Our 19th Anniversary Celebration! Your Favorite Products – Our Best Values

It is hard to believe it has been 19 years since I arrived at HSN.  Even more difficult to believe is that it has been 25 years since my products and I first appeared on TV.  Those anniversaries are hard to imagine, but even more difficult (frightening) is the fact that just last month, ProCaps Labs celebrated its 36th Anniversary.  That’s right, ProCaps was “born” way back in 1979.  It seems like I just arrived at HSN a few years ago and I started my company just a few years before that.  The passage of time is challenging, but it is rewarding to read the emails and letters or hear from those of you who have been with us for decades.  I am grateful for your faith in my dream of creating a better vitamin company and your loyalty to our products.  More than one-third of a century later, I have not lost my enthusiasm for helping everyone become as healthy as they choose to be.  We are grateful for the faith you place in us and just as our quality has never wavered, neither has our respect for the planet and our compassion for those in need.  With your assistance, we will continue on this path for at least 36 more years to come.  smile emoticon

Before I mention our upcoming Anniversary Today’s Specials, I wanted to thank everyone for participating in our first Live Online Event last month.  There was no host with me, so I was a little worried about whether there would be enough questions to fill several hours, but if it got too quiet, I thought Lincoln could show off his latest tricks.  He never got a chance, since we were overwhelmed by literally thousands of live questions during all the shows.  I did my very best to answer several hundred of the most popular questions, but since I could not get to all of them, you can rest assured I will do more live events like this in the future.  I love my shows on HSN, but frankly, it was more enjoyable for me to just sit back and answer all your questions.   I had no idea what question was coming next, but it was fun and exciting to provide as much information as possible on vital health-related issues.  Most importantly, I want to thank you for your participation, since without you, the online event would have just been the Lincoln Show. smile emoticon  However, I did smile at the comments I received that Lincoln was the perfect host, since he just looked adorable, but said nothing. smile emoticon Anyhow, it was everyone that watched the show that played host, since you chose the topics, the products and the questions I answered…all live.  Thanks again and I will be back soon with another live online event completed committed to your favorite topics, questions and concerns.

One more thing before I discuss the CoQ10 Today’s Special coming up later today.  During the Online Event, I introduced our Ultimate Oatmeal and Ultimate Oat Bran.  In just a few weeks, the Ultimate Oatmeal has received almost 30 reviews and all of them are Perfect 5-Star Reviews.  It does not surprise me, since I don’t think anyone (myself included) had previously enjoyed such fresh, high quality oatmeal.  Best of all, when you use it daily, you will see the amazing results it delivers to your cholesterol levels.  As far as the Ultimate Oat Bran, I owe everyone an apology, since that product was so fresh and so new to our facilities that HSN was only just able to ship it out a few days ago, so it should start to be delivered this week.  As I mentioned during the Online Event, we were originally told there was NO Gluten-Free and Organic Oat Bran in the world, so we consider ourselves lucky to be able to find it and create it and I apologize sincerely for the delays in getting our very first bottles out to you.  You will have it any day now and I am sure you will love it as much as we do.

Anyone who watches my shows already knows that our October Anniversary month means two of our most important Today’s Specials with some of the largest savings.  We begin tonight with our Coenzyme Q-10 200 mg formula at its best pricing ever.  It is without question among the most important nutritional supplements anyone could contemplate taking.  If you have followed me for long, you have heard me emphasize the importance of CoQ10 for more than 30 years, while most other companies only discovered it the last decade or so.  CoQ10 goes to the core of human existence, since it is all about our ability to produce and maintain our energy level while also sustaining our most important organs (brain, heart, liver, muscle, etc.) and therefore our quality of life.  Our own CoQ10 levels are unfortunately constantly compromised by the fact that we are aging, as well as the way we live, the things we do and the medicines we take.  For several years I have said the pricing would be going up significantly and despite our cost of CoQ10 increasing, we have maintained our remarkable pricing and, unlike most other companies, we still use only the world’s best and purest CoQ10.  Almost 30 years ago, a 360-capsule supply of 30 mg CoQ10 cost more than a 600-capsule supply of 200 mg CoQ10 tonight.  A few decades ago, you would have effectively paid 10 times more!  That would be like being able to buy a quart of milk or a dozen eggs for a few pennies today.  Of course, unlike other companies, we have never compromised our CoQ10 and it only contains the world’s best and purest Kaneka CoQ10 (NO Chinese CoQ10).  Plus, we also include the equivalent of a separate non-acidic Vitamin C and a full stress B-complex with our unique protected vitamin B12.  Each of those ingredients alone warrants the investment.  One small easy-to-swallow capsule daily delivers so many benefits.  Literally, the most important nutritional essentials for living.  The reviews for this product speak for themselves with well over 1,000 reviews and almost all of them unanimously perfect.  I look forward to sharing more this evening and tomorrow.

