Three Important Today’s Specials Start Tonight!

      Maximum Essential Omega-3 on April 14th
      Ultimate Eye Support on April 21st
      Essential-1 Multivitamin on May 5th 

It has been three months since my last HSN visit and I am sorry for the long delay, but we have been very busy creating some great new products and some amazing Today’s Specials.  Tonight we begin at 11 PM Eastern Time and at midnight I introduce a brand new version of my Maximum Essential Omega-3.  Not just one of our most important and popular products – Maximum Essential Omega-3 is also one of our most unique, since it takes all the unpleasantness of fish oils (the ingredient people “love to hate”) and makes them mild and gentle with NO fishy aftertaste or upset stomach.  It is hard to believe, but our Maximum Essential Omega-3 is one of our gentlest supplements and more than 1,000 reviews at over 4.7 Stars clearly confirm that.  Plus, it’s now even easier to swallow, since we were able to reduce the capsule size without reducing potency.  Of course, our Omega-3s are uniquely pure and harvested in the most environmentally responsible fashion.  There is nothing like them anywhere in the world and, for the first time ever, we will be offering a 720 capsule supply with our best pricing ever.  We will introduce this new formula at midnight tonight and there will be only two more airings on Sunday – between 11 AM and 1 PM and again between 9 PM and 11 PM.  I also have some great new research to discuss on the vital role that Omega-3s play in our ability to stave off those undesirable age-related changes in memory, concentration, etc.  We are all aging and the degree to which we can do it gracefully centers around our brain, making Omega-3s a vital part of any serious anti-aging strategy.

Speaking of Omega-3s, we now have available our own environmentally harvested and responsibly sourced Krill Oil product – Maximum Krill Omega-3.  It took us a few years to resolve the technical issues, but the result is the highest quality and most ethically produced Krill Oil in the world.  Best of all, we have eliminated Krill’s fishy aftertaste, which is actually worse than fish oil.  Each capsule also provides a scientifically appropriate potency of environmentally responsibly produced Krill Oil.  Personally, I still take my Maximum Essential Omega-3 every day, but I have recently added a capsule of Maximum Krill Omega-3 daily.  We will have only limited quantity available this week, but it will gradually become more abundant in the coming weeks.

On Sunday April 21st we follow this weekend’s Omega-3 Today’s Special with its perfect partner – Ultimate Eye Support.  It is also the perfect time of year, since warmer weather means more sunshine and more sunlight can mean more damage to the delicate tissues of our eyes.  Together with the DHA from our Omega-3s, the Lutein and Zeaxanthin from our Ultimate Eye Support offer maximum protection to the macular region of the retina.  I will discuss all the latest research on the relationship of these three ingredients (Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Omega-3s) over the next two weekends, since together they comprise, without question, the most important breakthrough in natural eye health in our lifetime.  There is no product more comprehensive and beneficial than our Ultimate Eye Support and over 500 reviews at more than 4.6 Stars confirm that fact.

I have heard your concerns about my reduced airtime and the resulting reduced opportunities to save, so I am making changes.  As a result, I will be back on May 5th with a third Today’s Special on our amazing one-capsule-daily multivitamin – Essential-1.  It is truly a one-of-a-kind multivitamin offering higher potencies of all key nutrients, but always in a small, easy-to-swallow capsule and guaranteed gentle even to the most sensitive stomachs.  The everyday HSN price for Essential-1 is a bargain, but our May 5th Today’s Special will offer our best savings ever.  There is no other one-capsule multivitamin that compares to Essential-1 in terms of potency, purity, affordability, ease of use and gentleness.  I love presenting Essential-1, because it is so totally different and completely solves all the problems with typical multivitamins.

As I said, we have been very busy and you might have noticed our new Whey Protein powder over the past few months.  It has a mild taste and mixes better than any other Whey Protein.  Best of all, it is non-fat, sugar-free and carbohydrate-free.  It has already become a favorite and I am pleased that we have also created a new version of our Secure Complete Meal Replacement using this unique Whey Protein.  For anyone allergic to soy or who prefers whey protein, you can now order our new Secure Whey Meal Replacement in delicious Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee flavors.  It is a little bit more expensive than the soy version, but still extremely affordable.  It is also a bit lower in calories (less than 70 calories per meal) and lower in carbs as well.  I have heard the requests for years, and we finally succeeded in creating our new Secure Whey Meal Replacement.

More than just providing the world’s finest vitamins, we also endeavor to do it responsibly using only solar energy. Plus, for every bottle we deliver, we donate two bottles of prenatal vitamins to a needy mother somewhere in the world.  Of course, I am committed to your wellness and I always welcome your comments and questions, so please watch my Live Web Chat on this Sunday April 14th and next Sunday April 21st at 1:10 PM where I will do my best to answer the questions I have received.  See you this evening at 11 PM Eastern.

Best of Health.


41 thoughts on “Three Important Today’s Specials Start Tonight!”

  1. THANK YOU ANDREW! Looking forward to the new Omega-3's. Almost out of mine so the timing is perfect. I need your Vitamin D's as well. Hope there is special pricing………….

