Three Consecutive Weekends in January with Three Great Today’s Specials!

I am so sorry for not writing this blog sooner, but the holidays have a way of being not just distracting, but almost overwhelming.  Between all the normal wonderful craziness of the holidays, I also wanted to spend a lot of time making sure that this year’s shows are the best ever and I think we have succeeded.  I am confident you will agree.
Plus, this year we will be doing something different.  Rather than my usual four days of shows that start on Thursday evening and run through Sunday, we will have three short weekends that commence on Saturday evening with a Today’s Special all day Sunday.  We begin on Saturday January 7th at 11 PM ET and continue throughout the day on Sunday the 8th.  We will then return on Saturday January 14th at 11 PM ET and continue throughout the day on Sunday the 15th.  Our last January shows commence on Saturday January 21st at 11 PM ET and continue throughout the day on Sunday the 22nd.  This last weekend will be broadcast live from our factory in Henderson, Nevada, so you can see exactly where all your vitamins are made.  Of course, ALL my products will have Special New Year’s pricing with FREE shipping on everything!  We will also have three very special Today’s Specials on each of these three weekends that I will briefly outline below.
It is not easy to continue to offer ever-improving versions of your favorite products at better values year after year, but I think we have done it again.  Our Secure Complete Meal Replacement offers the lowest calorie, best tasting opportunity to embrace the proven weight-loss benefits of a protein-rich, nutritious, delicious meal replacement.  There will be four options to choose from beginning at 20 Meals and going up to 200 Meals.  Even the smallest size is less than $1 per meal and the largest size far less.  Plus, the 50 Meal, 100 Meal and 200 Meal options all come with an equal quantity of our CarniSlim-250, which provides Carnitine – by far the most important molecule in fat burning metabolism.  Also, the 200 Meal size can be all one flavor (chocolate, vanilla or coffee) or any combination of two flavors.  As an added bonus, the 200 Meal size also comes with a copy of a cookbook that my friend Muriel and I created that includes 25 of my favorite soups.  I have received requests to do a cookbook for many years and an enormous amount of effort went into preparing and creating this book.  I hope you enjoy it and I know it will help you eat healthier.  We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.  By the way, it really does contain soups that I have relied on for wellness and weight-loss for decades.  Just as a reminder, our Secure Complete Meal Replacement contains 26 vitamins and minerals and is also low in fat, low in carbs, low in sodium and contains zero cholesterol, zero saturated fat and zero trans fat.  It contains less than 8 grams of carbohydrate per meal for those watching carbs and is barely 70 calories per serving.  I have still never found another meal replacement that comes close to our combination of ultra-low calories, great taste, high quality protein, high levels of vitamins and minerals and yet ours is a fraction of their cost!  There is truly nothing like it in terms of quality, taste and most importantly – affordability!
Next up are everyone’s favorites:  Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy Legs or Energy and Fat Metabolism Factors.  You can purchase them separately at our best pricing ever, or enjoy even greater savings buying them as part of a bundle.  There are even two choices of sizes of bundles – Economy or Ultra-Economy.  There are more than 1,000 combined reviews for these two remarkable products and almost 80% of those reviews are a perfect 5 stars and approximately 90% are 4 or perfect 5 stars.  Of course, nothing speaks more clearly about a product than reviews by those who use it and with those amazing numbers, it is safe to conclude that you will not be disappointed. In short, these products do not disappoint.
Our last January broadcast, which will be live from our solar-powered factory in Henderson, Nevada, will have as its Today’s Special our Resveratrol-100 combined with Pomegranate 40:40.  Of course, it will be at best pricing ever and there is even more great research to discuss, since it would be difficult to find two natural ingredients that receive more coverage by researchers or in the media than these two ingredients and you will get to enjoy both of them for a price below what you would expect to pay for either on its own.  You can try this product with confidence, since both our Resveratrol and our Pomegranate products possess hundreds of combined reviews with an exceptional average rating of 4.5 out of a perfect 5 stars.
Best of all, throughout all three of these quick weekend visits we will have more time to discuss an even greater array of different products and of course, all these products will be at Special Pricing and with FREE shipping and handling.
I hope you will enjoy the new format. 
Best of health.


In response to questions raised by a few folks regarding Secure and Soy:


I am pleased that so many folks are eager to receive their Secure Meal Replacements at this weekend’s Today’s Special pricing and I have also read with interest some of the comments and questions posted about this product and I will try to respond briefly below in the short time I have before my shows this weekend.  I know that many of these questions result from abundant misinformation about soy, but this matter reminds me that I can never please everyone all the time, but it is a lesson I struggle to learn since I still try so hard to do so.  Although tens of thousands of folks love Secure, it disappoints me that it does not work for everyone and for that reason we continue to research other Secure formulations that will hopefully please everyone.  Of course, we will continue our current Secure with soy protein, since soy protein is my first protein source for weight-loss, but I hope to one day in the near future succeed in designing a sugar-free Secure, as well as another version of Secure using rice or pea protein, along with another version using whey protein, casein, etc.   Despite our pleasing enormous numbers of people with our Secure formula, my goal is to please everyone, so we will continue all our research efforts.

As far as the comments and questions, I will do my best in the limited time before my shows to hopefully create some degree of greater understanding below:

General Background.
Unfortunately, there is an enormous amount of misinformation and disinformation circulating about soy.  There are individuals who have made it their career to bash soy.  I have waded through all the research carefully and the bottom line is that absent an allergy, normal consumption of soy (like all foods) is not harmful and is actually beneficial.  An important point to realize is that the soy present in Secure is not present at moderate levels, but really at minimal levels.  Each serving of Secure delivers 7 grams of soy protein from a source that is concentrated to at least 90% soy protein, which means that the total amount of soy in each serving of Secure is approximately ¼  of an ounce, which is 1/60th or less than 2% of a pound – truly minimal!  Plus, there are less than 15 mgs per serving of soy isoflavones.  

