH LESS of them, you can retain a full, healthy program. PORTION CONTROL is the assist in weight loss. You can deaden the desire to eat with drugs (whether they be natural or synthesized" but you still have to eat less and exercise more….or at least some …according to your physical capabilities. Try putting what you "want" on you plate, and take 1/2 of it off…for each meal. If you eat 2 eggs for breakfast, eat 1. If you have 3 sausages, eat 1, Have 1/2 of a sandwich and save the rest. Cut everything in half. IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE…Nothing quick, but in time, it does work. Take your vitamins and eat fiber, Walk, run, swim, weight lift, do something.. Get off your duff and do something. Make an efforot. Stop relying on someone else to do what YOU need to do. Help yourself with proper nutrition and supplements that are natural and healthy. Go get 'em.! You can do it.

  3. May I have your permission to post this on my Facebook page, both as a link to your article here and a copy & paste of what you wrote? I buy from both networks but HSN has my business three-fold. QVC may close my account if I post this but the truth is far more important, especially when it comes to our health.
    Thank you for this post, the totem of truth.
    Angy Phillips

  4. I applaud you Andrew. I am a proud supporter of your products on HSN. Good nutrition is key to a healthy body and I truley believe and feel a definite improvement in my well being when using your suppliments. Keep your articles coming!–Angie

  5. Dear Andrew-
    Thank you for taking the time to shed some light on others' less-than-honest claims. While it would seem that common sense would prevail when it comes to such a weight loss claim…..sadly, as you noted, when a famous name is thrown behind it, the claim is often accepted as gospel-truth. I'm sure that this post was difficult to write – as maintaining the balance between truth and tact is often difficult – but as usual, you did so perfectly.
    I've been a customer of yours for about the last 8 years – and in that time frame, you've empowered me with tools for healthier living (not only through your products, but through the knowledge that you share regarding their underlying science). For that, I sincerely thank you.
    Best wishes to you & your staff,

  6. Andrew,
    As usual you speak the truth about suppliments. This is why I only purchase yours. There are other reasons also. But this reason iis for the topic only. Thank you Andrew
    Healthy day

  7. Andrew – you are a blessing. Thank you for your integrity. There are so many people desperately looking for a solution to weight issues. It is comforting to know that there is a trustworthy source for accurate information acting as protection against the fleecing of this vulnerable population. Keep up the good work. Leslie

  8. Unfortunately I purchased these products and they ended up in my bottom drawer. (Three month supply)
    My system simple would not handle them without making me sick. I am a tried and true Andrew Lessman product user and sticking to what I know works for me.

  9. Thank you so much for shedding some light on this green coffee bean weight loss product. I was about to order it, read your article, and needless to say, I am not. As a matter of fact, I was a bit skeptical after reading from another web site that somebody had tried the product and was already on her second bottle. She was disappointed because she had not lost an ounce. Her direct comment was, "What gives?!"
    Isn't there anything the FDA can do about this quack? People just keep on throwing good $$ after bad and getting no results. Wake up America!!!!

  10. I hope this article can make its' way to the millions of misinformed people who are easily persuaded by popular TV icons. There is no substitute for quality nutrition and adequate exercise with supplementation from research based ingredients on an as needed basis. Thank you, Andrew, for taking the time to educate the many who do not take the time to do so.

  11. Dear Andrew,
    I just love when you come to HSN….wish it were more often. My husband and I both enjoy your vitamins very much. I have lyme disease and am in need of certain supplements that you offer. I drink you weight loss powdered drink daily. I lost 150 pounds about 5 years ago and have kept it off, however recently I have gained 25. I am just beside myself with"grief"….I just cannot get it off. Its up one day, down a pound the next… matter what I do. ANy suggestions, please?

  12. Thanks Andrew, You are the only person on
    HSN selling a product that is worth my hard
    earned money.
    Are they medical Doctors , scientist
    and nutritionist on your team, or just researchers?
    please let us know
    PS Thanks for using solar energy , and also
    for supplying pre-natal supplements for
    mothers in 3rd world countries.

  13. Thank you, Andrew! Having fought the battle of the bulge for 79 years, I know for a fact that the secret is, and I quote you, " there is a proven weight-loss miracle and it’s patiently waiting inside all of us. It’s not a magic pill, but the courage, inspiration and resolve we all possess to create magnificent change.
    Just as in dealing with any habit, a person must "want" to change. Then, take responsibility for your actions and seek out the healthiest, safest way to make it.
    Personally, portion control has worked for me. A depression mentality caused me to clean my plate. I just take smaller portions and HUG MYSELF often and with a smile.
    We don't need as much as we think we do.

  14. Mr.Andrew Lessman I love, you are such a sincere person I have been using your products for many years, I even send them to Trinidad, to my family, great job, these vitamins are doing just what you say, love them all, keep up the good works, what does it pofit a man to lose his Soul and gain the world.

  15. Mr.Andrew Lessman I love, you are such a sincere person I have been using your products for many years, I even send them to Trinidad, to my family, great job, these vitamins are doing just what you say, love them all, keep up the good works, what does it pofit a man to lose his Soul and gain the world.

  16. Mr.Andrew Lessman I love, you are such a sincere person I have been using your products for many years, I even send them to Trinidad, to my family, great job, these vitamins are doing just what you say, love them all, keep up the good works, what does it pofit a man to lose his Soul and gain the world.

  17. Mr.Andrew Lessman I love, you are such a sincere person I have been using your products for many years, I even send them to Trinidad, to my family, great job, these vitamins are doing just what you say, love them all, keep up the good works, what does it pofit a man to lose his Soul and gain the world.

  18. Mr.Andrew Lessman I love, you are such a sincere person I have been using your products for many years, I even send them to Trinidad, to my family, great job, these vitamins are doing just what you say, love them all, keep up the good works, what does it pofit a man to lose his Soul and gain the world.

  19. Mr.Andrew Lessman I love, you are such a sincere person I have been using your products for many years, I even send them to Trinidad, to my family, great job, these vitamins are doing just what you say, love them all, keep up the good works, what does it pofit a man to lose his Soul and gain the world.

  20. Mr.Andrew Lessman I love, you are such a sincere person I have been using your products for many years, I even send them to Trinidad, to my family, great job, these vitamins are doing just what you say, love them all, keep up the good works, what does it pofit a man to lose his Soul and gain the world.

  21. I am so glad I discovered your vitamins.I know I can trust you and you always say it like it is and fot that I really do appreciate you.
    I take approximately 13 of your vitamins and for someone who works at a major Drug retail store I choose you rather than any of the ones I could buy there that cost less. I was tempted to buy that coffee bean stuff till I read what you had to say. Thank you for your caring attitude.

  22. Andrew,
    If you say it I believe it. Your supplements are the only ones I will use because I trust your product and trust that I'm getting maximum benefit from them. Thank you for your willingness to address this subject.
    I have one comment. HSN is also guilty of consistently featuring 3 star products as a today's special. One item is the NONO. Another is the Tony Little Cheeks sneakers. There are many more but you get my point. That boggles my mind. I'm thankful that there are reviews for products. I read them before I buy. Which is another reason I buy your products. They're well endorsed by actual users.

  23. Thank You so much, I was almost going to purchase the QVC today's special value, because I did trust QVC but I just wan't sure about the coffee bean claims and it was rather expensive. I'm so glad in the end I held back and did not buy the product. I do trust you and know your products are nothing but the best posssible. Thank You Andrew.

  24. Thank you so much for your knowledge and candor. I saw the presentation on QVC and I heard all the endorsements of Dr. Oz. I really feel whenever I do tune into Dr. Oz's show, all he seems to be doing is pushing things to take for weight loss.
    I, too, was looking for the "magic" pill to lose, but I do realize now there is none. But, unfortunately, I have in the pass bought products which have failed.
    Thanks again for your honest review.