  2. Thank you for the Omega and Krill Oil. I just ran out last week so this is perfect for me. Thanks for all you do and for making high quality vitamins since I just saw a report where > 40% of vitamins tested were not what they claimed to be. Thanks again!

  3. I bought my first supply of vitamins on Andrew's very first show on HSN. Andrew has continued supplying me with my vitamins ever since. I will not purchase from any other company. I can not say enough about the difference Andrew's vitamins make in my daily well being. I am a senior entertainer. It is what I do for a living, averaging 3 to 9 shows a week. Andrew is with me for every performance because his vitamins, along with my healthy diet and positive attitude keeps me young, fit, joyful, and healthy with the ability to compete equally with performers half my age and then some…. Trustworthy is the first word I think of when I think of Andrew Lessmen. He is the best. His vitamins are the best, and the price is the best. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your faithful fan, follower, customer, forever….. Odey

  4. Andrew, Would you be so kind to talk about the herb Berberine to help with blood sugar control? I have read some good articles on it and would definitely like your opinion, which I value highly. Thanks so much!

  5. Thank you for your superior vitamins. They are truly top of the line and I would not take anyone else's. I take so many but one of my favorites is your essential one because it is so comprehensive for a multi vitamin. It has so much packed into one vitamin and i can say if someone is going to take only one pill that is the one to take (but i would have to recommend that someone take 2 pills because one cant forget coq10) I am hoping during your presentations that you spend some time discussing the differences between the omega 3 and the krill omega 3. i have no idea what the differences in these two are so hopefully you can tell us…Thank you Andrew for everything. You are truly an angel for keeping us healthy! 🙂

  6. Hello Andrew. I take many of your supplements — I also eat 8 cups of slightly steamed greens every day of my life (I have a small organic garden and I get 3 harvests) and exercise and am 70 years old. About omega-3: I am always so surprised that you never talk about the relationship between 3s and 6s. They are in competition for the same limited break-down enzyme, as I understand the science. If people move away from the processed foods, meat, dairy, all added fats – they will be getting more omega-3 in the form of ALA — therefore the supplementation to get DHA can be reduced which means a real economic savings esp. for people on fixed incomes.
    I also would like you to address hyaline cartilage and your chondroitin product. Just read an interesting article in Israel21C where they have developed …oh sorry, have just spent 20 minutes trying to find it. I sent it to customer service and asked them to give you the link. I specifically asked them not to reply, just forward it to you. And still they sent me a generic check with your doctor email. Aaarrggh.
    There is no way to send you stuff. I have to go thru customer service and I don't want to go thru customer service. I just want to tell you about amazing peer reviewed studies I come across.

  7. I just ordered your new omega, the Krill… I will be getting the ts as well and take one of each. I hope you'll explain the benefits and difference between them.

  8. Thank you for letting us know the Today's Specials. I have to call some family members as they only
    watch HSN when you are on & order their vitamins. All 3 of the TS are my everyday supplements. Love the Omega 3 & Essential One, but I am almost out of my Ultimate Eye Support. When I compare your Eye Support to any other company's eye products, there just isn't any comparison. They are so far superior, as
    all your vitamins are. I think of that Tina Turner song when I think of your vitamins: "Simply The Best,
    Better Than All The Rest." And that pretty much sums it up!

  9. Andrew – you state the whey protein is sugar free but the ingredients list on your website states 5 grams of sugar is in the product. Please advise.

  10. I, my husband, and our grown children have been taking many, many of your vitamins on a regular basis ever since you first came on the air with HSN, and like them very much.
    However, I've always wondered why you do not include iron in your Essential One – especially for use by my 32 year old daughter – and women in general. Would you please explain this when you are on the air, or better yet, send me an e-mail with your answer in case I should miss your T.V. explanation.
    Thank you for your time.

  11. Andrew,
    I was wondering why you don't add iodine to your multi-vitamins? Do you plan on adding this important nutrient in the future?
    Love your vitamins!

  12. Please make a vegan protein powder. There are some out there for example made of pea powder. Also a vegetarian omega product please. Thanks.

  13. Hi Andrew, Which of your supplements provide the highest levels of turmeric? Also, I am a vegetarian and would love a supplement that provides the benefits of omega without using fish. Is that possible?

  14. Do you think you will ever use Stevia in your Secure products? If not, would you consider making Secure without any sweetener?

  15. Just love your vitamins and I take alot.When I have to give my grown kids gifts I sent them your vitamins.And they love it so "Thank you from all of us"

  16. Yes, I would like an omega-3 that has adequate epa and dha that is not fish. There are algal omega-3s out there; Thorne is the brand I have heard is very good but quite pricey. $65 for 90 capsules.

  17. Glad to see the new Krill Omega 3 product. I hope to see it as the TS in the very near future. Please. Give your customers the choice of your regular Omega 3 or your new Krill Omega 3 as the TS. It would really be appreciated. Thx

  18. I appreciate the whey in place of the soy. Many of us cannot do soy for health reasons. Mine, because of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. I am also patiently waiting, as a vegan, for an omega 3 that is fish free. I know you can do it! Meantime, I will purchase the TS for other members of my family who eat a little meat.
    My shelves are filled with your vitamins. I am a believer, and still hold out hope for us vegans.

