Latest Vitamin Bashing…Consider the Source of the So-Called “Science.”




The results of a recently released, severely flawed observational study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, (a well-known, pharmaceutical-backed publication that is equally well-known for its supplement bashing articles) titled “Dietary Supplements and Mortality Rate in Older Women” uses both bad science and questionable methods to derive the ridiculous conclusion that dietary supplements, overall, are not helpful for increasing longevity in older women. Of course, this is contrary to a wide body of established, reputable science and research. Without getting too technical, the key thing to remember, when looking at observational studies, is that the results do not prove cause and effect, but only associations. For example, umbrellas are associated with rainy days, but umbrellas do not cause rain. This study tells us nothing about what effect dietary supplements have on longevity, which is contrary to what the media would have you believe. This study did not use original data and instead used decades old, self-reported data from questionnaires and, contrary to the sensationalized news reports, the study did not show that multivitamin supplementation causes an increase in mortality. Press releases and sensational news headlines that state otherwise are grossly misinterpreting the findings of this flawed study and are doing so only to stir up controversy and to increase viewers and readers. Unfortunately, sensational and misleading articles, whose sole purpose is to create controversy and confusion, often lead people away from safe and effective supplements of essential nutrients that have been shown to benefit overall health and improve quality of life. It is irrefutable that vitamins and minerals are an essential component of a healthy diet and lifestyle and that most of us simply do not get adequate levels of these required nutrients by diet alone, therefore making dietary supplementation really the only reliable way of ensuring adequate nutrition. Sadly, articles like this with no real science undermine all the wonderful and reliable research and science on nutrients like vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin C, Calcium and all the other essential nutrients we require, but do not adequately consume from our diet. It is unfortunate that the providers of news do so little investigation of what they report beyond its being controversial and “newsy” and, therefore, effective at bringing an audience.

Best of Health.


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  1. I agree with you. We are in the minority. Americans are lazy and live in denial mostly about their health. Eating way too much sugar and caffeine. Also alcohol and tobacco abuse. It boils down to absorption or mal-absorption. Your probiotic, Friendly Flora changed my life, and now my mother is using one from another company, but, it is working. My mom has used vitamins for many years, her good results came only recently when she added a probiotic. She will be 70 in a matter of weeks. If we are healthier as a whole, the doctors and medical community lose out on much needed income. We each have to educate ourselves and do the right things for our bodies or WE lose…our lives <3 I quit eating sugar and my triglycerides went down to normal…live and learn, learn and live better <3 <3 <3

  2. Thank you Andrew for this update as I was one who started to get nervous over this news flash. I spend over a thousand dollars every three months on your products and take 45 vitamins a day so I have a big investment in your line and it was okay because its my health. when this news came out I was a very nervous about taking anymore vitamins. Now I feel at ease and trust in your word over someone who doesn't do the right studies.

  3. Since I have been taking Andrews supplements I feel so much better. Both physically & emotionally. I'm so happy to have found him & his products. My whole familly has seen the difference in me In no way am I worried that the suppliments will harm me in any way.

  4. I'm thinking the people who actually believe such vitamin bashing, are not liking themselves enough to care…so sad.
    Thank you for the passion and sharing of yourself you give to so many.
    Love your products.
    Sue Hoeffner

  5. Andrew, leave it up to you to keep us updated. 🙂
    While I do sometimes think I will go almost broke buying your supplements, I could not imagine taking anyone elses.
    I do not believe any of that crap for a minute. I think anyone with any kinda of common since will know how ridiculous that is.
    I appreciate your Today Specials and free shipping to help with pricing. I try to get as much as I can and do take many.
    If you could ever do flex pay on your website that would be great! 🙂
    Look forward to your HSN shows even though you won't be there.

  6. Andrew Lessman truly educate us worthily and wholesome regarding the essential benefits of procaps pure-natures vitamins supplementation for guality of health. Health is truly the divinely-bless gift of life it is so priceless and so precious treasures. The wisdom to listen about the roles and functios the vitaminbs for our health as anti-oxidation, anti-aging ia superb and enlightening. Andrew Lessman is our genuine loving-caring friend to wholesome quality of health.

  7. Also could you please research/comment on if there really are dangers of taking soy with breast cancer. Some say you should not take it at all. Even if you never had breast cancer. I know it's in your Women's Wellness, etc. and would like to know what you think on this matter. Thanks.

  8. Andrew,
    Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you get well soon. I love your products and bought 12 of them tonight and thats not all i use. I tried using vitamins from other brands and they just didn't have the same effects. I have been using your products for years and use more every year. I will continue to do so for many more years. Get better soon. Looking forward to seeing you on the next show.

  9. Hello Andrew
    My wife and I are firm believers of vitamins and supplements. We take a variety of your supplements on an ongoing basis.I want to know do you do comparisons of other products available in the market place. I was using Nature's Code multivitamin packets(from QVC)for Men and Women over 50 and saw my cholesterol levels lower and my Doctor commented that whatever I was doing, keep on doing it. But my only concern was that these vitamin and minerals were not so gentle on my stomach. I'd like to switch to your product but would like to have your objective opinion on Nature's Code multivitamin and mineral packet for Men & Women over 50. Is this a possibilty? Let me know. Thank you.