  25. Thank you, Andrew, for standing up against these "miracle" products & the glossy sales pitches used to sell them. It's taken me a few years – and much money spent returning miracle items that failed to perform from both QVC & HSN – to finally realize that these people are just salespeople and their job is to sell!! They are NOT your friend. They are not looking out for your welfare. I also recently learned that both networks 30 day unconditional guarantee is only good for so long. If you return too many of these miraculous products, they will close your account. I know I can trust Andrew Lessman & his products because they are backed by REAL science & research. Andrew's passion for health is real & motivating! Pro Caps will always be my "go to" for vitamins & health information.

  26. Andrew,
    Please thank Muriel for her wonderful cook books, we loved them!!
    You make the best vitamins in the world!
    Thank you for using solar energy and providing vitamins to those who can not afford them.
    Thank you for your article on Green Coffee Bean, Rasperry Ketone and Weight Loss at QVC.
    Do you also manufacture vitamins for dogs?…
    God Bless You Andrew Lessman!!
    Thanks for your honest review

  27. Thanks for the article Andrew. It's refreshing to see someone that actually stands up for truth. I fell for the raspberry ketone hype specifically because "Dr. Oz" said it. It didn't do one thing for me. Do your own research and you'll find the way.
    You are so right, the weight loss miracle is within all of us. We need to cut out the processed food which is full of wheat, hydrogenated corn and soy oil and HFCS. Eat REAL food. It's true, only shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Stick with the produce and meat section in the grocery store and go to your local farmers market for the best real food around. Grow a garden! It's amazing the weight one can drop and the change in body compostion just by eating REAL food with no calorie counting or hunger. Just REAL change. Don't fall for the propaganda on television. All calories are NOT equal! Come on, a sugar calorie in a soda can't be equal to a real calorie from greens, can it? I think not!
    Be selective with supplements and buy from a trustworthy supplier like Andrew's Procaps Laboratories!

  28. Thanks for the honest article for a change. while I love Dr OZ I don't believe all the hype with every miracle weight loss product he shows on his shows. Portion control is the only way you are going to lose the weight, add in some exercise.

  29. I am amazed by all the quick weight loss gimmicks. I am not overweight but everybody wants to take a pill and the weight fall off. Just eat healthy, exercise, supplement with Lessmans and you have it made.

  30. Mr. Lessman I am so thankful that there are still honest people in this world. Like you said there is no magic pill just changing your eating habits, exercise and portion control. Thanks for your honesty

  31. There is no magic in staying at a healthy weight. Its up to you to be the "caretaker" of yourself. Everything in moderation. Stay aware, stay active.
    We all have off days & indulge, which is ok, really. I have had many a day! The niche here is to be "aware" & moderate your intake the next day or you might need a couple of days – so what – as long as you are always aware & follow through with moderation in eating & stay active.
    This has worked for me for many, many years. I do not feel deprived as I follow what I said above & have maintained a healthy slim weight good for me.

  32. I thank you for the courage to put this information out. There may be backlash but I am very grateful to you.

  33. Thanks for the info. Glad I read this before I wasted money on this like I did on the Raspberry & Mango ketone capsules I bought from Groupon. Not sure why I did that since I usually only buy supplements from ProCaps.

  34. Andrew i have been taking quite a few of your supplements for about 10 years. While there is nothing wrong with me i am very pro-active about my health. Most people guess me 15 years younger than i am, I am 54. I attribute alot of that to good genes, healthy living and YOUR supplements

  35. I am always interested in your articles. I am comfortable with your findings because I know this is your business and I believe you have the your customers interest at heart. I am confident your research team did a thorough job in their findings. Thank you for taking the time to educate us further in this "false" weight loss theory.

  36. Thanks for telling people the truth. I have been taking your supplements for years and there the best.i would love to see you on dr oz if he has the guts to put you on. God bless

  37. Dear Andrew,
    Thank you for posting this. I received an email from a fellow employee on the Dr. Oz show promoting raspberry ketones. I watched the video and thought it too good to be true. I then went on the internet and did a search for any research of this new miracle weight loss, and only found one science study that was done on mice. I sat there and thought how could a highly regarded doctor go on television and promote something that has no scientific proof. I then went to your website to see if you had anything using the raspberry ketones. When I found none, I knew then that this product was probably a fake. I trust that you will only sell products that truly work. It is unfortunate that Dr. Oz has sold his soul to the devil called big money.

  38. I truly appreciate your honest article Andrew. So now we know these products are not for weightloss, but is there any kind of benefit for us if we do take them?

  39. Andrew, I saw this this exact show on QVC and wondered How this Product could burn Fat and provide weight loss. Thank you for the clarification! I always watch you on HSN and have learned so much.
    I take your viteamins and supplements and feel so good! I work out 4 to 6 times a week with weights and running and the combination with your products is amazing! I can't say enough!

  40. Andrew thank you for the truth!!! You have changed the way I look at supplements forever. I only buy your pure products and finally started my husband on them. I love your cookbooks and highly recommend them to everyone if you want to start eating well and start taking charge of your health. MAKE FOOD YOUR MEDICINE!!! Bottom line! Keep up the great work Andrew! I saw your little dog on HSN when you were showing your manufacturing plant. So cute!! Your plant is pristine!

  41. The only truth about a lot of these weight loss products is the lightness in ones' wallet. Thank you Mr Lessman for your truth in telling those who will listen, a valid way to weight reduction, is a change in life style.
    Again, thank you. I love your products, keep the standard strong.

  42. Andrew,
    Thanks for the article and your constant search for the truth. It validates for us, the consumer, that you are always looking out for us and your products are the best they can be.
    My husband and I love and TRUST you products. Keep up the good work. Best wishes!

  43. A true gentlemen. Somewhere along the line, people stopped acting like people, Andrew, your heart is what makes your products what they are. I wish the world could learn by example and try to be half the person you are. The world would be a better place. Thanks for the read.

  44. Along with others, I watched the QVC TSV presentation and was tempted. What stopped me was the continuous reference to the fact that it contained less caffeine than a half cup of decaf coffee. I kept asking myself why they needed to stress that. I am caffeine sensitive so the temptation for me stopped right there. I also did research on line and couldn't find info to substantiate their sales pitch. Andrew, I appreciate you addressing this. I've been taking your vitamins for as long as you've been on tv presenting them – have health challenges – but I do feel the vitamins give me needed support in my health. Dr. Oz lost me about a year ago. I sent him an e-mail expressing my concern about the direction his show was taking; of course, I never heard back from the show or him. Keep up the good work!

  45. I am so glad you wrote this article as I was thinking that if Dr. Oz recommended it, it must be ok to take. Thank you again for taking the time to inform the public.

  46. May I just say Thank you Andrew for telling us the truth about these products. I know there is no magic pill. They do make it sound good but I love hearing your expertise on these kinds of things. Really appreciate it.

  47. Finally someone with integrity and honesty not out to just make a buck….I believe Dr.Oz is having a hard time filling up a show ever single day with interesting items and is now prone to miracle pills, weight loss gimmicks, etc.

  48. I don't know if Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Ketones do what is being claimed by some.
    However, there is research out there that ought to be reviewed and evaluated.
    A secondary question is this: is there any harm or potential for problems in taking Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Ketones supplements?

