Lincoln is Doing Well!

I am very touched by the concern that has been expressed for my little guy Lincoln.  Many of you noticed during our brief video that Link was not his usual self.  I am very grateful for the well wishes.  For those of you who asked what kind of breed he is, Lincoln is an Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix.  He will soon be 8 years old having been born on 5-5-2008 and like all of us, he is not as young as he used to be.  I was concerned by Link’s inability to get around normally the other day, but fortunately, he is doing much better today and it appears it was his back that was bothering him, since like all of us, when we reach middle age, things start to happen. Lincoln should be back to his normal self in just a few days enriching our life. Thanks so much for your concern.


I will also write another post in the coming weeks, but I just wanted to remind everyone that in about 6+ weeks we will have our Maximum Essential Omega-3 and Ultimate Eye Today’s Specials.  Like all our Today’s Specials, it presents the best opportunity to buy your favorite supplements at a fraction of the regular cost.  We will also be planning another online event exclusively dedicated to answering all your questions, which as I have often said, the health-related information you require is the most important thing that I provide.

Thanks again for the concern for my little handsome guy.  It truly warms my heart and that of Link as well. smile

Best of health.


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Lincoln is Doing Well!”

  1. So glad he is doing better. My little girl was born 5/15/2008 and has leaking of spinal fluid, so I know your concern. They are so important to the family. Lots of good wishes for you and your furry baby.

    1. I need to say mr. less man how much I love your products!!!!! This is the first time I have been on your site and sooo glad Lincoln is doing great!!! I was wondering if you are planning to sell vitamins for dogs and cats? I have two dogs I adore and as I saw about Lincoln, I would love for you to have products for them!!! Please , if you can, respond to this!! Thank you , for such great products!!

  2. Feel better soon Linc!
    My 3 yr old mixed Terrier, Pip, had a rupt disc last Oct. what a shock. It was a deterioration, they did surg. She’s done very well, but still supposed to be careful til April.
    Thinking of you Linc and Andrew!

  3. So glad Lincoln is doing better, we all worry when our pets are not themselves. He is adorable. Love when you broadcast from your company and include your pets. What a good Daddy.

  4. So glad to hear Lincoln is going to be well. Thank you so much Andrew for all you do to add love and value to our lives and to the planet. God bless you and Muriel (and Linc, of course).

  5. So happy to hear Lincoln is OK. Always great to see him when you’re doing your shows! Looking forward to your next show Andrew.

  6. I was thinking you had 2 dogs. I haven’t seen the other one. I love when you have the dogs on the show.

  7. Glad Lincoln is doing better I get very upset when my 14 year old fur baby doesn’t feel so good Bless you for all the good you do. I don’t know what I would do without your vitiamins. You have actually saved my life. I’ll be watching again in April.

  8. so glad Linc is ok and doing better, my heart broke for him that day ..
    my baby girl is 16 in August. Lhasa Apso and she is having a lot of mobility issues too … we do anything to make them feel better <3

    I bought 6 of the 300 count of choconuvo!! thank you Andrew for everything you do for us!

  9. I am glad to hear your little bundle of joy, Lincoln, is doing better!!
    Our pets are part of the family and we love them very much!!!

    Keep up with the good work Andrew!!! All of your products are phenomenal!!!
    I am a much stronger person since I take them!!!!!!

  10. Lincoln is your heart and soul as is my 8 yr old greyhound Sasha. I have been taking your products for years and depend on them so I can walk my girl. Sasha walks slowly with me but when she in the backyard,her sprints are unbelievable.
    I stopped taking your joint vitamins for a month and my joints really hurt me. Back on my wagon and feeling better.

  11. So glad Lincoln is doing better. Love your products Andrew, helped me to get better after a long illness & starting to use your vitamins

  12. I’ve been a loyal and happy customer since 1989….it has been wonderful to a always have you to rely on for the latest information on health and wellness! You also make it affordable to stay as healthy as possible. Thank you for the VItamin Angels too! Its such a good feeling to know every bottle of vitamins I am fortunate enough to buy aides someone in need. Happy Lincoln is going to be OK! Looking fwd to your next live chat!