  10. I feel much better physically and mentally when I take your high quality vitamins. When I didnt take vitamins, my HDL was extremely low. Now its over 90 and I dont need statins! Who's going to me vitamins dont work now?? Way to go Andrew. You ARE the BEST.

  11. andrew i find it interesting that you are so quick to criticize the actions of others that you find disingenous, yet you fail to address very legitimate concerns about your own actions which have been raised by your customers just a couple of blog posts back. you have confused and disappointed many of your loyal customers with your slickest new 'Today's Special', a cheapened up version of CoQ10. a subset of your customers feel justifiably skeptical about your sudden revelation that TruQ10 is not worth the money, after you and your HSN hosts have pushed this expensive ingredient for years. are you ducking the issue? please address andrew, your credibility is truly on the line here.
    thank you,
    jim d

  12. Even though we still purchased your CoQ10 200 the other day, we surely would like you to (ANSWER) and clarify the above statements made by JIM DISKIN.
    We are owed an honest explanation Andrew!
    Thank you

  13. Andrew I commend you for your continued endless passion driven determination to test, creat and make available a large variety of supplements to enable people to have a better quality of life during these difficul times.
    I have crohns disease and I am not able to take many medications as other people can take; therefore, I am at the mercy of being experimented on consistently. Not a day goes by that I dread waking up in the morning. My day consists of what happens to me that morning will limit what I am able to do that day.
    My medications vary since what works for me today won't work for me tomorrow. I have learned to live with what my body tells me and I have managed to work for 20 plus years (I worked for the U. S. Food and Drug Administration), have two children and make every attempt to be like everyone else.
    I called your telephone number today and talked to one of the kindest woman I have talked to in a long time (my compliments to working staff).
    As you have to remain "not as active as you would like to be" you now have time to reflect or "stop and smell the roses" that you have acquired what many people would like to accomplish in a life time in a fraction of yours.
    I, too, had a job that as passionate about as you are and it was taken away from me when I went to work one day and the elevator doors closed on me; which lead to a neck fusion and the closure of my career. I went into the work place disabled (crohns) and left the work place permanently disabled.
    Maybe there are other things you can start working on mentally that you have been putting off. You will be given second chance to continue your passion.
    I started taking your CoQ10 with TruQ10, Circulation & Vein Support and Calcium-Magnesium last year.
    Guess what my swelling of my ankles are gone, I have more energy and my blood work has come back better then the last 62 years. These are facts not generalize statics from the media.
    I again ordered your two Today's Specials and continue to do so. I also order them for my daughter.
    I have ordered four more of your products and will continue to add them to my regimen of meds daily (slowly) to see if they will work for me. Also, I have been taken off of some of the drugs that I taking before I started to take your products.
    Please offer your pre-natal vitamins on your website soon.
    Also, maybe there is something your might be able to provide consumers with to "stop smoking".
    Remember, Andrew, I did work for the FDA.

  14. Please make a Vegetarian version of Omega 3's.
    Currently Culturelle is making a version, but I would trust buying it from you instead.

  15. I was kinda wondering that. Why do you not offer a prenatal vitamin on your website (for those you can get them) along with your donations. (for those who can't)?

  16. I was so angry when I heard that report on our news station here in Pittsburgh. I wrote an email to the station..and also posted on facebook about this bad study. What it all boils down to is this: What pharmaceutical companies can't control they attack.

  17. Hi, Andrew,
    I am so glad you commented on the recent news that vitamin supplementation can raise the morbitity rate of older women. I am relieved that you have debunked the false findings and news coverage. I am a long-time (since your early days on QVC), avid user of a wide range of your vitamins & love to watch and listen to your explanations of vitamins when you have your HSN shows. I have learned over the years that the QUALITY of the ingredients in various vitamins greatly affects the beneficiality (or danger on the opposite end of the spectrum) of those vitamins. For example, I am thinking of your discussions on different forms of Vitamin E and Omega 3. Before you made your comments above, I just KNEW you would be commenting and that you would explain why none of should panic from what we were hearing on general TV news shows about the dangers of vitamins. I suspect the statement above is much abbreviated from the pages of information you could give us as to why that most recent report is flawed. On another issue, I do wish you could delve into more of the positive science behind the vitamins you do sell. It seems to me that you are not giving us quite the detail you used to on the various benefits of whatever you are selling on TV. Is this truncation of discussion a legal issue? Anyway, Andrew , thank you for the honest science you do pass on. I feel preventative measures of taking supplementations helps me stay healthy as I age and keeps me away from doctors and hospitals more than if I did not supplement.