  49. Andrew, I appreciate your honesty even though you will probably be slammed by some. I do watch QVC but did not watch this presentation as I know there is no miracle weight loss pill or drink out there. And I know the initial host who reminds me of a used car salesman. I am not impressed with the continued mention of Dr Oz as I decide for myself what is best for me. I do enjoy the information you present on HSN. It is fact based not personality or tv host based. For myself, even though I have some serious health problems, I take your essential 1 vitamins, exercise and watch what I eat. Eliminating stress is my biggest problem. I will not depend on Dr Oz or anyone else to make my choices for me. Thank you for your continued information.

  50. Thank you for this post. We should have more supplements available whose formulations are based on real science and not "miracle" ingredients. Please keep up the good work!

  51. If you look at the people that said they used the product from QVC, you'll see they lost 2 pounds in 2 months! Come on! Apparently they're eating incorrectly in the first place, and continue their fat-filled diet. I lost 70 pounds in 2 years by watching what I eat, and lots of walking. You don't need to spend hundreds of $ to lose weight, just get off your but and exercise and eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and take the correct supplements from Andrew to keep your stamina up.

  52. Proof is in the pudding. I.lost.weight.using.Raspberry.ketones. And I didn't hear about them from either Oz or QVC.

  53. I have followed Andrew Lessman and consumed his products for more than 10 years. I appreciate Andrew's integrity and desire to communicate the science behind the prodcuts in addition to the wonderful testimonials. Thanks once again, Andrew, for speaking the truth. Obesity is such an epidemic in our society. People are desperate to find a quick fix. You nailed it: courage to eat smart, exercise and use scientifically based products to support a healthy lifestyle.

  54. Andrew:
    Excellent article (as always). When will we all realize that there is no "magic bullet" when it comes to weight loss? Proper diet and excercise and ultimately portion control is the only way to accomplish health weight loss.
    Dr. Oz and others are doing the public a disservice by continually promoting "magic" weight loss solutions.
    Your products have always been based on good solid science – Not Magic. You and your company represent a level of integrity that unfortunately is lacking in much of the Dietary Supplement industry.

  55. Thank-you Andrew! I listen to you on HSN all the time and have some of your great vitamins. Can I e-mail you somewhere to ask you some questions. I am fit and teach fitness, pilates and have been an All-American gymnast. I appreciate your info, but now that I am getting older, I have some vitamin and nutrition questions. I just bought both cookbooks and I can't wait to try everything. Thanks.


  57. Thank you so much Andrew for writing this article. I have been taking about 10 of your vitamins every day for the last 5 years. A lot of times I'll call your company direct to re-order instead of HSN just because I enjoy talking to the girls taking my order. Every single one of them is so nice and they always tell me they love working for you:-) I have always had a weight problem since I was 2 years old and I'm 39 now. I think I just finally found a diet that works for me. I cut out all my bad carbs. and sugar and I'm drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Also, I just purchased last weekend your new Whey Protein powder. I had been using a whey protein powder from Costco and was so excited when my brother and I saw yours! So far I've lost 45 pounds and have 150 pounds to go but I'm positive I will make my goal. The other day I turned on QVC and saw the Today Special Value, the green coffee bean product. I was really thinking about purchasing it thinking it could help me on my weight loss. I decided to look at the reviews and noticed they were not that good. People either loved it or hated it. I even saw a few reviews saying they put on weight using the product. Average 3 star rating is not good. Thank God I didn't order this product.
    Thank you Andrew for being so passionate and for looking out for us. We have full and complete faith in you and Pro Caps Laboratory. Also, I LOVE Lincoln, your dog!!! (Sorry, I don't know how to spell Lincoln?) I have a pet sitting business and love all animals:-)

  58. I just wanted to mention that Dr. Oz mentions on his program ( all the time) that he does not endorse or promote any products on his show, even if his featured guests are giving information on certain foods/products, etc. I wouldn't blame him. When people mention "recommended by Dr. Oz" they are using his name illegally and out of context.
    As for Andrew Lessman's vitamins. I am a big fan of his, and having been using his vitamins for a long time. They work. I also agree, there is no magic bullet. Moving the body and watching your portions is the only proven way to lose weight.

  59. THANK YOU! I've been with you for about 17 years. I am always telling others about you. I am on S.S., making purchases hard. I wish I could afford more of what I need.
    Again THANKS,

  60. Kudos Andrew, for your willingness to speak out on this subject. I saw the same TSV presentations and thought of you, having heard you talk about coffee bean extract prior to that time. To Jessica's point (@Jessica), I too have heard Dr. Oz say he isn't 'endorsing' products, but I've never heard him step up and publicly disavow anything said by someone who well may have used his name without permission. I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry at the fact that it's the MD who isn't correcting the record and the non-MD who is speaking out to make sure people understand what the scientific reports actually say. I love your products and have been a customer since 'back in the day' when you had physical stores in Santa Monica and Venice. (My one request would be that you bring the solo MSM product to HSN. Pretty please?) As someone with physical challenges I value everything I can do for my health and learning from you over the years has helped me design a good vitamin regimen which keeps me up and at 'em! Thanks, Andrew!

  61. Thank you very much. I was almost roped in by the QVC TSV, but a little voice told me NO!! Thank you for backing up that little voice. They should be ashamed of themselves!

  62. Thank you so much Andrew to care so seriously about our health. You are providing all my food supplements . I take them with complete trust and pleasure, they taste GOOD…!and they WORK…My doctors, in alternative medecine, know you and your products and check on me making sure that I am taking them regularly…I love it! They know too that you arethe best! THANK YOU!

  63. Hurray, for the facts! Thank you, Andrew Lessman, for telling us what we NEED to hear! What we do NOT need to hear, is non-factual, emotionally-hyped sales pitches for garbage supplements (from other sources)! You are a breathe of fresh air, when it comes to honest, nutritional information! God bless you!

  64. The first thing I thought of when I saw that TSV for Green Coffee Bean Extract was, I wonder how Andrew Lessman would react to this? I did go and read the past reviews and also went to other sites that sold similar products and read their reviews as well. They were all disappointing to say the least. There is no "magic" pill, diet, or powder. Eating healthy and staying that way is a lifestyle. To lose, you have to move and eat less…period. Thank you for your honesty and your products.

  65. Dear Andrew, Thank You for this information, I also saw the QVC program and my first thought was If these claims are soooooooooooooooo true I'm sure Andrew would already have a product that would be far superior and have the research to back up his product. I take at least 8 different products from Andrew, from the joint, to Omega, Healthy Skin and Nails, etc., I'm almost 66 years old and feel great. I have taken the Joint medicine for at least three years my knees use to hurt, I stopped drinking Diet Coke and other Soda products started taking the Joint Vitamin and I feel great. BOTTOM LINE FOLKS, THANK GOD ANDREW IS AN HONEST AND DEDICATED HUMAN BEING WHO PUTS HIS CUSTOMERS BEFORE THE DOLLAR…

  66. Your good man Andrew keep up the good work ——–thank you, James
    P.s. I tell everyone about your products because they work so well for me —-again thanks

  67. Dr. Oz supports so many different weight loss and medical miracles each week, I can't keep up! Cardiology, stick to what you do best, Dr. Oz and let Andrew handle the supplement side of life.

  68. Thank you for your candor. It saddens me that honesty is not a virtue to many. May God continue blessing you as you work effortlessly in your health quest. Best…Cyndi

  69. I was wondering about Green Coffee Bean and how this would help you lose weight. Thank you for your research and telling the truth. I am really disappointed in Dr Oz. It seems he is more interested in selling a product than finding the facts.

  70. Thank you very much for your honesty Andrew. It is people like you that make people like me believe in what you do and the products you sell. I too shop from QVC and pondered purchasing that TSV item, but never did b/c I had my doubts. I only shop HSN for your vitamins….keep up the good work Andrew!!!