  13. Lincoln is beautiful – glad he’s doing well =)
    I’m so glad I searched further on the ProCaps website to find this blog. I have been a huge fan for 10+ years, Discovered Andrew Lessman on HSN one weekend. You were talking about biotin. I purchased Healthy Hair Skin and Nails. Wow, great results with hair growth. THANK YOU. I always tune-in when you’re on HSN. The education you provide is wonderful. But I must mention that knowing the person running the company, Andrew Lessman, makes me more of a loyal customer and fan. I sincerely applaud your high standard of ethics and being mindful of our environment.

  14. Thank you so much for updating us on Linc. I believe that God created pets for our pure enjoyment and that we honor Him by treating them as loved family… Which you do.

    Letting us know when you will be coming and what you are bringing gives us a better chance to keep our budget in check! Thanks.

    (( Whenever you can do a 720-750 bottle instead of 600 is a big plus. ))

  15. Lincoln is a handsome guy and is so lucky to have such caring “friends” as you and Muriel are…..and I know ya’ll feel lucky to have him!!! Andrew, thank you so much for your wonderful products and especially for caring for all of us…it is appreciated.

  16. Hi Andrew & Muriel! So glad Lincoln is doing better! Try if he doesn’t have already, get him an orthopedic dog bed special from Orvis – they are terrific and eliminate pressure spots. Also, in the doctors foster and smith catalog, they have heating pads for dogs….and of course dog steps and ramps are great for getting up on beds and couches and chairs…..Well wishes to u Lincoln!!!!! 🙂

    p.s. If I could request smaller essential one capsules, serving size (2) capsules, would be great. thank u!!!

  17. Andrew, I am really happy to hear that Lincoln is going well. Are you and/or Muriel giving him doggie massages regularly? He’s such an active dog, and if he does go with you to the factory, walking on the concrete floor are just as bad on his body as it is on ours. Massage will help a lot – since I know you have him on glucosamine and chondriton, among other things. Lots of rubs and scratches to Mr. Lincoln!!!

  18. So glad that Lincoln is doing better, we all love our pets. I was reading an article on PQQ from another company. Of course they had their product but I ran over to your web site to see if you had it, and you did. This sounds like a miracle supplement, I am anxious to try it and have ordered it from you. The other company was talking about this in conjunction with CoQ10 and NAC . Will you ever do a supplement combining these or what are your thoughts. I already have your NAC and CoQ10. Thank you, we have 2 shelves in our pantry dedicated to your products. Laurel

    1. Glad Link is doing better. I adopted a Lhasa mix and he tore both ACL (whatever the dog equivalent is) ligaments in both back legs at the same time. Surgery wasn’t a success (fake ligaments were too long) but no money to redo. So my guy has some mobility and pain issues like Link. Why don’t you make “soft” supplemental treats for your dog and ours? You’ve done so well on supplements for people why not help them, too? Just food for thought. 🙂

  19. Andrew, Linc is a charmer for sure! I have a 15 year old bischon/poodle . Have you ever considered a line of products for our fuzzy face kids? Just a thought. I love your heart about helping people, and you do. Wonderful that you are doing in this life what you purposed to do. Give linc a hug from another fan.

  20. It sounds like a hip/spine problem. Why didn’t you bring him to the doctor? Eight is still very young for both those breeds. He shouldn’t be acting like that. He definitely needs at least an X-ray.

  21. Could Lincoln be suffering from arthritis? Is he taking glucosamine sulfate? We give our “Dexter” (Rhodesian Ridgeback /mix) Pro Caps Labs Glucosamine and Chondroitin-the dose approved by our vet, of course! And we won’t go without it, either!!

  22. I am so pleased that your Little Guy Lincoln is doing much better. I love my all my “Fur People” ! Life is just better because of their love and loyalty and the way they want to “snuggle” in! Here’s to many more wags of Lincoln tail in happiness and health because of you, Andrew!

  23. Andrew,
    We have had 4 schnauzers and Maggie our 15 1/2 year old and Dolly who was diabetic and we lost her almost 3 years ago, both had back problems and we were lucky enough to have a chiropractor that I have seen who also specialized in pets too. Both Maggie and Dolly had very good results with their adjustments and the back problems they had were helped by the adjustments. Something to investigate and pursue if you can find a chiropractor who does this. I always thought Lincoln looked a little like a schnauzer. Our furry friends are truly a blessing in our lives.