Too Much Sweetness and Flavor?
I have been making meal replacement for almost 30 years.  My initial meal replacements were sugar-free and no one liked that at all. No one!  They contained great flavors (some of the same we use today), but the absence of sweetness meant that no one wanted to use them, so no one benefitted from them and no one lost weight.  After listening to criticism regarding their lack of sweetness, I eventually and very reluctantly decided to add about 60 calories of sugar per meal.  That was almost 20 years ago and not surprisingly, folks began to like the product, but others agreed with me and complained that 15 grams of sugar was too much, particularly those with diabetes or who were watching their carb intake.  We then set out to redesign the product to be under 100 calories with less than 10 grams of carbs and less than half of those from sugars.  This is a far cry from my original meal replacement with more than 200 calories and 25 grams of carbohydrate (including 15 grams of sugar).  Most importantly, I wanted to reduce the carbs, sugar and calories and I think we succeeded admirably.  This redesign was a slow process that took several years and unfortunately, along the way, I realized that human nature made it almost impossible to make a meal replacement, since what we crave are the high calorie tastes that to lose weight we must avoid (fat, sugar, carbs, etc).  Watching the obesity epidemic spread in America, I realized that the enormous health risks posed by overweight and obesity were far greater than any that might be posed by a minimal use of specifically selected artificial sweeteners.  Where possible I try to avoid sweeteners of all kinds and I have never approved of the use of Aspartame or Saccharin, so I would never consider their use in Secure, but only after a careful review of the science and careful consideration of the minimal levels we would be able to use, I opted for extremely low levels of sucralose and acesulfame-K.  By combining a small amount of fructose and tiny amounts of these sweeteners, we were able to achieve a sweetness never possible before and at a caloric level never possible before.  I considered it an enormous breakthrough when we were able to create the sweetness of Secure with just a few grams of non-glycemic sugar (fructose) and extremely low levels (milligram quantities – fractions of a gram) of those two sweeteners.  Of course, it was not my first choice, but it was the only option available and we continue to review our options, but even Stevia has its own issues, including whether people like its taste or whether I really consider a concentrated chemical (like Stevia) to be a “natural” sweetener.  As I mentioned above, we will be developing Secure without sugar in the future and also a version without soy using both vegetarian protein sources and others, such as whey or casein.

As far as Secure being too sweet or having too much flavor, I understand.  But I ask that you consider the most common complaints that any manufacturer receives about their meal replacements.  Twenty years ago, I had always heard that my original product lacked sufficient flavor and sweetness, but today we occasionally hear just the opposite, which I consider a great success.  The reason why most meal replacements shortchange consumers on flavor and sweetness is because they are extremely expensive.  Instead, I decided to invest heavily in flavor and sweetness and shortchange no one.  If my products are too sweet, then that is good, since it just became more economical for you, because you can use less and/or dilute it more.  In short, you can’t fix a meal replacement with too little flavor, but you can always dilute it if you think I have invested too much in its flavor or sweetness.  I leave the decision to you rather than depriving you of it.  Of course, when it comes to flavor or sweetness, I know I cannot please everyone, but I listen carefully and I will continue to do my best to please as many of you as I can.   

As I mentioned above, I will endeavor to bring out different versions of Secure in the future that will satisfy all your wishes.  I just ask that you be patient, since each new protein source or ingredient requires enormous testing and I will not accept an ingredient that adversely affects the flavor, mix-ability, nutrient profile, etc. of Secure.

Soy and Breast Cancer?
First of all, I would never make a product that could increase the risk of any disease – let alone breast cancer, a disease that over the course of my lifetime has deprived me of three of my dearest friends.  In fact, my nonprofit’s other focus (beyond prenatal vitamins) has been breast cancer prevention and treatment.  Some of you might even remember a video I did many years ago entitled “You Can Prevent Breast Cancer” and I have a manuscript for a book of that same title that I hope to find the time to complete some day in the future.  In that book, I discuss the primary causative factors and preventative factors involved in breast cancer risk and at the very top of that list is overweight, obesity and inactivity.  Clearly, I would never make a product that could increase the risk of breast cancer…never!  Secure is designed to help combat being overweight and all the health issues that flow from being overweight.  Secure has enabled tens of thousands of individuals to better manage their food intake and their body weight.  

As you might expect, I have reviewed the research on soy and breast cancer many times and each time I am left concluding that if there is an association between soy and breast cancer, it is an inverse association.  In other words, in these studies soy was found to be associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer.  I could provide dozens of examples and quotes from the research in that regard, which is why I am so comfortable with the small amount of soy in our meal replacement.  Remember once again, it is a very small amount of soy and soy isoflavones present in this product.  It is also very important to note that the countries with the highest intake of soy (far higher than contained in Secure) are also those countries with the world’s lowest breast cancer rates.  Nevertheless, when it comes to your specific health concerns, I recommend that you follow the guidance and direction of your physician.  

Soy and Thyroid.
When it comes to the thyroid and soy there is an abundance of contradictory information, but it is clear to me that once again, given the low levels of soy and soy isoflavones present in this product, there is no reason for concern.  This is a complex area with commentators arguing both sides of the issue, but as I just said, given the low levels of soy and soy isoflavones in this product, there should be no issues for healthy individuals with adequate iodine intake.  Moreover, there are enormous populations in Japan, China and elsewhere that consume levels of soy and soy isoflavones many times higher than the low levels present in this product and they do so without thyroid issues or problems.  Most importantly, one should eat a diet that is comprised of a variety of foods and without too much of a reliance on any one food or food component.  Nevertheless, when it comes to your specific health concerns, I recommend that you follow the guidance and direction of your physician.

I will endeavor to discuss some of these issues during my shows and to elaborate further on these issues by posting some research on my blog in the future.

Thanks so much for your respectful comments and feedback. 

Best of health.


124 thoughts on “Three Consecutive Weekends in January with Three Great Today’s Specials!”

  1. been praying you are doing much better after your accident. been worrying about you. hope all is well, and look forward to seeing you again this weekend on HSN. GOD BLESS

  2. Those of us with thyroid issues can't use soy – would love to see you do the meal replacement or multi-vitamins in a soy-less version!

  3. Hi, Andrew ~ I've used your products with great pleasure since your QVC days, thenswitched over to HSN to hear & see you and your superb supplements plus you make Learning about ourselves Enjoyable And your 'audience' & patrons Can so much more readily Understand their own bodies' needs & why! We're very interesting 'creatures' after all! It's a disappointment to not see your CO-Q10 in the list of products you're featuring at a sale price, this time!! I've had open-heart surgery & 3 by-passes + kidney stents 2 days before ~ and I definitely Need your CO-Q10 for use with the statin medication for hyperlipidemia – I'm going to run out, as I've been hoping against hope that you'd feature this again This time! I Thank You for heling me get thru the trials & tribulations of Life with your wonderful, pure supplements! They're indeed lifesavers!
    You deserve a Humanitatian Award for bringing these to the public! Sure need the CO-Q10 Soon, though Darn – Maybe next time,Please?! A Faithful Client

  4. Hello Andrew Happy New Year! Being that I had Breast Cancer I am not allowed soy/soy products. Do I understand correctly that your Secure Meal Replacement contains soy? Thank you.