  71. Thank you for a beautiful and TRUTHFUL article. I too saw the TSV on QVC and was shocked that they were promoting a false claim. Even my primary care doctor told me that those "pills" are just the lastest fad and does not work.. I think that it is so sad that a medical doctor is misleading so many people, and soon his reputation will follow. I too had tried the African Mango about a year ago when his face on the a magazine promoting this african mango. Eveybody went wild for this. It did nothing for me and that's when I told my PCP about this and she was disappointed that I as a Registered Nurse will believe such hype. I think like you said Mr Lessman that people are so desperate to loose weight they are willing to try and believe anyone and anything especially since the famous "Doctor Oz" says it is ok. I can no longer watch his show, not that I ever did that much anyway, it is so confusing every week is a different diet and he approves of them all, how sad, I wonder how anyone can stay sane trying to figure out everyweek what is the best diet. There are so many people sending him hundreds or thousands of products every week just like they did Oprah, just to get noticed so that they can make money. I am so glad the earlier post is going to put this on FB and QVC. I was thinking the same but did not know how to do it. I thank you Andrew Lessman.

  72. People are always looking for the"miracle pill". I saw the QVC show that had the Green Coffee Bean TSV also and wondered if Andrew would hear about it or see it. Then they have the other show that features Natures Code vitamins. We have to do our homework. As far as Dr. Oz, well, I have wondered about several statements that I have heard him say because I actually knew they were misleading. I have even checked on some of Andrew's statements and GUESS WHAT….never proved him wrong……have to say the man has "Class" and Integrity"…..Yes, I do trust him…….

  73. Thanks for your courage in writing and forwarding this article. When you're up against the popular Dr. Oz and QVC, your information must be valid. My husband and I have been taking many of your products for years. While we know there is no magic pill, we truly believe in the quality, effectiveness and integrity of your products. Your use of solar energy is also a positive statement about who you are and what you represent.

  74. Hi Andrew,
    I really appreciate hearing from you on this stuff.
    I've watched a total of about 30 minutes of Dr Oz clips and in that short time was kind of surprised, namely in the recommendation of rasberry ketones and that drinking cold water would help one loose weight over warm water. Seriously, drinking cold vs warm water was one of 5 selected diet tips in one show. While I understand that there are energectics at play, the amount is so insignificant that nobody will loose an ounce this way over any given time period. Suggestions like that serve to distract people from what they really need to do which is to eat right. The truth is is that the typical American diet is a formula for obesity and all kinds of diseases. All the cold water and rasberry ketones or what ever the next thing is, won't do a thing for anybody in the face of that. The diet itself has to change.
    BTW, your cookbook is excellent and a very good starting place to familiarize people again with a diet that not only helps one loose weight, but to regain health and vitality. Eat this way, learn about and take advantage of science based supplementation (thank you Andrew), and no matter your age, your energy will soar, your skin will glow, and your body will naturally find its healthy weight on it's own time frame.

  75. Thank you, Andrew, for being there for us. I trust you more than Dr. Oz who seems to jump on every new snake oil product being hyped, and thus is greatly misleading millions of people. Your integrity is laudable. God bless you. I use many of your products, and I look forward to your HSN appearances because you present the science in very understandable language. My son is a surgeon, and I have him on your supplements, too; that is no small feat, believe me.
    Keep up the good work.

  76. I can't thank you enough for all you do. Please keep it up. I trust you & your vitamins completely sense i have been with you for years. Good job.

  77. Thanks Andrew for taking time from your busy schedule to address the issue of the new " fad" going around called Green Coffee Beans.
    My husband saw it on Dr Oz and wanted me to order some for him.
    He is about 50 lbs overweight and does not want to decrease his intake of food or wants to exercise.
    He hoped that this pill would work for him.
    When I heard Dr Oz talking about it , it reminded me of what I heard when I was growing up.
    That if it sounded too good to be true then it probably was .
    My husband and I used atleast 5 of your different products daily and have for years.
    We would NEVER take anything else.
    Thanks again Andrew !!

  78. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Andrew for writing this article. I have always known the one person I can totally trust when it comes to health products is YOU. I am sure Dr. Oz means well. Perhaps he is listening to others to much rather than doing some research himself. I hope, somehow, your article reaches him.
    As for me, all I have to do to remain healthy, (am a 68 year old female, singer/dancer) is to continue purchasing from your company and listening to you…. Bless you. Keep up the good, honest work.

  79. Andrew Thank you so much!!
    This really brought tears to my eyes. My mother watches Dr. Oz faithfully, and I don't have a problem with that, it's just that she and other people take his word as gold. I had heard just as many negatives about the raspberry keytones as I heard positive. But I also knew there were other healthier alternatives. A lot of people trust and believe in Dr. Oz as they do you. The difference is you present the science behind everything you promote, and I love and appreciate that. Thank you for writing this, now I have something to show my mom, and also something to try and get her to get on the Andrew Lessman train!
    I don't buy any vitamin or suppliment elsewhere, unless it's something you don't carry which is rare.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  80. Kudos to you Andrew Lessman. I also saw the TSV on QVC – I purchase from both HSN and the Q. I am a loyal fan of yours and try to enlighten others about you. Muriel's cookbook is a 5 star rating and on top of that she is a "looker" for sure. You both make a great team! Keep on keepin' on! 🙂

  81. Andrew, I've been with you starting in the days you were on QVC. I trust your facts above anybody else. Dr. Oz is a very good man since I had many contacts with him socially,but I feel keeping up with a TV show and ratings, has clouded his judgement. I lost 80 pounds in the last year by changing my food habits and walking.I take alot of your vitamins and have for many years. I would like to add a special thank you for your Glucosamine Chondroitin products because they have enabled me to keep on walking the Greyhound dogs at a local rescue.

  82. Thank you so much for your briliant knowledge and your honesty. I love your articles, I've used your vitamins and trust your research. Thanks for sharing.

  83. Thank you for being candid, people need their money and I know i can not waste my money on foolishness. HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT letting Dr.OZ know about what is going on and giving him the facts. He seems to be a opened Dr. Thank you again for letting me know about this .

  84. I have been taking your vitaminz for ovef 12 years & wouldn't be witbout them. In my experience they do what they claim they're capable of doing. I love that you stress a healthy diet & exercise because there is no quick fix to good health. I believe Dr Oz wasvery credible when he first came on tv, but then he got crazy with all the 'so called' weight loss claims. I stopped watching him a long time ago. Best thing i ever did. Keep up the good work Andrew. You've been around for this long because your claims are genuine.

  85. Thank you Andrew. I can't afford to buy much, but, like millions of other people I would cut my grocery allowance in half to buy that "magic pill" for weight loss. I would have believed anything you or Dr. Oz had to say, until now – – – I believe you. I'm sure Dr. Oz doesn't push the products for money; I doubt he needs more money. I wonder if he pushes the products, because he truly does believe in them.
    A portion of Obama's Healthcare bill was pointed out to me, scaring me terribly. It states that beginning 01/01/14, hospitals will be given cash bonuses by cutting healthcare (supposedly care that is not critically needed) to Medicare patients. The more money they save the government, the larger the bonuses. Did you all know about this? I think we can all see where it is going. I am a senior, and, after learning about that I promised myself that the way I take care of my health is changing ! I am treating my body like a "temple". A famous wise man said years ago "let thy medicine be thy food". The products being pushed at us are all a part of this. Thanks to Andrew, we are all wiser about what is and is not a good thing to put in our bodies.

