The Vitamin Angels are Flying High! More than 250,000 Bottles Donated in April! We hope to reach 2 million bottles by January!

April was a wonderful month for Vitamin Angels, since my nonprofit (The Andrew Lessman Foundation) committed to create, and by now has already donated, another 257,000 bottles of Prenatal Vitamins to needy mothers around the world.  It is hard to believe but we are now well beyond the one million bottle mark.  That is a lot of bottles to give away!  To put that number in perspective, there are less than a dozen US cities with more than one million inhabitants.  In other words, we have already given away enough bottles to give one bottle to each and every person living in Philadelphia!  I find that absolutely astounding…and exciting!  It is truly gratifying that the founder of Vitamins Angels, Howard Schiffer has enabled my little idea about prenatal vitamins to become a pretty big idea with major influence worldwide.  If you consider the quantity of vitamins we have distributed with the role that a prenatal vitamin plays throughout the developing world, then it is no exaggeration to describe its impact as lifesaving to a vast number of women and their babies.  This is not just a handful of vitamins affecting a few women, but more than one million bottles!  Not only are these vitamins saving lives, but they also increase the physical and intellectual potential of every child born to a better-nourished mother.

There is no time where food and nutrition play a greater role than when a mother is pregnant and must also nourish her growing child.  Correspondingly, there is also no time when a vitamin supplement plays a greater health role than when a mother lacks sound fundamental nutrition in the developing world.  The science and research has always been clear on this point and I am thrilled we can make such an enormous difference in the lives of so many women and their future babies who are in desperate need of sound basic nutrition.  I can’t thank you enough for helping to make our dream a reality.  Thank you so much for helping so many!

Plus, our goal of giving away 2 million bottles by January 2011 is now well within reach.  This weekend, my nonprofit Foundation will once again donate a bottle of Prenatal Vitamins for every bottle purchased at HSN.  My friends often remind me how unique that is:  “Sell a bottle – Give away a bottle,” but I prefer to look at it as just another exciting opportunity for us to do things differently.

Best of health.


3 thoughts on “The Vitamin Angels are Flying High! More than 250,000 Bottles Donated in April! We hope to reach 2 million bottles by January!”

  1. This is a great cause and I’m so glad you’re helping women throughout the world. If babies can get better nutrition from birth, they will develop stronger bodies and systems that will create the foundation for a better life.

  2. I use to take your vitamins but when I started to have to take a blood thinner I had to stop because of Vitamin K.

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