  5. I'm a litle disappointed, none of the TS are what I take…Hoping that there will be special pricing on some of the regular vitamins, such as Essential 1, Omega 3, etc.

  6. On behalf of all breast cancer survivors with concerns about the estrogen/soy relationship, could you please consider a Meal Replacement based on whey protein instead of soy. Many cannot follow a diet featuring soy protien and with so many breast cancer survivors looking for healthy alternatives, I would appreciate your giving this request consideration. Thanks, Andrew.

  7. I've been reading that most soy is GMO soy and hesitate to get your shakes because of that. I use many of your vitamins and love them! Have never heard you speak about GMO's and wish you would.

  8. I take many of your supplements. Probably most of them. I am 63 and feel fantastic. Please do something intense for the kidney and intense for the liver. Susan in Arizona

  9. Hi Andrew. I've been unhappy lately with the choice of vitamins available for my German Shepherd and I have no idea what the quality is. I've decided to start him on a couple of my Women's Wellness every day with your Omega capsule. I know animals are not your specialty, but you might consider branching out. Jan in Houston

  10. i have throid and i can't enjoy the meal replacement as they contain soy 🙁 andrew please make the wheat protein verison of the powders please

  11. Hi Andrew I take many of your vitamins and I wonder if you will be making some thyroid capsules as my daughter is having problems, please HELP. Thank you.
    Gloria in California.

  12. Today I sent you an email about a problem with your customer service team about a return. I am very upset about the treatment I've been given and I hope you resolve this for me. I've been a customer for ten years and have always found your customer service team exemplary, until now. I have told many people that your supplements are the best. I will continue to do so, if you instruct your team to treat me fairly. If not, you will lose a long-term supporter. I thought you were different than the rest of the scam artists out there. I hope you'll prove me right. I'm not asking for much, but from the way I'm being treated, you'd think I was asking for the moon!

  13. Your vitamins are great and priced well, I think I need to try your TCMeal Replacment Plan , 40's are rough love to eat (alot) but weight is tuff to keep in check, interested in price for 200 meal option, guess I'll see

  14. I am goin to try your weight control for my wife Linda Thorsland Weachock we met at Kutztown University and she has ballooned since graduation, hope it works we ate polish and eat alot of Halupki

  15. Just wanted you to know that my husband and I use a lot of your products and like them better than any other brands we've taken. Mostly, though, I want to say that I hope you are feeling a lot better by now and I am so glad you will be back with us this weekend.

  16. Happy Healthy Blessed New Year! I will be watching all of the weekends and buying the resveratrol…I do not drink any form of alcohol. Any counsel you can give me would be great. I am taking complete, womens wellness, calcium +, liver, hair & nails, b complex, omega, & I tried the secure but it is too sweet. I need sugarfree. I would love to move to your company & work there because you are using all that solar energy and everything natural. I have so many allergies that I know first hand the importance and value of what you do. I lost the use of my foot, my job, my parents and need to get my life back. The belly fat is killing me and you may think I'm crazy but it is really upseting to be fat when God did not intend me to get this way, I'm going to need a lot of help. Love, Barbara

  17. Please make a whey or rice meal replacement. Also it would be nice to have a high protein powder that doesn't include vitamins and calcium. I have to avoid soy and calcium with thyroid medication.

    All the best in 2012. Hoping to hear that you are doing well.

  18. A Very Happy Blessed New Year to you and everyone at your lab and HSN! We have been taking Complete and many other supplements of yours for many years now and think that they are the very best! After reading some of these comments I wondered if Complete has soy in it? I am not supposed to have any soy products. If so, is there a Complete without the soy? Thank you and looking forward to the upcoming shows and 2012 with your amazing products. Thank you for all of your efforts in making them for all of us and foryour donations to help others.

  19. Andrew Lessman!! Hooray to you! Thank you for your efforts to provide us great products with great quality, purity and the knowledge behind it. You are my kind of guy and I want you to know how much we out here appreciate everything.
    Susan in Missouri

  20. Would love your co-q10 made without added B6. I cannot take B6 because of toxicity and a lot of your products I used to take I cannot now because of added B6. Had to switch to other brands that I don't trust as much as Procaps.

  21. Hi Andrew! Years ago I remember that you had a joint supplement for dogs. Is it still available? I have a 6lb. Maltese, a 10lb. Shih Tzu and an 11lb. Maltese/Poodle. One big happy family! Thank you.

  22. PLEASE Andrew – add products but DO NOT change your current Complete shake. It is fabulous. I get so tired of finding a product and then it gets "improved" (or ruined…) Love the Essential One vitamin for those times when I just can't take 10 pills… My elderly friends have been converted to it and when they have to take so many other meds, it's better for them than the crap on the market for seniors!! I'm a long-term customer of your eye support product as well. Probiotics are new for me and I'm looking for something for inflammation (i.e. Nopalea product advertised by Trivita) – have you got suggestions for this???? Thanks!

  23. I am a 60 year old female.. in fairly good health..
    I don't have a thryoid..and have been confused about what vitamins.. to take..
    Like should I be taking Vitamin D or Calcium..
    I am already taking a Multi- Vitamin.. and I am overweight and sticking to a much healthier diet now… which has helped in the Calcium area.. Can you give me some advice.. so I will not fill my body with unnecessary vitamins.. and do not buy something that is just a good deal but not efficient for my body?
    Thank you so much..

  24. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for great products made in the USA, solar energy production, and keeping up with all the research. My life and health are better because of your vitamins. Best of health back at ya! Carol

  25. I agree with the soy issues; you've been remiss on
    explaining the difference between fermented and
    non-fermented soy; one is ok and the other is not;
    I had to research on my own on dr.mercola's site
    to get the facts you should have given us and
    which type your products use.

  26. Thanks for the heads up, ANdrew! I continue to purchase your products and feel better as I expected. I hope you are well and have a great New Year. One of the best gifts you gave us last year was the Co Q 10 special . It has so much to benefit from. I also would like to see Million Orac on a good deal and LIver Anti-Oxidants. YOu are the BEst! Thank you for your kindness and knowledge that you share with us. I look forward to seeing the specials. YOu are the king of health in the supplement world!

  27. No fan of yours, as I am and have been..would ever wish you anything but stellar health. However, seeing that you are made like the rest of us..and can get hurt and recover, gives you a sense of being an Everyman not some remote person to whose heights we could never aspire.