  86. Hi Andrew,
    I am glad that you blogged about QVC. I actually called it in to ProLabs the moment I saw that green coffe bean show on QVC. I have to admit that I have watched Dr. Oz in the past and think that the show does introduce a lot of good information to people but felt that he concentrates way too much on his weight loss so-called "advice" for obvious reasons – viewership! Most of this country is desperate to lose weight so, of course, it is a money maker for him to present whatever information people will, literally, buy. Not to further infuriate you, but I have been in health stores where women walk in with their "Dr. Oz Lists" of things to buy. My advice to you is to try not to use his name. just refer to Dr. shows, because bad publicity is still good publicity since it can make people curious to watch his show if one has never – just to see who is inciting you so much with his claims.
    I could talk about the many dozens of your products that I take daily and how much they have made a positive differece for me but I would rather talk to you about your jeans. They are too baggy for such a good looking guy. You should talk to Diane Gilman about skinny jeans. When I see people in baggy jeans, it makes me think that they used to be heavy and I KNOW you could never have been since you are an athelete. I know this is totally silly, but please wear tighter jeans from someone who appreciates people in great shape.
    Thanks for all of your amazing, pure and high quality products, environmental concerns and charity. You have made my life much better and I tell everyone and, given my comments, the anti-aging benefits have made me not act my age – that I am very happy to be – 50.
    Thanks, Maryna

  87. Thank you for all your research on this and for getting the word out to all of us. I remembered your prior article and did not order any of it. I'm glad you have such high integrity, I appreciate it and will always be loyal to you because of it. Also, since i have been taking your vitamins, and no one else's for years now, I rarely ever get sick anymore. Not even a cold, sniffles.. Thank you for making awesome products and all your hard work!

  88. I am glad you mentioned this. I would not have bought them for myself because I started taking safflower oil capsules at Dr. Oz's suggestion a few months ago and have gone from 148 lbs to 123 lbs. I only take 2 a day rather than the 8 the bottle recommends. I don't need to lose any more so I now allow myself desserts again. I do eat in moderation and dance once or twice a week. I have shelves full of Andrews' products and take several every day – turned 80 in November.

  89. This not about weight loss but about CoQ10. My son, a chiropracter in Ooltewa, Tn, told me that at my age my body cannot utilize CoQ10 as it must be changed to Ubiquinol. I have changed to Ubiquinol, as has my exhusband, and find it is more effective. Why have you not picked up on this?

  90. Thank You, Andrew I believe what you say…you have done so much research,and your so informative
    on your vitamans that I would never listen to that I turned him off for good a long time
    You are much more intelligent and knowledgeable …I have and take quite a few of your vitamins
    they are easy to swallow easy to digest and I feel great…please keep up the good work…the world
    needs you

  91. Hi Andrew, thank for your great products. I have a serious condition with diarrhea and have had many tests done and nothing is showing up on the tests. Do you have any products that you think will help me. My doctor has told me to take Amodium AD every morning. Which then makes me constipated. Please help me with my problem as I don't know where to turn!

  92. Thank you Andrew for your honesty and GREAT products. I found you by accident on HSN a year ago and ever since then have been looking forward to all your shows, you are soooo informative and a delight to listen to, my girlfriend knows where i am going to be on the weekends you are on HSN, yes you guessed it….glued to the TV. I feel so much better and have so much energy, I am 50 years old this year and I run circles around some of the 30 year olds at work, they cant figure out why I am so energetic and full of energy and healthy and in GREAT shape…..I thank you Andrew for all your products. Please dont ever stop!

  93. Hi Andrew, I just wanted to thank you for the time you put into your product, and for sharing with us the care and concern you put in the making it. I have been a long time customer, plus I take only your product, since I've been taking them I no longer need to take medicine, now I saw that because the last time I went in for a check up with my doctor, I got the best check up ever.
    I have had bad back problems for years, I've use the the Glucosamine with Chondroitin and I feel so good I told my doctor what I was using and he ask me for the name.
    Please keep up what you are doing because you are helping so many people and we need you…
    Thank you thank you so much!!!

  94. As a PA in health care for over 40 years with my specialty in cellular/pathologic processes, I do know in my limited exposure to Dr Oz that he often "misinterprets" the "science" behind casually reported results based on perceptions of the users rather than studies with science-based observable data. This, therefore, only contributes to mass marketing of an idea of wellness rather than actual wellness.

  95. Thank you Andrew for making such wonderful products — my husband & I have taken your Multi-Vitamins-Minerals, as well asseveral other products for over 15 years & our health is much better as a result !!! I saw the QVC Show with the TSV of CoffeeBean Extract & Rasberry Ketones but I did NOT buy them because I figured if they were really effective I would just buythem directly from Andrew !! Thank You for informing the general public Re: the lies — the world would be a much better place if there were more people with your honesty & integrity !! Also, Thank You for using Solar Energy to make your products & for supplying Pre-Natal Vitamins to women in 3rd world countries !! Please Keep Up the Fabulous Work ! ! ! ! God Bless You ! ! !

  96. Andrew, thanks for the article. We trust in you because you don't claim to be a magician with a magical pill that can cure everything. I believe it is because of your research and knowledge that you share with us and the quality products you manufacture that motivates all of us to take better care of our bodies, especially what we are putting into it. The only cure for obesity is the strength of our own willpower to fuel our bodies with the right foods and vitamins and to exercise more. I look forward to your visits on HSN and try to absorb the knowledge that you so generously share with us. May God continue to bless you and your family. He has truly blessed each of us with you! Have a great day! 🙂

  97. I was at Walmart last night and on a clearance rack they had the Green Coffee Beans on clearance for 9.97.
    When I saw it I thought it must not work or they would not have it on clearance so soon…..Thank you, Andrew for posting this article. I also saw the Todays Special on QVC. Please keep informing us of these kinds of information. Thanks again and God Bless you.

  98. "It’s not a magic pill, but the courage, inspiration and resolve we all possess to create magnificent change."
    Andrew Lessman
    You rock! 🙂

  99. hi andrew,i am 83 years of age and my husband is 88 years of age.we have been using your products for over 20 years.i believe that is what has kept us going.we believe in you and your products explicity and recently i have been bothered with collection of fluid in my legs due to congestive heart failure.i listened to you and the beautiful staff praise circulation and vein,with a prayer and trust i started on the caps and within 4 days the excess flid around my ankles dried up or went some where else.thankyou and hsn staff for reinforcing faith in your products.thank you and .god bless you. sincerely —-rowena moge,RN.BSN,MEd.

  100. Hi Andrew..I take all of your vitamins and I know that I'm getting the best quality products. I trust you completely and admire your honesty and integrity.. I wish that I had read your blog before ordering QVC's TSV of the Green Coffee Bean Extract with Raspberry Ketones. I will be returning it for a refund as soon as possible. Thank you so much for telling it like it is and educating the consumer about supplements that are tried and true and others that are gimmicks.
    I will continue buying your vitamins, they truly do what you say, the prices are great and I have complete trust in anything that you endorse. Thank you Andrew! You are truly a God send..I look forward to seeing you on HSN..
    God Bless You!
    Vivien Gorrasi..Long Island, NY

  101. Andrew, thank you for making me really look at myself and see what I have done to my body over the years. I am so unhealthy but thanks to you I am starting on the journey back to a healthy lifestyle. I take many of your vitamins and am starting to feel better in so many ways. I was one of the many however who did trust what QVC said regarding the Green Coffee Beans and bought two bottles. After I received them I questioned the purchase and found your blog. I sent the purchase back and was only out the shipping. I have learned my lesson and will never purchase supplements that do not have your name on it. I have one question…is there anything that you make that could help eleviate the pain associated with migraines? I don't like taking medication…am looking for something natural. Thanks for reading this and thank you for being in my corner even if you are not aware that you are.