  18. Just another word….Hope you are recovering nicely from that bicycle accident. I thought it worked quite well–for this time only I pray– to have you calling into HSN on a direct feed line with your picture shown. BTW…I did purchase the Co-Q10 Today's Special Value. I do still have some of the Co-Q Tru 10–which you & HSN so enthusiatically sold in the past. I saw the negative comments above. I have to admit we, the public, put so much trust in whatever you say, that it is difficult to do an "about-face" on the superiority of Tru 10. I remember when you first introduced it and you and your hosts at HSN were really distinguishing how important this break through was with Tru 10. To back off on that enthusiasm for Tru 10 saying that the majority of research was and is on regular Co-Q 10, leads me to conclude your past enthusiasm over Tru 10 was slightly disingenuous (spelling). That you, in the past, were not completely honest with the public regarding Tru 10 and its scientific efficacy above normal Co-Q 10 HURTS YOU TO THE CORE, I am sure. However, I also feel you want to be totally honest with the public. You want people to be honest with you. I do not know how you are going to "recover" from this "about-face" on Co-Q 10 and Tru 10 but we out here among your most ardent "fans" want you to address this issue more. Were you just out for profits before when you so ardently sold Tru 10? I want to believe you are totally above board on all your salesperson techniques, but, sadly, I too, feel there is a gap here that was not closed in your most recent explanation of 5 times the price for Tru-10 now and that the scientific research we are now being told was not on Tru 10 but only Co-Q. You do owe your viewing/buying audience more information on this issue. Thank you, Andrew, we do so much like you…"admire, respect, even love" you. I hope you will answer my doubts and those of others on this issue in this blog. Thank you, Andrew, for reading all your bloggers.

  19. Please make an ashwagandha product. I know you have it as an ingredient in several of your product, but I would like to be able to take it by itself. Please talk about this product on a future show. Thanks.

  20. Have you considered making a product similar to Thieves essential oil? I have heard of the benefits of their products?


  22. This is my personal, and private experience I am sharing with you.I have been taking AL supplements for many years now, and now in my 50's, same age as Andrew, I am having numerous health issues , and the supplements make no difference in my health. When I read how wonderful people are feeling, I am not denying their experiences, but I know how I am feeling. I am getting worse over time.I am cutting way back on my purchases , as supplements are not making me feel one bit better, and cost alot of money.There may be some truth in the theory of supplements not being so beneficial after all.I am taking it all with a grain of salt now, sifting through the so-called "facts".

    P@ I have the same question as you about the CoQ10, I would not hold my breath waiting for an answer.It seems to be all about the sales now, and not what I originally thought it to be.

  23. I agree with Jim and LizAnne, your credibility is at stake concerning the COQ10/TRUQ10. YOu and the host have emphasised that both components are needed to propertly absorb the product. Now you are saying we don't need the TRUQ10. Please explain.

  24. I would also like to know about the belly fat connection, and Safflower Oil products? I do not need to lose weight, but maintain what I have , BUT I do have belly fat that does not budge.I saw a show on Doctor Oz about this today.Belly fat increases stroke and heart disease risk. I am wondering if you will offer a product like this? I am also wondering if you will reveal in advance, your TS's on HSN? I need to plan on what I am getting this visit.Thanks.

  25. Dear Andrew,

    I may be in the minority of posters here, but I sure thought you were quite intellectually honest in explaining your change of position on truQ10 vs. coQ10. Sometimes a fresh look at the research over time will cause a discerning person to come to a different conclusion. This is the norm in science. I'm sorry to see how many people didn't like the conclusion. I think that's all it is. Things change— research changes, minds change. Your credibility is definitely intact from where I sit. Thanks again for the great supplements and the blogs.

    I hope someday you will make a coq10 supplement for dogs, an antioxidant blend or just a really decent multi. I think there's a need for some high quality veterinary supplements, too many dogs are dying of cancer. I frequent a university vet hospital and oncology is a very busy department. The dogs are dying sooner than they should. Thanks Andrew, Happy New Year!

  26. I don't understand why the ultimate complete multivitamins were discontinued and now what is being offered is half of the protocol before. Does this have anything to do with a change in research for over supplementation. I really wish you would post something on your website explaining why something we have taken for such a price has been discontinued and not for an upgrade but a downgrade.

  27. Hello and thank you for your vitamins! I love taking many of them. I am a new mom and I am wondering if I can continue taking your vitamins? I take your Omega, General Vitamin and the CoQ10. I love them and would like to continue. I was considering the IronPlus too, but I wasn't sure if this was safe for the baby?

  28. Hi, I just found you because I was looking for information on gelatin verses vegetable capsuls. Thank you for discussing that. Since gelatin caps are cheaper and better for us, why are supplement companies promoting :veggie caps " like they are a plus ? Are they just counting on people assuming they are better ? Guess so. I also am researching products to help with hunger, energy, and weightloss. Would you send me what you have on Hoodia, Garcinia Cambogia, green tea, and what you think is the best company making these supplements. Also do you have any information on Plexus Slim. I am reading a lot of great testimonies about this company and product. Thank you !

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