Live from ProCaps Labs. June 12th and June 13th.

Today’s Special:  New ESSENTIAL-1 – Single-Capsule Daily Multivitamin.

Based upon all the positive feedback from our last live shows from my facilities and given all the requests that we do it again, I thought I’d invite you back to Henderson, Nevada for another look at where your vitamins are made.  These shows should provide the peace of mind you deserve and show you that your vitamins are more than some guy talking on TV.  You’ll see that unlike other vitamins on TV, I am not a hired spokesman with some anonymous contract manufacturer, but actually the person who founded the company more than 30 years ago and who actually designs and makes all the products you see.

Whenever we do these live shows it gives me a chance to show you just how unique we are – not just among TV vitamins, but among all products available anywhere.  And I am not just talking about our all-solar manufacturing.  In most cases, when we buy something, we have no idea where that product really came from or who really made it.  In most cases, we assume it is made by an American company right here in the USA, but that might not be the case.  Also, we generally assume that the person who “sells” the product actually made it; however, in most cases, the product was made by a third-party manufacturer that we don’t know at all.  I have often wished I could see a live tour of the companies that make all the foods I eat, but I don’t think that will happen any time soon, since I am not sure how many companies would be willing to have their facilities filmed live as we do.

Since we have nothing to hide, you will notice that we shoot the live show right in the middle of our facility.  Plus, your tour guide is me – the person who founded the company 30-plus years ago and who even designed and built the manufacturing facility itself.  Whenever we do these tours, it reminds me of what an exceptional privilege I have been given by HSN to provide you with this unique insight and direct view of something few get to see – the inside of where their products are made.  Plus, I also get to show-off the cleanliness of our NSF-certified facility and process, along with our expanded solar-panel array, which is likely the largest private solar energy installation in the USA.  I will show you how responsibly we make your products not only in terms of their quality but also as it relates to our planet and environment.

So, if you would like to see our new ESSENTIAL-1 Today’s Special and also get a tour of my vitamin manufacturing facility, please tune-in Saturday June 12th at 11pm, as well as Sunday June 13th at noon, 5pm and 9pm – all Eastern times.  This will be ESSENTIAL-1’s first TV appearance.  As I write this, it has a perfect five-star rating on  I created ESSENTIAL-1 for everyone who requested I make a pure, mild alternative to all those one-tablet-per-day multivitamins in supermarkets, pharmacies, etc, such as One-a-Day, Centrum, Theragran and all the generic brands.  Of course, ESSENTIAL-1 is very different and it comes in small, soft, easy-to-swallow capsules and contains no artificial colors or other chemical additives.  There are no enormous, stomach-challenging tablets to contend with – just a mild, pure powder in a small, soft, easy-to-swallow capsule that is gentle to even the most sensitive stomachs.  ESSENTIAL-1 is incredibly convenient and economical, since it is just one capsule per day.  It is an exceptionally affordable opportunity to get all the purity of my COMPLETE packeted multivitamins without the expense and effort of taking five capsules per day. Mind you, COMPLETE is what I take and it is both higher potency than ESSENTIAL-1 and more expensive. I will discuss this in detail during the shows.  ESSENTIAL-1 and COMPLETE are both exceptional values with the former providing a single capsule daily and the latter five daily capsules in our Purple Perma-Fresh packets.

For over 30 years, COMPLETE has set the standard for a high-potency packeted multivitamin and now, ESSENTIAL-1 will establish the new standard for a single-capsule-daily multivitamin.  Now that ESSENTIAL-1 has arrived, you will no longer have to tolerate the large tablets, artificial colors and additives of the leading one-tablet-per-day mass market vitamins.

Best of all, on Sunday, a 50-day supply of ESSENTIAL-1 will cost less than 30 cents per day and more than a year’s supply will cost less than 20 cents per day!  Add to that…Flexpay and Free Shipping and it will certainly be a great visit to Henderson, Nevada.

Best of Health and see you soon.