  102. Reading all the "comments" I hesitate to write this and am sure no one will agree among this "group:….but was very disappointed when you mentioned Dr. Ozs' name on your presentation several times… didn't seem like the right thing to do….as many people love Dr. Oz……….on his shows he has many helpful advice and we are all supposedly intelligent enough to know whether we want to "try" products that anyone advises us to do……..I have been taking many many many of your vitamins since you were on QVC originally….and still take them but stopped some…..enjoy your time on HSN and find it informative……………always tell friends to watch and learn. Am just saying, I for one, did not appreciate the, shall I say, "slamming" of Dr. Oz….would not like to hear that sort of thing about anyone. It kind of sounded like "sour grapes" or someone being childish. Keep up your good work with the supplements but there is no need to mention names, etc. in your presentations. Am sure there are many who can say the same about some of your products…..that they do not do what they are supposed to do…….Many of the things that Dr. Oz and you present to the "audience" are things that I already know or have heard before. Thank you for reading and giving us a chance to express our feelings.

  103. That, Andrew Lessman, is why I trust you. It is obvious that you are a man of great integrity, knowledge and compassion. Thank you.

  104. Thank you for the article on Green Coffe Bean and Rasberry Ketones. I had these written on my notes to order but after reading your article ,will save myself some "bucks" and throw my notes away. I watch Dr. Oz faithfully every day, however, I trust YOU more. That's the most important thing – Who do you trust? Love all you supplements and have been on them for years. Was NEVER mislead by you.
    Love you too.

  105. There is a study on NIH's website that shows how green coffee bean may be effective in weight loss. I don't think bashing Dr. Oz is good for business and lately you have been constantly doing this. Dr. Oz does more than promote vitamins. He does provide free information on healthy living. Before purchasing your Alpha Lipoic Acid, I heard about the benefits on the Dr. Oz show. I have learned a lot about health and living a healthy lifestyle from Dr. Oz and this is why I lost 30 pounds. The only time I learn anything about the benefits of vitamins and supplements is when you are on HSN promoting your today's special value. I am not sure if I will be purchasing anymore of your products because I don't like people who bash others for promoting a healthy lifestyle. If you listen to Dr. Oz more closely, he always mentions that these supplements may promote weight loss along with a healthy diet and exercise.

  106. I am a huge fan and consumer of your products. I love to listen to you and I learn from you when you appear on HSN.
    I am not sure as to why -and how- you bring this up…I can guess that you've had fans request that you come up with a similar product and felt the need to comment. Your article sounds very negative and there is no mentioned of any positive benefits from these ingredients. I had heard about this product and had done some research but wasn't very convinced until it aired on QVC. I did my own unscientific research and found that there were some other benefits to this like lowering BP. I suffer from HBP and have been on a hunt for more natural option -besides beta-blockers, I found that this product may (or may not) help. I've tried L-Arginine and I'm not quite sure that it works so I decided to try this. I've been staring at my bottle for a few days but I will try it. I love QVC and HSN the same. And while I purchased the mentioned product from QVC, I will continue to purchase your vitamins and supplements from HSN. BTW, it did bug me that they kept abusing Dr. Oz's name. While most likely legal… he probably didn't even get paid.

  107. I don't think it is hard to understand why Dr. Oz promotes green coffee beans – his sponser is Walgreens Green Coffee Bean supplements as I just saw on a commercial during his show. I think that all of us have tried many ways to lose weight, look and feel better and when these ways do not work, we move on. Don't worry too much about the coffee beans – if they don't work, people won't re-buy. It should be obvious to all why he calls them a "miracle" – it is for him because he makes money. Despite this, I still appreciate a lot of medical and health information that he offers once in a while but I take it with a grain of salt, not coffee which I do not drink.

  108. Andrew….I just purchased a can of Re- Body Greens on QVC. It is a nutrient-rich alkaline superfoods.
    Fermented,nutrient rich. I would appreciate if you would look this product up and get back to me on
    your observation of it. I do your shakes and vitamin & mineral products, but saw this advertised on
    QVC and decided to try it. Have not yet, waiting to hear back from you first. Thanks Andrew and Muriel,
    love your soup book and the one on healthy veggies, now that IS healthy eating!

  109. Thank you Andrew for always being honest about your products, and the products and claims of other companies! We know we can count on you to tell the truth! I have been taking your vitamins for years, and would NEVER be without them. I would like to reach out to someone who left a comment, Mary Jernigan. I have Hep C and have been through 2 rounds of Interferon treatment; 6 months in 1994 and 1 year in 1997-1998. If Mary would like to reach me, my e-mail address is I was blessed to have someone reach out to me, and I would like to pay it forward. Thanks again Andrew for ALL you have given this world. May the lord bless you indeed! Michele
    P.S.- Could you comment on ReBody Saf Slim belly fat transformer. This is a product from the company that brought the Green coffee bean to QVC.

  110. Hello Andrew,Thank you once again for your honesty,and standing up and be counted on green coffee bean,and now eveyone listen to the real person who truly cares about our health and well being…you are the tops Andrew,thats why i would never buy from anyone else,and i tell my family and friends this all the time….ps you have given the world much Andrew,and thank you again for my health,where-ever i maybe in the future in this world i will still buy from you…bless you…

  111. Andrew thank you for all that you do,the vitamins, the science,the teaching and your honesty.I followed you for about a year before i bought any of your products.It was listening to you explain the products in depth.I do have a weight problem and the answer is within me.You been a great teacher and i will only use your vitamins.THANKS AGAIN

  112. Thank you for providing such great information and for informing us of the "truth" of these products.
    I would like to know how to contact you regarding questions I have about which vitamins I should be taking. I've had several (19) abdominal surgeries including the complete removal of my large intestine and I have difficulty absorbing vitamins from the foods I eat, as well as from traditional vitamins unless they are in liquid form. I am also limited to eating certain foods due to the fact that I have to be concerned about intestinal blockage which means many of the foods that most people receive their vitamins from are off limits to me. I would be very interested to discuss this in detail with you and ask for your recommendation of which vitamins I should be taking. I'm currently not taking any vitamins and I know I should be on a daily vitamin regimen.
    Please contact me at the email address I provided and/or tell me how to get in contact with you if you are willing to help me. I am extremely impressed by the number of people who have written comments praising you and your products. This is my first visit to your website and I must confess this is the first I've ever heard of you. I'm very interested in your opinion on my condition and what vitamins you think will be of great benefit to me.
    Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter.

  113. I have found the safest way to lose weight. It is what I've named "PBM." It gives you a real sense of "doing" and "being." I researched it and designed it; taylored it for my own body. I didn't received instant results but I'm getting them after a month. Remember nothing comes quick nor does it come easy. It requires patience, hardwork, and motivation. It also requires an attitude to become a warrior which we all have in our "being" given by God. "You are more than a Conqueror…" When the forces of evil such as gluttony and slothfulness come calling use "PBM" (Push Back Method). Don't answer the door, push them back, answer with fruit, veggies and nuts or other things you will find as you research and replace the unwanted with the wanted…"Push Back Method" is the only way you are going to burn fat incorporated with exercise regiments, walking or cycling. Believe I know. In January of 2013 I stopped believing in other stuff to help me lose and started believing in me. I couldn't cycle 2 minutes and by February I'm up to 40 minutes and burning the fat away. 10 pounds in a month. Get up and PUSH BACK!

