29 thoughts on “
Andrew Shares the Frightening Facts
about Vitamin Gummies

  1. Does your B vitamins hard to digest,. I.e. Burps ???
    I,m not taking anything daily + need to buy a good multi but have trouble taking pills.

    1. I agree with the sugar aspect of gummies. I’ve been fortunate that with all the vitamins I have gotten from Lessman – they have been great. I’ll continue to purchase regular vitamins vs sugar tabs.

    2. I take between 12 to 20 or more cap’s of Andrew Lessman’s vitamins Per day. I put all but a few ( multivitamin ,ginseng+ ginger, circulation+ vien and friendly Flora ) into my a 32 oz. Nutrabullet container in the morning then I drink half @ breakfast with added protein powder or Andrew’ s meal replacement, the other 16 oz ‘ s I have half with lunch and dinner. I usually put a little on and or real fruit to make a delicious vit. Packed alternative to soda that goes great with my meals. I try to buy all the today’s special. Please put out a List for 12 to 18 mounths with your today’s specials so people can better plan there shopping needs. God bless you and yours.

  2. Excellent post. When I first saw the title of this blog post, I thought Andrew was offering Gummy Vitamins and I was thinking – nnnnnooooooooo.
    Glad to hear you are not.

  3. I am a long time user of your vitamins,they are the best on the market. I agree with your opinion about gummie vitamins. Would like to share your video’s on fb.

  4. Honest an knowledgeable as always! Just fantastic as his products!
    I think that I heard that animal vitamins are coming. Is that true?

  5. Thank you, Andrew! I have seen the gradual proliferation of these gummies recently for various conditions. I shied away from one really strong recommendation when I realized how, aside from anything else, they probably stick to your teeth! Anyone paid for dental work recently?


  6. i understand your point about gummies and sugar, but there are many people who cannot swallow tablets or even capsules! My sister is a perfect example of that. She goes through all kinds of anxiousness before swallowing one vitamin capsule. She cannot even deal with tablets. So, in those cases, is it better to have a little bit of sugar and get some nutrients or totally avoid taking any supplements? that is the question. I agree with you. People do eat sugar. Putting some vitamins/nutrients might offset some of the negativity of that sugar.


    2. I was once told by a lovely telephone representative at Andrew’s lab that “most” of his products can be opened and mixed with food if necessary — that is, for those who have trouble swallowing other than very small capsules. Perhaps that would be of help with your sister or maybe Andrew would be kind enough to comment on this. ANDREW: what do you think?

    1. Yep people are strange and gullible. There are no quick fixes and magic products for anything in this ‘realm’!!

  7. Thank you Andrew for that vital information. I have been giving samples of gummies at one of my grocery stores and always wondered why were these vitamins in gummy sweets. Well now you have answered my question. Thank you again for the knowledge. I will continue taking all 8 of your vitamins.

    1. Absolutely believable. All about control as are many things sadly. Not to mention what we are being fed and breathe and drink, etc.

  8. Andrew I commend you for addressing the topic on gummies & I couldn’t agree with you more! Marketing ridiculousness for the almighty buck. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ????

  9. Andrew , I commend you for addressing the topic on gummies & I couldn’t agree with you more! Marketing ridiculousness for the almighty buck. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ????

  10. I was interested in what your blog about gummies was–I totally think it’s a no brainner about not taking gummies–like you said it is almost treating us adults like children–is that the only way an adult has to take a vitamin?–also like you said your capsules can be opened and the contents be added to food/drink etc. so there should not be a problem taking your capsules–ALSO–I LOVE that picture of you in that blue shirt out in the desert walking around the rocks etc.–you look like you are soo free!–I wish that was me!–stay well Andrew–mary nj

  11. i think the sugar comes from high fru corn syrup..which has been band in canada and europe..not usa..i love andrew vitamins..i am 82 yrs old..take no meds.. ..feel great..

  12. Dear Andrew,
    Oh dear me! I am in trouble now. Kyle sent me your “gummy review” and I really appreciate the education. I thought It was marginally good to have a meal of gummy vitamins but when I started looking forward to eating them at night before bedtime I realized that I was making a mistake. Your heads up is so very valuable!!!
    Gail Folloder

  13. The company I work for makes a sugar free multivitamin & CBD gummy. You don’t need to use sugar.

    I just think of it as an alternate delivery system compared to capsules.

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