18 thoughts on “Live from ProCaps Labs. June 12th and June 13th.”

  1. Thank you Andrew. It’s always a pleasure to watch you each and every time your on HSN as well as your few cam cast’s you’ve done from your home. I’m quite knowledgable about vitamin supplements but still watching and learning from every appearance you make. I always ask my friends and family to watch, if anything they’ll atleast become more educated more informed about there health. And again, thanks for doing a presentation for your new essential one. This is the one that’s perfectt for my mother who is looking for a good one capsule a day product. I’m taking your Life RX Elite as well as cruciferous extracs, garlic, resveratrol, and addit. D3 2500, and lastly your night time formula. life is great and i feel on top of the world and much thanks to you for that andrew. god bless:)

  2. Andrew
    I have benefited fron SAM-e in the past and I wondered why you have not offered this product?

  3. Thanks Andrew for making such wonderful products. It is nice to know that your products are made in the USA and with quality ingredients.

  4. Thank you Andrew for such high quality supplements. I have been using them for years. My question is, I live in Las Vegas and drive by your facility everyday. I understand you may not be able to guarantee freshness if you opened a store here but how about maybe having a customer call-in and order line and have a drive through window for pickup? It sure would save locals on shipping…

  5. I was surprised that Andrew takes "Complete" ("Mind you, COMPLETE is what I take…")as he has stated he takes Founder’s Formula.
    Can you tell me which he really does take for himself?

  6. Thanks again Andrew for the heads up on the ESSENTIAL-1 Today’s Special.I will be watching all of your show times.I always learn so much from your visits to HSN.I am excited about the single capsule formula and with free shipping and on flex-pay Sunday’s gonna be a great day!!

  7. Thanks Andrew, I have already made my list try to never run out of your vitamins they are the best I am looking forward to the new ESSENTIAL-1. It is always a pleasure watching and learning from you.
    God bless you.

  8. Oh great. I hate taking a lot of pills and I feel so comfortable with your vitamins getting the nutrients so I will be ordering and looking forward to seeing you. I am addicted to watching when you are on as I learn so much. 🙂

  9. Andrew,
    I have a question for you about this product. I am currently taking your Complete, and other individual supplements, as needed. Can I take this product once a day , along with Complete,or alternate days? I hope you can address this on air. I don’t know if I need this one with what I am currently taking.I will enjoy your visit, whether I get this or not. 🙂

  10. andrew. i get the impression you read all the blog posts. you are the man, btw.
    but dude, we don’t all live in henderson, nv. here on the east coast, it gets humid in the summertime. my pc liver and brain granules get all clumpy and lumpy.
    plus, i am one of the people who can’t stand the taste of it. i force myself to down this moistened sawdust twice a day, but i think i’d rather drink cod liver oil. my three year old kid and i have a joke, ‘daddy’s going to eat his yucky powder now’ and he laughs hysterically as he watches the funny faces i make.
    so, can you please put the exact same stuff in capsules? how many capsule make a teaspoon? my guess is three, maybe four, but you would know better than i. of course i understand that would increase the cost a bit, but for me personally, it would be well worth it. maybe you could sell more of this stuff if you offered it both ways.
    please give us your thoughts on this one if you can.
    many thanks
    jim d

  11. Andrew,
    It was suggested to me to take my fish oil or Vit E supplements(any oil-based supplements) separate from any soluble fiber foods. Therefore, I take my oil-based supplements at lunch rather than at breakfast with my oatmeal which, as you know, is high in soluble fiber. What is your opinion on this? Is it true that the soluble fiber blocks the absorption of the fish oil and Vit E? Do you take them together?