  114. Thank you Andrew,as I have a lot of faith in you and your products,its hard to find the loyalty that you display and yes it is sad that so many people are taken advantage of,whats worse is that they get away with it
    Thanks Again

  115. I was thinking serious on buying this stuff, because I was wondering what it does to your BP, I started checking for side effects. That's when i run into your page. Thanks so much for your research, you may be saving some lives. So I am not that heavy but would like to lose a few pounds so I am going to be a strictly lean meat and veggie and fruit person. I have done it this way before and know I can again. Thanks again for the effort you put into this page.

  116. They don't work. I purchased the "pure rasberry keytones" and the "pure green tea extract " and not only did they not work they made me sick. This was July 27 , 2012, did them for a month did not loose any weight just made your stomach feel like it was bloated and full. I drink a gallon of water a day at least because I exercise (cardio) a lot and I had massive cramps the entire month. Since going off them my weight has dropped from 243 to 219. The only thing I did was change the way I eat cut out some junk and reversed the time of day I eat carbs (bread) and added lots of fruiit and veggies, green smoothies too my diet and workout routine and the weight/inches are coming off. I will say I use Andrew's metabolism and fat and COQ 10 (200) before each workout for a little added energy. I am 50 years old Africian American and my blood sugars are great was taking metformin 500mg X2 and host of other meds. Cholesterol is blazing 158. I only take Andrew's Products 4-EVER

  117. Consumer Labs…an independent scientific lab….tested several green coffee extracts. They found a modest 3 lb. loss in a month compared to placebo.
    What to believe? Vita Cost had lowest cost. Extracts must contain at least 45 phenols.

  118. I also want to add to my previous comments that Consumer Labs only tested the green coffee bean extract…apparently the wild claims about this weight loss product were from people who also took the raspberry ketone and a colon cleanse.
    The negative on the last two items is that it acts as a diuretic and you lose alot of water similar to the all protein diets. People on meds especially for blood pressure probably should avoid diuretics. Water loss would account for alot of weight loss.

  119. Mr. andrew I never havE seen a so honest fellowmen on TV. your honesty is easy to feel. you speak with your heart, not with dollrs$ signs, I try your product is great do everything you say it does. keep the good work GOD is in your side, do not give up the great gob. in january I START TAKING secure complete meal replacement.(flavors coffee & vanilla) the flavor is out of this world easy to mix and the best part they WORK. Carnislim-250- is the best of the best. it produce fantastic energy the must wonderfull of all of this is that I LOOSE WEIGHT thanks GOD. FOR MR. ANDREW MY PANTS SIZE WAS 40 now 36 4inches & keep loosing eating like mr. Andrew explain drinking alot of water & a lot of vegies & fresh fruits. love to you and your family see you soon in march on hsn ….

  120. Andrew, I couldn't find any other place to put this question. I hope someone sees it and brings it to your attention. I get mailed medical study articles all the time, and today I got this one:
    It sums itself up by saying it's best to not take calcium supplements at all. I'd like to know your viewpoint on this study? Thank you.

  121. THANKS Andrew, I truly believe you are a gift from God! your dedication , commitment, truthfulness & just plain looking out for the lay person blows me away after being w/ you well over 10 yrs. now. I watched you for over a year, before ordering anything & finally got Hair,skin & nails and have never been sorry.I have , still & will continue to learn & take better care of me & my husband. We take 10plus vit & suppl; and I have never felt better , same for my hubby and the knowledge is PRICELESS. We used to roll pennies, especially, when we ran out of coq10, realizing that's why we didn't feel right , but the Lord has blessed us over & over and now we are able to keep ample supply, among all the rest. I so-o-o- miss your Soy Secure bars, though, I understand, I just pray you can figure out a way to do them yourself. I will never give up hope for those and I know I speak for MANY, as well; those were the best bars i've ever tasted , TO THIS DAY!!!! About all the weight loss stuff, God bless you ,on that , also..listen I have been FAT, my whole life, yo yoing all the time up until 2007-8. broke my ankle. Lord, worked it out and helped me make even better eating choices & it is a choice & takes commitment, lost about 70lbs in about a year and w/ his strength, your products& knowledge, and taking it one second @ a time I've kept it off I know this is lengthy, but , this is my 1st computer & letter to you, been wanting to say this for yrs. especially now w/ the weight & all, and what about the whey protein, can you send some info on that for me , I know I need more , but I want to do it correctly.I'm a diabetic, but a1c is 5.3, so that has been like that for a couple yrs. now, ( if it matters about the whey) . Thanks for indulging me , I know I can go on, but keep it up ., we need people like you w/ the gift you've been given, to help us, help ourselves! oh yea, THANKS for the price points , too- w/ all you put to compliment the main product,you help us to be able to maintain our intake correctly- God bless you , friend , …Peace & blessings!

  122. Dear Andrew"
    I have purchased a number of your products through HSN and directly from Procaps. I have both cookbooks now. Great receipes. I would like to know if you and Muriel would consider making frozen foods from your healthy receipes. I know I am not the only one who has to take care of an individual 24/7 who is an invalid. Many people want to eat good qualiity foods but they do not have the time to shop on a continuous basis and time out to cook as well. I know this would be a good thing for a number of people.
    Thank you so much for your consideration. These healthy receipes will help people to lose weight and provide healthy alternatives in eating properly

  123. Dear Andrew,
    I have been a loyal customer of your products for over 13 years! I am a doctor who truly believes in your supplements; and I always enjoy listening to you and all of the work & research that you put into your products. I will be a customer for life. Dr. Oz sold his soul when he became a "celebrity." I am glad you are refuting his claims and others as well. Keep up the great work! I admire your integrity.
    Yours in Health,

  124. Your integrity is a great blessing to those of us who cannot perform research and are desperate for knowledge about health care. Thank you and God bless your research.
    Lenna Lovette

  125. As I was surfing around Procaps Labs, I put "Green Coffee Extract" in the search line, and was immediately directed to an article Andrew posted about this being a worthless weight-loss pill. Can't believe Dr Oz was promoting this on his show. I am a long-time user of his vitamins, and I appreciate Andrews honesty and expertise regarding this issue. Keep up the good work, Andrew!!

  126. Dear Andrew
    I absolutely love your products….and all of the information that you give during your appearances on HSN..i wouldnt miss your presentations ! I feel like i am taking wonderful classes in nutrition each time you are on HSN. Thank you so much for your health.

  127. Kudos to Andrew Lessman…. Responsibility, integrity and ethics in business seem to have died so long ago that consumers have become numb and apathetic to the flagrant and pervasive chicanery in today's global marketplace and advertising (name any industry, name any product), almost as if expecting that that's how things should be. And the purveyors of goods are themselves audacious and unapologetic in their duplicitous dance; it's quite sad and disheartening all around. But ocassionally someone with a properly working moral compass will speak out against such things and I'll get a faintly familiar, warm-fuzzy feeling like the one I used to get back in the 70s when Ralph Nader locked horns with 'big business' – And sometimes that same individual will also possess the knowledge, experience and means to give both credence and platform to his voice, and then I go from warm-fuzzy to F#$%&# Ay!
    Thank you, Mr. Lessman…. Thank you so much for doing the right thing, the responsible thing, and for doing it as well as you do.

  128. ANDREW…You are one of a few honest folks left…Thank you for your courage…WE NEED PEOPLE LIKE YOU You are RARE…Very rare…..

  129. Re: Green Coffee Bean extract. Alas, I was one of the people who ordered a trial sample. I thought Dr.Oz surely would not endorse something that had been well-tested. Wrong. The product said less caffeine than 1/2 cup coffee per capsule. Well, I have 1 cup of caffeine coffee in morning and iced tea in afternoon with no problems.
    The first 2 nights I barely slept…(2 capsules)…the 3rd day I started getting headache and took my blood pressure and it had gone up which is not normal for me. There was very little information on the bottle about adverse effects. Then I went on several sights including Amazon and the customer ratings on these products was barely "3". I am disappointed in Dr. OZ in promoting this especially with only 2 small clinicals being done. Lately he has been endorsing more and more herbal and natural remedies…he should care more about his audience than promoting the product.