Lastly, next weekend I will be talking about Vitamin D3, an ingredient that I have emphasized its importance for all of the 36 years I have been making vitamins.  I am proud of this, since I always say it is not just our products, but the information I provide that empowers you to make healthy decisions.  Next weekend the Today’s Special provides an option of Vitamin D3 at potencies of 1,000 IU or 2500 IU, as well as bundles with our Calcium Magnesium Intensive Care.  Because of its important role in Calcium utilization, I will also have our Vitamin K2-MK7 available at Special Anniversary Pricing (basically Today’s Special Pricing).  I will discuss how all these ingredients work together in your body.  Needless to say, they are three almost unanimously perfectly reviewed products. And all three of these products will be at their best pricing ever next weekend.

Since I try not to overstay my welcome and spend too much time on your TV, I only do 3 shows over a weekend.  As usual, we start at 11 PM Eastern Time tonight – Saturday (Today’s Special at midnight) and then 11 AM Eastern Time on Sunday morning and then 8 PM Eastern Time on Sunday night.  We repeat the same schedule next weekend.  I hope you join us tonight to celebrate 19 years at HSN and for what many consider our best Today’s Specials of the year.  I hope to see you later.

Best of Health.


34 thoughts on “Our 19th Anniversary Celebration! Your Favorite Products – Our Best Values”

  1. In desperate need of Resveratrol as I purchased last years bundle with the coq10 today’s special and I just ran out. Please please tell me that you will be bundling again as we haven’t seen Resveratrol today’s special yet.

  2. Are there any differences between methylcobalamin, cyanocobalamin, adenosylcobalamin? Which B12 do you recommend?

    1. I cannot absorb the regular vitamin B12. I now have to take Methyl B12. You don’t find that in many Multi -Vitamins. I wish Andrew would add it to his multi. I asked him and he did not give me a convincing answer. I am sure when it become financial feasible for him, he will do it! I did see that he put it in one of his products as of late.

  3. Just saw this info after I placed my order this morning for D3, K, Magnesium. I guess it’s too late to cancel that order so I can get the TS pricing next week?! This is soooooooo my luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. CQ10….. I know you explain why we need it. But what would happen if we don’t take it? Also, is it fat and/or water soluable? Is there a toxicity level? Is there any reason a person should NOT take it?


  5. Again in the Headlines is that Calcium is to no advantage to women and may even cause harm. Should women quit supplementation if their doctors didn’t recommend it or even know of this supplementation ?

    1. I would question what the sample size was with their testing, who did they sample it on, etc. Remember the news is mostly hype with incomplete information. I would say we need to supplement in moderation along with D3 for absorption. oops, sorry, I’m sure you meant for Andrew to answer.

  6. I need to take calcium citrate(Dr. Orders due to gastric bypass surgery)
    I notice none of ur calcium is citrate Y
    An will U B offering it?

  7. Thanks Andrew….will be getting your cal/mag & D3 when it comes up. Enjoyed your live shows. Look forward to more. 🙂

  8. Hello Andrew;
    Would you kindly share with me which supplements you give to your adorable
    buddy “Linc.” I have a pit bull rescue. She is 7 now and weighs 68 lb ( all muscle )
    Thank you for the gift you are for so many of us.
    greetings to Muriel
    and a nose to nose or nose to butt from my Bella to Linc

  9. Check with customer service. I believe that they will honor the lower price and give you a credit. I have done it before.

