First Ever Online Today’s Special Live Web Event from Aspen, Colorado

This weekend we will have 3 days of Event Pricing and Free Shipping, along with a trio of Today’s Specials to celebrate our first ever Live Online Event.  As you know, we only do live shows four times per year at HSN in January, April, July and October.  The 90-day spacing between shows allows us enough time to manufacture fresh product for each set of shows.  In fact, we are currently in the process of creating the key products for our upcoming October shows.  I really am not kidding when I say that our vitamins may be fresher than some produce at supermarkets.  And because we make our products fresh and literally “just in time” for each set of shows, it makes the preparation for each HSN visit challenging.  Of course, we welcome the challenge, since it insures you the freshest products, but adding another full TV visit would be difficult, so I tried to come up with another way to provide greater savings and more Today’s Specials.  This Online Event will do just that and also enable me to answer hundreds of your questions live while also covering health topics I can’t discuss on TV.  Greater savings and more information were the reasons behind creating this first-ever live Online Event.  This event will follow the same schedule as my TV shows with one interesting addition that I will discuss below.  Of course, we will have the Today’s Specials (also discussed below), along with Special Pricing and Free Shipping on everything.  There will be no host with me, so it will be just you, me and Lincoln (with Muriel stopping by to visit).  Again, the shows will be live, so I will rely on you for questions and suggested topics of interest.  You will effectively be the host guiding the content of these online shows and if you enjoy the broadcasts, there will be more to come in the future.  Also, just in case you miss any of the live online shows, they will all be recorded to watch at or until midnight on Monday.

As I said above, the schedule for the Online Event will be just like my weekend shows with an interesting addition.  Normally, we introduce our Today’s Special at midnight on Saturday and I return around lunchtime on Sunday and then we finish up Sunday evening.  For the Online Event, we will do the same, but with one interesting addition.  I have often considered that when I am not at HSN, I normally go to bed before midnight.  In other words, I would be asleep before my own Today’s Special.  Since I suspect I am not alone in that regard, I thought I would do a sneak peak at 8 PM ET instead of having everyone wait until midnight, so if you go to bed before midnight, you can now see the Today’s Special at 8 PM.  Is this something you’d like to see during my normal visits to HSN?  Of course, the midnight show will still devote far more time to the origins, science, research, savings, etc., but a sneak peak just seems to be far more respectful to everyone’s sleep schedule and daily responsibilities.  I welcome your thoughts.

I guess at this point, I should share some information about our three Today’s Specials – two of which are brand new products and a third was recently added due to popular request.

This weekend we will be introducing what our Ultimate Oatmeal and Ultimate Oat Bran.  They are unlike any other oat products in the world.  Thanks to advertising by the folks at Quaker and Cheerios, we all know that Oats are one of Mother Nature’s best cholesterol-lowering foods. Even the government (FDA) allows a claim for cholesterol reduction with oats. Best of all, our new Ultimate Oatmeal and Oat Bran multiply the cholesterol lowering power of oats many times over any other oat product.  Plus, our Ultimate Oats are also uniquely both Gluten-Free and 100% Organic.  When we were first developing this product, I was a bit surprised to learn that American oats were not Gluten-Free. It was strange since I knew that oats naturally contain no gluten at all; however, since America is overrun by wheat, oats are now contaminated with gluten. Sadly, oats are no longer “naturally” Gluten-Free.  You can sometimes find Organic oats, but they are rarely Gluten-Free; and you can sometimes find Gluten-Free Oats, but they are rarely Organic.  Ours are uniquely both and you have no idea how hard it was to find and validate Organic and Gluten-Free Oatmeal and Oat Bran.  Also, because of our decades of experience with Plant Sterols (CholestaCare), our Ultimate Oats can be 5 to 10 times more effective at lowering cholesterol than oats alone.  Oats are very heart healthy, but practically speaking, it is hard to eat enough oats to make a major difference in cholesterol levels; however, with our Ultimate Oats just 2 small servings daily (just 1/3 or 1/4 cup) can make more than a 20% difference in cholesterol.  This exciting natural breakthrough is simply Mother Nature at her best.  Plus, both products come with Today’s Special pricing and Muriel’s new “Oatstanding” Recipes Cookbook.  I look forward to sharing more about this tomorrow.