    Thank you for being honest about your terrible accident and for being genuine about your comeback.

    You've lifted us all up in our health challenges and we've been here for you…awaiting your return like the re-emergence of a good and true friend, with ups and downs like the rest of us.

    WELCOME Home..Andrew.

  28. I'll be saving lots of $ this January. I don't use or need any of the TS products. I might consider the Resvertol one depending on the price. I don't use the Secure Meal replacements and was hoping for a better TS on Jan. 8th since it's my birthday. Hopefully April's TS's will be better. You need to shake up the TS's and give us some new ones!!! Any chance there will be a few "specials" that are not the TS but at TS prices?

  29. Having had estrogen receptor positive breast cancer, and having hypothyroidism, I will look for the day when you leave soy out of all of your products. I use many of your vitamins, but avoid the ones with soy.

  30. I am a devoted customer from Canada who stocks up when I spend my winter in the US.

    I love the taste of the Vanilla Secure but my estogen levels are severely increased by the Soy.

    I would love this product in the same great taste using Organic Whey from Grass Fed cows.

  31. Happy New Year, Andrew! I'll be looking for your smiling face, and blue shirt! My cupboard is very well stocked, but I'll watch anyway…always learn a lot. I'm interested in 400-1000 mg Magnesium, as well as anti-inflammatory suggested in a previous comment. Ditto re: Humanitarian Award! Your products are the best!

  32. What product do you make for belly fat. It is not healthy to have belly fat and it is hard to get rid of. I can't do situps on account of disks in my lower back. please let me hear.

  33. Thanks for the blog Andrew. I appreciate you letting us know the TS's. I will not be getting any of them, BUT I do have other things I need.I hope there is special pricing ,and Free S/H?

  34. Happy New Year Andrew…hope you are well and fully recovered! Would love to see coq 10 special soon! there gas been a lot of noise about safflower supplement to help mobilize belly fat? any thoughts? always tuning in to listen as I always learn something from your shows…let us all enjoy a year of fantastic health! GOD BLESS EVERYONE

  35. Andrew,
    I've taken your products for some time now. Recently, my diabetes has gotten worse and My wife and I found out ( by calling your corporation) that you use sugar as a supplement ingredient. Of course, I've suspended my taking of your pills at this time. Can you start producing "diabetic safe pills"? I'm sure there will be many like myself who would be very appreciative. Thank-you Dan, ohio

  36. Help my wife and I love your omega and cq10 and would like
    To see it as a special also love for you to
    Start flex pay for your customers who don't
    Use hsn to shop
    Steve in Florida

  37. Andrew, you mentioned all the nutrition facts for your TS Meal replacement, except for the sugar contents – for us diabetics not only the carbs matter but also and specially the sugar. I use several of your products, love them, but have never been able to buy the meal replacement for the high sugar contents in the past. Could you tell us what the sugar nutrition fact is and wich sugar you use??? Thanks.

  38. I am looking for Circulation & Vein, Omega3, Phospatydl Choline, deals…

    thanks Andrew, you are the best

  39. When will you ever do an exceptional deal on Alpha-Lipoic Acid. Also what do you think about creating a Cayenne Fruit product?

  40. Production of supplements for Diabetics is a wonderful idea, as the person stated above. Also, a diaysis safe vitamin…I know we expect a lot but you (if anyone) are the person who can do it.

    Thank you Andrew..we all love you..

  41. Andrew, I am 65…. that soy issues is very disturbing. I did not know about it in other thatn your meal replacement until these comments to you. There are a lot of them. Now I will go check all the many vitamins I get from you. This is critical to my health. My dr. just told me to stay away from soy for this reason…
    Not only do I have to stay away from soy because of thyroid medication, but my body is very sensitive to estrogens and in fact I take natural progesterone daily to offset the estrone in my fat cells. Without this balance my uterus grows polyps. I am trying to get my BMI way down to get the fat estrogens out of my body. it's not just a matter of estradiol. Therefore anything with soy in in complicates the balance we have achieved with the progesterone. With soy affecting so many of your customers health, I hope you will be clear which of your products have soy in them.

  42. Wishing you a very Blessed, Healthy and Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to all of the January shows.

  43. Am concerned about soy added to your secure products; please consider using stevia as the
    sweetener as unikeyhealth does with their whey
    protein without soy

  44. Very disappointed to learn about the soy issue and your products. I purchased two of you large size Secure meal Replacement and am concerned about using it now. Please clarify the soy issue for us soon before we all discard our supply.

  45. We LOVE YOU ANDREW! We'll be watching, hoping to find great deals on your high potency coq10 for my 75 year old mom on Statin drugs. Can't wait!

  46. I love watching you on HSN and did try your hair vitamins that contained Green Tea, which is not good for Thyroid. I didnt realize it until after the fact. When I was asked for a review of the vitamins from HSN I indicated that and a while later, I never saw my review again. I suspected it was deleted. It made me mistrust, and I dont want to be like that because I feel you are a reputable person and I would like to give it a go again, but that missing review was upsetting. Anyway, I was told by my dentist to rub coq10 on my gums as I have gum disease. My endocrinologist cleared me on that, said it was ok, and was wondering if you have coq10 in gel form. Much love.

  47. I'm in agreement with many of the other posters. I, too, am curious about the soy that you use in many of your products. Is it non GMO? Fermented or unfermented? Please address this on your appearances on HSN and/or this website.

  48. I have a lot of your supplements. Only problem is I'm never sure if I'm "over-dosing". If the Women's Complete has everything in it, what do I need to add and why? Maybe you can address this on your shows @ HSN 🙂

  49. I agree with what the person said about the Womans complete. If you listen to the HSN hosts they take every single vitamin that they sell and it is toooo much. They need to be careful about how they talk cause some people just keep on buying and taking and it is not necessary, I think womans complete is enough. If you add hair skin and nails and Essential one you can be in trouble. And the soy is very controversial, I would advise anyone on medication to check with doctor as well as iron and green tea.

  50. Andrew. Please tell me that you do not use sugar in your products. That would really shock me. I have always viewed you as a "stand alone" honest guy. I f sugar is part of your supplements or meal replacement, I would have to put you and your products in the same category of all the other "let's get the masses addicted to our products by adding sugar" companies.

    And if soy is to be so avoided by so many, why oh why would you make a big product like your meal replacement soy-based? And not even specifying if it is fermented or non-fermented to boot. Taste is very secondary to how healthful a product is. You and your hosts keep going on and on about how great it tastes.