  10. Since I think those HSN hosts are always trying to re-enact the restaurant scene from ‘When Harry Met Sally’, I just loved your comment about Lincoln being the perfect host! I am still laughing out loud in agreement. 🙂

  11. I am taking calcium magnesium amd zinc all in the same pill for leg cramps (charley horses) at night. Works well but would like to use an Andrew Lessman product. Would the calcium magnesium supplements scheduled for next weekend work just as well? A special value I understand.

  12. Loved the online show!! Getting questions answered was wonderful. Loving my Oatmeal and Oat Bran. Can’t wait to try some of Muriel’s recipes! The smoothie looks great!

  13. How old is too old to use your vitamins….I have so many and some have dates in 2014. Should I toss them or can they still be efficient? Thanks!

  14. I love buying your vitamins & supplements in the largest size. But they take up a lot of room. Would you consider enclosing an empty small bottle? That way they’re easier to manage and could be refilled as needed from the large container! Love your products!

  15. Please bring the resveratrol as a TS. It used to be a January TS and last year it was brought with CO-Q 10 . I would like to keep taking resveratrol, but it is very expensive without being a TS. (used to be very inexpensive). Thank you for your consideration. I am happy that I was able to order CO-Q 10 today . I cannot live without it.

  16. YAY ~ Got the C0-Q10 today for the first time , soooo excited… Thank You Andrew Lessman… 🙂

    Does anyone know when the Essential -1 is going to be a TS again? ~ Thank you 🙂

  17. Andrew I just wanted to congratulate you on your annivery, since pretty much I can celebrate as well for having been lucky enough to have come across such wonderful, helpful products which help so many make life, if not easier in some instances bearable. Just the vein alone can help to get a good nights rest without jumping out of a dead sleep like a crazy woman because if feels like you legs are being twisted in ways they couldn’t possibly. It’s a blessing truly. God bless you for the good you don’t even realize you do. I thank you on behalf of my mom, 8 siblings, my own son and daughter who all benefit because I came across you on HSN. And now a BIG thank you from me. In my family we are huggers so consider yourself hugged. Love, Alicia

  18. By the way forgot to mention I tuned in several times thru out the weekend this time I picked up the TSV and next weekend I’ll tune in again if for not for a purchase for a learning session. Thanks again Andrew. ?

  19. Hi Andrew: I know you’ll be talking about Vitamin K2-MK7 this weekend and I am very curious to hear about this supplement, especially since I’ve been reading online that one shouldn’t take a vitamin K supplement unless specifically instructed to by their doctor. So is this supplement not for everyone then? Will you explain who should take it and who shouldn’t? What are the dangers/precautions/interactions we need to be aware of? Thanks.

  20. Dear David
    I have a problem with constipation all the time,been to many dr.s no help,I’m beside myself with this gutt problem.
    What would be a good vitamin for this problem.IF YOU CAN SUGGEST ANY THING IT WOULD be greatly appreciated.
    JERRI cowen

    1. Try Andrews Magnesium like this:
      1st Day take 1
      2nd Day take 2
      3rd Day take 2 am and 1 pm – you should have the desire you are hoping for by now.
      If you have reached your goal earlier than do not continue to increase dosage. This Magnesium is wonderful for many of the bodes functions such as the heart. Before I retired this was used by many of my patients with similar symptoms with marvelous results. To Your Great Health, C.C. PHD (nutrition)

  21. Andrew,,I love your products,,,,,,I just wish I could afford it I only buy your specials. Please come on TV. More often,, you are the best,

  22. I am also curious as to the b12 formulation of methycobalamin vs. cyanocobalim. we have a gene in our family that we cannot break down the latter one.

    1. I have the same problem, but Andrew says it it it not feasible to use the Methyl B12. It will be when it is financially feasible for him.

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