  12. Greetings Andrew I take your vitamins coq10 and D3 and I think your vitamins best on the market today. I greatly enjoy when you give the tour of procaps lab. I would like to see more of your facility and were raw materials come in and how you put them together and the process of making vitamins in more detail. If you put together A DVD I would buy it. I ingest ten thousand IU D3 daily the last time my 25(OH)D3 level was checked I was at 68 I would also like to ask you about vitamin C as I study Linus Pauling views on vit C he believed in high doseing vit C however others say only 90 mg daily how much vit C should I take daily. thank you Andrew and keep up the good work. your friend Ed louisville ky

  13. Andrew I live about 5 minutes from your office and I ordered products from HSN today. Is there a way to just pick them up instead of waiting 8 to 10 days to get them. I take the Ultimate Energy and am trying the One a day vitamins. Its free shipping anyway. I would be glad to stop by.

  14. Andrew, I just placed my first ‘ever’ order for your products. I was torn between Complete and the Essential-1 today’s special. I ended up choosing the Essential-1 to start your line. I had been searching the market for a good sourse of Selenium to help support my thyroid function. I found no other products out there that could compare to yours, especially with the amount of Selenium in both your Complete and Essential-1. I also ordered your Secure meal replacement packets. My question to you is in regard to the Soy in Secure, is it fermented or unfermented? I’m newly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis but I’m not on thyroid medication ‘yet’ (my T levels are still good), so I’m not concerned about the interaction between Soy and thyroid med’s. But, I would like to know more about the Soy in your Secure product. Thanks much! I’m looking forward to receiving your products and I will let you know how I fare.

    This product lacks nutrients that are very necessary especially for adults over 50. Can’t understand why so many people are ready to jump on the bandwagon without really investigating the products they are purchasing. No one seems to bother going to a nutritionist with this product. So gullible are you that you just believe the HYPE presented on air and get excited because it’s one tablet.

  16. Dear Stringbean.
    I have politely asked you in the past to share your thoughts in a more appropriate fashion, but clearly that is not possible for you, so I will instead ask you in a more direct fashion to please find other websites to vent your anger and where you can share your unpleasant posts, since I am sure that my website is not the only victim of your nasty posts.
    Also, your post speaks in generalities about “nutrients very necessary for adults over 50,” but sadly, it lacks any substance or specifics, since I am not sure what you are referring to, but if it were Calcium – that could never be provided in a single pill and requires a separate Calcium capsule. In any event, any nutritionist who would recommend Centrum, Theragran, One-a-Day, etc would be ecstatic with this product. Obviously, you feel there are multiple errors in this formula, so I encourage you to do something more productive than continually posting angry blogs. Why not make your own superior, single capsule product? I encourage you to do so.
    You also speak of “hype,” which there is no hype required for this product, since it only contains the nutrients that have for decades been recognized as absolutely essential for human health. It therefore requires no “hype,” but simply an elementary review of the science. What we have done differently is to place those nutrients (vitamins, minerals and carotenoids) at more appropriate levels in a capsule without artificial colors or other unnecessary tableting ingredients.
    I am sure your expertise in the areas of biochemistry, nutrition and supplement manufacturing far exceed my own, so please devote your remarkable knowledge and experience to something more positive and value-added than angry posts on my blog. In short and in closing, please direct your angry keyboard elsewhere.
    Thank you.

  17. I am a new customer, but I am very impressed. It is clear how much passion you have for wellness and it show by the care and investment you make in the quality ingredients and manufacturing process. The 2 main reasons that convinced me to switch from my current Omega 3 brand to ProCaps were:
    1. Your explanation of the DHA vs EPA ratio and how your formula is different than other premium brands
    2. Your solar powered facility
    I do have one suggestion for improvement: Since you have created such an impressive investment in green-energy, I would very much like to see your packaging become just as environmentally responsible. Perhaps you could get bottles made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (or at least partially post-consumer materials)? There are also non-plastic corn-based substances. Your shipping boxes may already be made from post-consumer fibers, but that would be another suggestion. You are already a leader and inspiration to others in this industry for your quality and environmental focus, these suggestions are just ways to expand on your great work.
    Ps. Do you have a powder form of Mag-Cal that is similar to the "Calms Plus" product on the market?

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