There is one more Today’s Special that I decided to add at the last moment due to everyone’s popular request.  In July when we did our Healthy Hair Skin and Nails Today’s Special we offered a bundle with small sizes of our new Marine Collagen Peptides.  The response has been exceptional to this product, and since I have received many requests to make it a Today’s Special, I thought now would be the perfect time, since the sizes of Marine Collagen Peptides we offered in July would be running out right now.  Needless to say, like our Ultimate Oats the Marine Collagen will be at its best pricing ever.  I am excited to discuss this fascinating product, along with the science and technology surrounding its development and benefits. I look forward to doing so tomorrow.

Perhaps the most frequent commentary we hear following my shows is that you would like to hear me talk much more on television.  That you would like to hear more about the science and research on our products, as well as what I view as the most important things to do in terms of healthy living given the myriad of decisions we face each day if we truly want to reduce our risk of disease and improve our quality of life.  Well, since you asked to hear me talk more, I hope you will not be reminded of that expression: “Be careful what you ask for,” since tomorrow, there will be no host – just me and Lincoln answering your questions and talking for hours in response to your questions. Actually, Lincoln will not be doing much talking…just me.

OK…I will stop writing now, so I still have something to say tomorrow.  Please join us for our first-ever Live Online Event Saturday at 8 PM and midnight ET and then on Sunday at noon and 8 PM ET.  I hope you enjoy it!  Please continue to share your thoughts or questions throughout the shows.  Also, as I mentioned above, recordings of all of the shows will be available to watch at or until Monday at midnight.  See you tomorrow and I already appreciate the hundreds of questions you have already shared. I will do my very best to answer them tomorrow and Sunday.

Best of health and see you soon.


48 thoughts on “First Ever Online Today’s Special Live Web Event from Aspen, Colorado”

  1. I think a “sneak peak” at the today’s special at 8 PM is a wonderful idea. There have been times when I waited till midnight when I really should have been trying to sleep. On top of that, it gives people a chance to listen to your presentation and then have extra time to think about it.

  2. A nutritionist recently told me that with my blood type I need to avoid chondroitin and M.S.M. I was able to order Glucosamine without chondroitin but I don’t see Healthy Hair Skin & Nails without M.S.M.
    Will it be available in the future without M.S.M?

  3. For those of us who survive without transfusions due to severe anemia because of your IRON PLUS, I would like to again BEG of you to please offer a LARGER size than 360 capsules. Under Dr’s care, I take 7 to 9 of your IRON PLUS every single day and it keeps me from having transfusions! Without your IRON PLUS, my an email is uncontrollable so I’m so thankful for your products as I take MANY of them. Many people like myself find ourselves having to take 4 to 10 of your iron a day, so the largest size you offer of 360 caps just don’t last us very long. It would be such a HUGE blessing if you would offer a 720 or larger size of IRON PLUS once or twice a year PLEASE! I hate wasting resources ordering 2 to 3 bottles every other month. All those plastic bottles are so wasteful and paying shipping each time just adds up enormously so again if you would PLEASE offer a huge size of IRON PLUS just once or twice a year, I know it would be very well received and appreciated.
    Also, having an early time (8pm) for the sneak peek of the Today’s Special is awesome! Thanks for doing so!
    Lastly, if you would address this in your live event, it would help SO MANY people like myself: For those of us who have went through a gastric bypass, if you could recommend 1 or 2 products that would be the most beneficial for us, it would be huge! So many, like myself, cannot afford to take all the wonderful supplements that you offer due to financial issues, so hearing your expert recommendation of 1 or 2 products that you feel would be MOST beneficial to gastric bypass folks would be welcomed and appreciated!
    God bless you for all you do! Your products have changed my life and for that I’m forever grateful and blessed!
    One last comment, PLEASE BRING BACK THE “OLD” ALOE VERA 200 THAT HAD WHEAT GRASS AND BARLEY GRASS WITH THE ALOE VERA INSTEAD OF THE “NEW” VERSION THAT ELIMINATED THOSE GRASSES AND INSTEAD ADDED VITAMIN C TO THE ALOE VERA. SO MANY OF YOUR OTHER PRODUCTS CONTAIN HIGH LEVELS OF VITAMIN C SO WE DON’T NEED EVEN MORE IN THE ALOE VERA 200. THE “NEW” FORMULA DOESN’T SEEM TO BE AS EFFECTIVE AND I CAN ONLY ASSUME IT IS DUE TO THE ELIMINATION OF THE GRASSES AND ADDING VITAMIN C INSTEAD. The “old” Aloe Vera totally took away my acid reflux and my bile reflux, which was so severe it destroyed ALL my teeth and my esophagus but your Aloe Vera in the “old” formula had started healing my esophagus and kept the 2 refluxes 100% in check. The “new” Aloe Vera barely helps 50% now, which is such a shame when I know how well the “old” version changed my life for the better. If nothing else, how about offering the “old” Aloe Vera version once or twice a year so those of us that love it and need it can stock up on it until the next time it’s offered??! I miss having 100% control over the acid reflux and the bile reflux solely from your “old” Aloe Vera 200!
    Thank you and God Bless you!!