  130. !!!THANK YOU!!! ANDREW, I am going to tell everyone I know about this, for the last 2 years I ave been ordering your products from HSN, with great results for me and my husband, keep up the good work your're doing for us.

  131. I recently got a good deal on some other new protein shake mixes. They do not compare to Secure. First, they didn't mix well. Then the regular price was about twice yours. Also theirs was grainy. Also I love your new whey protein powder. I mix it in with Secure to make it less sweet and add more protein. Or I add it to drinks I don't want any sweeter.

  132. Thank you Andrew for setting the record straight. Someone had to say it. I no longer shop with HSN, but I still shop with QVC and I did see this airing. While none of the electronic retailers report the less favorable reviews, they are displayed on the websites. I read the reviews and after doing so decided not to make a purchase of the product. However, I too fell victim to the astounding claims, with no results, so once bitten, twice shy. I guess when you're desperate enough you'll try (almost) anything, but the real truth is that the old tried and true method of a healthy diet and exercise prevails. So, let the buyer beware! Love your products and your integrity Andrew…keep up the good work!

  133. Andrew, I have been a loyal customer for at least 10 years. What sold me on your products was that you manufacture your products in a finely ground form. They have never upset my stomach and I do not have to worry about a solid pill passing through my system. Thank you for keeping your customers informed on the validity of well publicized "cures and claims". You have validated my belief that Dr. Oz often makes claims that have not been thoroughly confirmed to be true. Please keep it up!

  134. I, too, fell victim of the Green Been Coffee pill on QVC. It is nothing more than caffeine in a pill.
    I am interested in your thoughts on Maca & Goji. I attend weekly acupuncture and I was advised to take those 2 products for libido & energy/antioxidants respectively.
    I only take your supplements and have turned many of my family & friends on to your products.
    Thank you,
    Christine S.

  135. i am a true Andrew Lessman follower always bought your vitamins
    now i need a vitamin to boost my low white blood cells

  136. Thank you Andrew for taking the time to inform the public about these weight-loss products. I never thought of looking into the studies to see how much scientific research has been done to support or refute their claims. It's interesting how the vital information is left out of the advertisements! You have to ask what did they intentionally leave unsaid.
    I highly recommend your products to other people because I can feel the effects they make in my body. I have tried many different Health Store brands of vitamins before hearing about yours on HSN or QVC years ago. I regularly purchase your Women Life Rx Complete vitamins and they are by far the most effective vitamins I've ever used. If I don't have them my body tells me their missing. I also love Cholestracare, Omega-3, CoEnzymeQ-10 to name a few others. Love all natural and love your products! Thanks for the integrity of you and your company!

  137. I wish you would continue to inform us ahead of time on your upcoming Today"s Specials by sending out a card or email. That was really good when you have done that in the past. We have been taking your vitamins for 15 plus years now and wouldn't change. "Glucosamine with Chondroitin started the whole thing with me, can't live without them."
    Thank You for doing such a great job.

  138. Wow, I'm amazed at how much everyone totally ignored the very first comment from:
    Mary Jernigan2/5/2013 3:27:30 AM
    "I am getting ready to start hep c treatment for. 6 to 8 months, contracted in military 30 years ago, what vitamins do you recommend I take to make it through this tough treatment?"
    Are we all so overly-involved with ourselves and our weight loss issues/comments/bashes that we can't take time to pay attention to the very first comment, which was actually a sincere request? Not even 1 out of 143…
    So, does Andrew or anyone else have any advice for Mary?

  139. QVC has the same Today's Special Value on again today and I was seriously thinking about ordering. I've been dieting and exercising faithfully for the past 3 months and I'm down 23 pounds, but was interested in this product to speed things up. Before clicking the order button, I decided to see if Andrew had any similar products. I always prefer to order his products because I trust the quality. It was great to see this post and learn the truth. Thanks so much Andrew.
    As for Mary Jernigan's post about vitamins to take….I highly recommend the Women's Complete for mature women. I am 57 years young and I've been taking them for years. The best "test" for their effectiveness is to STOP taking them for a few days and see how your body slows down. I recently got my 83 year old mother started on them and she says she feels so much better and has increased energy. I hope this helps. Mary and best wishes to you on your health journey.

  140. I am interested in understanding the claims regarding 'chia' as helpful in losing weight, detox, & other claims as seen on TV. Is this as good for us as it says??

  141. I have been so confused about the Green Coffee Bean Extract..I saw the Today's Special on QVC and almost fell for it..I talked about it to others.. After watching you again on HSN this weekend..I decided to check your site..
    THANK YOU Andrew..I knew if this was would have researched it for your customers..and I wondered if I missed anything you promoted on HSN..
    You saved me from being 'ripped off' because I was still considering getting it..I don't have money to waste..I am on Social Security with a husband in a nursing home..and need every cent we have..
    Bless you for being HONEST with us..

  142. My doctor told me my sugar is to high,That I am borderline diabetic a friend of my told me green coffee extract lowers sugar so I went out and purchased a bottle of 400MG.Is what my friend told me is it true.I trust your opinion,Thank you.

  143. I watched amost 1/2 hr. long info. about brain health, called COGNIZINE, made by Legacy Labs, (Dr. Walters). The article was supposed to be 7 min. long!! (NOT) I have been taking the PCLiver & Brain packs for years from your company. I thought it wld. be interesting to see if you had all these same prods. in your vitamin caps. I found all but Ancient Reishi (India), GABA, DHA, DMAE, & Korean ? (poss. L Glutamine??) Everything else was in your product. Can you comment on this info?
    I get sooo many vitamins from your company and always highly recomment them to anyone. However, this was the first concern I've had about your product.
    One more concern: I'm 70 yrs. old and I am beyond hot flashes. I now have power surges. So miserable. I've found out that soy causes hot flashes, so I try to cut out soy as much as possible. These power surges are just horrible. I take Black Cohosh about 4/day, but they still come on too often. Anytime I mention anything like this to my Dr., she wants me to take meds that "can cause memory loss," so I refuse them.
    Any help or recommendations you can give will be greatly appreciated!! Keep up the great work!! God bless you in this new year!!

  144. Andrew-
    I agree that the majority of the weight loss ingredients that Dr. Oz claims to be effective are not. I couldn't find any published human clinical studies on Raspberry Ketones and the animal models were weak at best.
    However, I disagree with your Green Coffee Bean assessment. Branded ingredients like Svetol Green Coffee extract do have statistically significant studies behind them and guarantee the amount of Chlorogenic acids. I could use your same argument against the ingredients that are used in your Energy & Fat product. Please post the published, peer reviewed human studies with better controls on Carnitine fumarate or your Green Tea extract that doesn't call out a standard amount of the active EGCG.
    I would be interested in your assessment on Dr. Oz's latest craze Garcinia cambogia, since you used to have it in your weight loss products.
    Dr. Oz makes some ridiculous claims, but there's no need to stretch the truth on branded Green Coffee products, just because they're not in your products.

  145. Thank you so very much Andrew for your honesty about Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Ketone. I was ready to buy this product but if I were to take any supplement it would be yours. I only take your products so when I came to the website and read both your articles I was floored by your statements but I totally believe you over Dr. OZ anyday. Thank you again for having your customer's best interest in mind. GOD Bless your life.

  146. I�m not sure where you are getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more. Thanks for great information I was looking for this information for my mission.

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