ChocoNuvo is Finally Back!

I know that “patience is a virtue,” but knowing that has not helped the last 3 months pass more quickly while I was awaiting ChocoNuvo.  Unlike vitamins that we can create in a matter of weeks, ChocoNuvo requires months to go from cacao beans to become ChocoNuvo.  In fact, the newly created ChocoNuvo we have available today started with a commitment many months ago to a unique crop of organic and fair trade cacao beans growing in a far-off land.  It has not been easy, but thanks to everyone at ProCaps Labs, we will have ample supply of ChocoNuvo starting tonight at 8 PM Eastern for a Sneak Peek at the Today’s Special.  We expect things to sell out on Saturday and, because of the heat of summer, there cannot be another ChocoNuvo event until sometime next fall…at least 7 months away. So once again I must learn more patience; however, since this will be the last ChocoNuvo event until next fall, we thought we would make it even more affordable to stock up, so any additional bottles of the 300 count ultra-economy size you order will now come with an extra $10 savings.

Based upon last weekend’s unanimous feedback, we are once again kicking off the Today’s Special a few hours early for those of you who might be asleep at the midnight hour or may miss tomorrow’s hours.  I have recorded a brief 15-minute video (with a sleeping Lincoln) and it will air at 8 PM Eastern at the beginning of Roger Teeter’s Hang-Ups Hour.  I could not have picked a better hour, since personally, I have been inverting for more than 35 years.  For me, inversion is a gentle means of counteracting the unavoidable affects of gravity.  As usual, I will then appear at 11 PM Eastern for a Variety Hour and then at midnight for the formal live kickoff of the ChocoNuvo Today’s Special.  I have been impatiently awaiting the return of ChocoNuvo and as quickly as we say hello to it tonight, we must say goodbye to it on Saturday night, but not before I do my best to provide as much information as possible about this one-of-a-kind product.  Of course, if you have any questions about ChocoNuvo, please post them below and I will do my best to answer them during the broadcasts tonight and tomorrow.

Briefly, for those of you not yet familiar with ChocoNuvo, it is our unique creation that is without question the most delicious and heart healthy chocolate in the world.  It is only 26 calories per square with just a gram of sugars and the unique power to significantly lower cholesterol.  It is a perfect lower calorie and lower sugar alternative to satisfy a sweet tooth and its natural protective compounds offer a long list of healthy benefits.  We have seen a lot of products sell out quickly in my 25 years on TV, but none faster than ChocoNuvo did in December.  It was a very exciting day.  It was available for just that single day, yet it has already received 478 reviews and is rated a remarkable 4.6 Stars.  Although most Americans prefer less healthy milk chocolate, ChocoNuvo’s flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture have proven it to be a dark chocolate unlike anything available anywhere.  Best of all, that incredibly delicious and luxurious gourmet chocolate will also substantially lower your Total and LDL Cholesterol levels.  It is without question the most heart healthy chocolate in the world!  As everyone said last December, it sounds too good to be true, but the reviews have revealed that ChocoNuvo is the real deal…it delivers in all respects.  I cannot hide my excitement and I cannot wait to share ChocoNuvo with everyone.  Again, my apologies that it must go away until fall, but just as it was Mother Nature who was kind enough to give us ChocoNuvo, it is also her heat of summer that also takes it away (albeit temporarily).  That reminds me of a passage from the Bible (Job perhaps), but I have learned not to quote the Bible any longer lest I be prepared for the impassioned response that follows. smile

I hope you enjoy the video sneak peek tonight at 8 PM Eastern Time and I will see you thereafter at midnight, 12 PM and 8 PM Eastern Time.  I look forward to sharing all the latest research on the health benefits of dark chocolate and the completely unique taste and exceptional heart health benefits of ChocoNuvo.

Best of health.


40 thoughts on “
ChocoNuvo is Finally Back!”

  1. If I forget to take the Choconuvo during or immediately after eating a meal, how long do I have after consuming the meal that I can still take it and continue to get the benefits of the plant sterols/cholestacare? As long as an hour or just possibly 15 minutes or what? Thanks! (BTW, absolutely LOVE it!)

  2. Gonna stock up for the months to come. Down to the last two in the bottle and won’t eat them till the new bottles get here. Hoarding? This has been a great way to keep myself and my husband on track with the Cholestacare. Also, it is a wonderful tasting treat after our meals. We are high protein, low carb and this is perfect!

  3. Andrew, my husband and I take many of your products and love them all.
    My question is should we include Cholestacare while taking ChocoNuvo and if so what amount do you recommend? I would like to add that my cholesteral has dropped 30 pts since adding the ChocoNuvo and your Oatmeal to my diet.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful products.