    1. What will be the longest shelf life (even if could be frozen for a length of time?) of the Marine Collagen Peptides? I’ll want to stock up a bunch at the savings price. I don’t know if you claimed it would greatly improve the appearance of cellulite, but that has been my experience! I do recall you mentioning the improved appearance of the skin, but I hadn’t dreamed or hoped that you meant anything beyond my wrinkles improving-which they have! ? (I’m 51 and thrilled with many of your products).

  6. It would be great if at the recommended pill dosage per day you would offer a one year supply on all your specials, it is really irritating to order & then find out one bottle might last for six months, another seight, some a full year, but it would really be a piece of mind to know you were good to go for the entire year? Thank

  7. Andrew so excited!? you are going to start your Andrew Lessman classes again. I can’t tell you how nuts my family thought I was as I sat and listened to all your shows on HSN. But then they stopped , and of course I figured they stopped because you where educating everyone about feeding our bodies through nature, not with man made drugs! Andrew you are a staple in my home. And I can’t wait to receive my Oatmeal . Thanks to you , Lincoln and Muriel!

  8. Thank you for the early sneak peek of the Today’s Specials. Sometimes it just too hard to stay awake till those wee hours just to shop, even for you and your products of which I love. Just ordered the Marine Collagen. This will be my third time. I ordered the 240 this time. I adore this product and can really see the difference, especially in my nails. Continue with the awesome work. Thank you.

  9. Please can you formulate a protein meal replacement with stevia. I was daignosed with Fibromyalgia some years ago. Upon eliminating all artificial sweeteners from my diet, all of my symptoms disappeared. There are many of us who have sensitivities to artificial chemical substances and need more natural ingredients in our suppliments. I am grateful for the quality and integrity of your products and will remain a lifelong loyal customer. Thank you for promoting good health at an affordable value.

    1. I requested this same thing, or a product with no sweeteners (our own to be added
      before taking) and got a fairly negative response, not from Andrew himself, but from
      the person I talked to at Procaps labs. Maybe, as Arlo says, two might be a
      conspiracy, but THREE might be a movement!!

    2. does your shakes have artificial sweeteners? I would rather be natural sweet than having that additives… please let me know, since I make milk shakes for my kids before they leave to school..

      I wouldn’t want to introduce the artificial sweeteners to them…

      Thank You!

  10. Great idea to start at 8pm and ABSOLUTELY you should do more of the talking than the Sales Host. We want to her from you, THE EXPERT, talk about health and the science behind helping us help our bodies maintain the best possible quality of life.
    I will be away on vacation starting Sunday morning and will only be able to catch the Sat 8pm live presentation. Is there any way you can keep your web recordings up a couple of weeks instead of just until Monday night? Very much appreciated!

  11. Perfect timing. Midnight is too late to stay up if you’re honoring a healthy sleeping schedule! For subjects of interest, mine would be what do you take and why. There are numerous choices available, some targeted to specific needs, but beyond that are the basic foundations that SHOULD be taken to live a healthy, active life. Using yourself as the example, we can learn what those options are and why they’re important. Thanks Andrew. I learn so much from you!