    Sure, good taste sells, but not as a product that is supposed to promote WELLNESS, which is being compromised based on TASTE!

    Sure, we all want great value, but not if our health is compromised!

    It is very discouraging to be so trusting in someone, and then to find out these glaring compromises! There are still products that you sell that I will buy, I still love your solar energy plant, I still love what I learn from you, but there are some glaring inconsistencies and compromises that I hope will be soon be a thing of the past.

    You have set such high standards for yourself and for us, that ANY inconsistency is glaring.

    SUGAR?!!! SOY(and only soy, no other option for those who must avoid soy???!!!)

    And I KNOW you cannot make medical claims, but you can present the research on certain controversial or matters that obviously affect many…like the soy issue with hypothyroidism/estrogen issues…and just make sure you announce the limitations of your products with those with certain conditions, and say those words you often use…"of course, check with your doctor."

    And CERTAINLY, announce that SUGAR in whatever forms you use in your products, that SUGAR is present.

    That you are perpetuating the myth of sweetness, that EVERYthing that will really sell MUST have sugar, and oh, let's get them REALLY addicted to this product and make it REALLY SWEET and REALLY TASTE GOOD so the masses won't be able to resist re-ordering. UGH!!! SOOOOO many people cannot stand this sickening sweetness of that meal replacement, I've heard this over and over for YEARS, and you just say how much everyon LOVES this product and most people won't try it unless it is sweet.

    COnsider not feeding into feeding us SUGAR and SWEET when we need health and fitness, not sweet and dangerous!!!!

    Okay, Andrew, I have vented enough about this. Yes, I am pissed about these areas where even my dear Andrew has "blind spots." I have always spoken highly of you, and others I know have done their own research and ordered your products. But I am not remaining silent and turning my head the other way saying that Andrew can do no wrong. After all, you ARE human.

    Hopefully, you will pay atention to these important matters, and keep up your integrity as issues evolve and matters come to your attention.

    Thank you for staying abreast of the most recent research, LISTENING to US, and keeping consistently HONEST.

    A long time customer

  51. Hi Andrew,

    I use so many of your targeted products that I was getting a very upset stomach when mixed with the powered multi. I liked to be able to SEE what I was taking and weed out what I may want to decrease due to the blood thinning effects. With that said, the new formula has been cancelled from my daily routine. I am feeling better without them and do believe that I was overdosing on too much of a good thing.

    You need to explain to us when adding a targeted product maybe too much if taking the multi. The show hosts have to STOP saying they take it all…

    I was an Herbalife person for 20 years I only left because of the death of Mark Hughs and the company went down hill thereafter. (What a great loss that was.)

    I found you 8 years ago and have been very happy with your products.

    However, taking 40 pills a day is way too much!

    Also please ENOUGH with all the readings of the comments! One or two here and there is all we need 15 minutes of boredom is not necessary.

    Other than that I am happy to see you well and wish you all the best for the new year.

  52. I agree with the above post. The hosts or HSN do not ever tell you to check with a doctor before taking these vitamins, and people who just trust can be in trouble. However, I called pro-caps directly, and in a 2 minute conversation the customer service rep I was speaking to answered my question quickly and added "but of course we cant make any claims" that she said this about 3 times, that I said to her you know what forget it. If you arent going to answer a simple quetion without repeating a disclaimer I cant be bothered with this. I actually hung up and went to my local health food store. I dont think Im going to watch HSN with this, as I havent ordered from them or watched them because I feel they are not forthcoming.

  53. I am glad you are doing better. Andrew many f us appreciate you and look forward to you sharing your knowledge.

  54. Andrew, I also have a problem using soy products. I have thyroid issues. I've asked before about grass fed whey protein, instead, or in addition to the soy product, for all us that are unable to use soy.

  55. We love you Andrew, but are very very unhappy that you removed so many of the nutrient's in your new Version #5 Founders for women multi vits. from that were in your version #4.formula.

  56. All TS's VERY disappointing. Hope H,S,Nails, CoQ-10, Glu/Chron, other favs for us non-heavy people w/be offered at good prices/free S&H as well. Thx, hope NY is going well. Phyllis, long-time customer

  57. Hi, Andrew. You are an inspiration, a teacher, and you have contributed a great deal to my health! One question: I am VERY allergic to soy… any chance the meal replacement could somehow use another ingredient in its place? I do love it, but obviously it's not something I can use. Thanks so much for all you do! 🙂

  58. Andrew I just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR and I'm very glad that you are better. I'm also glad that you are back. The Coq10 special that you gave was totally AWESOME….. your best ever! I've been hearing about Vitamin K? Do you think that you will ever offer Vitamin K or is it already in your supplements? My son whom is in the military in Germany takes your multi vitamin and is really inpressed with them.
    Have you ever thought about doing children vitamins? I know that you donate prenatal vitamins, but please consider doing a childrens vitamin. I watch you everytime that you are on HSN I have learned so much about vitamins from you. When I hear others on TV talking about vitamins on Dr.Oz I say to myself I will wait to see what Andrew has to say.
    I'm very impressed with your honesty and integrity.
    Please think about a strawberry, or peach or mango flavored meal replacement. Thank you, Thank you for your Awesome Supplements. I have my daughter, son and sister now taking them
    Thank you for all that you do and that you really care.

  59. Andrew is it possible that when you are talking about a supplement on HSN you can recommend how many of that specific supplement should be taken if taking your multiple vitamin? It gets confusing I don't want to over supplement.
    What is your opinion on Vitamin K?

  60. I, too, am not comfortable with the idea of taking a multi in addition to targeted products on the same day! So, I alternate. I take CoQ10 and misc other targeted products on one day; then next day I take Essential 1 and a few misc. Besides, it would not be affordable to take everything everyday!

    I'm also a hypothyroid patient and limit soy intake! But I like the idea of the Secure meal replacement mix and take it occasionally. It tastes good, too. I don't think I will be ordering it anymore, however. I'm looking for an alternative without soy.

    Hope to see Omega 3 and CoQ10 TS's soon!! Can only get these more expensive products when on sale and free shipping!

    Thanks, Andrew!

    ~ Deb in IL

  61. What a bunch of whiners. Buy something else if these products don't fit YOUR needs. Reading through all these comments has left me with a headache. One sob story after another.

    whaaaaaaaa! I'm allergic!
    whaaaaaa! I'm not obese!
    whaaaaaa! I don't use these products!
    whaaaaaa! You won't come to my house and see if my pet goldfish needs Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails!