  19. Andrew
    I have been taking as store brand fish oil for a long time. My doctor said my bad cholesterol is high and suggests i stop the fish oil because it could be bringing it up. My cholesterol is 217. My triglicerides are good. What are your thoughts? I take many of your products and enjoy the knowledge you share
    Would love to puchase your todays's special

  20. Andrew, may I take your Vitamin C-500 Complex while taking a statin?
    The favor of a reply would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

  21. Thank you for your dedication to produce only quality vitamin supplements. You are very much appreciated and smiled upon by many.

  22. Great news that you have produced a whey version of Secure. I'm sure it will prove to be most popular. I am an "aging exjock" at age 50 and have been using ON's version of 100% Gold Standard Whey, but am looking forward to giving your product a try. I have been a faithful customer of your Max Essential Omega 3's and the Essential 1 and recommend each highly. Oh……by the way, how in the devil to I find you webcast. I tried the page and found no link. Hope thats remedied before next Sunday's edition. Many thanks Andrew.

  23. Andrew, I too am interested in more info. on Iodine. Can you spend some time telling us what YOUuuu think. Your thoughts are very important to us.

  24. Hello Mr. Lessman,
    Just want to thank you for your dedication and passion to make the best supplements in the world. Over 30 years ago when I had my children, I did a lot of research with Shackly, (spelling) Herbal Life, Amway and a few other ones. None compare to yours. I have been using them for a few years now. I got my sister to us them, as well as my children and my 89 year old Mom.
    I take the Elite Womens formula, plus about 15 of your other wonderful supplements .
    My question to you is how do I know I am getting the right amount of each, or that I'm taking to much. Maybe I need a consultation with one of your techs?
    Any suggestions?????
    Leddie from Chicago

  25. I love your vitamins, I have a tight budget so I only buy what I think, and listening to, the most important ones. I was happy you had the omega 3 for your special. What age would you recommend to start taking the omega 3? My grandson is 16, is he to young to start taking them? Thank you .

  26. We Love your vitamins….what can be given to a dog….what do you give your dog? Thank You for everything you do.

  27. Dear Andrew,
    You are my Vitamin Angel, I love your products and have made a big difference in our life and many friends life.
    I have referred your vitamins to alot of my friends,family and patients at work when they ask me about my hair and how doI so much energy in the early morning @ 4:30a and when co workers ask how do I so much spring in my walk, how they never hear my complain about being tired. I tell them it's your vitamins that helped me. Now they order your supplements and they're happy with them.
    Thank You Andrew,
    You'll alway be my vitamin Angel.
    Helen from Burbank,Ca

  28. Hi Andrew,
    Great to see you with three Today's Special. Unfortunately I Missed The first one with The Omega's. I have quite a few left over though to get me through for awhile. I love the Secure Shakes, and The Essential-1 vitamin too. Do you ever think you will come up with some Iron for that vitamin? It would be nice!! I go to surgery and my Hemoglobin is good. I come out of surgery and the first thing I see is they are giving me 2 units of blood??? So, being I worked on Hematology before, I don't want to be the one getting the blood.
    Thanks Andrew, Your the best!!

  29. I am hoping Andrew will talk this weekend (during his shows) about the delayed shipments of the 720 capsules Maximum Essential Omega 3 Today's Special from Sunday. I received two "product shortage" e-mails this morning and will be VERY disappointed if my two bottles are cancelled. Customers wait for the once-per-year Today's Special pricing and feel that price should be honored at all costs. I ordered my two bottles Sunday morning and am surprised on the delay and possible cancellation. Andrew is always fair and has great products…hoping all this works out for us loyal customers.

  30. any chance of a hyaluraonic acid product in the future – I know it's a large molecule making an absorbable form difficult – some claim to have done this – but wouldn't trust any other brand to actually have accomplished what they claim. Thanks

  31. Thank You for listing your Today Special on this blog, it gives me a advance notice to ordering what I need to reorder. I try to get enough on your Today Specials to last me and my husband to the next year when you have another for the vitamins that we use. Thank You. Keep them coming. Great Job.

  32. I ordered Digest Assure 180 cap in January 2013 from HSN. The exp date had July 30, 2013, on bottom the #1657989594691229 I think. Why a short exp date. A year would be nice. Please help. Thank you so much.
    You are the best & I want to thank you for your dedication and passion for making the best supplements.

  33. Andrew i love your products and take many of them as i am very proactive about my health. I also give some of the supplements i take , omega, MSM, glucosamine chondrotin, probiotics and COQ10 for my doggies, there are many more i take i dont share those particular ones i know for a fact are safe for animals. I have been taking you for more than 10 years my first purchase was when you used to make the glucosamine and chondrotin for dogs, which was the same ingredients as the people i am hooked. If you can please do a blog about some other supplements you have that also may help furbabies

  34. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be actually something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

  35. Wow, marvelous blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is great, let alone the content!

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