  4. Between your oat bran/oatmeal and the Choconuvo, is there such a thing as taking too much plant sterols?

  5. I can hardly wait! Purchased the 300 size when it was it was introduced. LOVE IT! I called ProCaps earlier this week and asked (received the answer) about the shelf life of Choconuvo. There was not an expire date on the jug . I want to stock up, so need to know if that may be an issue .
    The CS answered my question, all ProCaps CS representatives are awesome!
    Since I was wanting to know , I think there are others would like to know also.
    (just a suggestion )

    Thanks so much for offering such great quality , great tasting chocolate.
    Choconuvo is that and even more … it is good for your health.

  6. All I can say is WOW, I had my cholestrol checked after taking since I received them and my HDL/LDL has gone down 51 points!! So I know you say it’s not a miracle drug, but it sure helped me! It just goes to show that we all need the Plant Stanols in our diet! My doctor was stunnded my the results and I gave her all the info and a sample to try! Thank you and keep up the great work!

  7. Wonderful! I feel that I am truly doing something great for my overall health, while being able to satisfy my often overindulged sweet tooth! Thank you, Andrew, for another wonderful product!

  8. Andrew I have familiar hypercholestrolemia and take 40 mg of statin which causes me excruciating back pain. If we stop it my cholesterol shoots to 300+ range within a month or two.

    How would I add ChocoNuvo to my regime? How many and how often. I take your CoQ 10 and your Essential one.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  9. Hi Andrew you were correct it was in Job 1:21- The Lord gives and the Lord Takes away Blessed be the name of the Lord.

  10. Hi Andrew. I take a statin for cholesterol. So, can I take the ChocoNuvo? How would I take it? Thanks.


    1. You can use it on some of Andrew’s products but not Today Specials etc. Same as any other coupon. The list is on the coupon .

  11. What is used to sweeten the chocolate? That will probably determine whether we order some or not. Hope it is Stevia–wish Stevia was used in your Secure products, too.

  12. I do not normally give my grandchildren candy for Easter. I think this would be a nice choice for Easter. Is there any age restriction for this product. Thank you

  13. Can we freeze the product in order to have it through the summer months or would that effect its taste and/or efficacy?

  14. love the choconuvo wish it were not so expensive as I am a senior on a limited budget, so I indulge only when my sweet tooth is screaming.
    I would like to see, however, a larger bottle of essential 1 as a today special as my husband and I take it and it will not last until your next special next March.
    how about a 750 cap bottle ????
    Many thanks for all your products as we take a few of them and I know they make a difference especially the glucosamine and chrondoitin as we ran out and felt a big difference in only 2 days.

  15. I’ve got my bottle. I can’t wait to try it. Dark chocolate is the best. I always aim for it. This is gonna be the best of both the health and chocoholic worlds. Thank you Andrew.

  16. Hi Andrew! I would Love to try your chocolates as I have high cholesterol; however, I don’t eat sugar in any amounts (only small amounts of alcohol free stevia), so I will stick with my cholestacare. My question is what are your thought on taking Ox bike salts by those people who don’t have a gallbladder?

    Also, are there any vitamins know to help the pancreas


  17. If someone cannot take statins for high cholesterol, can they safely take Choconuvo without affecting the liver functions ?

  18. have never taken one of your products, but your choconuvo sounds like it might help me with high cholesterol. have not taken stantons and cholesterol is 300 with ldl being high and good cholesterol lower. I’m in my 80’s & always had high cholesterol. any suggestions ?

  19. Glad to see that your little pooch is doing better. My wife an I are animal lovers and have one of our own. By the way, your choconuvo is the best tasting dark chocolate I have ever eaten. Great texture and is so creamy, and with all the health benefits. Ordered two 300 count to be sure I don’t run out for a while.
    I take two after dinner as suggested. Thanks Andrew, I trust your products and tell family and friends about them. I have never felt better in my life since taking your products.

  20. Ordered from HSN, love the choconuvo and the benefits. Can’t wait to have my cholesterol checked. Will post the results. I am also taking Red Omega Yeast. Hope to stop ROY and just use the choconuvo. Glad I purchased the largest container. Well be ordering again.

  21. I left my email address, so that you can let me know as soon as you get your choconuvo supply. I am very impress with this delicious dark chocolate, I have not stop eating it since I first purchase this item. I started with two every day, but since I found out that you were short in supply, I started eating only one, until you get your shipment. Just in case, I will give you my email again so that you can let me know when it’s time to reorder.I’m a long time devoted customer. Not only have I bought your choconuvo but I have purchase most of your vitamins and supplements. Hope to hear from you soon. Here is

  22. i ran out of my supply of choconuvo 66% squares and have not been able to reorder for about 2 months …. i am working on lowering my cholesterol without taking RX medications … when will these be available again at HSN or any online or in store …. please help!

  23. Who’s the man , Andrew Lessman!!!! Love love this chocolate! 6 months ago had my cholesterol check and my ldl was 198 today I went it dropped to 168. I’m a light smoker which I plan to quit haven’t really changed my diet and could not believe the results thank you again Andrew❤️

  24. Can you please tell me if the 91% is better at lowering cholesterol than the 74% or 66%? If so, can you take less of the 91% per day say 2 instead of 4?

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