  62. I ordered your meal replacement a while back, and was suprised and very concerned when it came, and it had artifical ingredients listed.

    You promote and STRESS your natural ingredients so much that I just assumed that all of your products were such. I was shocked that it had artificial flavors, which are considered dangerous.

    I called your lab to voice my concern that I would have never bought it had I known the artifical ingredients were in it, and therefore, was returning it. I was told that they were placed in there to make the product taste good.

    I told the person that it was very misleading because you promote — rather, emphasize as a selling point –that your vitamins have only natural ingredients, which leads everyone to assume all of your products are when they are NOT.

    The next time you came on discussing meal replacements, I listened closely, and sure enough, noticed that you did not @ any time say that it had natural ingredients. Yet people, like myself, automatically assume that the product had natural ingredients because you are constantly telling us w/your vitamins that you only use natural ingredients.

    I'm glad to see other sugar, as well as soy & GMO, concerns are being expressed in this blog's feedback.

    On to another subject, I thought this month was the time for specials on Hair, Skin & Nails. Hopefully, you will have discounts on the product when you come on.

    Meanwhile, please note that I am a huge fan of yours when it comes to your vitamins. I enjoy them immensely.

    Hopefully one day, you will consider making a meal replacement product that is as pure as your vitamins, and isn't tarnished by fake ingredients. I'm sure many health-conscious persons would love to purchase such a product.

    I, too, like others am sorry about your accident, and hope God heals you completely. Blessings.

  63. Reply to "Cry Me A River", thank you for saying what I was thinking, and I second your comment, I have never seen such a bunch of whining cry baby complainers in my life, simply said, if you don't like the product, don't buy it, you are a few compared to the many that do, it was sickening reading these negative comments after the other, imagine these whiners thinking Andrew really has the time to sit and address each of their special needs/request for their "I like, I don't like, boo hoo, can you make this especially for me, Get Real Whiners and go find something else to do with your time e.g., get a life. Andrew, Welcome back, the best of health and recovery to you and your family, there are millions that are happy with your products as well as your products, keep your concentration there, for I doubt highly if your company will fold under for the several who are unhappy, after all you can't please everyone.

  64. I don't think Andrew is so shallow, that he wants
    this community board to be all adulation-how mundane!
    While he can't address individual cases,
    it merits concern when multiples are questioning the
    use of some ingredients. I find this type of
    open discourse much more informative. Thanks,
    Andrew for allowing diverse opinions here. Godspeed!

  65. I am a devouted fan and my husband and I use many of your products. We have taken your Complete vitamins for years. But within the last six months the vitamins smell horrible and we quit taking them. I called HSN and they advice me that the vitamins might be "sitting too long in their warehouse'. Is there any way I can order direct from you?

  66. I am looking forward to the new lineup and I am glad that I will be able to re-stock on products I currently consume. Thank you for creating such amazing high quality products! Blessings!

  67. Andrew, I think you read these questions. I don't do Facebook or Twitter so I will ask you here. What do you think of the SafOil craze to lose belly fat? Safflower oil, etc., is being sold (recommended by some famous TV stars) as being a miracle in helping people to lose Belly Fat? Can you please give your opinion on this as I trust your recommendations and cautionary statements. Thank you. Liz

  68. I also saw the show promoting Safflower oil and would like to know if good or bad. They had 4 doctors opinions. One said yes to good, 2 said no and one was on the fence. I believe it was about the Omega 6 in the oil.


  70. Hello and thank you for the opportunity to post. I have been a customer for over 10 years and love your products.

    I would love to hear you discuss your products more and less talk on the reviews. We can read them ourselves.
    Thanks for all you do to educate us and bring us such good products.
    I'm a breast cancer survivor of almost 9 years and with much grace and mercy and use of your products, I am very grateful.
    Hope you have some good affordable deals with all that is going on in the economy.

    God Bless

  71. I started with Andrew's vitamins about 7 years ago. I began with a couple of choices, and I am now using 12 of the vitamins. I make choices based on my body's needs in relation to my age and current need to lose weight. I also have Hypothyroid, but with research & info from a pharmacist, I know that I can enjoy any of your products with calcium or soy as long as I take them at least 4 hours after the thyroid med! I love your vitamins, the Secure, and how you list each ingredient in every vitamin. This information can easily be found on the product label, HSN website, or ProCapsLabs website!

    Thank You! ~ Crystal E. in Colorado

  72. I would like to see Secure made without soy. I can only go by my experience and for some reasson it seems to negatively effect my memory. I have bought it and given it to my sister and she likes it especially for breakfast. Thanks for trying to please "everyone".

  73. Another customer who needs to have Secure made without soy. Have tried the Secure and love the taste and results but sadly can not tolerate the soy.

  74. Andrew you are a doll and have explained the soy situation beautifully. You have done perfectly on all your products – Im watching right now. Stop excusing yourself. You are the best. love to you

  75. Andrew Please, Please, Please when are you going to have a SPECIAL on CoQ10 90mg with EGCg and RESVERATROL Please bring back in one of your next two appearence in jJanuary.

    Much Thanks!!!

  76. Dear Andrew, it is so good to see you back on HSN. I just ordered the TS-200. I've been using Secure coffee almost every day for the past year and absolutely love it! I'm excited about the new format which means we get to see you and learn from you all through Jan.! Thank you as always for everything you do and for caring so much about our health!

  77. I was personally turned off by the Secure drinks when I learned of the artificial sweetners added(like sucralose for example, aka Splenda),I just assumed the Secure would be as pure & natural as most of Andrew's supplements, who always stresses good health. I no longer take things by word of mouth. I am on an orgnanic path now, even use organic skin care, no chemicals. I avoid them in my life as much as possible, and not going to ingest them(chemicals), when I can help it.I use to get the Circulation & Vein Support, but I notice no benefits for me personally. Another one off the list.Resveratrol? I have done research of my own , and not convinced your product is the best anymore, although I do think the supplement is very important.I am using up what I have left, and doing what is best for me.I liked your ProBiotics , but another company makes them at a fraction of your cost, 1/3 the price, and they are just as good as yours.So the high prices, and being my own self avocate,I research alot now. I will continue to buy certain things from you, but I am going elsewhere, and cutting back on what I take.I found I was taking way too many capsules, and feel no healthier for it, and money is tight. I understand why disclaimers are made.I also understand the concern people have with the soy issue.Nothing personal Andrew , I have liked you & many of your products for years, but times are changing.I have to do what I feel is right for me.