  12. Should I take the Marine Collagen instead of or in addition to the Hair skin and nail supplements? How are these products different?
    I see I can purchase these products now on your procaps website with auto ship. Will the auto ship also be free shipping for every delivery?

  13. I have a muscle disease and have difficulty swallowing. Can you make a liquid multi vitamin and individual supplements, in liquid form? I don’t know what you would do to make Krill oil palatable but I’m so afraid of choking that I just stopped taking it. Thanks so much.

  14. Dear Andrew,
    You give us a lot of information on the vitamins you sell and i appreciate that. However, you sell a lot of vitamins and supllements to us but, you never discuss how to take all this vitamins through out the day. Should we take all the vitamins at the same time? What do you suggest. There is just not enough time during the day to take all these vitamins that are supposed to be good for us. Please don’t say consult with your doctor because doctors don’t have time for that.

    1. I don’t have a computer at home. What channel will Andrew be broadcasting on? Is it HSN? I have bought your products several times. Thank you,

  15. Andrew: As always you are in the front of things.

    Keep up the good work.

    I have been your customer at both HSN and ProCaps Labs since 2001.

    I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    Best Wishes to you and Muriel for all your endeavors.

  16. Thank you….12:00 AM is so very late; it has always been my wish to have the TDS earlier in the evening and You Did It!!!!! Also extremely happy that YOU will be presenting the program….complained numerous times about the hosts interrupting and taking over presentation…I don’t believe anyone needs a ‘hard sell’ with your product line.
    I have been taking collagen powder for over a year and was happy to see you add Marine collagen. I will be ordering this today. I have shopped with you for over ten years and believe your products to be the very best quality. We lost two-thirds of our retirement income in 2008 and as a result we often have to sacrifice quality for price necessitating accepting lower quality on a few products so yo TDS helps us out a great deal…. We stock up on CoQ10 and Omega 3 and currently am awaiting another TDS on these products. When we run out or run low, we have to shop around until these items are offered at lower TDS prices. No vendor can hold a candle to your Maximum Joint Effort, Fibermucil or Essential D. All we can add is …THANK YOU AND PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  17. Hi Andrew: We are looking forward to this first online event and wish you great success. If you have time, could you please discuss the best way for us to schedule our regime of daily supplements in order to maximize their benefits and minimize any side effects?
    For instance, I know some things are fat soluble only and should be taken with a bit of food, would taking it at the same time as fish oil supplements accomplish the same thing? And I know some supplements are considered to be soothing, like magnesium and might be best taken at night. Also, I don’t take my Friendly Flora until after I’ve eaten thinking that all those little beneficial microbes need something to eat as well.
    Are there some general guidelines that you might recommend so we can make best use of your products?
    Thank you for your time and attention. And thanks for your integrity.

  18. I love that you are starting earlier. I am a early to bed early to rise girl. I agree with one of the previous comments about standardizing the supply of the bottle. A year on TSV, 6 months on others if possible. Here is my question: What is the most comprehensive vitamin that you sell? I currently take 13 different bottles of AL and put them in a 4 compartment vitamin sorter. I would love to just buy the vitamins in the packets but which one is the strongest and are the pills the same as the separate bottles. For example is the Omega 3 the same in the packet as in the bottle? Does the multi with the packets take the place of the separate bottles? If so I would order it on AS so I would never run out. thanks!

  19. I am really looking forward to this format. Eliminating the HSN host was an excellent idea!! They can sometimes be an annoyance. I just want to hear from you Andrew!

  20. I only use your products because there are no additives. Who wants to pay for additives?!? I would like to see more price offers on a YEAR supply rather than 180 or 260 caps. I also would like to know “shelf life”, “with or without food”, and “dosage requirements” ie; if more than one cap – two together or one at a time. So thanks again for a quality product that is pure, additive free and made in America that we can trust, and the FREE SHIPPING that helps make it more affordable for most of us.
    I don’t know if I’ll be able to participate in the online show, so I’m hoping you’ll answer some of our questions via your blog following the show. THANKS ANDREW!!

  21. Hoping you will comment on krill oil versus omega, the comparison. Also, is it possible that taking your astaxanthan is the reason my ocular migraines have occurred less often? I hope that continues……….. Thanks.

