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  1. I have been purchasing your products for 20 years and admire and respect you greatly. You are my “go to” person for all information about supplements. Your statement in this blog, meant I am sure as merely an aside, was “that politically you are usually conservative”. This confuses me, as the Conservatives deny climate change and care nothing for the planet. This will never effect my commitment to you, and everyone is entitled to their politics; however, it not only confuses me but saddens me. Hopefully, I misunderstood you or took it out of context.

    1. Hello. I just had to respond to your post for myself. Obviously I can’t speak for Andrew or anyone else. Keep in mind if he said he is “usually” conservative. I believe if anyone were being honest they would not be able to say that they 100% blindly adhere to the beliefs of one side or another, at least I would hope not. Also to say that conservatives don’t care about the planet or climate change would be a false statement. Not trying to pin that label on Andrew, but honestly, have you seen the solar panels that run Pro Caps Labs? I wholeheartedly consider myself to be a conservative, but I can and do disagree at times with things that I see individuals in this group doing, and I won’t stick with it just to be against the other side. Let’s keep our individualism and not trap ourselves in one box or another.

      1. I have been using Andrews vitamins for over 30 yrs. now even though my primary doctor said I could purchase them much less expensive from other places. I never ever changed and never will as I am going on 83 this Friday the 7th and will continue to use all of Andrews vitamins and supplements, I truly believe that he knows more and delivers the very very best information that can help all of us out without raising prices and adds all the scientific information to us.
        The p.s.my doctor did say all her older patient should be as healthy as me. What more can I say?

        1. That Dr cannot find this quality of vitamins/supplements with NO fillers at a better price when on sale.

          It is very commendable your Dr wants to help save you $$ but have you shown him/her the labels and the prices on sale?

      2. What are you trying to say about the photovoltaic panels? I’m a little confused about your point on that. It uses the sun to run his electricity. So it saves money.

    2. Are you serious lady !!! You’re questioning his political stand ??!!
      First, it’s not so conservatives don’t care about climate change, the earth, etc !! We just don’t find the need to scream, yell and act like an idiot about it !!! We donate more money to such causes than the left !!! You hope he did’nt mean he’s a conservative and who are you to ask or judge anyone if they are or are’nt ?? Shame on you for replying to his wonderful video with your reply !!! Now it was my turn to reply to yours, Andrew is great no matter a conservative thinker or a looney left thinker ” like you” obviously !! You asked for this reply, Andrew DID NOT !!!

      1. Quite right. Mainstream nonsense has some reacting and making assumptions right away to only one meaning of a word. Dig deeper before falling for flawed and cheap talk and then labeling others with it.
        Great work Andrew!

    3. Get a life Lynn M! If you do every single thing based on politics, am SAD for you! I don’t believe one bit in climate change but I will still follow Andrew and buy his products! These products are simply the best out there!

    4. I, like you, Lynne M, have been relying on Andrew’s supplements for many years, and trust his knowledge and his ability to convey that knowledge and understanding to me. I, also like you, am stunned and confused by the comment he made in this blog, i.e., “that politically, you are usually conservative”. How can that be…for the reasons you stated, which I will not repeat? Your comments were kindly made and with concern — unlike one other responder here — and they expressed my sentiments exactly; I only wish I had made them myself.

    5. Some people are from the left and some from the right. All a matter of a persons decision where they want to be and do not feel your comment was needed, We are talking vitamins and not who u are for politically, Do that when u VOTE.

    6. Dear Lynn M. I feel you do not understand true conservatives, and have gotten your information from politically motivated sources. I am a conservative, I have a solar powered house, recycle all things possible. I conserve water, I grow organic gardens. I do not deny climate change, just question politically and financially greedy motivated ideas about our wonderful planet. Webster defines conserve as: to keep from being damaged, lost or wasted. I do not want our planet to be damaged, our faith (however we express it) to be lost nor life (whether unborn or aged ) to be wasted. I want to protect our borders to prevent damage to our way of life and our freedoms as provided by our constitution. I welcome with open arms immigrants who enter our country legally with honorable intentions, as my ancestors did. Please get to know some true conservatives, you might be surprised.

    7. That is plain BS to say conservatives don’t care about the planet. You really don’t want to get me started about what the liberals don’t care about.

  2. Thank you for the invaluable information Andrew. I trust what you have to say and appreciate your concern for value and the environment.

  3. Andrew – Great presentation! Hype previously was if you were over 40 your body could absorb Ubiquinol better than Ubiquinone. Must just be hype based on your presentation. I will be switching to Ubiquinone. Thank you. You always explain things so well and have good backup information!

  4. Andrew — Re Krill Oil, had to stop using fish oil due to an allergic reaction. Was happy when I found krill oil. What is your suggestion going forward? And what is a product with axtazanthan (sp?) Please advise. I appreciate your comments and suggestions.


  6. An aside….can u make fermented beet powder….seems to b a hot topic….plzzz..
    Also would u consider adding stevia to your meal replacement shakes vs sucralose? I hate sucralose and aspartame…. Lastly….I would love if I would sell supplements in powder form. I would add to smoothies…as I do not like to take around 17 pills. Additionally…they would probably b less expensive…. Xoxo

  7. You can have some traditional conservative values and some traditional liberal values at the same time! I realize that most people would not understand this as they have been dumbed down and politically radicalized to the left or the right. Thankfully some of us still have some brain cells, Thank you Andrew for all your vitamins, in your videos you look great and are a great example for your company.

  8. Thats why I said most people have been dumbed down and politically radicalized they see everything in life as politics even Andrews vitamin information. They are professional protesters and can’t wait to complain and put a label on someone and I believe I found one of the reasons why in this link. [link removed]

  9. Even better, order online. Piece of cake! My first order was from HSN but have made all subsequent orders from his website.

  10. Thank you, Andrew! You always explain things in a way that everyone can understand! I appreciate your dedication to providing excellent quality products at a reasonable price! I have the utmost trust and confidence in you and your supplements!

  11. Is it true that when over 30 or so you should only take one type of Co-Q-10 for better absortion? I use your Co-Q10 200, but I am 59. Should I ubiquinol?

  12. What about MAX -Q 10
    It has Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone 200 mg
    Black Pepper Extract 95%piperine
    What do you think about this?

  13. Thank you so much Andrew for your wisdom and your guidance. Witnessing your dedication and commitment to your vitamins and supplements is so greatly appreciated. You have been instrumental in my journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Your supplements have made a huge difference in my overall health. God Bless You!

  14. I may be wrong but doubt it. America is the land of the free and it is None of any of our business what someone is. He is an honest good person. You like his products, good, then leave his personal and political life alone. I personally am just concerned about his products and his knowledge in how they will help me. I’ve used his products for 20 years, healthy and on no prescription medication and I am 73 and still working. You all need to lighten up. Enjoy life, take a deep breath and smell the roses. Take a pill. Lol

  15. Andrew,
    I have been using only your vitamins for 20 years. I recently had an order with the Labs. I had to deal with your customer rep. I was far from pleased. How can I speak to you? I do not want to put the details here.
    Will you speak to me please?
    Ellen McConnell

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