  78. Can Secure be heated & the chocolate used like hot chocolate & the coffee be used like a hot coffee drink?

  79. I appreciate you coming on and addressing some of our issues. It would serve both you and Colleen better to not say as a sales person that "you can't please everybody". Not effective salesmanship.
    I have wondered through the years of buying your products why you never mentioned, regarding the soy, that people should ask their doctors about that. In another context, what if your soy products, sold to tens of thousands of people through the years had adversely affected some of them. Did you ever think of that?
    You listed all the reasons to take soy. Asian women have less breast cancer. But we are Americans. You mentioned obesity and lack of exercise. In the books I bought after my diagnosis of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer, some written by patients, I was shocked at just how many of these women were athletic. In fact, most were, making me wonder. I'm not overweight and weighed even less upon diagnosis, and every woman I have known with breast cancer have been of average weight. So there are no positive conclusions on anything. My oncologist told me to stop taking soy. Years later she said have a little if you wish. The research is ongoing.
    I just want you to show you care if some woman might get breast cancer if she consumes your soy every day, however small the amount. I think in your heart you do, but you don't seem encouraged to work too diligently to start leaving it out of your products.

    I wish you only the best. I consume most all of your products, except those containing soy.
    For those calling us whiners, I don't care. I do care about my health and I will change products if I think it may be harming it. You all call it whine. I call it watching out for my own body because nobody will do it better than I will.

    Another poster said…You have set such high standards for yourself and for us, that ANY inconsistency is glaring.

    SUGAR?!!! SOY(and only soy, no other option for those who must avoid soy???!!!)

    And I KNOW you cannot make medical claims, but you can present the research on certain controversial or matters that obviously affect many…like the soy issue with hypothyroidism/estrogen issues…and just make sure you announce the limitations of your products with those with certain conditions, and say those words you often use…"of course, check with your doctor."

  80. Hello Andrew. As an avid animal lover and also Lessman vitamin junkie,I would like to know if I can give my dog your Glucosmanin and Chondroiton supplements? Being all natural I thought it would be ok but since my dog is my true unconditional companion and best friend, I do not want to do anything that would cause her any harm. She is 11 with arthritis weighing about 65 pounds and a mix of shep and lab and has stomach issues with regular pet glucosamin supplements. I don't know if I can get to see your shows this weekend due to my work schedule so hope you could answer this directly on this forum. Thank you for your time. Kelly

  81. HSN customer. My dog was diagnosed with Cushings adrenal gland syndrome. Need the best advice for natural treatment for urination and super thirst and the best route to support adrenal functioning. I have Healthy skin and Nails and essential one. Do you have more specific ideas. They recommend milk thistle also. Nancy-

  82. Hi Andrew

    Is there anyway possible that you can address the issue of Krill vs. Fish Oil….I thought I had this issue down pat and now my daughter is argueing that Dr. Oz says that Krill is better because of the absorption factors…and I say ask Andrew…Ok

  83. I agree with several of the posters here regarding the HSN hosts – do they really think they are talking to a bunch of stupid people that will believe they take ALL Andrew's vitamins, (or any opher products for that matter) as they keep repeating on air? This is so deceiving, if they knew how fake they sound they would quit doing that – it's also dangerous that they do that as trustfull people can fall for that and get in trouble. For instance, when presenting the "Cinnamon" (which by the way has not really been proved controls or helps with blood sugar levels)suplement, Coleen kept saying that her husband takes it and that he has lost 30 pounds by controling his blood sugar levels, suggesting not with so many words, that the Cinnamon suplement did it for him… did she really say that???? Wow… that was too much, too fake. I used to take advantage of Andrew's teachings during his presentations, but lately I just can't take it anymore for being so annoyed by the hosts stupid comments as if they knew anything about anything, and they don't! But, as one of the hosts one day said on air: "my job is to make you pick up the phone…" – that sounded so pushy and horrible it was a huge turn off for me and I actually quit purchasing a bunch of stuff from HSN after that – if she only knew how deceiving that sounded….

  84. Happy New Year Andrew. Love your products and take a combination of hundreds per day. I am 68 year old female and 5'6 110 lbs. I need all the help I can get with my bone structure,tiny,tiny bones. I double up on D and calcium and take all your bone healthy products but my bones get thinner each year. Maybe you know of something else that I am not taking now? I take only your vitamins…

  85. Anonymous said…I am very pleased taking the Energy and Fat Metabolism Factors and just received the Carnislim 250 with the Secure meals. Is it safe to take both pills together?

  86. I do hope that the Circulation & Vein Support will not contain Butcher's Broom this time. I am unable to use Butcher's Broom because of High Blood Pressure, so I have been without the Circulation & Vein product for some time now. Is it possible to go back to the old formulation that did not contain Butcher's Broom? Thank you.

  87. I agree with the comment at 4:44 AM and for the same reason. I have not purchased Circulation and Vein Support since Butcher's Broom was added to it. I had been purchasing this product regularly for 5 years before that.

    I did like the formulation with the pine bark, however.

  88. Hi Andrew! I have a question for you.. I have BIG TIME!! problems with my joints, I had a shoulder surgery that didn't go very well and I also have arthritis on my knees and I was looking for a product that will help me some with this problems. I was looking on the HSN website to see what you had available for joints, and I found two products {Complete Joint Effort, and Maximum Joint Effort }. What is the difference between these two products, and which one will you recommend for me to take? Thank you in advance for your advice.. 🙂

  89. I glad see that you look as if you have healed well! Thanks for that you do,so that all of us that take your supplements to improve our families quality of life.. by supporting our healthly choices with such wonderful best quality supplements that can be made!! With out health FIRST !!

    My 1st question is why has Iron gone up so much? been taking it since 2007and it has always been 13.90 for 180 caps. Now it is 19.90 on sale for the 180 caps ! I have to take so many 4 times a day (per my dr)this un expected cost now will prevent me from getting something else that i need and planned to purchase ! But I have to take iron and it must yours since it does not make me sick after taking. The only way that I know that i am taking your iron plus is that my blood work shows it. before even the Rx did not raise my levels at all. But since taking iron plus I have not had to have any more blood transfusions!!!Plus i feel so much better…Alive ,it is great. Before my levels were as low 3.5 hemogolbin after transfussion of 5 units only up 9.8 still very low ! and that would only stay upfor 30-45 days before needing more blood !!
    But with this iron you make Has CHANGRD MY FAMILY LIVES because now I have energy to be more normal than ever since the low levels have become my life! Now with your Iron since late 2007 has gone up to 11, then up to 12 and that is all becauseof the iron and other supplements that you make including B12 1 a day mutiple Vitamins( but my dr has me taking 2 of these daily 1 am,1 pm ),Ulitmate womens welless, Co- Q10. just to name a few !!!
    And have not had any other treatments or transfussions, since finding you iron !!
    So reguardless of the price increase on iron i will never ever go without it!