  22. Hello,

    I am 42 years old. I have struggled with migraines since I was in my preteen years. They have became unbearable. What would you recommend me taking to help relieve this life changing problem?

    Thank you!

  23. Just watched the live video from Saturday. I much prefer this style versus the HSN hosts! So much more relaxing/peaceful listening to you. Thank you! I can’t wait to try the oats!

  24. Hi Andrew and Muriel,

    I’m excited about the oat bran today’s special.

    A preview of the TS would be wonderful as well as the opportunity to order.
    Please let’s do these online information sessions again.
    I also appreciate the chance to review the segment.




  26. Dear Andrew,
    Thank you so much for your online segments. I consider them a true gift of your knowledge and so appreciate your candor! You were food for my soul and body!
    Thank You!

  27. Thank you Andrew for the preview of the Today’s Special. It is very much appreciated as are all you considerations in the products you make.

    I consistantly rave to all friends and doctors/nurses about your products. Believe it or not the fact that your processing and building is solar is the clincher to get them to listen. I guess that fact that if someone is that dedicated to natural energy, then they are making a correlation in their mind that you must be as dedicated to your products. Aha……. they would be correct.

    I must say that it is depressing for me to see how many doctors, including cardiac and kidney specialist are not getting the correlation between what is put into your body is what will feed the mechanisms encased in your skin. I have actually noted some in the medical profession kind of brush off the idea of natural supplements WITHOUT additives! Definitely made me take notice of whether I would consider this person to be a part of my medical well being. I truly believe that the perfect health decisions should be taking into account modern medicine in conjunction with natural medicine/supplements and healthier eating.

    I had given up on supplements as my husband had before trying yours. I know it sounds repetitive to the public, but I would either throw up or get sick to my stomach with other supplements. It is so pleasant to be able to take supplements and both my husband and me having better blood test results.

    Please do keep up the good work and planning for the future. Your peeps need you and appreciate all you are doing to better yours and our health.

    God bless,


  28. Love the online specials and all the info. Please leave the recordings on longer. It’s hard to have hours to watch them all. Usually I record your shows and sometimes watch them days or even weeks later. I don’t know of a way I can record these online shows. All you have to do it put a notice on the bottom saying the prices are from earlier shows like HSN does. It seems a shame to delete all the information.

  29. I really enjoyed the session I saw. I got a lot of value out of the information presented and the viewer questions you answered. (I also enjoyed the discounted products and free shipping!) Thanks very much for taking the time to do this. I hope it was successful and that we see more of these in the future. 🙂

  30. Thank you so much for showing the TS at 8 pm. That was great. Loved the online presentation. Ordered the Ultimate oatmeal and Marine Peptides. Thanks for making the oatmeal. I am looking forward to these specials and MORE online programs !!! Hugs to Muriel & Lincoln .

  31. Loved the online sessions! Had to miss some of them and are trying to finish seeing them all before they are taken offline tonight. There’s such a tremendous wealth of information given in such a wonderful and relaxed setting, that I wish they could be preserved online somehow for us to view again. It’s a bit overwhelming to try and gather it all in at one time. Please do these type of sessions again. . . truly wonderful, and thanks for sharing yourself and expertise with us all! My health is so much better because of your supplements and I’m truly most grateful!!! Will only take your supplements for the rest of my life!!!!!! Love and prayers from CA!!!

  32. Thank you so much for all the time you are taking to do these online sessions. I have truly enjoyed watching them and have been well informed. Since I am on such a tight income I so appreciated the specials and you letting us know what specials will be coming up next month. All the products I have tried are all superior to what other companies are offering. I look forward to seeing you continue these online sessions. Andrew you have gained my trust with all your fine products and all the great information you have given over the many years you have been on HSN. I am truly happy to hear you being bold and truthful with all the false stories from money seeking companies. Even when I know they are lying many don’t so we all need someone like you who is highly educated to stand up for the truth.
    You are a blessing, thank you Andrew!!!

  33. My intermittent internet connection doesn’t allow me to view on-line live shows every time I want, so I completely missed this whole thing. Is it available for re-play at all?

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