  24. Love your products! Have been taking them for years. Turned family & friends on to them. We are taking the Omega, Ultimate Eye, CoQ10 (200), Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails, Essential One, Friendly Flora, Glucosamine & Chondroitin (1500/1200), Liver Anti/Oxidant Extracts, Cranberry, Marine Collagen Peptides, Turmeric & Ginger, Digest Assure, Ultimate-Oxidant Extracts, and Vitamin D (5000).

    I even have Gigi, my 14 year old, 13 lb., Yorkie, who is my Medical Alert dog on the Glucosamine & Chondroitin (Veterinarian approved dosage) for Arthritis issues. From the list of supplements I take, what supplements would Lincoln be able to take? Also most importantly, what do you feed him?
    Thank you,

  25. As a pet parent (3 once-feral kitties & a 9+ year old std. american eskimo female named, Neely) I have home cooked & supplemented my pets for over 9 years & they are amazingly healthy. No doggie or kitty breath. Great sleek, strong bodies. Neely jumps & is just a zoomie queen. More like a young dog than a middle-aged one. I know you cherish your sweet Lincoln & look forward to seeing more of him when you do shows from NV. By the way, I was wondering if I could add your astaxanthin to my pets’ supplement regimen. Your thoughts? Best of health to your dear boy & a big thank you for the best supplements ever.

    1. Your Robert Leavens example hits me as jarringly Deist with “in the presence of the Most High.” I’m OK with songs, poems that are deist because they are pre-existing poetry; but an invocation is more open to choice, intent, and moioticafidn. Language can be spiritual or mystical without being deist. Can we de-deify language, similar to how we try more-or-less de-gender it? [I’m sure we can, but that goal is not of interest to me. I think the word you want is Theistic, not Deist. – PB]

  26. It’s been awhile and just wondering how Lincoln is doing? I know it was mentioned something about his back… but can you tell us anymore… We have 3 Australian Shepherds and they are part of our family… and I know we do whatever we can to take care of them. I remember, someone else asked…but any chance you would make some products for our dog friends? Give Lincoln a hug from all of us.. We know you are taking excellent care of him…. Keep up the good work for all of us. Keep Smiling !!!

  27. I am so glad Linc has recovered. I look forward to his frisky little antics and his eyes staring up at you with utter devotion next show. Which is when????? July is almost here and we are looking for the announcement. Thank you for all of your efforts to keep your human fans healthy and thanks for sharing Lincoln with all of us.

  28. You may want to consider laser therapy through a vet for Lincoln if he has arthritis. It works miracles for some pets (it worked very well on my cat).

  29. Andrew you should put Lincoln on MSM at least 1,000 mg a day. Have used it on all my animals , horses, dogs and ME and has worked extremely well. I have a destroyed rotor cuff and stopped ALL discomfort for 15 yrs. and have full range of motion in that arm that a neurologist said I would loose. My gaint breed dogs have stayed mobile until their time was up. There has been no side effect in them or me, just helped with our problems. May you and yours be blessed with good health and happiness.

  30. A friend has Cocker Spaniels the older one had hip dysplasia and back problem, she
    was to go to U.C. Davis for a operation that would cost $8,000. but because of her age could have cost her life, I suggested she try turmeric (her vet said to try it) I am happy to say at the age of 17 & 6 years later she moves around like a puppy.
    Hope this helps & Andrew would like your comment also when are you going to
    make a dog vitamin?

  31. I’m looking for a joint supplement for my Maltese. He was 6 in July. Can I give him the same ones I take, the complete joint effort, or the maximum joint effort?

  32. I’m glad Lincoln is doing good. Can you do a blog that talks about doggie health and if we can give them any of your supplements?

  33. I am late finding this post, so I really hope Lincoln is felling better by now. I completely agree with man others who would love to see you make for formulas for our pets. I am sure you know which of your supplements to give to Lincoln, so I won’t insult you by recommending any particular supplements. I would, however, wholeheartedly agree with the previous recommendation to go to a good chiropractor. There is an amazing craniotomy-facial specialist I go to that also sees animals. Our last dog had a subluxated knee for years with a need for surgery. I opted not to do the surgery due to potential complications versus lack of proven results. I took her to our chiropractor and in one adjustment her knee quit popping out of the socket! A year later, she reinjured her knee… adjustment with this same chiropractor and she was healed again. He also treated my mom’s cat when he was dealing with a hurt back and my daughters Husky when he hurt his neck.
    I am in the Palm Desert California area, so if you want to look him up his last name is Buddingh. Best wishes for Lincoln?

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