    I have a request I have to take potassium for the rest of my life . But , I want it to be Andrew Lessman Quality, not what I am taking. Please PLEASE PLEASE Bring your POTASSIUM to HSN since I buy the largest sizes always and I must use Hsn cause of fixed income ,I must use flex pay so I can afford to budgit my supplements purchase and get the most for the least. As I am always adding a new favor to my day and my Andrew Lessman Closest!! I try to buy a year supply when they are the lowest price and always free s/h.
    Again need Potassium at HSN since there is NONE in any products currently at Hsn. And understand that why .. what is very low in me can be dangerness for others!

    Thanks for increasing you line at hsn to match up with your own line at ProCaps Labs! Many are learning that it is cheaper to improve your health Than cost to treat Illness and Disease!!!

    I have been hearing alot about feverfew for headaches! Just wondering what your research shows about this and if it is good for headaches ,wonder if you would make your quality and high standardation of it. As, I am trying to good as natural as I can !
    With many of your products over time and working with my dr, I have elimnated need for many drugs for meds and now use supplements and natural products!

    Thanks, so happy that you are now making Valerian singlely.I have used valerian in my family and my life for may 15 years now. I was taking Night Time( as you can see I am Loyal to you and trust you and your lab…& Green choices you have made as you business model is the icing on the cake) during the day for the need help (as it is so calming).Now, I will not need so many bottles of Night Time each time on sale !

    Thanks So much Andrew for all that you do and all that you are! I am proud to say I have taken your products since the Qvc days !! Even my ob approved of your complete as my prenatals with 2nd child !! And she is for high risk pregancy.

  90. Dear Andrew,
    I have, over the course of the past year, become a proponent and beneficiary of your supplements. For years, I searched the shelves of the box stores for dissolvable supplements… often giving up because there were few offerings other than hard caps, which I had realized years ago… were not completely dissolving and as a result, useless.
    I use ProCaps products because they enter my system, period. Your price point for the meal replacement is absolutely amazing. Although I do not use it (no need)- I perused the ingredients and found that it would be a great addition to an emergency cache since all it requires is water to use. We live on the Gulf Coast where we are advised to keep a stock of nonperishables for hurricanes. After experiencing empty grocery stores shelves (and no gasoline at service stations) after Hurricane Ike, I have maintained an emergency cache. I faithfully use your CoQ10 and although I've paid more for it than what I find at the grocery store- I FEEL its results almost immediately (within an hour of ingestion) which is something I cannot say about the other product. I purchase HHS&N for my daughter yesterday- as well as the daily vitamin, which I am enamoured of. Other manufacturers could squeeze in just as much nutritional value into one capsule if they were so inclined… they are not inclined.
    Enjoy your passion for the product line. Would love to fly TWS one day- I applaud your success and work ethic.

  91. I agree wholeheartedly with Cry Me A River. Good Grief! No wonder our country is in such a mess! Some of you people act like Mr. Lessman is here to personally cater to every individual's needs/dislikes/likes. I think he does a great job of making quality vitamins for the general public and is a lot more responsible than many vitamin mfg out there. All the ingredients are listed on the HSN website, you can view before you purchase, so STOP BEING SO HATEFUL AND WHINEY!

  92. Are you aware that those on certain statins CANNOT take pomegranate? Please stop making Resveratrol w/ pomegranate as your TS. Or at least offer an optional TS. You're leaving out a core group of your buyers with the combined formula. Very disappointed.

  93. cocoa powder can be added to the protein shakes if they are too sweet. I dilute mine down and add unsweetened cocoa powder to mine.

  94. We love your jasmine infused organic green tea and were wondering if you thought about about manufacturing (if practical)it in a concentrate form for those of us who only drink it cold.

  95. Andrew,

    In the future, would you consider having a TS that focused on your Antioxidant products such as Fruitfull antioxidants and Green Tea EGCG 200? I know you can't focus on all of your products for a TSV, but having one for the above products would be fantastic. Thank you for your consideration.

  96. I would also support a non-sweetened version of Secure. I don't even really mind sweetened per se, but the current formula is just sickeningly sweet. I can't imagine anyone liking this since it's so over the top. Thanks for suggestions above to cut sweetness, however. Also, would prefer whey, sun-warrior style pea or hemp to soy as too much soy makes for "interesting" thyroid bloodwork results that sets off unncessary alarm bells.

  97. Hi Andrew…
    Can you please give us a time frame when we could expect to see a different protein based Secure Product available for purchase (whey, egg….) Thanks so much!

  98. Hi Andrew, We use about 14 of your products including the Secure we ordered the first show in Jan. Everything is great, my son is off all his other brand vitamins/supplements in such a short time he's better than in months (after 10 days). Can't wait to see how he is after a few months! We enjoyed you on Live Stream Radio a good while back and anywhere else we can find you. Thank you for trying so hard to educate and better our lives! Happy to hear you are better. Shirl in Ga.

  99. Worst Pills, Best Pills Newsletter insert "20 Pills you should never take" includes glucosamine and chondroitin. Ugh!
    The MD is Michael Carome, Deputy Director Public Citizen's Health Research Group.
    Your take on this is appreciated.

  100. I would like to know if I can take the digestive enzymes while pregnant. young lady having digestive problems due to slow gallbladder. the enzymes helped a lot before I was pregnant. Now pregnant and not sure if safe…keep forgetting to ask doctor. thanks

  101. I just started using the vitamins/supplements this year. I love them love them. the Vein Support worked wonders in 1 week, I am now in my second week and I will never be without these. The Secure shakes are the best meal replacement I have ever had! Wow I'm a Lessman convert

  102. I've been hearing for some time now, that we only need about 100 mg or less, of vitamin C, per day! But Andrew has vitamin C in almost all of his products! I would be getting way too much if I took all of the products I purchased!

    My suggestion: that Andrew takes a look at the current evidence about vitamin C and if compelled, to offer us products without it; as well as, reducing the B's in some products. I just want a well-rounded supplement routine; not overkill.

    For sure, I am now re-evaluating the products I take. It's so expensive anyway. I am considering going to a whole foods-type beverage; and just a few of Andrew's products. Right now, I take a slew! Thanks.

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